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November 19, 2015 -- Mountain News
Fire Destroys Crestline Landmark
by Mike Harris, Associate Editor

A Crestline landmark built in 1929 was completely destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon, with the two-alarm blaze claiming two Top Town businesses and an upstairs apartment.    ... read more

June 25, 2015 -- The Alpenhorn News
Crest Forest Fire honors past, embraces future
by Rhea-Frances Tetley

The original Crest Forest Fire Station just a block from the current firehouse at Station #25 in Old Town Crestline. (Historical photo)

The Crest Forest Fire District (CFFD) will merge into the San Bernardino County Fire Department at the end of the month, but before that occurs the community is invited to celebrate CFFD’s illustrious history of protecting the Crest Forest communities during a community barbecue on Saturday, June 27 from 10 to 2 p.m. at Fire Station #25 at 23407 Crest Forest Drive in Old Town Crestline.

The CFFD agency has grown since those humble beginnings, protecting the communities of Rimforest, Agua Fria, Twin Peaks, Dart Canyon, San Moritz, Valley of the Moon, Crestline, Valley Of Enchantment and Cedarpines Park, then adding the Silverwood Lake area and later offering paramedic service for several decades.

   ... read more

June 19, 2015 -- The Alpenhorn News
Cedarpines Park Shooter Acquitted
by Chuck Wyatt

After ten months of being held at the San Bernardino County Jail, Michael Dale Bennett, 73, of Cedarpines Park, has been released from custody after a jury acquitted him of all charges related to the shooting of two men in a garage in Cedarpines Park.    ... read more

April 23, 2015 -- The Alpenhorn News
18 1/2 Minutes
by Gail Fry

Eighteen and a half minutes is how long it took for the Crest Forest Fire Protection District to respond with emergency medical services to the intersection of Crest Forest and Fern Canyon Drives where a man lay dying on the roadway after careening down a steep hillside in the late afternoon on December 30.

After the story entitled "Death in Cedarpines Park" was published in the January 29, edition of The Alpenhorn News, readers wanted to know how long it took for emergency responders to arrive and why the delay occurred.    ... read more

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August 13, 2014 -- The Alpenhorn News
Woman assault man in wheelchair
by Chuck Wyatt, Staff Writer

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 33-year-old Crestline resident Veronica Dantonoli for elder abuse after she assaulted a man in a wheelchair with a flashlight.

Sheriff’s officials said on July 28, just before 9:00 p.m., the 78-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld, saw Dantonoli in his rear yard and confronted her, demanding to know what she was doing in his yard. According to the deputy’s report, the victim demanded that Dantonoli leave his property and followed her to the front yard in his wheelchair to make sure she left.    ... read more

August 3, 2014 -- The Sun
1 wounded in Cedarpines Park shooting
by Greg Cappis, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

CEDARPINES PARK >> One person was shot early Saturday in this mountain community near Crestline.    ... read more

July 15, 2014 --
UPDATE: Cause Of Vegetation Fire In Cedarpines Park Under Investigation
by Michael P. Neufeld

Crestline, CA - The cause of the Jobes Fire in Cedarpines Park is still under investigation, but updated figures show it blackened 2.2 acres thanks to a full vegetation response by San Bernardino County Fire, CALFIRE and the U.S. Forest Service.

The so-called Jobes Fire - reported about 3 p.m. was contained at 5 p.m. - was located on national forest land off Old Mill Road near Highway 138, according to Bob Poole from the U.S. Forest Service. The fire was named for its proximity to Jobs Peak.    ... read more

March 20, 2014 -- The Alpenhorn News
Edison blunder costs customers
by Douglas W. Motley, Senior Writer

A wind-caused power outage that sent a tree crashing onto power lines during an intense wind storm late in the evening of January 31 not only brought darkness to hundreds of Cedarpines Park residents, but also an apparent power surge when power was restored in the early morning hours of February 1 that resulted in thousands of dollars in damages to dozens of Southern California Edison Company’s customers’ electronic devices and home appliances. Rubbing salt in the wound is the giant power company’s refusal to make good on customers’ claims for damages.    ... read more

February 25, 2014 -- The San Bernardino County Sun
Regulations on sober living homes approved in San Bernardino County
by Joe Nelson

With some reluctance, county supervisors on Tuesday approved an ordinance that will establish new regulations for sober living homes and residential alcohol/drug treatment facilities.

Bed and breakfasts, private home rentals and larger residential treatment centers will also be affected by the new regulations.

Lake Arrowhead residents and business professionals wanting to keep sober living homes out of their mountain resort community pushed for the ordinance, brought forward by Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Janice Rutherford.

Under the new regulations, residential neighborhoods would be limited to two sober living homes housing six or fewer people per block. Under state and federal law, they would not be required to be licensed if they are housing individuals recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or are physically disabled.

Cedarpine Park resident and attorney Maureen Mann said she supports the county’s efforts, but said they didn’t go far enough.

"The proposed amendment to the county’s development code is insufficient to ensure the maintenance of the neighborhood character and quality of life of the county’s residential areas and needs to be strengthened," Mann said.    ... read more

SEE Related article:  UPDATE: Revised Residential Care Facilities Ordinance Approved by Michael P. Neufeld    ... read update

February 24, 2014 --
UPDATE: Crest Forest Fire Sells Fire Station 27
by Michael P. Neufeld

Crestline, CA - It only took 13 minutes for directors of Crest Forest Fire Protection District to sell Fire Station 27 and a vacant lot on Crest Forest Drive as "surplus property."

STATION 27 - Fire Station 27 was sold to Larry Grismer of San Carlos for the cash amount of $134,000. The station was sold "in its present condition," subject to a structural and pest control inspection paid for by the buyer. An escrow, not to exceed 45 days, was authorized on a motion by Punch Ringhofer and seconded by Leslie Dodge-Taylor. It passed unanimously.

VACANT PARCEL - The vacant parcel on Crest Forest Drive went to Mat Baduryn from Sun Valley for a cash amount of $6,000. The lot was sold "as is." An escrow, not to exceed 30 days, was authorized on a motion by Punch Ringhofer and seconded by Robert Goss. The sale is contingent on receipt of completed documents received in the mail from the buyer. The motion was approved unanimously.

   ... read update

January 2, 2014 -- Mountain News: Letters To Editor
by Larry Brown, Co-Founder, Past President, S.O.F.A., Lake Arrowhead

At the Save Our Forest Association Christmas party the question was asked, "How did SOFA get its name?"

Time did not permit a full answer. Here’s how it went. In the spring of 1987 an article was written in the Mountain News by Rebecca Hudson, reporter, that the Forest Service was exchanging 395 acres of local Lake Arrowhead National Forest, for lands in Northern California.

The opposition, it was said, tagged us with the explanation we were a bunch of people sitting around on sofas who would disappear soon. This would change when 1,000 signatures—ultimately 2,700 signatures—appeared on the petition and Patrick J. Marley, Esq., an environmental attorney from the Avenue of the Stars, L.A., led the community meeting to an overflow crowd in the Twin Peaks senior center. Patrick was brought on board by Shirley Munch, Esq., joined by Maureen Mann, a local public defender attorney who became lifelong friends at the meeting.

Patrick and Maureen Mann teamed to serve SOFA until 2012 when Patrick passed away, unexpectedly to illness. Maureen still helps with business as usual and Dr. Hugh Bialecki president now of SOFA, going on 10 years as same.    ... read more

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October 25, 2013 -- The San Bernardino County Sun
Old Fire: Memories of destroyed homes, scorched earth still vivid 10 years later
by Melissa Pinion-Whitt

Ten years ago this month the arson caused Old Fire, fanned by Santa Ana winds, burned thousands of acres, destroyed hundreds of homes and caused six deaths. The fire burned homes in San Bernardino, Highland, Cedar Glen, Crestline, Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead and forced the evacuation of thousand of residents. A firefighter passes engulfed trees on Highway 18 during the “Old Fire” near Sky Forest, Tuesday, Oct. 28th 2003.    ... read more

July 18, 2013 -- Mountain News
County Fire Takes Over
by Mike Harris, Reporter

After two years of talk, tough budget negotiations, bureaucratic hurdles and sometimes raised voices during Crest Forest Fire Protection District board meetings, County Fire on Saturday took responsibility for protecting Crestline area residents, homes and businesses.

   ... read more

July 9, 2013 -- The Sun News
San Bernardino County to absorb Crest Forest Fire Protection District
by Joe Nelson, Staff Writer

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a 10-year contract in which the county Fire Department will absorb the Crest Forest Fire Protection District in Crestline and provide fire protection services.

Since 1929, the Crest Forest Fire Protection District has served roughly 25,000 residents in the San Bernardino Mountains communities of Crestline, Blue Jay, Twin Peaks, Valley of Enchantment, Cedarpines Park, Agua Fria and Rimforest. But dwindling tax revenues and increasing overheard forced the district to look at ways of saving money, and for the last year it has been working with the county Fire Department on a contract for service.

   ... read more

May 30, 2013 -- Mountain News
Panel Kills Cedar Glen Bill
by Glenn Barr, Reporter

Legislation that would have kept the tenuous Cedar Glen redevelopment project alive by preventing the county from redirecting the bulk of a $10 million loan earmarked for the project has died in a Senate committee.

SB 409, authored by Sen. Bill Emmerson (R-Redlands), was held on the Senate Appropriations Committee’s suspense file and was not voted on by the May 24 deadline, said a spokesperson for Emmerson.

"I’m disappointed that SB 409 failed to pass the Senate Appropriations Committee. Cedar Glen was devastated by wildfire almost a decade ago and this measure was critical to helping this community fully recover from disaster," he said. "The residents of Cedar Glen deserve better than partisan politics."

   ... read more

February 22, 2013 -- YouTube video
A video look back on the events of the Old Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains in 2003
by Juan Solorzano

This October marks the 10 year anniversary of the Old Fire, one of the worst fires the San Bernardino Mountains had ever seen. Although fire is devastating it is a natural process that happens. Here is a video I made as a tribute to the life, death and rebirth of our mountains...Make sure you have your speakers on and listen to the soundtrack.    ... see video

February 14, 2013 -- Mountain News
By Mike Harris, Reporter: County Renews Support Despite State’s Conflicting Order
by Glenn Barr, Reporter

County supervisors restated their support Tuesday for continuing badly needed water-system improvements in Cedar Glen, even as state finance officials sought to redirect to other uses the funds long earmarked to pay for them.

The supervisors adopted a resolution approving the use of $9 million—the amount still unspent from a $10 million loan made in 2005 from the county’s general fund to the now-defunct County Redevelopment Agency—to finance the critical infrastructure and fire suppression improvements” in the Cedar Glen Disaster Recovery Redevelopment Plan.    ... read more

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July 1, 2012 -- AB341 COMPLIANCE
Mandatory Commercial Recycling - Is Your Business or Multifamily Residential Dwelling Affected?

State legislation (AB 341) mandates businesses and public entities generating four (4) cubic yards or more of waste per week and multifamily residential dwellings with five (5) units or more to recycle.

This regulation goes into effect on July 1, 2012.    ... read more

July 1, 2012 -- The San Bernardino County Sentinel
Cedar Glen Water Project Proceeding Despite Underlying Problems
by Venturi

The county’s special district’s division is proceeding with the second phase of improvements to the Cedar Glen Water system in the San Bernardino Mountains, despite questions about whether underlying inadequacies of the system have been redressed.

The community of Cedar Glen was provided with water service by investor-owned Arrowhead Manor Water Company (AMWC) until May of 2003, when the company went into receivership. Five months later, in October of 2003, the community was devastated by the Old Fire, which burned over 300 homes. Based on the disaster, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors created the Cedar Glen Redevelopment Area on November 23, 2004.    ... read more

February 5, 2012 -- The San Bernardino County Sentinel
Cedar Glen Water System Makeover Disregards Former Owner’s Lapses
by Venturi

Despite long-lingering questions over whether Cedar Glen residents were ever provided with the improvements to the water system they have been paying for over the last three decades, the board of supervisors this week made a crucial commitment toward proceeding with revamping that system at further expense to those residents.

Shortly after Arrowhead Manor was placed into receivership in 2003, water rates were raised over 400 percent. The county borrowed $800,000 to acquire the water company and its assets and to make necessary improvements to it. $305,000 of that loan money was used to buy Arrowhead Manor. By 2008, the loan principal, penalties, and interest had risen to approximately $2,000,000. At present, the $800,000 loan is not being repaid, but local water users are still paying greatly inflated prices for water.

"The Cedar Glen water situation is based on several layers of fraud and the county supervisors are now in jeopardy of becoming accomplices in this fraud," said area resident Hugh Campbell. "There is a reason people are not paying these bills and it is the responsibility of the board of supervisors to investigate the reason. The original fraud took place in 1980 when through the Safe Drinking Water Bond Act the owners of the Arrowhead Manor Water Company, Ernie and Jean Schoettmer, were awarded $910,510. The fraud consisted of how that money was ‘not used," Campbell said.    ... read more

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October 8, 2011 -- Alpenhorn News
Cedarpines Park skeletal remains identified
by Chuck Wyatt, Staff Writer

On October 8, two hunters discovered a badly decomposed body on a US Forest Service Road in Bailey Canyon, near the Monument Peaks area of Cedarpines Park.

On a follow up contact on November 30, The Alpenhorn News was told that the body had been identified as Frederick (no middle name) McCormick, 56, last known address in Philadelphia.    ... read more

August 25, 2011 -- The Mountain News
A Closer Look at Trash
by  Mary-Justine Lanyon, Editor

At the request of the Lake Arrowhead Municipal Advisory Council, representatives from Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. and the Solid Waste Management Division of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Works attended the July 28 meeting to answer questions about opting out of the trash pick-up program.

The San Bernardino County exemption program is available to full-time residents who prefer to take their trash to the Heaps Peak transfer station. Those residents must submit three sets of four consecutive weekly disposal receipts from Heaps Peak with a completed application and a processing fee of $15.

A courtesy fee waiver is offered by Burrtec to part-time residents whose homes sit idle for much of the year. Those residents may only visit the mountain seasonally or, as Arlington pointed out, they may be sitting vacant, waiting to be sold.

The program grants a fee waiver if the homeowner submits electric bills showing six kilowatts or less of electricity usage a month for three months. If the homeowner exceeds that amount in any month, Arreguin noted, he or she has to pay for waste disposal for the whole quarter.

A third option for residents who do not want curbside collection is the Clean Mountain drop-off service, available from Mountain Disposal for $13 a month, as opposed to $19 a month for curbside.    ... read more

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November 5, 2009 -- Alpenhorn News
Illegal Dumping of Transite Asbestos Pipes in Cedarpines Park

On Saturday, September 26, The Alpenhorn News discovered an abandoned structure surrounded by a substantial dumpsite containing thousands of feet of transite pipe and other debris located on a remote property in Cedarpines Park overlooking Silverwood Lake.

By the following Tuesday, The Alpenhorn News reported and emailed photographs of the substantial dumpsite to San Bernardino County Fire Department Hazmat Division Hazard Material Specialist II Greg Ziegler and Deputy Fire Marshal Doug Snyder.    ... read more

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May 20, 2005 -- The Guzzler
County Buying Tax-Delinquent Mountain Lots
by Glenn Barr - The Alpenhorn News

Old Fire of October 2003

In a move sure to trigger suspicion among local property owners, the San Bernardino County Redevelopment Agency quietly signaled its intention Friday to buy up 134 tax-delinquent residential lots in Cedar Glen rather than allow them to be sold to the highest bidder.

Assistant Tax Collector Dennis Draeger told The Alpenhorn News on Tuesday that the Redevelopment Agency had filed with his office on the eve of the scheduled, semi-annual tax sale a request for what’s called a Chapter 8 sale. The request means that ownership of the lots in the Old Fire-ravaged community will pass to the agency – whose governing body is the County Board of Supervisors – rather than individual buyers, including Cedar Glen residents wishing to rebuild their devastated homes larger than before.    ... read more

January 20, 2005 -- The Mountain News - Crestline Courier
Hard Road Ahead
by Michael P. Neufeld

Residents of two Sawpit Canyon areas were isolated for about four days while crews struggled to open roadways into the remote area of Cedarpines Park...

The recent storms not only caused nightmares for motorists and residents, but ongoing mud and rockslides plagued Caltrans and county road crews who worked around the clock to clear closed roadways in and out of the mountain communities.    ... read more

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Oct/Nov 2004 --
California Fire Siege 2003: The Story

There is nothing we can say here to lessen the impact of the terrible loss of life and property - we can only make an effort to learn all we can from this disaster. It is in that spirit that we established an interagency team, even before the smoke had cleared, to chronicle the Fire Siege of 2003. This report is a result of this team’s effort.    ... read more

Oct/Nov 2004 --
OLD FIRE 2003 - Lessons Learned
by San Bernardino County Fire Chief Association

The southern California fires of late Oct. 2003 were, cumulatively, the single largest event in California’s recent history. Over 742,000 ac (300,000 ha) burned during one week, and in many cases fires burned right up to the edge of heavily urbanized areas, or worse right through neighborhoods at the wildland-urban interface. A total of 3,361 homes and 26 lives were lost in this event. It is without a doubt the costliest disaster to befall California, exceeding previous fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.    ... read more

Oct/Nov 2004 -- Journal of Forestry
Lessons from the October 2003 Wildfires in Southern California
by Jon E. Keeley, etal

The southern California fires of late Oct. 2003 were, cumulatively, the single largest event in California’s recent history. Over 742,000 ac (300,000 ha) burned during one week, and in many cases fires burned right up to the edge of heavily urbanized areas, or worse right through neighborhoods at the wildland-urban interface. A total of 3,361 homes and 26 lives were lost in this event. It is without a doubt the costliest disaster to befall California, exceeding previous fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.    ... read more

October 11, 2004 - The Mountain News
by Joan Moseley

Will Start in Running Springs, Arrowbear and Green Valley Lake

With the selection of the two sites the mandatory trash collection program can begin Nov. 1 in the Running Springs/Arrowbear Lake/Green Valley Lake areas, said Michael Arreguin, vice-president of municipal services for Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. Burrtec purchased Mountain Disposal about one and a half years ago and they continue collecting trash in the west-end mountain communities.

The mandatory trash collection program was approved by the board of supervisors last spring and has been a hot topic in the mountains ever since. After the Running Springs, Arrowbear and Green Valley Lake properties are brought into the program on Nov. 1 Arreguin said they hope to have the Lake Arrowhead and surrounding communities into the program in January and then the Crestline and surrounding communities next March.

One disgusted resident said, "So, I'm going to pay you $40 not to pick up my trash?!" A Green Valley Lake resident said that there are 1,000 cabins in that community and if they collect $40 from each property owner the county will be collecting $40,000 to continue doing what I've been doing for 50 years."    ... read more

June 3, 2004 -- The Mountain News
by Davey Porter


Mountain residents angry about the mandatory trash collection - what the county describes as 'Uniform Handling' - have been exercising their right to seek redress through their elected officials by sending scores of letters to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors - specifically Supervisor Paul Biane, who represents Crestline, and Board Chairman Dennis Hansberger, who represents the Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs areas - in a last ditch effort to reverse the board's April 6 decision which approved the new mountain garbage collection plan.

Concerns Voiced at MAC Meeting By Michael P. Neufeld

Following a lengthy community hearing on the upcoming mandatory trash collection program, members of the Crestline Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) voted 4-1 to send a letter to Supervisor Paul Biane urging him to review the controversial program. Over 150 mountain residents gathered at the regularly scheduled MAC meeting held at the San Moritz Lodge to hear Peter Wulfman deliver an extensive presentation on the uniform trash removal program from the county's Solid Waste Management Division.    ... read more

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November 11, 2003 -- The Crisis Papers
If It Burns, It Earns
by Ernest Partridge

I know. I was one of those refugees. On Tuesday night, a friend told us of a mountain community website (, that was posting news and bulletin boards for residents. We saw spectacular images of houses ablaze and an inferno on a mountain side, all over the bold caption Cedarpines Park - our town.    ... read more

November 11, 2003 -- The Gadfly Bytes
The Old Fire -- Cheers and Jeers from Two Survivors
by Ernest Partridge

We are grateful beyond words to the heroic firefighters. They performed a miracle on our mountain....extending from Cedarpines Park to the west and Lake Arrowhead to the east, are the homes of tens of thousands of mountain residents. That oval is the footprint of a miracle....The coverage of the fire by the local TV stations was dreadful and irresponsible.... It was Ranger Al, and the community website,, that gave us the welcome news that our house had been spared.    ... read more

November 6, 2003 -- Mountain News
AFTER THE FIRESTORM - Coming Home to Crestline
by Lee Reeder

The majority of people who live in Crestline came home on Sunday and Monday to homes that were intact. Some did not.

Next-door neighbors and friends Lou Rothman and Gilbert Flores traveled the Jeep roads around checkpoints on the Thursday after the fire started to get to their homes on Sand Hill Road off of Mozumdar in Cedarpines Park. The two returned to find their homes completely destroyed by a fire that swept down west and south of the Crestline area and then backed up the hill toward several homes in this area on Monday.    ... read more

October 30, 2003 --
Fire Roars Through San Bernardino Mountains

The latest hotspot in the fight to tame a series of devastating Southern California wildfires is centered in the San Bernardino mountain range (search), where firefighters struggled desperately Wednesday to save emptied-out resort towns as 200-foot walls of flame engulfed dead and dried-out trees. By early afternoon, homes were burning in the mountain community of CedarPines Park.    ... read more

October 29, 2003 -- The Falcon
Southern Californians seek shelter from fires
by Gina Piccalo

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Smoke smothered the sunset. It choked the air with the smell of a thousand campfires as hundreds of people returned to an old airplane hangar in San Bernardino, their last resort after fires chased them from their homes.

Many of them had arrived Saturday night from canyon enclaves with names like Rimforest, Running Springs, Cedarpines Park. Here at the Red Cross shelter at San Bernardino International Airport, about 700 slept in a cavernous warehouse of people that echoed with baby cries, whispered "what ifs" and the incessant hum of anxiety. Out in the parking lot, 150 more slept in truck beds and driver’s seats.    ... read more

October 27, 2003 -- Mountain News

The fires in the San Bernardino Mountains - dubbed the 'Old Fire' by the U.S. Forest Service, and now merged with the 'Campground/Playground' and 'Grand Prix' fires - has burned a total of 56,474 acres. Forest Service officials say the fire is 25 percent contained. Mandatory Evacuations have returned to northeast Highland as of 6:47 p.m. Monday. In addition, mandatory evacuations remain in effect for Green Valley Lake, Running Springs, Arrowbear, the Lake Arrowhead communities and Crestline, Cedarpines Park and Valley of Enchantment.    ... read more

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October 17, 2002 -- Mountain News - Crestline Courier News
Cedarpines Park roadwork complete

County Service Area 18, the Road & Park District for Cedarpines Park, reports a number of projects this fall, some completed, some works still in progress.

Of particular interest is the completion of the paving of Devil's Canyon Road this project season. Chairperson Maureen Mann reports the CSA18 Advisory Commission held a public meeting on Sept. 2 to advise CSA18 taxpayers of a unique opportunity to complete the paving of Devil's Canyon Road this project season.

Coordinating with Office of Special Districts as well as CSA18 Advisory Commission members and other concerned citizens in the community, including Patrick Marley on behalf of the Cedarpines Park Citizens Committee, the DeBilios were successful in raising $30,000 solely for this purpose.

Other projects underway by the CSA18 Road & Park District in Cedarpines Park are the renovation of the Cedarpines Park Community Center, the replacement of the old playground equipment in the Cedarpines Park Community Park, the installation of new road signs, tree-trimming, 24 road repairs on nine streets throughout the community , materials storage bins construction project within the CSA18 Maintenance Facility perimeter, and removal of dead trees near the Community Center and Maintenance Facility.

The State of California awarded CSA18 a grant for the Cedarpines Park Community Park Improvements; Supervisor Jon D. Mikels designated $20,000 through the Second District Supervisor's Office discretionary funds for the renovation of the Cedarpines Park Community Center and upgrading of facilities. CSA18 is in the supervisory district of Jon Mikels. His office has been instrumental in supporting the improvement projects.    ... read more

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