LOCK THEM UP!!!  Trump Crime Family & Administration

Dotard - Word of the Year 2017
-a person in his dotage, which is a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness.

If you can only be tall because someone is on their knees,
then you have a serious problem.

~~Toni Morrison

People are dying who have never died before.
~~Donald J. Trump, March 18, 2020


FOX NEWS CHANNEL - because Trump's balls won't lick themselves

  • List of fake news websites
  • List of satirical news websites

    Pro-Trump Propaganda TV

  • Sinclair Turns Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump's War On The Media
  • News is Propaganda - Open Your Eyes
  • Sinclair requires anchors to read script bashing 'fake' news"

  • When you turn on your local news, you don't expect to be exposed to stealth right-wing propaganda. But that's exactly what one massive media corporation — Sinclair Broadcast Group — is fighting to make a reality all over the United States.  Sinclair already owns nearly 200 local news stations across the country, and now, it's on the verge of acquiring even more with the help of President Trump's Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Sinclair runs local TV stations that are affiliated with major broadcast networks, like ABC or CBS, so you may not realize that Sinclair uses these stations to push right-wing lies into your normal newscast.  Are you watching a Sinclair station?
  • Use our map to find out!

  • Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant. ~~Thomas Jefferson

    Freedom of the press in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment is generally understood to prevent the government from interfering with the distribution of information and opinions.

  • Trump Thinks the Freedom of the Press Is ‘Disgusting’
  • Trump’s Attack on the Freedom of the Press

  • Ex-CIA Director Hayden blasts Trump's CNN attack
    If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life. Until now it was not possible for me to conceive of an American President capable of such an outrageous assault on truth, a free press or the first amendment. ~~ Gen Michael Hayden @GenMhayden - 8:32 PM - Nov 25, 2017

    Whataboutism is a variant of the tu quoue logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument, which is particularily associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda. - Wikipedia.
    ....and a method used heavily by the Trump administration and Trump TV ( a.k.a. FoxNews )

    TRUMP'S AMERICA - not winning!
    ProPublica has obtained audio  from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, in which children can be heard wailing as an agent jokes, “We have an orchestra here.”   Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the Border --  HERE

    Putin-Trump: Conspiracy decades!

    Grifters: Episode One  We all know Trump's a scammer. Stiffed contractors. Ripped-off business partners. False advertisements. Bankrupted businesses. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.   A voiceover intended to sound like Ivanka Trump brags that her "daddy being president is the best thing ever" in the first ad, which was released Friday - 3/13/2020.   "Oh, Daddy, you're so good to us," says the "Ivanka" soundalike.

    Unfit  The coronavirus crisis has revealed, once again, that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit for office. A public health crisis of this magnitude requires informed and honest leadership, at a minimum. Americans can no longer remain silent. 

    Fox & Fiends  Fox News consistently reports lies and reports unverified information as fact. Their "coverage" of Covid19 has revealed just how low they are willing to go to remain in Trump's good graces. 

    Sacrifice  The President will stop at nothing to protect himself and himself only. By discounting those American seniors who have served and protected our nation countless times during moments of national crisis, the President is deeming them unworthy. 

    Distracted  Trump says his own impeachment -distracted- him from the #Coronavirus response. Let's be clear: He was never distracted. He just didn't care 

    Mourning in America  Donald Trump's failed presidency has left the nation weaker, sicker, and teetering on the verge of a new Great Depression. 

    Life has now exceeded any parody SNL could provide!


    Why Trump's lies are so dangerous!

    WINNER - 1/20/2020 - Trump at 16,241 FALSE/Misleading Claims

    WINNER - 12/16/2019 - Trump surpasses 15,000 Lies

    WINNER - 4/29/2019 - Trump's 10,000 Lies

    WINNER - 1/9/2018 - Trump's 2,000 Lies

    WINNER - 2017 Lie of the Year


    RT to congratulate @realDonaldTrump on a record-setting first year!
    - Most lies told
    - Most staff indicted
    - Most bribes accepted
    - Most Nazis praised
    - Most child molesters endorsed
    - Most porn stars paid off
    - Most golf played
    - Fewest days worked
    - Least legislation passed
    and finally MEXICO ain't paying for that STUPID WALL but Trumppy is billing the American taxpayer! #Sucker

    "I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." --Donald J. Trump, August, 2016
    Trump has  golfed more times and wasted more taxpayer money than Obama did in 8 years. tRump is DISGRACEFUL and DISGUSTING!

    As of JUNE 23, 2019  Here is a list of all the 22 women who have credibly accused Trump of rape and sexual misconduct.

    Honestly I'm just waiting for Mueller to reveal that Andy Kaufman is alive, had plastic surgery to look like Trump, replaced him in 2013, and has been performing since as Tony Clifton telling the world’s longest version of “The Aristocrats!” It’s the only reasonable explanation.

    The point of Trump's propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.

    Why is it lie after lie after lie? The deception is mind-boggling. ~~Shepherd Smith - Fox News

    You tell people a lie 3 times, they will believe anything. You tell people what they want to hear, play to their fantasties, and then you close the deal. ~~Donald Trump - The Art of the Deal

    I guess we're still going with #NoCollusion?#Trump congratulates #Putin on his -election- win despite being advised not to by national security advisors. Trump’s nose just rented space for a campaign office in Putin’s asshole.

    Why would officials leak that Trump's national security staff told him in all caps DO NOT CONGRATULATE Putin? Because folks in the White House are beginning to realize that the American President seems to have been compromised by the Russians. ~~ Ted Lieu

    Trump's briefing stated --DO NOT CONGRATULATE-- in all capital letters. He warmly congratulated Putin on the stolen election anyway. Hopefully the nuclear button doesn’t say “DO NOT PRESS.” Can’t even trust this guy with a can of paste. ~~ Eugene Gu, MD

    An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. And by doing so with Vladimir Putin, President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election. ~~ John McCain

    The LIAR-IN-CHIEF and his Sycophants!
    "The worth of propaganda cannot be judged by esthetic standards but only by reference to the results.
    Propaganda is a means to an end. If that end is attained, the means are good.
    Whether they satisfy exigent esthetic requirements is immaterial."

    ~~Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels 1934

    All Pants on Fire!

    All False statements!

    Deleted Tweets! SAD!!

    Not to worry, find all the deleted #ttweets here!

    12 JAN 2020:  The LIAR-IN-CHIEF keeps spreading more manure....ENUF ALREADY!!!!!   John Kerry Fact Checks Trump's Lies About The Iran Deal!
    Trump continues to repeat false claims about the Iran nuclear deal, including his oft-told lie that Iran received $150 billion from the U.S. in that deal. John Kerry tells Lawrence "it is an outright lie by the president." Aired on 01/08/20.

    20 MAY 2018:  The LIAR-IN-CHIEF is experiencing a Tweet-Melt-Down -- it's getting too hot? eh  On Sunday morning, he tweeted. And tweeted. And tweeted. Between 9:04 am and 9:37 am, Trump sent 5 tweets -- all around the same basic theme: He is being unfairly persecuted by special counsel Robert Mueller even as Mueller and the broader FBI overlook crimes by Democrats. The tweets are riddled with misinformation and, in some cases, outright falsehoods.  Donald Trump said 11 false things   in just 5 tweets Sunday morning.

    17 MAY 2018:  Trump lied about President Obama not being born in the US  President Obama not being born in the US for 7 years and now you want to cut him some slack?
    Trump lied about  paying off Stormy Daniels....
    Trump lied about  his Inaugural crowd sizes..
    and now you want to say he didn't call Immigrants "animals"??? He calls them worse than that though...drug dealers and rapists !   Unless of course they are from Norway!

    21 DEC 2017:  This is The Video Of Kellyanne Conway  First Lie About Team Trumps Secret Russia Connections.  

    21 DEC 2017:  Team Trump's 100+ Russia Lies  in chronological order...and reveal what they really knew at the time. 

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    Quotes ~ Comments ~ TrumpTV: #KAG gags Amerika!

    DONNY's revolving door of GREAT FOLKS

  • Quotes ~ Comments ~ TrumpTV


    MAGA: Make America GREAT Again is a false grifter statement by the tRump syncophants.
    MAHA: Make America HATE Again is a truer representation of what the tRump divisive hateful cult stands for and will be used here.

    Don't argue with Trump Supporters. They know he's a liar, they know he's guilty, they don't care that the GOP will take away their healthcare. Trump validates their racism and zenophobia, and to them that's worth everything.

    07 January 2021:  AUDIT the ES&S voting machines! 
    Why The Numbers Behind Mitch McConnell's Re-Election Don't Add Up.  How Does an 18% Approval Rating Result in a 58% Win?

    31 December 2020:  AUDIT the ES&S voting machines! 
    Why The Numbers Behind Mitch McConnell's Re-Election Don't Add Up.  How Does an 18% Approval Rating Result in a 58% Win?
    When Trump says "look over here" at Dominion voting machines, maybe we should look at ES&S machines instead. When Republicans spout unfounded claims that Democrats stole the election, maybe we should be looking at Republican vote totals instead. And when Trump calls this the most fraudulent election in our history, maybe he knows of what he speaks.

    31 December 2020:  Choose tRump or DEMOCRACY! 
    2 House Republicans tell me they expect as of now that at least 140 Republican Members of the House will on Jan 6 object to and vote against the Electoral College results showing President-elect Biden won.  They should be charged with sedition!

    30 December 2020:  Lincoln Project trolls tRump - again! 
    According to the Sun Sentinel, the group has bought air time in the West Palm Beach market from Wednesday through Jan. 5. Trump is scheduled to be in the area until Jan. 3. would be a real shame to see this AD over and over.

    30 December 2020:  Never vote for crazy GOP ever! 
    Video of Branson event shows lack of social distancing, face coverings despite order.  We feel God in this place.

    29 December 2020:  #VoteThemOut! 
    "#Georgia are you sick of Mitch McConnell having so much power? Are you sick of him killing bills that could help small businesses & families? You can do something to teach him a lesson. Vote [Ossoff] and [Reverend Warnock] and put Mitch in his place." Frustrated Americans react after 'monster' McConnell blocks vote on $2,000 stimulus checks:  'Teach him a lesson'

    29 December 2020:  So tRump is a SOCIALIST?! 
    Seems like those who attacked Bernie Sanders' $2000 checks for being socialism are praising Trump for his $2000 checks.  #TrumpIsNotWell

    29 December 2020:  Bye grifter. Fact check. Your dad lost! 
    CNN's Daniel Dale brutally works over Donald Trump Jr's 'fact-free' defense of 'incessant liar' dad.  CNN will rigorously fact check President Biden.

    28 December 2020:  This GRIFTER IS NOT WELL! 
    Trump Is Still Pretending He Won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Wishful Thinking.

    28 December 2020:  Bye grifter. Worst president in history!! 
    Trump releases new video - that will make you laugh like it's a parody.  WATCH.

    17 December 2020:  Worst president in history! 
    Donald Trump will be a destructive force to his final hour -  but here's how we start to undo the damage right now.

    16 December 2020:  The Weemsy Awards! 
    Spotlighting the most egregious misrepresentations of U.S. History in the past year by politicians, celebrities, executives, and more.  WINNER - President Donald J. Trump.

    16 December 2020:  Worse Most Corrupt POTUS! 
    Trump's administration is winding down, but his cruelty, recklessness and cronyism isn't. Public Citizen is tracking some of his most corrupt, norm-breaking, dangerous, and unjust actions during the lame duck session.  Public Citizen Lame Duck Tracker.

    16 December 2020:  Trump Lame Duck Temper Tantrum! 
    New tracker will document final gasps of nation's 'hateful' outgoing president.  Lame Duck Tracker.

    13 December 2020:  POS to the end!!! 
    Trump golfing and ranting about election conspiracies while the US government is attacked by Russia.  This claim about election fraud is disputed.

    13 December 2020:  Seditious!!! 
    List: The 126 House members, 19 states and 2 imaginary states that backed Texas' challenge to Trump defeat .  GOP hates democracy.

    13 December 2020:  Thanks for DESTROYING THE ECONOMY!!! 
    LOSER Trump is officially leaving office with such a bad economy that he set records.  Worse POTUS ever.

    11 December 2020:  The Loser of the Year!!! 
    Trump has been branded "loser of the year" by one of Europe's biggest news magazines, as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were named Time Magazine's "Person[s] of the Year."  Trump's presidency ends as it began. Without decency and without dignity.

    06 December 2020:  Rudy finally gets a positive result!!! 
    Rudy Giuliani is in Georgetown University Hospital after COVID-19 diagnosis.  This is what happens when you DON'T WEAR A MASK.

    29 November 2020:  RUDY - RUDY - RU--DEEEEEEEEE!! 
    Giuliani trolled by his daughter with advice to avoid hair dyes and lying about voter fraud.  Avoid charcoal products or anything with artificial dyes, which may result in your face oozing as you make false claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia, for example.

    29 November 2020:  Maria Bartiromo is doing a great impersonation of Goebbels!! 
    'Many people are asking' was this really Maria Bartiromo's @OANN job interview? She should be ashamed of herself--never correcting him and letting Trump lie.  They are NOT dumps! They are MAIL-IN BALLOTS.

    29 November 2020:  LOSER-in-Chief still spewing LIES!! 
    In first interview since loss, Trump goes off the rails and suggests FBI is 'involved' in stealing election.  Trump also suggested that the judicial system had been rigged against him!!

    28 November 2020:  I No Change Orange Man Diapers!! 
    Melania Trump's memoir plans set off an avalanche of brutal title suggestions.  Chapter One "Fcvking Christmas Stuff"!!

    17 November 2020:  A beta-soy-boy cuck who won't take his setbacks like a grown man!! 
    Republicans should never be forgiven for propping up 'ignorant bully' Donald Trump.  NEVER FORGET - NEVER FORGIVE!!

    11 November 2020:  TIME TO FACE REALITY and pack your bags!! 
    Trump-endorsing Nevada newspaper tells the president to pack his bags in brutal editorial.  YOU LOST!!

    22 October 2020:  There's a word for all this: Blackmail. 
    Back thousands of years ago, in February of 2020, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a "moderate" Republican, justified her vote to acquit Donald Trump at his impeachment trial - despite the mountains of evidence of guilt - by claiming that Trump had learned his lesson. That excuse was preposterous at the time, making it sound like Trump was a child who had his hand in the cookie jar, not a 73-year-old man caught abusing his powers of office to blackmail the Ukrainian president into propping up conspiracy theories about Joe Biden.  Whoops, Trump did it again!!

    22 October 2020:  Anthony Scaramucci is on a mission to stop Trump!  
    "Something's wrong with him mentally". Salon talks to the former White House comms director about why he and other Republicans have turned against Trump.  VOTE TRUMP OUT 2020!!

    20 October 2020:  ALL VOTE to SAVE AMERICA!  
    Sam Elliott narrated a powerful new Joe Biden ad - and it aired during Game 1 of the World Series.  Go From There | Joe Biden For President 2020

    16 October 2020:  Like Trump, white privilege & power saved you. 
    'Privilege': Chris Christie one of very few to get 'VIP' experimental drug 'while our friends and families die'.  SCREW CHRIS CHRISTIE.

    16 October 2020:  The most useless First Lady in U.S. history. 
    'Is this for real?' Melania Trump's 'aggrieved and self-pitying' White House blog blows up in her face.  Look who's back...and just in time for fucking Christmas.

    12 October 2020:  Republicans are stealing this moment from voters. 
    Amy Coney Barrett watched Mitch McConnell obstruct Obama's Supreme Court justice nomination 8 months before the election but is now fine being confirmed WHILE PEOPLE ARE VOTING. She knows this is wrong and she doesn't care.   #VoteThemAllOut

    08 October 2020:  RUT-ROH?? Pro-life Trump cure from Pro-Choice advocates??? 
    Trump's "miracle" COVID-19 treatment was developed using cells derived from an aborted fetus.  Regeneron.

    07 October 2020:  Here are the five craziest moments from Trump's unhinged Fox Business interview.  5 craziest moments.

    07 October 2020:  V.P. Debates 2020: 
    Highlights from the 2020 vice presidential debate.  FLY ON THE WALL report.

    07 October 2020:  WAIT IS THAT A FLY?!!! 
    Audacious fly captivates America during the vice presidential debate.   #flygate

    06 October 2020:  AND he's infectious!!! 
    Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley just claimed on Fox that Trump was "alone on the balcony outside" when he was maskless.   They. Just. Can't. Stop. Lying.

    06 October 2020:  For the sake of us all, he must go! 
    The whole Trump nightmare summed up in a week and a half. There's a saying that the difference between a religion and a cult is that in a religion, the savior dies for their followers; in a cult, it's the other way around.   VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    06 October 2020:  Kellyanne should know not to mess with her daughter! 
    It appears KellyAnne is raising a daughter just like herself....ruthless. it is just that Claudia is on the side of showing her mother's hate. That's what happens when you sell your soul to the devil. Your family - and all families -   are just collateral damage.

    04 October 2020:  Selfish POS POTUS! 
    People are concerned for the health of the Secret Service staff who rode with President Trump so he could wave to his supporters outside Walter Reed hospital where he's being treated for COVID-19. "Secret Service agents expressed their anger and frustration to colleagues and friends Friday, saying that the president's actions have repeatedly put them at risk. 'He's never cared about us,' one agent told a confidant."  Spare a thought for the Secret Service personnel, forced to unnecessarily risk their lives for this spectacle.

    02 October 2020:  Say it: Donald Trump had it coming! 
    Let's hope he makes a full recovery, though.  The president deserves to get sick!

    02 October 2020:  Wear a damn MASK! 
    Let's be clear: while there may have been a "masking policy," there was NOT masking enforcement, and several guests openly removed their masks and kept them off. I hope the Clinic will address that. A masking policy that isn't enforced is NOT a masking policy.?  VOTE THEM OUT!!!

    02 October 2020:  Notre Dame president tests positive for COVID. 
    Notre Dame people: Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't students/faculty/staff strongly discouraged from even traveling out of South Bend right now?  Frankly, this is embarrassing!

    01 October 2020:  Karma's a bitch?!! 
    Trump says he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19. How does trump call out Biden for always wearing a mask and days later trump got covid? ms. karma working overtime.  #TrumpHasCovid!

    01 October 2020:  FLOTUS is as scummy as POTUS! Be best, huh @FLOTUS? 
    Melania Trump goes on profane rant against people criticizing her husband's policies. When the Trump family tells you who they are, believe them.  LISTEN!  |  #MelaniaTapes

    01 October 2020:  KEEP HOPE ALIVE???!! 
    Trump toadie Hope Hicks' maskless travel on Air Force One triggers speculation of White House COVID outbreak.  May they ALL be quarantined FOR GOOD!

    01 October 2020:  Rut Roh!!! Fox News is finally pissed with Lyin POTUS WH toadies?!! 
    Furious Fox News' John Roberts blows up on the White House after contentious press briefing.  I'm tired of it!!

    01 October 2020:  Seriously?!! 
    Melania Trump ripped for honoring 'Substance Abuse Prevention' as president and Don Jr mock Hunter Biden. The first lady posted the video Thursday morning on her Twitter account, after President Donald Trump interrupted Joe Biden to attack his son's struggles with substance abuse and Donald Trump Jr. called Hunter Biden a "crackhead."  All that's missing is the wind blowing machine and pursed duck lips.!!!

    30 September 2020:  STAND BACK and STAND BY!! 
    Here are 5 stunning moments from Biden and Trump's first debate.  VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    30 September 2020:  ya BURNT!! 
    Trump campaign scrubs Brad Parscale from their website after police arrest.  Buh Bye Brad Parscale!!!

    27 September 2020:  The eternal tax AUDIT excuse!!! 
    REVEALED: Trump's taxes show huge losses and tax dodging schemes. To make matters worse, Trump hasn't paid any income tax in 10 of the past 15 years because he claims that he's losing far more money than he actually makes.  VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    25 September 2020:  POTUS IS A DISGUSTING LIAR AND PIG!!! 
    The 9 discarded ballots were tossed because Republicans won their lawsuit requiring them to not be counted......The discarded Trump ballots were discarded because...Trump and GOP lawyers won a lawsuit requiring them to not be counted!!!  VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    24 September 2020:  VOTE HIM OUT!!! 
    Trump met with boos and chants of 'vote him out' outside the Supreme Court.  No MAGA hats. No maskless crowds. Just chants of VOTE HIM OUT and BOOS!!!

    24 September 2020:  No peaceful transfer of power!!! 
    Fox News built an 'alternative reality' to allow Trump to steal the election -  and get away with it.

    24 September 2020:  Get rid of the ballots!!! 
    Here's what you can do if you're panicking over Trump trying to steal the election.  It's happening.

    23 September 2020:  Truly no bottom to your disgusting piggery!!! 
    Trump bashed for 'cruel and sad' attack on Cindy McCain.  Twitter users let him have it.

    18 September 2020:  100% that he did not write nor send this tweet.. 
    Trump instantly called out for honoring POWs: 'You literally said you liked soldiers who weren't captured'.  Who took your spot in Vietnam? Did they survive? Were they captured?

    17 September 2020:  Former FBI investigator and Trump foe Peter Strzok corrects the record on Robert Mueller finding   'collusion'.

    16 September 2020:  There was just so much lying. 
    Trump's 'firehose of lying' during ABC News townhall busted by brutal CNN fact-check.  Another tour de force from @ddale8 fact-checking a torrent of lies.

    15 September 2020:  It's not funny. Certainly not cute. It's dipshittery. 
    Florida Anti-Maskers invade a Target. They think it's funny....  #TrumpCovidRally

    12 September 2020:  It's the Jonestown Fun Run! 
    MAGA lemmings sprinting to see their leader tonight -- Unmasked, uninformed, unhinged.  #TrumpCovidRally

    11 September 2020:  Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19 - The politically appointed HHS spokesperson and his team demanded and received the right to review CDC's scientific reports to health professionals.  Michael Caputo.

    11 September 2020:  All of Trump's lies about 9/11 exposed in damning  CNN segment.

    10 September 2020:  200,000 f*cking cases of manslaughter because you lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied. 
    Rick Wilson torches Trump for confessing to COVID-19 manslaughter: 'That's some killer clown show'.  Trump simply not giving a f*ck!

    09 September 2020:  NEWS BREAK --- As on 12:01 AM Monday, Sept. 14,  
    "all screenings will come to a halt." That includes temperature checks and health questions related to potential COVID-19 symptoms, as well as contact information which is used for contact tracing - one of the best methods for containing the spread of the coronavirus.  Trump is an asshole -- RESIGN NOW!

    09 September 2020:  NEWS BREAK --- he lied about COVID!!! 
    YAWN and noooooooooooooooooo-body will give a crap....especially his GOP toadies. 'Play it down': Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book.  RESIGN NOW!  He. Knew. Then lied. You angry yet? Vote. While Trump was telling America that Coronavirus was the "Democrat's new hoax" he was also telling Bob Woodward that he was misleading Americans about Coroavirus, essentially admitting that he actually was the hoax! #TrumpKnew!

    07 September 2020:  Clean-up on Donny's mess commences... 
    'No credibility': 'Professional liar' Sarah Sanders shredded for defending Trump over comments disparaging military. ok, we've entered the comical stage of the suckers and liars story. Next we'll have @seanspicer do an interpretive dance denying the story. This much push back means it's true. And btw, @SarahHuckabee you are an insult to public servants.  2nd biggest liar in history right after @realDonaldTrump!  The good thing about having no credibility is that you also have none to lose. She can lie with impunity. Her "career" is built on being the daughter of a Governor and the sycophant to the worst President in history.

    04 September 2020:  There she LIES -- Again... 
    Bulwark, White House correspondent Brian Karem expressed disgust with Donald Trump's press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for wasting reporter's time with either non-answers or blatant lying on Thursday, and cited three instances of what he called "lazy lies."  "McEnany walked away. She wouldn't even address it. It is a legitimate question. It deserves an answer. Donald Trump is not fit for office and his press secretary isn't fit to serve. They are encouraging lawlessness, not the rule of law," he wrote before getting in one final dig at McEnany.  At her first press briefing Trump's press secretary said she'd never lie to the American people. That was her first lie!

    04 September 2020:  Clean-up on Donny's mess commences... 
    Trump denies report by The Atlantic he made disparaging remarks about fallen World War I troops and John McCain in 2018. Trump rarely speaks to press upon returning to DC. Can't recall when he ever has. But he did tonight in the dark to vigorously deny the Atlantic story. "I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes...  What animal would say such a thing?" - uh--YOU would potus!

    02 September 2020:  'Sinister buffoon' 
    Trump buried in fury for calling WWI troops killed in action'  'suckers

    02 September 2020:  Her daughter is right and should try to get emancipated. 
    Conway dodges, refusing to echo her 2016 pride in the president. The most revealing part of Obama adviser's interview with Kellyanne Conway is asking 'do you believe in Trump'.  Kellyanne Conway on Kenosha, COVID-19, Trump's Re-election | Ext. Interview

    01 September 2020:  America Or Trump 
    The Trump White House is using your tax dollars to advertise on stimulus checks and food relief packages. How many more Americans could be fed if federal funds weren't used on these illegal stunts?  you almost have to appreciate the hussle... almost!

    01 September 2020:  America Or Trump 
    Music by Buffalo Springfield, written by Stephen Stills.  For What It's Worth 2020

    01 September 2020:  America Or Trump 
    Billy Porter with Stephen Stills  For What It's Worth - 2020 Democratic National Convention

    31 August 2020:  "Its alright when it all white". 
    said by the great philosopher Chris Rock- It just another form of #WhitePrivilege. A growing number of Russians are coming to the U.S. to give birth. These kids will have the right to live and work here, receive social services and, when they turn 21, will have the right to sponsor their parents for an American Green Card.  But when Mexicans do this, it's frowned upon... oh.

    29 August 2020:  Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich debunks some of the most egregious lies from the 2020 Republican National Convention.  What the Fact?! Robert Reich Reacts to the RNC

    26 August 2020:  Seriously? Talk about being shameless, absolutely shameless. 
    "The president ever a showman makes official business with campaign politics," the "Morning Joe" host said. "It really was an alternative reality. You had Larry Kudlow talking about the coronavirus in the past tense, you also had Melania [Trump] actually criticizing people who were mean on social media and gossipers. Of course, [we] never heard her criticize her own husband when he said that Mika [Brzezinski] was bleeding badly from a facelift or when I was a murderer or when a woman who had passed away tragically 19 years ago, her husband was begging Donald Trump to stop being so hateful and causing their family extraordinary pain, begging him to stop and he just continued over and over again causing pain for that family."  Talk about being shameless, absolutely shameless.

    25 August 2020:  Where Did the Republican Party Go? 
    Wow, what a surprise! Have you seen the Republican Party's official platform? Instead of a political party, the GOP of 2020 has become a pathetic puppet show of weakling officials and sycophantic subordinates being jerked around by the maniacal whims of a bloated ego with despotic fantasies. Thus, the once-respectable Republican National Committee "unanimously voted to forego" a platform, ceding its authority, duty, respect and relevance to a single unhinged authoritarian. In essence, they're saying that the platform - and the party itself -  is one word: Trump.

    25 August 2020:  Did somebody say nepotism?! 
    So now Pam Bondi is talking about supposed nepotism- care to look at trump and his whole family and buddies? Talk about hypocrisy! PamBondi lambasting Biden's nepotism with Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump and Melania Trump coming up next at the convention ...  This was a speech against nepotism.

    25 August 2020:  I almost fell out of my chair. 
    Widespread shock over Melania Trump's claims about her husband. First Lady Melania Trump offers well-wishes to all impacted by coronavirus, as she looks out upon a large White House crowd not wearing face coverings, which health experts say is critical to stopping the rapid spread of the deadly virus.   Has Melania ever actually met her husband?

    24 August 2020:  George Conway: He is evil. 
    Chokes up as he explains when Trump's racism finally hit home.  #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump.

    23 August 2020:  George Conway leaves and his wife Kellyanne bails off the sinking tRump train. 
    I *may* be taking a Twitter hiatus soon. If I do, I'd like to leave all of you  with a few thoughts.

    22 August 2020:  A snapshot of this administration. Everything they touch gets ugiler. 
    Melania changes the White House Rose Garden - She dug up trees and put in paved walkways.   Crab apple trees were central to the design. Melania tore them out. This looks as stark and lifeless as she is.  The Trumps paved paradise and put up a parking lot!!!!
    President John F. Kennedy, who commissioned the garden in 1961, approached the project with a somewhat similar thought, asking horticulturalist and gardener Rachel Lambert Mellon to design something "useful and attractive," as he planned for it to be used near daily.

    21 August 2020:  'They knew'!! 
    The Lincoln Project rips Marco Rubio for violating his oath so Trump can cheat.  Who better than #LittleMarco?

    20 August 2020:  THIS is a Better America!! 
    13-year-old boy overcoming stutter speaks at DNC 2020:  Meet Brayden Harrington.

    18 August 2020:  USPS kills 800 baby chicks!!!! 
    Trump's broken USPS is now in the Animal Cruelty business! Henderson, who owns and operates Pine Tree Poultry, a family farm and chicken meat processing facility that specializes in chicken pot pies, said all 800 chicks sent from a hatchery in Pennsylvania were dead.  Just LOCK THIS ENTIRE TRUMP administration UP and throw away the key.  "And can you imagine, you have young kids and they are getting all excited about having a backyard flock and you go to the post office and that's what you find?". The Postal Service is the only entity that ships live chicks and other small animals and has done so since 1918.

    18 August 2020:  Equal Time? Even for LIES? 
    TV News Networks Worried About Airing Two Hours of Trump's Convention. Sources said the networks have given DNC officials a new reason they won't air their event in full: Because they'd also have to air Trump's in full-  lies, warts, and all.

    18 August 2020:  'This was done with malice': 
    NY Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul rips Trump for treating Susan B. Anthony 'like a criminal'.  "Let her Rest In Peace."

    18 August 2020:  She pushed you in a locker and shut the door! 
    Internet piles on Trump for snarling tweet aimed at Michelle Obama.  She ended you.

    13 August 2020:  Trump was 'cornered' in briefing and 'could not come up with a lie to justify his over 20,000 lies'. "After three-and-a-half years, do you regret at all - all the lying you have done to the American people?" Dáte asked.  For five years I've been wanting to ask him that.

    13 August 2020:  Disloyal, The Foreword: The Real Real Donald Trump! 
    The President of the United States wanted me dead.  by Michael Cohen.

    13 August 2020:  Only 'conspiracy-crazed Boomer rubes' will support the GOP now! 
    Conservative political strategist Rick Wilson has written a scathing obituary for his one-time party in which he predicts that embracing QAnon will become the new litmus test for Republican candidates.  This is the future Republicans have bought with their dumb alliance with Donald Trump.

    13 August 2020:  Experts weigh in on Trump's chances of going to jail! 
    Will America soon have its first Shawshank President? Will Donald Trump find himself fending off riots in the Attica mess hall? Tweetless and at the mercy of 2,000 "angry Democrat" inmates?  Win or Lose - They will LOCK HIM UP!

    10 August 2020:  So ignorant he thinks the 1917 pandemic ended World War II!!! 
    Trump's mental decline is a terrible thing. He was only off by 22 years. Trump on Monday claimed that the war was ended by the 1917 pandemic, which the president falsely referred to as the "1918" pandemic.  What a fucking idiot.

    10 August 2020:  His disgrace will be eternal. 
    His lying was only subordinate to his staggering idiocy, ignorance, ineptitude and incompetence.   Steve Schmidt Rebukes the President!

    09 August 2020:  Spiking the ball into their own foot. On the 50 yard line. 
    Looking back, maybe Trump and Fox News shouldn't have taken these victory laps on coronavirus.  They're still in denial on the crisis especially the Florida Governor!

    09 August 2020:  Trump Administration Abuses Thwart US Pandemic Response.  LIST

    09 August 2020:  Trump's presidency is a death cult. 
    While Trump's most loyal supporters might choose death in his service, the rest of us need not be bound by their blind, cultish and suicidal ideology.  Mass death appears to be part of Trump's reelection strategy.

    09 August 2020:  Let me tell you, payback is a bitch!!!! 
    So true, so true. When a Democrat POTUS does Executive Orders remember these times.....IDIOT Mark Levin on Sunday accused teachers who want COVID-19 safety measures of re-enacting Jim Crow-era segregation rules.  Watch sycophant spew LIVE crap on FauxTV.

    09 August 2020:  LYIN' POS POTUS is busted for stealing credit for veterans program signed by Obama!!!! 
    Reacting to Donald Trump's abrupt departure from his Saturday press conference after he was pressed by a CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid for lying and taking credit for a veterans bill signed into law by former President Barack Obama, CNN's Victor Blackwell shared clips of the former president announcing the signing in 2014 and Trump attempting to steal credit yesterday.  He either hasn't heard or is lying to you, and he is done so more than 150 times.

    08 August 2020:  Trump is the greatest failure in American History!!!! 
    'An utter disgrace': Steve Schmidt slams Trump for his 'slurring' self-pitying Bedminster performance.  Steve Schmidt did not think much of Trump's 2nd press conference at his Bedminster golf course.

    08 August 2020:  Donald Trump's a total pig!!!! 
    Can we put aside for the moment Trump's corruption, ignorance, incompetence, arrogance, racism, stupidity, criminality, greed and buffoonery, and just deal with the fact that he's a pig? You know what I'm talking about. Look at one of the photographs of Trump and his wife Melania alongside their good friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and you've got the whole thing in a proverbial nutshell. I mean, do you have any photographs of yourself with a convicted sex offender and someone accused of procurement in a child sex ring?  Trump does. You've seen them.

    06 August 2020:  FU TRUMP. You are an insecure bully!!!!! 
    Biden fires back at 'insecure bully' Trump after president says he 'hurt God'.   My Statement on Faith.

    06 August 2020:  TRUMP is the SWAMP!!!!! 
    Pres Trump steps off Air Force One in Morristown NJ to transfer to Marine One for the short flight to his golf club in Bedminster. An entire jet for one man. Roughly 100 million dollars per trip to one of his clubs.  'Robbing us blind!': But oh my god the 600 a week is EXCESSIVE.

    05 August 2020:  ByeDon!!!!!! 
    He Predicted a Trump Win in 2016. What's His Forecast For 2020?  Thanks Allan, I've been waiting for your 2020 prediction.

    04 August 2020:  24 hours of embarrassing incidents 
    culminate in #TrumpIsALaughingStock trending on Twitter. Trump has already had a tough week. It started Monday evening when HBO aired a widely-panned interview with Axios correspondent Jonathan Swan. Monday morning, Trump appeared entirely unfamiliar with Yosemite National Park. And then Trump had another one of his lie-filled presidential briefings.  #TrumpIsALaughingStock

    04 August 2020:  Just remember this when tRump LOSES Florida!!!! 
    BTW -- It's only rigged if he loses - Right? Stoopid!! Trump abruptly flip-flopped on voting by mail - here's why. Allow me to translate: someone told him that he's scaring his elderly supporters in Florida away from vote-by-mail and it's gonna hurt him so hence this.  Stupid trummpers!  tRump tweet: Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True. Florida's Voting system has been cleaned up (we defeated Democrats attempts at change), so in Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot & Vote by Mail! #MAGA

    04 August 2020:  Swampy Trumppeee Lover is a Hypocrite! 
    Liberty University student unloads on Jerry Falwell Jr's hypocrisy after bizarre yacht party photos emerge.  The Christian Cesspool is stinky too!

    04 August 2020:  #TrumpIsNotWell 
    Since the Wallace interview, we've had a Rose Garden debacle, an attack on Fauci, low-energy semi-intelligible briefings, countless delusional rage-filled tweets, an attack on Birx, and on Lewis, the Swan interview, and now Yosemite. #TrumpIsNotWell is trending. As it should be.  Here it is, folks. "yo-SEMITE."  Kudos to Jonathan Swan for artfully exposing how fraudulent and misanthropic @realDonaldTrump really is. His interview laid bare the rot festering in Trump's soul, and the decay in Trump brain.

    04 August 2020:  It is what it is. 
    that was the President's staggering response to the ongoing horrific slaughter of Americans by a deadly virus. No empathy, no apology, no expression of sorrow.  Just a heartless, dismissive shrug.  America is being overrun by coronavirus because its narcissistic President has put his personal ego before doing his job - from spewing his dangerous 'cure' theories to trashing his top medical experts if they dare to speak the truth and boasting inanely about his covid news conference TV ratings.  Jonathan Swan's constantly bemused face last night perfectly summed up what we were all thinking as the President brandished his meaningless self-serving charts and spouted his nonsensical self-justifying drivel: what the f*ck is he talking about?

    03 August 2020:  "You can't do that." 
    AXIOS on HBO: @jonathanvswan: "Oh, you're doing death as a proportion of cases. I'm talking about death as a proportion of population. That's where the U.S. is really bad. Much worse than South Korea, Germany, etc."  Swan: "Why can't I do that?"
    The president can't form a coherent independent thought and that's terrifying.  How is this clip of Trump being interviewed on Axios any different than watching a crackhead on an episode of COPS trying to explain that the crack pipe in his pocket is not his?

    03 August 2020:  AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview:  WATCH Full Episode.  Raise your hand if you agree Trump has royally fucked up this country.

    03 August 2020:  Dear Stupid, eat your Big Mac, and shut up. 
    You can't even get your own son's school to open. They have refused. The school where your son Barron is being educated refuses to open because it's not safe.  "SHUT YOUR MOUTH" Trump - We're sick of your lies! #ShutYourMouth

    03 August 2020:  Dementia J. Trump: Best Words Edition. 
    He thinks 156,000 dead is doing a great job. WTF? He's senile and needs to be removed. Trump's Monday evening press briefing is being widely panned as a rambling diatribe of complaints and misinformation. The President had difficulty pronouncing many words, including "plasma," as many noted.  Plausma! #TrumpPressConference

    02 August 2020:  Donald Trump is doomed - and he knows it. 
    There is no possible future in which he will not be remembered as the most catastrophically corrupt and incompetent U.S. president of the past 100 years, and quite possibly ever. If it's any consolation to him, the damage he has done is enormous, ...   it may never be undone!

    02 August 2020:  The art of the deal??? I don't think so. 
    REVEALED: Trump wasted half a billion on 10,000 ventilators that won't arrive until September 2022.  tRump screwed the taxpayers!!! AGAIN!!!

    01 August 2020:  We told you so. We saw this coming. 
    Everything we suspected about Donald Trump has come true. Donald Trump is a fascist. He comes right out and says it. Even his friends admit it.   He's also a whiny loser!!!!

    30 July 2020:  Trump's unpaid bills are already helping defund police departments, one rally at a time.  
    Trump campaign reaches $2 million in unpaid security bills just as Mike Pence rallies with cops,,,,  Awkward? #WearADamnMask!!!!!!

    30 July 2020:  tRump Tulsa, OK rally death count so far? 
    Herman Cain has died from COVID-19. His last public appearance was appearing at Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask. He posted an anti-mask tweet the day before that has since been deleted. He played Russian Roulette for Trump. And lost. Thousands of people took every precaution and still died. They're the ones with my sympathy. Hopefully a lesson will be learned from Mr Cain's demise.  Karma is a beotch isn't it? #WearADamnMask!!!!!!

    30 July 2020:  Wow, this aged badly: #BlackVoicesForTrump at JUNE 20 Tulsa, OK rally. 
    Herman Cain --Having a fantastic time? His family must be SO GLAD they signed those "no liability" forms against tRump campaign right? SUCKERS!!! 9 days later? He is diagnosed with the TrumpVirus. So Black America? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??? ASK H. CAIN.  He died from COVID-19 on JULY 30!!!!!

    29 July 2020:  My suburban lifestyle dream: 
    * Haven't left my home since March / * Cant accompany my 83 yr old Mother to her Dr appts / * Can't visit my Son / * Can't visit friends / * Cooking 3 meals a day / * Can't get my hair cut  AND Can't wait to vote safely by mail for @JoeBiden in November.

    29 July 2020:  Houston's largest paper begs Trump to do 'something resembling leadership' as he visits COVID-stricken Texas.  Welcome back to Texas,,,, We need to talk..

    28 July 2020:  He believes this QUACK doctor! 
    Aliens and 'reptilians': US viral video doctor's odd beliefs. The clip was described as a "must watch" by Trump Jr, but has since been deleted by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube  for promoting misinformation.

    27 July 2020:  Flotus: Donald, can I have some of their tax payer money to redo the yard?! 
    America: 150k dead, no end to pandemic in sight, people out of work, no way to pay rent. Melania's planned Rose Garden makeover drowned in scorn.  Arranging flowers on the Titanic.

    23 July 2020:  July 23, 2020 - Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)! 
    The real Fake News is that our 10 O'Clock news will report on Kanye's mental health and The Kardashians, but not a peep about this speech. Shame on the Media for abandoning their responsibilities.  Wyden Statement on Senate Floor on the Urgency to Extend Unemployment Benefits.

    23 July 2020:  f*****g bitch ! 
    'I Could Not Allow That To Stand'.  Ocasio-Cortez Rebukes Republican For Vulgar Insult.

    22 July 2020:  Oh. My. God. We. Are. So. Fu*ked! 
    Trump's details about his cognitive test are freaking people out: He can't remember the name of the test he took for his memory.   Person, woman, man, camera, TV is Einstein level genius like Melania....

    22 July 2020:  Rick Wilson: Trump's COVID-19 briefing was a 'success' only because he 'didn't poop his diaper'!?! 
    Seth Meyers shames the media for gushing over Trump for managing to read a statement at the COVID-19 briefing.   "I really think you could duct tape a spatula to a Golden Retriever's paw, and half of the media would say, 'Oh my God! That dog's a chef!' What's wrong with you guys??    How can you keep falling for this?

    22 July 2020:  Find Something New! 
    Ivanka's entire career has been at her dad's company, until she followed him to the White House. So, it's not surprising that she doesn't know how work works. But even given sub-basement level low expectations,   her lame attempt at a works project is still bad.

    21 July 2020:  I just wish her well? I wish her well? Consider the profound perversity of that! 
    Here are the 4 worst words from Trump's press conference -   and how it could've been even worse for his campaign.

    21 July 2020:  Dictator tRump Secret Police. 
    They Hit This Navy Vet with Batons.   He Didn't Give an Inch.

    20 July 2020:  About Trump's Fox News Interview... 
    The president displayed difficulty recalling information, interpreting simple graphs, and remembering what Chris Wallace said.   ...the most 'worrisome' 130 seconds of Trump's Fox News interview.

    19 July 2020:  Have a seat, Gummy McJuicebox! 
    Eric!!! Your dumb-as-rocks dad bragged to Chris Wallace about how hard it was to count backwards from 100, and to identify common animals.  You're honestly going to play that card ????

    19 July 2020:  Our real test is in November 2020! 
    Could you pass cognitive test Trump took?  Now's your chance.

    18 July 2020:  Hope it's not related to that hoax that's been going around!! HA! 
    Wilbur Ross, the 82yo Commerce Sec, has been hospitalized for what a spokesperson described as "minor, non-coronavirus related issues."  Translation: He has the coronavirus.

    17 July 2020:  Such a widdle petty baby man..... 
    Trump's White House took down Clinton and W Bush portraits - and put them in a storage room! Be patient everyone because KARMA will hit tRump so BAD....keep it up stable G-Nus... yup, we will wait!  Still a whiny little bitch!!

    17 July 2020:  #MaryTrump 
    Trump attacks niece in series of tweets: "She's a mess!" So says the Serial-liar, adulterer, business failure, and worst president in modern history says #MaryTrump is 'a mess'? We know she's honest... and we know what #DirtyDonnie is. We've seen him in action every day for 3 1/2 years!   POTUS is doing ads for Mary Trump's new book! Stable widdle geeeNus!!

    17 July 2020:  Nikki Haley endorses BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT! 
    Hell yeah. I don't think you even realize what you're doing but you're making Biden way more appealing with stuff like this.  #Enough #Biden2020!  Thank you for campaigning for Joe Biden!!!!

    16 July 2020:  Donald Trump is literally trying to kill us. #TraitorTrump! 
    CDC cuts off public information about hospital capacity. Our nation will not beat the COVID-19 pandemic with secrecy or with lies.  VOTE TRUMP AND THE GOP CROOKS OUT NOV 3rd!

    15 July 2020:  tRump will RIG the 2020 Election by sabotaging the Mail! 
    Mail delays likely as new postal boss pushes cost-cutting!  Get your ballot ON TIME!

    15 July 2020:  Apparently there is a limit to how much you can grift! 
    Brad Parscale dumped for this guy? I give him 4, maybe 5 Scaramuccis, max......Who is Bill Stepien, you ask?   He's the guy Trump will blame on Nov. 4th for his historic loss!

    15 July 2020:  Post COVID Chris Cuomo has fucking HAD IT! and is all of us! 
    Remember when Fox personalities absolutely lost their damn minds when Obama did this??? Somehow Trump violating the Hatch Act AND being a complete failure at keeping us safe is still more tolerable to the GOP than a man with feet on the resolute desk. Trump didn't want to wear a mask to greet kings and queens at the resolute desk  but Goya products are ok?!  That was pure product placement. I don't pay taxes for such nonsense. Pack your bags, #Trump come November, you're out!

    15 July 2020:  Leave no STONE unturned?!! VOID IT! 
    Anti-corruption group files motion in Roger Stone case saying pardon is void due to 'self dealing'.  Keep the heat on him!

    15 July 2020:  File under KARMA? or You Can't Make this shyte up!!! 
    Oklahoma governor tests positive for COVID-19 weeks after attending Trump's Tulsa rally.  feel fine .

    13 July 2020:  Alabama flipping blue this November confirmed!!! 
    Trump referred to Nick Saban as Lou Saban? Lou Saban coached the Bills. His coaching career ended in 1976. Trump is running as the mental cogency candidate.  Doug Jones is the luckiest man in America pt. 2

    13 July 2020:  Trumppee lovers are really swampy!!! 
    An RNC spokesman has deleted this tweet ---It's a beautiful pic of a widowed father taking his young sons to a football game. RNC meant it as an attack, but it just makes me like Joe even more.  #DumpTrump

    12 July 2020:  Hacking Our Democracy! 
    When President Projection tells you it's going to be a #RIGGEDELECTION, it's clear who's doing the rigging. Trump, Putin and Karl Rove are uniting to attack this year's election. I ask election security advocate Jennifer Cohn what's happening and what can be done.  The risk has never been greater.

    12 July 2020:  Chuck Woolery???? Right! 
    The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19......blah..blah...blah....  "I'm sick of it".  Hey chuckee boy.....We are all "sick of it", but that's because the POTUS listened to fools like you.
    UPDATE: A few days later Woolie finds out his SON contracted COVID. He deleted this twitter. Karma is still a real beotch eh WoolieChuck.

    12 July 2020:  TRUMP tax audits are done - RELEASE THE TAXES NOW! 
    Rudy Giuliani unexpectedly reveals 'all' of Trump's IRS audits have been 'settled'.  Rut Roh?!? d'oh ! Ruuuuuuuuuudddeeeeeee!!


    10 July 2020:  The swamp is smelly with this one--- Right? 
    Just had a long talk with #RogerStone. He says he doesn't want a pardon (which implies guilt) but a commutation, and says he thinks #Trump will give it to him. "He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn't."  These guys just keep exceeding my loftiest expectations of criminal behavior.

    09 July 2020:  'They deserve it': Republican strategist tells GOP it's their own fault for going down with Trump because 'they know better'. They should have been better on impeachment. They should have been holding him accountable all along. Now they are scared and worried about themselves.   Well, boohoo, you brought it on. there's no excuse.!

    07 July 2020:  Investigative journalist who's been covering Trump for 35 years explains why  you need to take Mary's Trump's book seriously!

    07 July 2020:  Snakes? Cold blooded little creatures! Right? 
    Pence aide Katie Miller, wife of immigration hawk Stephen Miller, says DHS sent her to the border to "make her more compassionate". Miller admits she was unaffected by seeing family separations:  "It didn't work"!

    04 July 2020:  What's wrong with the President? 
    A president at the white house declaring war on people who don't like him. And it won't even be a blip on the news!  Is he fucking drunk?!

    03 July 2020:  Kids say the darnest things!?! 
    After dad George tweeted to journalists to "desist" from communication with his minor children, the newly outspoken Claudia (or her Twitter account, anyway) responded, 'you're just mad that i'm finally getting my voice heard." Then her kicker: "sorry your marriage failed."  George & Kellyanne Conway Tell Journalists To Stay Away From Daughter Claudia;   She Doesn't Take It Well!

    03 July 2020:  What's wrong with the President? 
    Did his bone spurs prevent him from serving in Desert Storm, too?  Trump is slurring his words again. #TrumpIsNotWell!

    03 July 2020:  You keep topping yourself in tone deafness Sweatshop Barbie. Knock off a designer shoe and STFU. 
    Ivanka Trump buried for her COVID-19 advice during the packed Mt Rushmore rally --She says that after her father packed people in close together...what a clown.  Hypocrisy at its finest!

    03 July 2020:  Did the guest sign waivers? 
    Just 4 nights ago, @DonaldJTrumpJr & girlfriend @kimguilfoyle attended a packed Hamptons party with at least 100 guests with no masks reports @NYPost. I hope everyone in attendance gets a #coronavirus test now that Kim tested positive!   Ew. Rich people droplets..

    03 July 2020:  Holy crap Trump CAN'T READ!!!!! 
    'Your dad can't read': Internet quickly throws Trump Jr's attack on Biden's mental fitness back in his face.  Your dad can't read...

    02 July 2020:  Turds of a feather! 
    Eric Trump mocked for tweeting image of Ghislaine Maxwell with Clintons - when his dad hung out with her's like it's eric's first day on earth.  You really are the dumb one, aren't you?

    02 July 2020:  Play Trump games, win Trump prizes! 
    We are sorry to announce that Herman Cain has tested positive for COVID-19, and is currently receiving treatment in an Atlanta-area hospital.  That's amazing he went to an indoor event with 6000 people, didn't wear a mask and caught the virus, never saw that coming.......  Thots and playas.

    30 June 2020:  Hindsight is LITERALLY 2020! 
    She warned us.  #HillaryClinton

    29 June 2020:  RIP Carl Reiner! 
    Today we remember the legendary life of Carl Reiner, who passed away at the age of 98. In 2015, he shared his #BriefButSpectacular take on his life and career. (From @NewsHour).  WONDERFUL.

    29 June 2020:  RIP Carl Reiner! 
    Rob Reiner: Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.  He was 98.

    29 June 2020:  Oh SNAP! 
    You are lying. You have betrayed the men and women you have the honor to command. The stench of your disgrace will linger through the ages. You are losing. You are a despicable failure with blood on his hands.   My God, you are weak and pitiful and laughed at.

    29 June 2020:  The Missouri Gun-Toting Lawyers Are Screwed.  And rightfully so.

    29 June 2020:  Donald Trump is a white nationalist! 
    Trump RT's this video giving his #MAGA gun nuts the dog whistle command to get out their AR-15's & start Civil War 2.0 since he's learning that he's going to lose in November.  #TrumpIsTheEnemyOfThePeople.

    28 June 2020:  Insult my wife one more time.....and I'll lick your other ball! 
    History should note that Ted Cruz bent the knee to a man who couldn't even be bothered to delete their tweet where they called his wife ugly.  Sit down, Ted.

    27 June 2020:  Amid a mountain of bad polling and stark warnings from allies, the president has acknowledged his reelection woes to allies.  Donald Trump knows he's losing.

    27 June 2020:  The Lincoln Project is trolling Trump. But can it sway voters?  A few anti-Trump Republicans have successfully invaded Trump's mental space with popular ads. Now they're trying to figure out what to do with the attention.  "He's always gonna be watching Fox News at night in the residence."

    27 June 2020:  Why isn't the media reporting it? 
    What I'm trying to say is that quite literally everything you've said over the last 6 months has not only been "mortifyingly stupid," but has led to the deaths of 125,000 Americans because you were more concerned with painting a rosy picture for yourself than protecting people. this? Or the time he forgot his wife was with him?!

    26 June 2020:  @IvankaTrump laughably says that her father hires based on skill and competence. 
    A new ad by the MeidasTouch PAC that uses Ivanka Trump as its centerpiece was pumped out on Friday following the first daughter's video where she promoted hiring based on experience rather than education - leading to mockery of the hiring of Trump's daughter who has no experience in public service before being handed a job by her father, Donald Trump.  #ByeIvanka!!

    26 June 2020:  The Stable Genius - Best Words?! 
    Trump is using Biden's gaffes to claim that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is unfit to be president. Let's compare to  Trump's Best Words: 2019 Edition!

    26 June 2020:  The Gaffes of POTUS!! Cue the sandglass of time! 
    Trump is attacking Biden's verbal slip-up -   but here are 10 of his own embarrassing gaffes.

    25 June 2020:  'He's gonna be your president'! 
    Trump predicts Joe Biden victory during Fox News interview.  Trump sure sounds resigned to losing to Joe Biden!

    23 June 2020:  "Lying to the FBI"! 
    Liberty and Justice for all except @realDonaldTrump and his #Trump #mafia. Traitor FLYNN?  Nice to know that lying to the FBI is no longer a crime? LOCK HIM UP!

    23 June 2020:  The CORRUPTION of Donald J Trump! 
    The SWAMP MASTER stinks it up again...SHAMEFUL. DC Circuit orders judge to dismiss case against Michael Flynn.  Traitor FLYNN? LOCK HIM UP!

    23 June 2020:  'We are the pity of the world'! 
    Loser Corrupt donnie screwed America! Good Job DOTARD! Keep having rallies -- you are KILLING it! MAGA dolts that is.... thanks...  VOTE HIM OUT and LOCK HIM UP!

    22 June 2020:  Brad really shit the bed Saturday night! 
    Trump's campaign manager is planning to step down following disastrous Tulsa rally.  Buh Bye -Brad Parscale!

    22 June 2020:  "I will never lie to you." 
    - @PressSec McEnany on May 1, 2020.  Does she know what a lie is? She may need someone to send her the definition.

    22 June 2020:  Why does he use racist phrases like 'the Kung Flu'? 
    McEnany: Trump used racist term for virus 'to stand up for our US military'.  She's such a lying liar. Despicable.

    21 June 2020:  Trump's sad walk-of-shame  
    after failed Tulsa rally mock the president by setting it to music.  This one is my favorite so far.

    21 June 2020:  #BradGotOwned 
    Campaign manager Brad Parscale says campaign trashes sign-ups that use fake phone nos. when calculating rally attendance.  But how many trolls used real ones?

    21 June 2020:  Put a fork in it? Done or well done? 
    Just after 1AM, his tie undone, Pres Trump steps off Marine One back at the WH from his rally in Tulsa. By my count, it was his 500th flight aboard Marine One as president.  #Defeated

    17 June 2020:  It's Not Just Trump-the GOP Is Getting Crueler and Crazier. In Virginia, a GOP House incumbent who was in the Freedom Caucus just lost a primary. He wasn't right-wing enough.  This is where we're headed.

    11 June 2020:  But...but...I thought it was a hoax?? 
    Trump mocked for requiring rally attendees not to sue over COVID-19:  'Lawyers, start your engines'!!

    11 June 2020:  Trump slammed for confusing the US Secret Service with Hitler's infamous paramilitary group. 
    USSS = Secret Service -- SS = Schutzstaffel---- We see what you did there.   Hey DOTARD? The SS were Nazis!!

    11 June 2020:  Trump is a low-rent version of Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator! 
    Trump has the same monstrous ego, petty cruelty, limitless corruption, tyrannical ambitions, and thirst for a cult of personality as Saddam had.  How Donald Trump killed America.

    09 June 2020:  The Fox News-Trump syndicate is making a deadly calamity even more deadly.  The Fox News's tried-and-true formula, folks: Deny, promote quack remedies, attack the experts, blame others, and change the subject to "freedom."  So, what can you do?

    07 June 2020:  You are digging your own political grave, and we love to see it! 
    Trump ridiculed for meltdown on Gen. Colin Powell after CNN appearance: 'Cadet Bone Spurs says what?'  You have to talk louder, #BunkerBoy. We can't hear you over the massive sound of Republicans changing their votes to support @JoeBiden.#GOPExit  Hey look kids, it's the President Tweeting LIES first thing on a Sunday morning ......

    07 June 2020:  Ben Carson tries to say there's not systemic racism in America.   Huh?

    07 June 2020:  Nepotism Barbie spewing from the tRump Swamp!!! 
    Must-see video! Ivanka shares her typically tone deaf sentiments.  #ByeIvanka

    06 June 2020:  She is a wizard of whataboutism, a mistress of misinformation and an oracle of outrage. 
    Kayleigh McEnany Is Trump's Most Despicable Mouthpiece Yet.  "I will never lie to you. You have my word on that."

    05 June 2020:  Thanks, President Jackass! 
    Due to Trump's maskless visit, medical supplier in Maine forced to toss out badly-needed swabs. As Trump touts increased production, coronavirus swabs made during his Maine factory tour will be tossed in the trash.  Another staged photo op.

    05 June 2020:  Semper Fi! Ooh-Rah! 
    Today, the Marine Corps released guidance on the removal of public displays of the Confederate battle flag.  MARADMIN 331/20

    05 June 2020:  This lady has bigger ballz! Kudos to you Mayor! 
    DC mayor trolls Trump by lighting 'Black Lives Matter Plaza:  'We turned on the night light for him'!

    05 June 2020:  Oh-My! tRumpSwampers get caught for VOTER FRAUD! 
    Kayleigh McEnany may have committed voter fraud by claiming parent's Florida address when living in DC ---  and so did POTUS!!!

    05 June 2020:  BLOTUS #babygate BoneSpurs did not approve this! 
    The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially "Black Lives Matter Plaza".  Mayor of Washington, DC approved!!

    05 June 2020:  DICK-tate-turd Trump loses again! 
    NOW: The D.C. Circuit finds for the Free Press! the DC Circuit has unanimously affirmed the preliminary injunction restoring my press pass on due process grounds.  WINNER: Brian Karem - FREE PRESS!!!!

    04 June 2020:  The next President of the United States! 
    Peace. Gentleness. Humanity. Thank you for a moment of it -   JOE BIDEN!

    04 June 2020:  DICK-tate-turd Trump caught LYING AGAIN! 
    Proof that tear gas was used on INNOCENT AMERICANS so BunkerBoy to do a photo-op with an upside down bible that he can't read.  Vote the crook OUT! Nov 3rd - Flush this TURD!!!

    04 June 2020:  Internet blows up at graphic video of Buffalo Police pushing over an elderly man:  Outrageous and criminal behavior.

    04 June 2020:  Internet mocks Trump's  Bible photo-op.

    03 June 2020:  Thank You Mister Trump! 
    Our Great President is crushing it.   If those useful idiots need to tell themselves that story in order to sleep at night, fine. That's the swamp for you. Trump will give them a cute story to tell.  But for the Real Americans who voted for Trump? The Silent Majority? This is what we signed up for.  The riots, the gaslighting, the tweets, the divisiveness, the blaming, the bravado, the tough talk, the lib owning, the trolling, the nakedly cynical patriotism and religiosity.    This is it. This is the good shit.

    03 June 2020:  #WeakIn4Words! 
    Recently, someone accused others of being weak...while hiding in his bunker. I don't think he grasped the irony of that insult. Let's define what is...  #WeakIn4Words
    Always whining about everything.   Tear Gassing Peaceful Protesters.   These couple of assholes.   An ass kissing sycophant.   Lindsey Graham's gag reflex.   Always blames someone else.   Uses bible as prop.   Hiding in a bunker.   Turning off the lights.   Never take any responsibility.   President Donald John Trump.

    03 June 2020:  The pandemic is a great example of how badly we've treated nature! 
    Jane Goodall warns humanity will be 'finished' after COVID-19 without ending 'absolute disrespect for animals and the environment'.  We must change our ways.

    03 June 2020:  For those who haven't seen the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond it is ginormous. Nazis are going to lose their minds.  #IDontCareDoYou?

    02 June 2020:  Wow. This clip of MSNBC asking GOP senators if what the president did last night clearing the protestors was appropriate is something else.  The silence of cowards.

    02 June 2020:  These were the images @realDonaldTrump could see out the window of the presidential limo as his motorcade went from the White House to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.  My personal favorite sign.#BunkerBitch

    02 June 2020:  "Dictatorships are often unexpected. They have arisen among prosperous, educated & cultured people who seemed safe from a dictatorship-in Europe, Asia & South America" -now America!  How Dictators Come To Power in a Democracy.

    02 June 2020:  Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John's church near White House.  The church appeared to be completely abandoned.

    01 June 2020:  Check out the Nutz on this guy! NICE! 
    Bronze Star-winner in Congress urges military to 'be on the right side of history'.  'Lay down your arms'.

    01 June 2020:  White terrorist groups looting? MAGA!!!!! 
    All-white 'vigilante group' with 'MAGA scum' roaming Philly - armed with bats and clubs:   REPORT.

    01 June 2020:  Here's yer DICK-ta-ter.....what a baffoon! 
    The most chilling aspect of Trump's Monday night crackdown on law-abiding protestors. There was no need to do this before 7 -  but Trump gave cops a test, and they passed.

    01 June 2020:  "When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross." - Sinclair Lewis 
    Every time Trump holds up a Bible for the cameras an angel coughs up blood. Fascism has come to America. Trump is actually holding a bible while guns are loaded.  goodnight America.

    01 June 2020:  Here is the leaked audio of BunkerBoy -Trump's 'unhinged' call with mayors and governors:  Listen!

    01 June 2020:  GOP fascists! Parroting Herr Dickbag's original coinage - ANTIFA "The only thugs"! 
    Joe Lockhart: Someone at Fox News remind me, was it ANTIFA that blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City? Was it ANTIFA who killed federal officers in land disputes? And was it ANTIFA that set fire to the city building in Nashville...  note it was all racist white guys!

    01 June 2020:  How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change.  REAL PRESIDENTIAL Leadership!

    31 May 2020:  This now-completed set of 31 tweets by @joelockhart to commemorate May as @realDonaldTrump-is-a-sexual-predator month deserves to be preserved as a thread,  so here it is:

    31 May 2020:  BREAKING: Antifa thugs break into Walt Disney World's "Hall of Presidents" exhibit - and reprogram the Abraham Lincoln animatronic to make it vandalize the Donald Trump animatronic.  "FAKE PRESIDENT"

    31 May 2020:  Trump criticized as 'most cowardly tough guy' for Twitterstorm while being rushed to protective underground bunker!!! 
    It was something that many noticed contrasted with former Vice President Joe Biden, who spent Sunday listening to the concerns from protesters on the streets of his hometown.  Is there really a choice in November?

    31 May 2020:  COVID-19 is over......we have moved on to Race Wars. 
    "If you were out protesting last night, you probably need to go get a COVID test this week." Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and other government leaders are warning that massive protests could fuel a new surge in coronavirus cases!  Oh, yeh, that "virus" is out there still...

    31 May 2020:  When Robert O'Brien the head of the NSA is wringing his hands about the armed men, sowing trouble and dissection, referring to the far left and Antifa,  is he talking about these guys??

    30 May 2020:  This is Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. 
    All those red shirts are Minnesota cops. It is an illegal shirt that used official police insignias with traitor trump campaign slogans. But they're cops so they just break the law. Violent MAGA terrorists with badges and weapons taxpayers paid for that are being used against us!  This guy is the rot at the core of MPD.

    29 May 2020:  "Fuck me? No, fuck you, Mr. President" 
    You're a private platform. He signed your terms of service, and you have his tweets in a vice. Add more warnings to his lies. Say it with me: "Fuck me? No, fuck you, Mr. President" --Twitter Boss Finds the Balls to Call Out Trump's Race-War Tweet-  but This Is Just the Beginning!

    29 May 2020:  You can't just "uh oh spaghettios!" this one guys. 
    Minnesota State Police busted for lying about CNN reporter's arrest  We all saw it live!

    29 May 2020:  MAGA Morality: 
    Kneeling during song - major crime against "patriotism"
    Murder of jogger by racist vigilantes - neighborhood justice
    George Zimmerman - killed teen in self defense
    Fully armed white supremacist - 1st Amendment protesters
    Angry black protesters - THUGS

    28 May 2020:  Swalwell is winning, handily.... 
    Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell blasts Trump's former intel chief.  Show us the Flynn tapes or buzz off!

    28 May 2020:  On May 28th 2016, Harambe was fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Rest Easy buddy.

    27 May 2020:  As US death toll hits 100,000 people, here's a simple guide to  12 things Trump did to make COVID-19 much worse.

    26 May 2020:  We live in a strange time when the #POTUS can falsely accuse someone of murder with impunity (violating @Twitter's terms of service), while at the same time bully a private business into  removing content it doesn't like. #Orwellian @JoeNBC @jaketapper

    26 May 2020:  HUGE. Twitter on Tuesday slapped a fact-check label on President Trump's tweets for the first time.... 
    a response to long-standing criticism that the company is too hands-off when it comes to policing misinformation and falsehoods from world leaders.  Come on, @Jack! This isn't over!

    26 May 2020:  Can god get banned form Twitter? I suspect we're about to find out. 
    FACT: Carolyn Gombell's mother has AN AUDIO RECORDING of her daughter the night before she was killed saying, "If something happens to me it was Donald."  GOD has spoken! INVESTIGATE tRump!

    26 May 2020:  Rut-Roh! Joe Scarborough vs conDon's???? 
    God @TheTweetOfGod: Donald Trump killed his personal assistant, Carolyn Gombell, in October 2000. He strangled her because he'd gotten her pregnant and was threatening to tell the press. Then he bribed NYPD Police Chief Bernie Kierik to cover it up. IT'S TIME TO INVESTIGATE.  #JusticeForCarolyn!

    26 May 2020:  This is VERY scary. Here's the reality: 
    3) Trump will claim it was a sham election.  He's telling us his game plan. Be prepared!

    26 May 2020:  Kayleigh McEnany is a lying POS in the Kellyanne Conway/Sarah Sanders tradition. 
    She deserves to be heckled by reporters every time she makes a comment so ridiculous. Spreading this kind of information will lead to even more deaths. Shame on her.   I will never LIE to you!!

    26 May 2020:  Hey @Jack, wanna know a good way to destroy your social media TWITTER platform? 
    Show people that rules don't apply equally to everyone.   #TakeTrumpOffTwitter

    26 May 2020:  conDon SWAMP LEADER skeletons like Morning Joe? No, WORSE! 
    Oct. 10, 1989: 3 Trump execs, 2 pilots die as helicopter crashes in Parkway median.   They were going to testify against Trump in a Money Laundering case and turn state's evidence. Many people in NY & NJ say that Trump had that helicopter sabotaged.  Accident??

    26 May 2020:  Anatomy of a man-made disaster: 320 ways Donald Trump failed to protect us from the coronavirus.  Crises have a way of sorting the good presidents from the bad.

    26 May 2020:  conDon SWAMP LEADER tweets - Confirmation: Despicable human garbage - UPDATE 
    No UPDATE about him being "Despicable human garbage" but as we already knew ---Yes, Trump falsely claims Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb voted for Pelosi as speaker.  NOT TRUE!

    25 May 2020:  conDon SWAMP LEADER tweets - Confirmation: Despicable human garbage. 
    Trump triggers outrage by attacking veteran congressman on Memorial Day. Conor Lamb is who you are referring to and he served in the US Military.   Of course Trump would use Memorial Day to smear a US Veteran!

    25 May 2020:  conDon SWAMP LEADER's illegal immigrant gold digger wife! 
    Melania Trump's ability to hop around from one luxurious hideout to another is no great feat, and basically proves why she will go down in history as the most inefficient, unsuitable, cowardly, disgraceful, and forgettable first lady - EVER.    Please don't ask us to applaud the ongoing shit fest by paying homage to how much better Melania Trump is at running away from the volatile climate that her legacy will be punished for in the decades to come. Please Stop Sanitizing The Filthiness of Melania Trump - Just fucking stop!

    25 May 2020:  Trump is the first president to refuse to hang the picture of his predecessor in the White House. What's the matter Donald, I thought klansmen enjoyed hanging Black men.  Brilliant!! Unfortunately you're not joking, english humour :-)

    24 May 2020:  conDon SWAMP LEADER - "You knew I was a snake when you let me in!" 
    Dealmaker Trump made overly-expensive deals with companies to buy supplies to fight the coronavirus----  and the TAXPAYER got screwed! MAGA??

    24 May 2020:  Trump launches psychotically deranged attack on Nancy Pelosi, Stacey Abrams and others as it all falls apart for him--Trump fear is only serving one term while Obama served two terms. And! Drumroll please! Losing by a landslide to Obamas former VP.  Trump's night so far:

    23 May 2020:  who-da-RACIST??? oops...trump ad backfires! 
    FYI -Here is a history of Donald Trump's OVERT racism and bigotry----  #YouAintBlack

    23 May 2020:  Disgusting GRIFTER-IN-CHIEF! 
    In anticipation, I guess, of @realDonaldTrump's trademark "Happy Memorial Day" message, his campaign sent out this request to celebrate soldiers' sacrifices by buying merchandise to help re-elect a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word "sacrifice."  But. But. Bone spurs.

    23 May 2020:  His entire series of Ebola tweets is worth revisiting...  Trump berated Obama...

    23 May 2020:  Hey! Now do the tweet where Trump berated Obama for golfing while there was an Ebola.  #TrumpGolfsYouDie

    23 May 2020:  When the going gets rough, Trump turns tail and runs to play golf. 
    Trump buried for heading to the golf course as COVID-19 US death toll heads for 100,000.  A new low.

    23 May 2020:  VIEW the Ladies ( grifters ) from the SWAMP ( cesspool ) -2. 
    Trump's campaign manager Parscale is 'milking him like cow' as his re-election bid is dying.  The grift is so real.

    23 May 2020:  VIEW the Ladies ( grifters ) from the SWAMP ( cesspool ) -1. 
    MSNBC host ridicules Trump campaign's rip-off of the 'The View'  stocked with 'grifters'.

    22 May 2020:  Presidential differences...... 
    We mashed up @BarackObama's Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump's al-Baghdadi speech,  and the results are amazing.

    22 May 2020:  A misbegotten, warped freedom obsession is killing us. 
    It isn't lack of social distancing or lack of masks. It isn't even the guitars on the wall.   Video of Trumpian anti-mask jerks goes viral.

    22 May 2020:  The most disturbing thing in this photo isn't Pence. 
    It isn't lack of social distancing or lack of masks. It isn't even the guitars on the wall.   But John Lys it all . . .

    22 May 2020:  Let Darwin take the wheel Jesus! Who'd a thunk we'd miss Sean Spicer? 
    HEY! @PressSec We are NOT there to answer your questions. You represent @realDonaldTrump You are there to answer our questions! That was an act of cowardice and a malicious spreading of propaganda from the Brady Briefing Room.  Total perversion of the public trust.   ...the journalists should have walked out!

    21 May 2020:  Talking Trump into wearing a mask...  Petulant child.

    18 May 2020:  Well there goes the VACCINE solution! The tRumpVirusScam! 
    Trump's COVID-19 vaccine czar refuses to sell stock holdings of major drug company:  This is my retirement.   "If he retains stock in companies that are investing in the development of a vaccine," said government watchdog CREW, "we can't be confident of the integrity of any process in which he is involved."   These clowns would do well to remember that the statute of limitations on the criminal conflict of interest law is 5 years. Even if Trump were to win again, he won't be president in May 2025. And Bill Barr won't always be there to obstruct justice for them.

    18 May 2020:  Pelosi just called @realDonaldTrump "morbidly obese" on CNN. And she did it while expressing concern for his health. I can't stop laughing.   She's so good at this.

    18 May 2020:  tRump IS THE SWAMP! Burn The Cesspool and Drown this Turd November 3rd! 
    Trump is 'waging war on America' by turning the DOJ on his political enemies.  Walter Shaub.

    16 May 2020:  I wrote a story once positing that Eric was the least fucked up Trump. Perfectly fine admitting that aged horribly, though Don Jr keeps proving me somewhat right. Eric Trump predicts COVID-19 is a conspiracy against his dad that will 'magically' disappear in November.   Like it was gone in April, right @EricTrump ? On Nov 3rd at least ONE virus will be gone. It's called the #Trumpvirus.

    16 May 2020:  ObamaGREAT! #ObamaCommencement2020 
    Watching President Obama right now is like warm glass of milk and a hug, as opposed to a glass of bleach and a grope from Donald Trump....Obama's speech praised for offering the empathy Trump has not shown during pandemic.  #GraduateTogether !!!

    16 May 2020:  God Bless JIM CARREY! Every time #Trump tweets during #ObamaCommencement2020 we should all post this in response.  Wait for it!!! cough..cough.

    16 May 2020:  Hillarious!! DUFUS DOTARD does Independance Day? LMAO! 
    And the IDIOT Trump tweeted out this video that features white nationalist @jackposobiec in it holding a gun. Or maybe he meant to give homage to promote his HATE for AMERICA????  When you're such a bad President, you need to photoshop yourself on a fictional President!
    This is Trump's attempt to preempt Obama making a speech that millions will find inspiring and presidential by presenting the closet thing he can find featuring himself doing something like that.  So this is how you spend your weekend with losers at Camp David, tweeting garbage memes while your failure to act caused the avoidable deaths of 88,000 Americans. You should be embarrassed.

    15 May 2020:  What's that smell? Kayleigh McEnany emerges from the TRUMP CESSPOOL -- again! 
    Oh, it's very clear that @PressSec is almost as pathological at lying as her boss! HER LIE: President DID NOT dismantle the pandemic response office.  But He Did - WATCH!!!

    15 May 2020:  Kayleigh McEnany emerges from the TRUMP CESSPOOL! 
    I've never seen so many people brag about how inept they are ----- The Trump administration really thinks the American public will be impressed by the claim that their (nonexistent) pandemic response plan is in a binder (!), as opposed to Obama's wimpy one which is just sheets of paper stapled together.   Beyond parody.

    15 May 2020:  Obamagate is a "slogan in search of a scandal." 
    Rick Wilson explains why Team Trump is going all in on the 'Obamagate' conspiracy.  Watch:

    15 May 2020:  Major medical journal demands Trump's removal over abject failures of COVID-19 response.  New president in 2021 needed!!!

    15 May 2020:  American Carnage? 
    During his Inauguration Address, President Trump painted a grim dystopian vision of a then prosperous America, which at the time had a steady and successful economy with stability at home and respect abroad.  Trump's American Carnage

    14 May 2020:  ~friendly reminder that one of the most important actions for a corrupt government to take is making the public distrust the media~! 
    The level of anger directed at the media from these protestors was alarming.   As always, I will tell a fair and unbiased story today.

    14 May 2020:  He is a cruel -horrible -clueless POTUS -- LOCK HIM UP in the mental ward!!!! 
    Trump says doctors and nurses are "running into death just like soldiers running into bullets" and that   "it's a beautiful thing to see."

    14 May 2020:  KARMA anyone? 
    Why does Trump continue to ignore the fact the flu killed his own grandfather?  Frederick Drumf - Trump.

    14 May 2020:  Hey another Trumper Chump emerges from the sludge - SUMP THAT CESSPOOL! 
    "I was wrong. They did leave behind a plan. I clearly made a mistake in that regard" - Mitch McConnell walks back his comment about Obama not leaving a pandemic plan for Trump.  Very well said.

    14 May 2020:  Hey Trumper Chumps! More swamp dwellers get YER MONEY thanks to yer ConDon PUTUS! 
    Trump donor got nearly $27 million in  COVID-19 relief for private jet charter company.

    14 May 2020:  GOP congressman faces angry backlash after grilling whistleblower Rick Bright about his blood pressure. Ur scum. Doubting dr bright. Questioning his blood pressure and functioning. The issue is the admin terrible response to the virus. U republicans r killing us with ur disrespect for science. Shame on u.  Scum!

    14 May 2020:  He got a note from a mask producer who warned "we are in deep shit, the world is." 
    Dr. Bright is a true American hero. Moment he realized we were in for the darkest winter:  #RIPAmerica

    14 May 2020:  History will remember this time when the President had a psychotic breakdown in front of the entire country. 
    The best part of the Trump-Bartiromo interview is when she asks him to explain "the biggest scandal in history"   and Trump can't, he just reverts back to the FBI lovers bit.

    13 May 2020:  What does 'unmasking' someone in an intel report mean?  Q and A.

    13 May 2020:  God Bless John McCain. 
    National Hero Senator McCain on Senator Paul (R-Moscow), in 2017:   "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin."

    13 May 2020:  The "Never Trumpers" of the Lincoln Project form "Republicans and Independents for Biden". 

    12 May 2020:  Personal responsibility and accountability have always been key to leadership. In the past, we had Presidents who displayed these values and demonstrated humility in the face of failure, mistake, and error. However, we now have a man occupying the White House who doesn't know the meaning of accountability or personal responsibility.   Leaders Take Responsibility

    12 May 2020:  Murica is screwed because of tRump incompetance! 
    Donald McNeil warned of the COVID-19 pandemic early on - now he says  'we completely blew it'.

    11 May 2020:  RIP Jerry Stiller, 1927-2020! 
    The following Tweets are part of a live conversation detected by an algorithm.  Comedian Jerry Stiller dies at age 92.

    10 May 2020:  This politicization of science is really damaging! 
    Trump administration cuts funding for coronavirus researcher,  jeopardizing possible COVID-19 cure.

    10 May 2020:  COVID-19 deaths under tRump is BAD! oh and Happy Mother's Day to survivors of his 2020 DEPRESSION! 
    These awesome two-ingredient brownies are one baking hack   that doesn't sacrifice on flavor.

    09 May 2020:  tRump lies like he is breathing! JUST LOCK HIM UP!!! 
    CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks  5 of President Trump's claims this week.

    09 May 2020:  Brits use R.E.M. to mock Trump for 'losing' his civilians:  'Oh no, I've said too much'

    08 May 2020:  The only way Trump can honor today, the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, is by resigning. Raise your hand if you agree.   #TrumpDepression

    08 May 2020:  Trump admits he 'learned a lot' from disgraced President Nixon's  Saturday night massacre.

    08 May 2020:  Norway kept me safe from COVID-19 -  and Trump's America nearly killed me.

    07 May 2020:  Steve Schmidt hammers Trump for bringing 'mourning' to America:  Disaster for the age.

    06 May 2020:  Susan Rice busts Trump's blame of Obama for stockpile -   and blames president's gripe on 'extraordinary insecurity'.

    06 May 2020:  Adderall: it's not just for breakfast anymore! The Fake Genocidal Gaslighting Ghoul of a 'President' Is Always High and Needs to Resign!  Trump apologies....

    05 May 2020:  We found his weak spot! 
    Rick Wilson reveals why Lincoln Project ad caused Trump to  'lose his damn mind'.

    04 May 2020:  In his inaugural address, Trump spoke of "mothers and children trapped in poverty" and "rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation."  He wasn't reflecting. He was predicting. Now here we are.   Mourning in America.

    02 May 2020:  Rep. Katie Porter: "Tens of thousands of Americans are dead and millions are out of work in part because Trump dragged his feet & misled the public about what his admin was doing ... Requiring DPA transparency is a key step toward stopping the deception."
    This excellent video was released by China as #Trump administration continues to blame China and the WHO for the #coronavirus pandemic which has killed more than 65,886 people in the #US.  Once Upon a Virus.

    01 May 2020:  LYING FOR Trumps America!!! So true - he hires only the BEST swamp dwellers! 
    Minutes after pledging to not lie, the new White House press secretary lied a whole bunch - Kayleigh McEnany's first press briefing got off to a promising start.   It lasted all of 15 minutes.

    29 April 2020:  Just Another Day in AntiChrist Donald Trumps America!!! 
    Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains how the pure madness in America's response to the coronavirus pandemic -  From Ukraine to Coronavirus: Trump's Abuse of Power Continues.

    27 April 2020:  Rut ROH!!! 
    'A blue tsunami is likely':   Elections expert gives GOP a dire 2020 forecast.

    27 April 2020:  Trump desperately tries to gaslight America as he faces humiliation from  Lysol-gate.  Defeating gaslighting often requires more of a meta-response.  That's not the issue. The issue is that our president is a lazy, arrogant moron who went on TV and spewed fatuous bullshit about how maybe doctors should look into shooting up patients with poisonous chemicals because, y'know, it's worth a shot.

    27 April 2020:  Stable genius INDEED!!! DELETE Yourself? and so he did! 
    Trump deletes embarrassing rampage of Tweets confusing 'noble' with 'Nobel Prize' and demanding  'Noble Committee' act.

    26 April 2020:  Stable genius INDEED!!! 
    Trump melts down demanding reporters  return 'Noble' prizes he says they won for investigating him.

    25 April 2020:  Be careful showing this to Trump supporters, they will assume this is medical advise.!!!!  A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.  A SPOONFUL OF CLOROX

    25 April 2020:  Dr. Birx says the media is very slicey and dicey with the way they put sentences together for headlines.  Dr. Birx needs to pick a lane. Is she a doctor or a news analyst?

    25 April 2020:  Trump can't beat the coronavirus - so now he wants to use it as a weapon in the November election. Trump's death march to November:  If they're not his voters, let 'em die.
    There is so much about Trump like we've never seen before.
    We have never seen hospitals so crowded that patients in their beds are lined up in hallways outside emergency rooms and intensive care units because those rooms are full. We have never seen refrigerated trucks lined up behind hospitals to carry away bodies from overloaded morgues. We have never seen doctors standing mute in the White House while a president of the United States stood before television cameras and advocated bringing ultraviolet light "inside the body," and injecting patients with disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol and bleach, medical "experiments" that were carried out on Jews by Nazi doctors in places like Dachau and Buchenwald.
    The number of those killed won't go down, but Trump doesn't give a shit. He's not the president of the United States. He's the president of the Confederate States of MAGA. All he wants to do is win. If they're not Trump's voters, let 'em die.

    25 April 2020:  He needs a rally. No matter the cost, no matter the consequences!!!!! 
    Trump wants 1,000 West Point grads to return to a coronavirus hotspot just to hear him speak  This isn't about the Class of 2020. This is about Trump's ego. It is a reckless abuse of power.
    hey @WestPoint_USMA crawl out of trump's ass and don't endanger your own cadets just to appease this maniacal, dangerous lunatic. Ya gonna inject them with lysol next, just to make Trump happy??

    24 April 2020:  See Dr. Birx's reaction to Trump's dangerous suggestion:  Donald Trump: Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable.

    24 April 2020:  Republicans for the Rule of Law AD:  Donald Trump: Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable.

    24 April 2020: 
    'I can't help my anger': She almost lost her husband to coronavirus -   and she is still furious with Trump because of it.

    24 April 2020:  Certainly not the man who suggested INJECTING LYSOL!!!!!! 
    RNC chair buried in mockery for calling Trump the best person to fix the economy that collapsed on his watch. She tweeted: We have a decision as to who will restore our economy after this pandemic. @realDonaldTrump has already done it once, and he is definitely the right person to do it again.  Nah Ronna --He inherited a good economy and due to his inaction towards the coronavirus, he destroyed it.

    23 April 2020:  strong>HISTORIC DAY! Dotard muses to MUURIKA - injest disinfectant!!!!! 
    Trump has stunned viewers by suggesting that people could receive injections of disinfectant to cure the coronavirus.  I am fine guys. God bleach America.

    23 April 2020:  MRWA - Make Racism Wrong Again! 
    Atlanta mayor tweets photo of received  racist text.

    23 April 2020:  Lookie Lookie Trump Fans - One of your Swamp Creatures is featured!! 
    New HHS spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in  now-deleted tweets.

    22 April 2020:  #SignsYoureACOVIDIOT -- You're still convinced he's "Making America Great Again"!! 
    Here are 15 signs you may be a 'covidiot' -  #SignsYoureACOVIDIOT

    20 April 2020:  Straight from the tRump swamp -- Discount Liar Conway Mcennnnnnnie!! 
    'No respect deserved or given': Internet slams Trump's press secretary for demanding reporter call him 'president'.  Seriously.

    20 April 2020:  Don't be TRUMPED -- He Still is a whiny cowardly bitch!! 
    Why Trump's efforts to blame Obama for the coronavirus make absolutely no sense. Trump is attacking Obama for not developing tests for a virus that didn't exist when he was president.   Seriously.

    20 April 2020:  Meet the GRIFTERS!! 
    Stop Giving Jared and Ivanka a Free Pass.  Daddy's little ghouls......

    19 April 2020:  Look What He Makes You Give!! 
    The COVID-19 crisis shows how little elite Republicans got in exchange for the soul they had to give to Donald Trump.  Thanks for the shit sandwich!

    19 April 2020:  Pandemic Trump doesn't like it when you show him his mistakes. (4 years worth.)!! 
    Trump blows a gasket at 'dumb person' Nancy Pelosi after she calls him a 'weak leader' on Fox News.  POTUS is a whiny little.......

    17 April 2020:  45 is VERY ILL!! 
    Complete shame and humiliation should be cast on GOP Senators who are not DEMANDING a full physical, cognitive and mental health exam.  The president of the United States is a sociopath.

    17 April 2020: 
    With No One Left to Blame...  The Madness of King Donald is becoming even more apparent.

    16 April 2020: 
    Ex-GOP strategist slams Trump's nightly 'Baghdad Bob show':  His incompetence will cost 'the lives of tens of thousands'.

    16 April 2020: 
    Lifelong Republicans endorse Joe Biden for president - and say  'Trump must be defeated'.

    16 April 2020:  If you go back in history, this is the worst president you can imagine for a pandemic!! 
    Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley: Trump is 'the worst president you can imagine'  for the COVID-19 crisis.

    15 April 2020:  A window into Esoteric Trumpism! 
    This @joshuabickel photo is worthy of a Pulitzer. It absolutely and perfectly captures the wackjobbery of Trumpism and the grievance of people who have surrendered any vestige of common sense or normalcy to the altar of freak show politics and the dogmas of political cultism.  Steve Schmidt.

    15 April 2020:  ATTENTION tRump swamp dwellers -- your princess left the pond while YOU COULD NOTTT! 
    Ivanka Trump ignored federal guidelines saying people shouldn't travel  and went to New Jersey.

    15 April 2020:  Can we just re-IMPEACH the MF again???!!!!! 
    Ex-ethics official explains why Trump's 'weird propaganda video' may have been  illegal in 3 different ways.

    15 April 2020:  ************************************************************************* 
    Reichstag Fire, party of one? Your table is ready. Paging Paul von Hindenburg!!!!! 
    Let this one sink in. The President just threatened to shut down Congress. They do that in Russia. They do that in China. They do that in banana republics. Welcome to our new world.  Trump's got to go, he's passed into crazytown.

    14 April 2020:  *********************************************************************** 
    He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump's Failure on the Virus. 
    Trump has been visibly angry the last two days and he's been lashing out more than usual. Why is he so mad? Because this story from The NY Times laid out, point by point, what he did wrong.  It is clearly a must read so here it is again:.

    14 April 2020:  Good government matters. Facts and science matter. The rule of law matters. "In other words elections matter." - Thank you @BarackObama!   Without mentioning Trump, Obama pulls no punches: "Right now, we need Americans of goodwill to unite in a great awakening against a politics that too often has been characterized by corruption, carelessness, self-dealing, disinformation, ignorance, and just plain meanness".  President Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden For President.

    14 April 2020:  Tweedy boy thinks he is Captain Blythe!!!  Makes sense that tRump would compare himself to Captain Bligh in The Mutiny on the Bounty. One of his infamous quotes was "Cruelty with a purpose is not cruelty, it is efficiency." The cruelty was always the point. They need to set YOU adrift.   Small Fingers tweet: Tell the Democrat Governors that "Mutiny On The Bounty" was one of my all time favorite movies. A good old fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch, especially when the mutineers need so much from the Captain. Too easy!  Tell Trump and the Republicans it's over...  Hey, how are you feeling about your endorsed Judge Dan Kelly, getting destroyed by Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge yesterday? Bernie also endorsed Biden. No Democratic Party split. Things don't look good for you in Novmeber. You're going to prison, traitor.

    14 April 2020:  Fox News host slobbers over Trump's propaganda:  'It was a beautiful press conference from the president'.

    14 April 2020:  Warning to tRump in NOV 2020??? Democratics will walk over glass to VOTE!!  MSNBC's Morning Joe laughs out loud at 'stupid' Wisconsin GOP after pandemic election stunt backfires!  Morning Joe.

    12 April 2020:  tRump is senile??!!  Fox News' Sean Hannity blamed for dismissing danger of coronavirus with trending  #BloodOnHisHandsHannity

    11 April 2020:  tRump is senile??!!  Next time you MAGA trolls start ragging on BIDEN remember to check this out. Did Trump Forget Melania Is Standing Next To Him?  YES - YES he did - BIGLY!!

    11 April 2020:  tRump as predicted is KILLING America??!!  Trump bluffed his way through everything else in his entire life, but he has finally tested positive. He's on life support.   He didn't catch the virus. The virus caught him.  Bluffing is what Trump does. He gets up in the morning and looks at himself in the mirror and, instead of a bald man with pitted, sagging skin and lifeless eyes, he sees Mr. Handsome, the swordsman who bedded a thousand beauties, the billionaire who made a thousand brilliant deals, the Most Powerful Man in the World. That's why at his so-called coronavirus press briefings, whenever he is confronted with a question quoting his own previous statements, he yells, "Fake news!" He bluffs his way through, just like he always did. Everything other than Trump himself is fake. To Trump, only he himself is real.

    10 April 2020:  Mass burials in New York City on GOOD FRIDAY, and tRump is blabbering about approval ratings??!!  This drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island, just off the coast of the Bronx. For over a century, the island has served as a potter's field for deceased with no known next of kin or families unable to pay for funerals.  #TrumpBurialPits
    #IMPOTUS holds the highest unemployment rate in history.
    #IMPOTUS holds the worst recession on record.
    #IMPOTUS holds the most admin arrested/indicted for corruption.
    #IMPOTUS holds the worst response to a crisis.

    09 April 2020:  J.K. Rowling says "breathing exercises" helped her beat COVID-19 -  but here's what experts say.

    08 April 2020:  Today, Senator Sanders announced he was suspending his campaign.   Statement From Vice President Biden.

    08 April 2020:  Folks, All I Can Say Is Voting Republican Has Deadly Consequences. #TrumpGOPDeathCult #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath -- Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in  2014.

    08 April 2020:  DEMOCRATS - The obstacles are tremendous to win in 2020!  I would crawl across a field of broken glass to vote against Trump in November. How about you? Trump's ex-ethics director Shaub: The president is in the late stage of  an authoritarian coup.  Accountability can come during the November election - when U.S. voters will have a chance to vote Trump out of office. But fears that Republican dirty tricks and other factors could help Trump win reelection seven months from now.
    All is not lost. The American people are fired up. But it'll be hard and the outcome's uncertain. That's why we must understand how big a deal it is that Trump is going after inspectors general. This is a late-stage move in an authoritarian coup against the rule of law.

    08 April 2020:  tRump will LOSE bigly in 2020!  Since there were 6 Benghazi hearings over 4 American deaths, we would expect 360,000 hearings over the "worst case (but still means we did an awesome job)" of 240,000 American COVID-19 deaths. Drop that to just 10% and you get 36K hearings  #FuckTrump  I can live with that. If you decide to not vote for Biden - or choose not to vote PERIOD - just because Bernie is out, you're just repeating history. Time to remove the orange cancer on the taint of America. #RidinWithBiden

    08 April 2020:  Finally tRump speaks TRUTH!  YUP - VOTE THIS POTUS TURD OUT of Office on NOV 3rd! Save America - Save your Life!!! Trump 'said the quiet part out loud again and acknowledged  when more people vote Dems win'.  "To a certain extent, the president seemed to say the quiet part out loud, the comments, 'Well, if more people are voting, maybe no Republican would get elected in this country again. That's always the undertone around these conversations around voter access, but typically no one actually goes that far and makes that direct statement.

    08 April 2020:  OMG tRump is LYING Again. Oregon has had mail-in voting for 25 years with no problem!  Trump called voting by mail as "horrible" and "corrupt," yet defended himself for voting in that  same manner in Florida's primary election in March.

    08 April 2020:  tRump is unwell and is going to kill us all!  Americans slam Trump for bragging about ratings of his '2 hour variety show' while  ignoring 13,000 COVID-19 deaths.  2,000 people died in US yesterday due to willful negligence of Trump Regime, their #70days of inaction, but now President Trump is personally hosting a 2 hour variety show every night with "killer" ratings. So why is everyone so upset?!?

    07 April 2020:  GOP cheats and suppresses VOTE!  'A Day That Will Live in Infamy': This Is What It Looked Like When Wisconsin Forced  In-Person Voting During a Pandemic.  What is happening today in the #WisconsinPrimary is #VoterSuppression, pure and simple.  By forcing an in-person election today, Wisconsin Republicans are essentially asking Americans to die for their right to vote.  A new low, even for them.

    07 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - Swamp Princess Nepotism Barbie!  Hey, @IvankaTrump. remember when you spoke in your real voice and not the manufactured   breathy voice your dad-husband told you to use?

    07 April 2020:  Buh-Bye and Good Riddance!!! Stephanie Grisham buried in scorn after parting message:  'Thank you for all zero of your press conferences'.

    07 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - Missing Sarah HukkaLie Sandbagger? Meet your new Swamp Liar Propaganda Press Secretary!  'Still in that hut in Kenya': President's new White House press secretary is a birther -   and a huge hypocrite.

    07 April 2020:  TRUMP BLEW IT!! Lies. On 2/28/20 on the South Lawn I ASKED you about the W.H.O. telling us the risk for COVID19 had increased. You blew off the question to tell us about Your rally that night.   You blew it. Not the W.H.O.

    07 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - YOUR CROOK Swamp Leader is nominating HIS "Fox in charge of the henhouse"!  MAGA - Yes, More America GRIFF AHoles! Oversight of $4.5 trillion corporate bailout in 'grave jeopardy' as Trump  fires independent watchdog.  "A mockery of independence, putting a Trump lawyer in charge of oversight, with $500 billion in taxpayer money at stake. Trump clearly wants a lapdog, not a watchdog."

    07 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - Oh great another empty bobble-headed swap creature to SPEW tRumpism LIES!  Trump's new spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany has a history of melting down on live TV -   here are her 5 most unhinged moments.

    06 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - I fear for the Navy and our nation that they're led by such morally bankrupt people!  Transcript of Acting SECNAV's recent 1MC remarks to the crew of Theodore Roosevelt.  (He's aboard.) Long story short, he's convinced he did the right thing.

    06 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - He wants to profit of drugs and kill Americans!  And here you TRUMPEEs thought he gave a sh!t about you? Suckers...But you knew he was a SNAKE right? right! Trump and his allies have financial ties to companies that manufacture  untested drug he's touting for COVID-19!

    06 April 2020:  What kind of lowlife calls the former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt "stupid" over the ship's PA? Oh, that's right, acting Secretary of the Navy  Thomas Modly!  Angry sailors can be heard yelling profanities at Modly while he trashed their former captain who got fired for sending out a dire warning about the threat #COVID19 posed to the #USSTheodoreRoosevelt.
    "When small men Cast long shadows You know that The End of the Day is Near." ~Native American Wisdom

    06 April 2020:  #tRumpSwap - One of Trumpee's swamp creatures spews CRAP to Navy crew!  Acting Navy Secretary blasts USS Roosevelt captain as 'too naive or too stupid' in leaked speech to ship's crew:  Thomas Modly is a POS!  He's lucky the crew didn't KEYHOLE him! Modly fired Capt. Brett Crozier for his "crime" of sounding the alarm about a spike in #COVID19 cases onboard his aircraft carrier. Meanwhile convicted war criminal Eddie Gallagher got a pardon. This is supporting our troops?

    05 April 2020:  My friend's 73 yr old mother went to the ER at Interfaith in Brooklyn at 6pm last night. She's now been sitting in a chair in the ER for 29 hours waiting for a bed. She has a bad cough, a fever and violent chills.  She calls her daughter crying pain and fear!
    When this is over & Trump is forcibly removed from the WH, the legal punishment must be swift and severe. From Trump on down through the Senate, House, @GOP & every agency, all must be indicted & tried. Then legislative action must take place to prevent this ever happening again.

    05 April 2020:  Trouble buying a face mask?  How to make a #DIY face mask out of a simple bandana!

    05 April 2020:  OK Trumpees...der Leader says TAKE THE DRUG! Please do!  What do you have to lose????? No, President Trump, hydroxychloroquine is not approved by the FDA for coronavirus and  it has serious side effects!

    05 April 2020:  MAGA! Make Another Grave America: trump's 2020 legacy!  Jake Tapper to Trump:  This requires a plan. Do you have one?!
    Here's The Plan: attack CNN, attack CBS, attack NBC, attack ABC, attack border drug smugglers, attack Democrat Governor attack, attack attack Obama for ventilators.  "Do you have a Plan?" The short answer is NO. The long answer is YES. I have a plan to get elected November 3 to STAY OUT OF JAIL for all the crimes against America I have committed!

    04 April 2020:  Blood is not only on Trump's hands, he is bathed in it!  Retaliation against whistle blowers is ILLEGAL. And this is retaliation. Trump admits he fired the ICIG over the whistleblower report.  So he admitted, on camera, it was retaliation at #TrumpPressBriefing?  Trumps firing of Michael Atkinson can only be construed two ways; either as an admission of guilt or...oh, right... It's actually just an admission of guilt.
    AND then there is CAP-TAIN CRO-ZIER relieved for TELLING the TRUTH! These sailors know their Skipper sacrificed his career to get their sick shipmates evacuated to safety. They appreciate their leader.

    04 April 2020:  TRUMP is going to get so many people killed!  Viewers shocked after watching  #TrumpPressBriefing!  To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending that Republicans wash their faces after kissing Donald Trump's ass.
    I blame those 52 #SenateRepublicans who failed to protect and defend the Constitution. Now we're still stuck #IMPOTUS45 incompetence and negligence. #TrumpPressBriefing #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVIDIDIOT

    04 April 2020:  TRUMP said it was all under control. And Fox News parroted his every lie.  The Trump administration just changed its language about the Strategic National Stockpile on an HHS website to jibe with Jared Kushner's claim that this isn't for the states.  Before vs. After!  Honestly, I have no tears left. What the @GOP is doing to our country but continuing to allow this fool to stay in office is heart-wrenching. I still blame @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch and the @GOP for all of it. The ONLY reason Trump continues on, is because they enable it.

    04 April 2020:  He said it was all under control. And Fox News parroted his every lie.  The American people - at least those who don't watch Fox News - are learning the depths of the false and misleading information some Fox News hosts have been spewing. Now that  #FoxNewsLiedAsPeopleDied  trends on Twitter they're finding out even more. Fox News should be sued by every person who has died from this virus.

    03 April 2020:  tRump - Blood on his Tiny Hands!!! 
    Anick Jesdanun, longtime AP technology writer,   dies at 51.

    03 April 2020:  Donald J Trump: "I don't take responsibility."!  HBO's Bill Maher returns to rip Trump over the pandemic - and blast his fans who are rallying around 'the guy who made it worse'.  New Rule: Worst Responder | Real Time with Bill Maher.

    03 April 2020:  Whiny Little Bitch: Blaming Obama -- again!!  Drumpf inherits a good economy which is like getting a new car. And then 3yrs later complains it was Obama's fault he ran out of gas!! SUCH A LOSER and now KILLING AMERICANS with his  Bad Leadership and handling of COVID-19.  WORST PRESIDENT in history. It will take decades to repair the damage he and his GOP sycophants impailed on the USA.

    03 April 2020:  CORRUPT - IMPEACHED - Little Man Drump!  Former House national security official slams Trump for firing inspector general:  Pure retaliation.  READ  Michael Atkinson Letter.

    03 April 2020:  WATCH: These are some of the people who passed away this week after becoming   infected with COVID-19.

    03 April 2020:  WATCH: Devastating video of Fox News and Republicans downplaying COVID-19 crisis.  Heroes of the Pandumbic.

    03 April 2020:  Crisis of Leadership: Republican Voters Denounce Trump's Coronavirus Failure  Brutal new ad features GOP voters trashing Trump's leadership -  and it's about to air on Fox News.

    03 April 2020:  All these little Trumpist shits have left is the threat of lawsuits; what incredible punks they are!  Sean Hannity threatens to sue media outlets for criticizing   Fox News' coronavirus coverage.  Sean - you and the rest of your right wing dingbats (Tucker "I'm a racist" Carlson, Laura "I'm a smart Ann Coulter" Ingraham, Lou "I used to have a brain" Dobbs, Jeanine "jusht a little drinky" Pirro) should be sued as a class action for the deaths you have caused.

    01 April 2020:  Much of the suffering and death coming was preventable. The president has blood on his hands.  George Conway: "As the American public braces itself for the worst of this crisis, it's worth remembering that the reach of the virus here is not attributable to an act of God or a foreign invasion, but a colossal failure of leadership."   #clustertrump  Remember when the orange dipshit in charge told President Obama to resign when two people died from Ebola in the US?

    31 March 2020:  LIAR-in-Chief needs to STOP!!!!!! and Resign.  CNN's fact-checker demolishes Trump's 'barrage of false claims' about  the spread of coronavirus.   "The broader dishonest narrative was his attempt to portray himself as the leader who stood up to the people who were downplaying this as a flu," continued Dale. "'People just wanted me to ride this out and that was unwise. Because of the action that I and we took, now we can keep this to 100,000, which would be pretty good.' He was the downplayer-in-chief for weeks and weeks, even amid these expert warnings. For him to now say he is the one who stood up against the people who were against himself, I think is quite dishonest."   OMG-Trump's confused rant!!!

    31 March 2020:  Trump's lies and mismanagement are killing Americans.  GOP goes down in flames for 'astonishingly stupid' attempt to  blame outbreak on impeachment.

    30 March 2020:  How my dad survived the 1918 flu -  and predicted the decline of America.

    30 March 2020:  Time to FIRE Shammity Hakkity!  Sean Hannity, who recently suggested the coronavirus pandemic was a "deep state" plot to hurt the economy, wonders how anyone can trust the "outright conspiracy theorists" in the media.  Projecting, I wonder where he gets that from?

    30 March 2020:  #StopAiringTrump!  Here's my post where I explain how the press can shift to an "emergency setting" in its daily coverage of Trump.  These are the major steps.

    30 March 2020:  Trump is a CERTIFIABLE IDIOT !  Trump asks a reporter what the population of Seoul, South Korea, is. "I know South Korea better than anybody," he says. "You know how many people are in Seoul?" "38 million," he says.  It's about 10 million.

    30 March 2020:  #StopAiringTrump --- He is an Lyin Azzhole !  Here's Trump lecturing Yamiche that "38 million people" live in Seoul, South Korea.  The actual population of Seoul is 9.8 million.

    30 March 2020:  Trump is the Typhoid Mary of incompetence.  Ex-House counsel demolishes GOP lie that Trump was distracted from COVID response by impeachment.  This is on him.

    30 March 2020:  #trump - Call it the #Trump Death March !  A liar thinks everyone is lying - A cheater thinks everyone is cheating - A thief thinks everyone is thieving - A criminal thinks everyone's a criminal.  Trump's bizarre coronavirus show isn't working.  Trump is putting on a macabre show every day to keep himself front and center. But he can't escape the fact that his management of the crisis has been disastrous and his public leadership has been appalling. Every day that's on display for the whole world to see, while on the side of the screen the body count ticks up and up and up.  I've watched many US newscasts & am staggered by the initial denial of the pandemic & inaction by #Trump & his troop of baboons! Narcissistic nincompoop who constantly seeks adoration & now appreciation for all his 'hard work' the result of which could be the loss of 200k lives!

    29 March 2020:  Trump is the Typhoid Mary of incompetence.  Inside the White House during  15 Days to Slow the Spread.  Staffers described a time of reassessment as the West Wing reoriented itself entirely around a singular mission. They witnessed historic moments. They wondered what it would all mean.

    29 March 2020:  #TrumpGenocide  Trump campaign ramps up smear campaign on  Obama's ebola czar  for exposing the president's COVID-19 bumbling.

    28 March 2020:  #TrumpGenocide  The president of the United States of America sent over 170 broken ventilators to California.  Monday they'll back in LA--fixed!

    28 March 2020:  TRUMP incompetence will cost lives :-(  "His failure will cost lives," the video says. "His downplaying will cost lives. His incompetence will cost lives." "His ego will cost lives," the video added.  Where are the tests, Mr. President?!  Donald Trump obviously thinks the best way to keep people from voting against him is to kill them. #TrumpGenocide

    28 March 2020:  #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe and sing this song  I gotta Wash my hands!

    28 March 2020:  #TrumpLiesPeopleDie  The president was aware of the danger from the coronavirus - but a lack of leadership has created an emergency of epic proportions.  The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life!

    28 March 2020:  Internet buries Trump for freaking out about his bad press while people are dying: 'Unfit for office and growing worse by the hour'. Are there people still falling for this in US? How dumb can you be.  #ThePresidentIsACrybaby #trumppandemic2020!  There's a deadly pandemic that has taken the life of over 1700 Americans in a matter of weeks and Trump is more focused on WHINING About his bad media coverage. Does anyone really want 4 more years of this BS?!

    28 March 2020:  It's a bad idea for journalists to censor Trump - instead, they can help the public identify  what's true or false!  People aren't dummies. They can decipher good information from bad, as long as they have all the facts at their disposal. And journalists are the ones best positioned to deliver it.

    28 March 2020:  Meghan McCain buried in scorn for whining 'our institutions are broken beyond repair' - without mentioning Trump and the GOP:  #BooHoo I am Clueless!  I'm heartbroken too. And I agree with you here. But that agreement is tempered by the fact that your hubby & his Federalist have added to this calamity.  The GOP own this absolute disaster. They refused to see the corruption, incompetence, and absolute failures by Trump to do anything but reward his cronies and right wing extremists while sidelining experts in every corner of govt.
    "America is not the greatest country in the world." - Will McAvoy.
    "We aspired to intelligence, we didn't belittle it." - Will McAvoy.

    28 March 2020:  I am glad the media keeps asking questions you hate.  #CutiePie #BeACutiePie  Trump and his propaganda arm, remains the greatest source of disinformation in America.

    27 March 2020:  tRump is fu&king you OVER! Like killing you with COVID wasn't enough?  6.2 trillion includes treasury's ability to provide fed backed loans to mid and large sized corps --- I think the sneaky, double crossing, #CorruptGOP knew this was coming. That's why they were all smiling. NEW: Trump's first move after signing the coronavirus relief bill?   Undercutting a key provision of Congress' oversight.  The administration is totally corrupt. They ignore the law. There is no mechanism other than impeachment to force them to follow the law. I knew the "oversight" would just be ignored. But Dems had no choice. We live in a dictatorship until Trump is removed.

    27 March 2020:  Historian who correctly predicted last 9 presidential elections:  Trump is more likely to lose because of coronavirus.

    26 March 2020:  If telling lies was a terminal illness, Kellyanne would have been dead 3 years ago!  Kellyanne humiliated BY FOX NEWS as her defense of Trump   backfires ON AIR.

    26 March 2020:  tRump whines about 3 Dem governors during Fox News propaganda fest with his fellow swamp rat - Sean Hannity!  Trump then went on to complain about Gov. Jay Inslee (D-NY) and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) -   Gretchen Whitmer replies.

    26 March 2020:  tRump swamp critters -- you first.....get back out there by Easter per der Leader! We'll wait!  'He is going to override the governors': Outrage over Trump letter on 'increasing or relaxing social distancing'.  This is idiocy and will lead to preventable deaths.

    26 March 2020:  More LIES!!!! Please ignore him and #StayAtHome. I'm at a loss for words. America is in grave danger.  Is this asshole Trump bragging about passing the largest relief bill ever? That's not something to brag about you fucking moron!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SATAN, SHUT THIS FAHKING LYING ASSHOLE UP!!!!! I AM SOOOOO SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!  #TrumpPressConf

    26 March 2020:  More LIES!!!! 10 days later and counting.....More LIES!!!!  @MarshallCohen: "This is something nobody ever thought could happen to this country," Trump says, repeating one of his go-to coronavirus lies. Here's @ddale8 on the experts who warned the world and my piece on the predicted ventilator shortages.  March 15, 2020 article.

    25 March 2020:  tRump failed the US and put US into a depression - Good Job Bonespurs!!!!  The 69-page document, finished in 2016, provided a step by step list of priorities - which were then ignored by the administration.  Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook.     READ THE PLAYBOOK!

    25 March 2020:  Fox News is very concerned that this presidential candidate's brain isn't working!  Devastating Daily Show montage splices together clips of Trump and Fox News'  warnings of mental decline.  The real punchline are the fanatics who believe the @TheDailyShow went out of their way to make him look bad.

    25 March 2020:  Irony? Trumpees complain about anti-tRump ad? SUCK-IT-UP buttercup!  Lawyers for official pro-Trump super PAC 'formally demand' TV stations stop airing anti-Trump ad:  Exponential Threat.

    25 March 2020:  GOP better hope COVID-19 isn't spread from kissing POTUS ass!!!!  Warnings Ignored: During the critical period between the outbreak in China and the landfall of coronavirus in America, Donald Trump was warned about our general vulnerabilities and the specific actions his administration needed to take to avoid the worst. This is the timeline of how he ignored them.  A Timeline of Trump's COVID-19 Response.

    25 March 2020:  GOP better hope COVID-19 isn't spread from kissing POTUS ass!!!!  Voters should make a clean sweep in Washington. New president. New Congress. Too bad we can't choose a new SCOTUS. Really, what work has the Senate done in the first 3 months of the year?  Now taking 3+ weeks off?  They did a MASSIVE amount of work...blocking removal of THE most incompetent president in history. They've been hugely successful at what appears to have been their primary goal...flying the entire planet nose first into the ground, a la Flight 93. Good work, boys and girls.

    24 March 2020:  Trump's "wartime president" shtick is ghastly -  and it could totally work.  Trump has found his 2020 strategy - posing as a real president on TV. Once again, cable news is his biggest ally.

    24 March 2020:  Hopefully he'll resign on All Fools Day. THAT would be beautiful!!!!!! This is what happens when an unfit president meets an actual crisis, and people are going to die as a result:  Ezra Klein.  The Fox News moment that revealed a dangerously confused president - Trump wants Americans to flock to churches on Easter Sunday.

    24 March 2020:  Here are 7 of the most ridiculous moments from Trump's Fox News town hall:  Crazy Dotard speaks!  Trump's appearance for a so-called "virtual town hall" on Fox News Tuesday to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis was, as expected, filled with lies, distortions, and petty asides that characterize his favored form of rhetoric.

    24 March 2020:  'Don't believe anything that the president says': Wife speaks out after husband dies trying to take drug Trump touted:  LYIN DONNY CON.  "Oh my God," she said. "Don't take anything. Don't believe anything. Don't believe anything that the President says and his people. 'cause they don't know what they're talking about. And don't take anything, be so careful. And call your doctor."

    22 March 2020:  STOP BROADCASTING HIM!!!!! BOO HOO for lying POS POTUS!!!  He doesn't have his rallies to shovel his bullshit. So he uses a Life and Death Global Health Crisis for that purpose. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Trump went off the rails again tonight. I'm a rich man lost billions of dollars. Everybody wants to sue me. Its all about me. Gave Romney a dirty dig to finish. Oh gee didn't know he was in isolation.  Dickhead Donald.  No one wants to hear how many Billions he spent to become president or how much he is worth... or the sarcasm of his HATRED for Mit Romney... or the FALSEHOOD that Melania trump is a popular First Lady .

    22 March 2020:  @FLOTUS message:  I really don't care.

    21 March 2020:  #POLITICO Playbook:  The day has come.

    20 March 2020:  Herpetic pusnugget Steve Bannon!!!!!! Bannon is a key architect of this alt-right global wave of fuckery. This is another badge of honor for @ProjectLincoln:  Rick Wilson.

    20 March 2020:  #BloodOnYourHandsGOP - When the President of the United States refuses to read his intelligence reports, unfortunately lots and lots of people die. That is reality. This is not a reality tv show. And, to all those who have enabled him and placated him, you have blood on your hands.  Arne Duncan.

    20 March 2020:  Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Based on those words,  Trump has shown his TRUE colors today & FAILED us ALL!

    20 March 2020:  YES TRUMP SUPPORTER - YOU ARE TO BLAME:  With nation distracted by public health and economic crises, Trump moves to allow GMO crops in wildlife refuges. The negative effects of this administration will continue to be felt fir generations to come.  Killing Nature and America is what tRump does best.

    20 March 2020:  I offered both Pres Trump and VP Pence an opportunity to reassure Americans. Simple question: "What do you say to Americans who are scared?" Trump, to me:  "I say, you're a terrible reporter."
    HOAXpital - Where Trump Supporters go when they contract coronavirus. UGH - What I wouldn't give to have President Obama at the helm right now...

    19 March 2020:  Today, @realdonaldtrump said: "I've always known this is a pandemic. I've felt that it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic ... I've always viewed it as serious." Really??? Let's roll the tape.  tRump's Weeks of Downplaying.  His idiocy is staggering. Someone needs to tell him life is on the record - @realDonaldTrump Have a great day as your presidency goes up in flames!

    19 March 2020:  THE CORRUPT GOP:  HOLY CRAP -- Now there are 4 GOP Senators dumping stock? 1-Richard Burr (R-NC), 2-Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), 3-Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and this pig:  Ron Johnson (R-WI)!  On March 2nd, Moscow's GOPer Ron Johnson dumped up to $25M of stock in a manufacturing company that is tied to his own family. This is the same exact asshole opening up shame investigations against the Biden Family. It's never been about Hunter Biden.  All the corrupt Republicans are getting caught EXCEPT tRump! sad.

    19 March 2020:  THE CORRUPT GOP:  RESIGN and LOCK HIM UP!!! Senator Dumped Up to $1.6 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness:  Intelligence Chair Richard Burr's sell off came around the time he was receiving daily briefings on the health threat..

    19 March 2020:  This new ad from @ForTheRuleOfLaw will run Friday ( 3/20/2020 ) morning on Fox and Friends. "We pretty much shut it down...It'll be down to close to zero...It's really working out...No, I don't take responsibility at all."  America needs a president who tells the truth. Our lives depend on it.  1/20/2020 = 1 case .....3/17/2020 = 6,421 cases --- This will help prevent Trump's rewriting history from gaining traction. Thank you! We need all the reminders of this lying administration as we can get.

    19 March 2020:  HAH -- He is using his racism to distract from his incompetence. Just kiss your swing house districts goodbye Republicans ---More confirmation that he's blind without the glasses he refuses to wear. Close up of President @realDonaldTrump notes is seen where he crossed out "Corona" and replaced it with  "Chinese" Virus  as he speaks with his coronavirus task force today at the White House.

    18 March 2020:  #TrumpVirusCoverup #TrumpCoronaDisaster --- Good Lordy this guy is as dumb as a bag of rocks!!! First the DOW closes today LOWER then when he came to office on 1-20-2017 and then he stupidly says he SIGNED the Defense Production Act!!!  Susan Rice corrected DOTARD.  God Help Us. You have royally screwed this up every step of the way. NOW, not later, is the time UTILIZE the Defense Production Act and make critically needed supplies available to the health sector. Your vacillation and incompetence are literally deadly.

    17 March 2020:  STOP BROADCASTING HIM!!!!! POS POTUS is costing lives to be lost!!!  CAP released a devastating new ad highlighting the stark difference between all of Trump's lies compared to what even his alleged allies are saying about the pandemic.  New Ad Crushes Trump For His COVID-19 Lies.

    17 March 2020:  Over the past month, many Fox ( FAKE - LYING - TRUMP TV ) News anchors and personalities have gone from doubting the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic to calling it a public health crisis!!! Shame on all of them - May they rot in hell for their propaganda when the TRUTH mattered most. Too little too late!  How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoric.

    17 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  It is not the Chinese virus or the Kung Flu virus or the TRUMP VIRUS! Get it? but HIS LIES ARE FINALLY COMING HOME TO ROOST!!!!! Get it? The video that shows exactly how Trump lied to America about the COVID-19 pandemic, in real time.   The video is nothing but Trumps own words....Nothing edited...Nothing added...Downplay it all you want he lied, lied, lied and lied some more....there is no spin, no Fake News to fall back on just your presidents own words which will haunt him forever...  It might be funny if it were an SNL sketch but it's not and we all are now paying the price for his incompetence.  Most of his supporters are either trolls or they're so incredibly dense they could collapse into a black hole. It's amazing that it's right in front of you but you still deny the how stupid this administration is. The whole thing could be a comedy sketch...sadly it is not....¯\_(?)_/¯  Anatomy of a Viral Lie.  Since January 22, Donald Trump has been lying to America about COVID-19. He did so even as the number of cases spread, healthcare professionals raised the alarm, and other countries experienced the coronavirus pandemic.  Trump didn't cause this pandemic. What he did was squander America's only advantage-a lag-time during which to prepare for the crisis-and then encourage the spread of the disease when it might have been contained. He has, in real and material ways, made this crisis worse.

    17 March 2020:  Trump demands help from Democrats after Republicans inflicted massive suffering in an  attempt to take down Obama.  Trump's stimulus package is similar to the one enacted in the last weeks of George W. Bush's presidency. By then, the housing and credit crisis was just starting. Even then, however, it was clear the Congress had to act and fast or, as Bush said then, "this sucker could go down." It didn't go down, no thanks to the House Republicans. Not one of them voted in support of the bill. The House Democrats were forced to rescue Bush.
    To be sure, that's not enough. The Democrats in both chambers should be demanding what Joe Biden is demanding: The passage of permanent paid sick leave. But at least Schumer's proposal pushes money downward, where it does the most economic good.
    And unlike the Republicans of 2010s, these Democrats really would unite to face an emergency together as a nation-even if a president they impeached got the credit. This isn't because they don't play politics. This is because their politics is better.

    17 March 2020:  Suffering and Deaths are forever on this corrupt & incompetent administration!!! Trump is trying to change course and hoodwink us all -  and the media shouldn't let him get away with it.  So Trump's tone has changed, but he can't stop lying. And while it's better that he acknowledges that the coronavirus is a genuine threat to the American people, this change was only forced on him by the changing of circumstances - he's not becoming a better leader. He's incapable of that, and he should resign as president as soon as possible.  Since that won't happen, the media should do whatever it can to avoid falling into the trap of believing he's turned over a new leaf. He's just trying to rewrite history and hoodwink us all once again.

    16 March 2020:  'Putin wins again': Trump ripped for 'coronavirus news dump' that DOJ is ending prosecution of election meddling.  The most corrupt administration ever.

    16 March 2020:  RUT-ROH --- Here comes the tRump Recession --- The Dow had its worst point drop ever as stocks tumbled again.  DOW drops -2,997 !!!

    16 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  GOOD RIDDANCE! This swampy cesspool creature really stunk up the place! Trish Regan 'unlikely to return' to Fox after getting benched for coronavirus wing-nuttery:  Regan's removal from air  showed that only some hosts - those with the biggest ratings - are protected at Fox News. 'If you put Trish's comments up against Laura [Ingraham's], you can't honestly tell me that Trish is off the air' because of her coronavirus commentary?

    16 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH --- Looks like tRump won't be re-elected? and widdle-turtle-dum Moscow-Mitch signaling the GOP they will lose the Senate in 2020? Mitch McConnell begs  older conservative judges to retire  now that Trump's re-election looks in danger! Not to mention the Stock Market tanked worse than March 9th by about 11% ??? Can you say Recession is looming too?

    15 March 2020 (The Ides of March):  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  One of YOUR swamp critter is off-leash!! Devin Nunes leveled for his latest lawsuit aimed at silencing critics - raising his demands to $1 billion in damages. Despite his flurry of lawsuits, Nunes once sponsored the "Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act of 2017."  Bless his heart!

    14 March 2020:  How we know Trump was lying when he said 'I didn't do it' and 'I don't know anything about' closing the pandemic office.  Trump is lying, and here's how we know.!

    14 March 2020:  I really needed this laugh!  Best of Donald Trump!

    13 March 2020 (Friday the 13th):  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  OK trumppee of yer own gets an award for being a GOOD SWAMP CREATURE! Bless his swampy heart....  Ass-Kisser of the Month: Mike Pence!

    13 March 2020 (Friday the 13th):  America needs to plan now in case Trump loses in November -  but refuses to leave the White House!

    13 March 2020 (Friday the 13th):  George Conway blames Trump's GOP enablers for leaving 'unfit' president in office to botch pandemic response.  52 COMPLICIT GOP Senators - HALL of SHAME!  In a tweet late Thursday, conservative attorney George Conway listed the name of every Republican in the Senate who voted to acquit Donald Trump during his impeachment trial and said they should be made to pay now that the country is in the throes of a pandemic that the administration has bungled since day one.

    13 March 2020 (Friday the 13th):  It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain.  The Trump Presidency Is Over!

    13 March 2020 (Friday the 13th):  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  Are you now willing to DIE for Your der Swamp Leader? Then keep believing the LIES!!! Trump's virus blame-shifting gets massive fact check:  'You cannot control your jealousy of Obama'!  Trump tried to blame former President Barack Obama for his own failures in responding to the coronavirus outbreak - and his claims were quickly fact-checked.  The H1N1 epidemic had a 0.03% fatality rate and millions were tested early on. Here, with a fatality rate of 20-30+ times that level, you sat on your hands and people will DIE prematurely because of it. You have BLOOD on your hands.  This is the TrumpVirus and you are a horrible president.

    11 March 2020:  REPUBLICANS: Joe Biden is in cognitive decline - ALSO REPUBLICANS: We love our brain daddy.  Trump's Best Words: Bracket Edition!

    11 March 2020:  MSNBC's Morning Joe hilariously busts 'wanderer' Trump for painting Biden as 'confused':  WATCH!  MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hooted with laughter at President Donald Trump's insistence that Joe Biden was too old and confused to be president.  The "Morning Joe" host wondered how that would work when there were so many examples of Trump himself misspeaking or just wandering off, and he rolled a supercut video of the president walking away from events in a daze, set to the tune of Dion's "The Wanderer."

    10 March 2020:  Trump is a narcissist trying to take credit for Obama's economy that's he's looted for tax cuts and bailouts to his lobbyist friends. We're not falling for it.  Thanks Obama! #VoteBlue!

    10 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  Your der Swamp Leader is proposing ways to F-YOU!!!! Watch out!  Stealth attack on Social Security!  Trump's Plan to Slash Payroll Contributions is an Attack on Social Security -- Earlier this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released an excellent list of steps we should take to combat coronavirus. Their plan includes paid sick leave, free coronavirus testing, and treatment for all. Our government should enact these measures, not slash payroll contributions. And, for supporters of Social Security, their plan, unlike Trump's, will not undermine this vital program."

    09 March 2020:  BLACK MONDAY!!!!  Trumppiees "great" stock market tanked by about 2,000 points today!  ACTIVE Trump market tweets!

    09 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH! Thank God we all know its a Democratic/media hoax???? HA! Now is a good time to avoid republicans like the plague. LOL More garbage - I mean, congressional personnel from the CPAC CESSPOOL coronavirus-infected??  Doug Collins!  While I am not experiencing any symptoms, I have decided to self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution.

    09 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH! Another coronavirus-infected CPAC attendee - that CPAC is a CESSPOOL!!!  Matt Gaetz!  Why do I find this funny? Cuz Gaetz was making fun of the coronavirus with his gas mask stunt the other day and now he's been told he's been exposed and is getting tested. Then he get's on Air Force One with the Germaphobe in Chief? They all deserve each other.

    08 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH! Heeey Remember when you called Coronavirus a "Democratic hoax"? Good time, good times....Another CPAC attendee going in to quarantine due to the Trump Virus. Arizona Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar and staff in self-quarantine for coronavirus after CPAC contact:  Darn that "hoax!" !!!  Interesting how this was a #TrumpCoronavirusCoverup & #Hoax until the #Gop is affected. Look at all the people who can't get tested, take time off from work and even died. #GOPCoverup #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #HumanityFirst #HumanityBeforeNumbers

    08 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH! Ted Cruz interacted with coronavirus-infected CPAC attendee - and won't return to Washington:  I thought y'all were saying it's a hoax?  The fuhrer said so. The numbers say otherwise, so he shifted it to blame Democrats. This is the perfect time for Rafael to get to know the newly married Mr & Mrs Miller a bit better. :-)

    08 March 2020:  ATTENTION DEMOCRATS:  Everyone mad that AOC said something nice about Warren is the truest, purest cringe of all. We're going to lose 2020 not to Trump but to bitter Bernie supporters.  Flipped the switch!

    08 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  RUT-ROH! House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accidentally describes Trump kids:  'The only reason you have that job is your father'!

    07 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation: hoo....looks like one of your swamp creatures got her widdle feeelings huurt???  This vile anonymous note was left on our car!  Agreed... They should have said it to your face.

    07 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - who works for the 45th man to serve as president - on Saturday appeared to be mocking Warren's lesson via Twitter and appropriately ridiculed as the  Secretary of White Male Fragility!  Why are you such a dick? It's amazing how proud you are to be such an unmitigated asshole.  Wow, what a disturbing and inflammatory display of misogyny. Hey Mike - at least Hillary had the balls to testify.

    07 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  WAIT..... Hold the freakin' salami!!!!! Are you telling me that a "Democrat hoax" just infected CPAC?? CPAC conference attended by Trump and Pence announces an attendee tested positive for coronavirus.  Important Health Notification for CPAC 2020 participants and attendees!  Wait, I thought Dear Leader had this under control? -- Yup. Like Trump said, it's "contained."

    07 March 2020:  Mrs. Birther-in-Chief? This is about tearing up Obama's basketball court, nothing more. You could always turn your Tennis Pavilion into a Covid-19 quarantine facility. That would be a good productive use of the property in your own community!  #BeBest and all that!  There are so many communities that desperately need work and you are building a tennis pavilion? And have the nerve to lecture us?  Most would agree that Melania Trump will go down as the most useless @FLOTUS in history. An unqualified grifter who stood up for no one. #BeBest

    07 March 2020:  Get on board for President Joe: He'll win,  and Trump is finished!  This election is going to be a blowout. Biden will win in a landslide. Democrats will hold the House, take back the Senate, and flip state houses around the country. We're going to wake up next Jan. 20 as if from a bad dream.  Wishful thinking? Maybe, but you read it here first.

    03 March 2020:  Kids, listen to the man who had unprotected sex with a porn star while his wife was at home with their newborn on this one. Trump's germaphobe tweet met with gifs of  Mike Pence wiping his nose before shaking hands!  Says the guy who bare backed a stripper and a playmate,

    02 March 2020:  So, we're down to @IvankaTrump bleating and chirping "Root for daddy @POTUS!"  We really are in trouble!  Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a 'hoax'

    01 March 2020:  Bone spurs says what?! "People" like John Barron, John Miller and your middling mass of mindless morons. You are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, you impotent ignoramus.  They no longer believe YOU POTUS, and for good reason!

    01 March 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  Your der Leader Lap Dog is still a jackwad -- 'Understandable': Pence defends Donald Trump Jr's claim that Dems want 'millions' to  die from coronavirus!

    26 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  The level of ignorance, incoherence and incompetence on display at the WH podium right now is breathtaking. --- 'He has no clue': Internet slams Trump's 'breathtaking' incoherence at  coronavirus press conference!  Ah, good, the guy (Pence) whose policies as governor sparked an HIV outbreak in Indiana is on the case. Fantastic.

    24 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  Lock HER UP -- But you have a problem with Hunter Biden? HA! While America is surviving paycheck to paycheck, Ivanka traipses through India on our dime. Nepotism Barbie -- Is every day "Take Your Daughter to Work Day?"  Photo-op paid for by American taxpayers!  Javanka made 191 million this year - Don't worry about Ivanka - Her and Jared are cleaning up as everyday Americans are about to lose SS, Medicare, Medicaid & more  GRifters. 2018 -- Ivanka & Jared made $135M, while simultaneously negotiating for U.S. on issues they profit from  2017 -- Jared & Ivanka $82 Million In The WH  2018 -- Ivanka 16 new Chinese trademarks. One for voting machines

    22 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  BUSTED: For three years, Trump has worked with India on trade. And for three years, Trump's company has worked to promote its developments there. Why are you concerned with the Biden son when you got your OWN swamp creatures to fry? Stop being lazy and  Lockup Swamp Clowns - widdle Jr and low IQ eRic!

    21 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  BUSTED: the destruction of swamp critter Rod Blagojevich commences:  This is what real journalism looks like!  Now let's do this with trump surrogates who undermine democracy via propaganda.

    21 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  BUSTED: Judge rules against Devin Nunes in $9.9 million lawsuit over the salacious Steele Dossier:  Here's Swamp Clown Nunes!

    17 February 2020:  Trump desperately tries to convince Americans he saved the economy after the 2007 crash. I wish @realDonaldTrump would stroke himself in private like regular people.  Someone has a case of the envies!

    17 February 2020:  Trump campaign manager deletes dramatic Air Force One photo after people point out it's from 2004. lol here's the one that brad the shitbird had to delete   because it was for a different president!

    14 February 2020:  ATTENTION Victims of the MAHA Swamp Nation:  Stealing by trick. The crook is using his golf resort to steal Americans' money. Donald Trump's Valentine's Day vacation raises his golf tab to $133 million - 334 years worth of his presidential salary - MABA -   MAKE AMERICA BROKE AGAIN?  That's about 30 million more than Obama's spent in 8 years.

    14 February 2020:  ATTENTION Victims of the MAHA Swamp Nation:  ya Burnt twice in the same day? OH SNAP! Former top FBI official Andrew McCabe demonized by Trump won't face any charges  despite the tRump's urging!

    14 February 2020:  ATTENTION Victims of the MAHA Swamp Nation:  ya Burnt! Trump once again is using his mouth to impose his will on the country. Vindman was seen as credible and honest in his testimony. The only ones with a problem is Trump whose standards are suspect and his lackey followers. What ever Trump says, black is white, the lackies unthinkingly beleive. This is the group think that Orwell warned against and Trump is leading us to Orwell's vision in the novel, 1984. Big Brother now has a name, Trump.  Army won't investigate Vindman over impeachment testimony!   It's a crime that tubby tRumpy made VINDMAN out to be a villain. I bet VINDMAN is receiving all kinds of threats from the RightWingNuts who lick tRump's boots. Can VINDMAN sue for slander? If so, I hope VINDMAN gets a real good lawyer pro bono.

    13 February 2020:  tRump will pardon Roger Stone quickly because 'he doesn't want Stone blabbing'  Rick Wilson!  "Look, I think Roger is going to get a pardon probably sooner than later," Wilson said. "As much as it hurts Trump to do it, [Stone] connects directly the lies he told Congress and the lies Trump told Mueller about WikiLeaks in particular and I think Roger's been around the Trump cesspool so long he knows where the bodies are. Roger's going to have an intake into the federal correction system. Donald Trump does not want him blabbing."

    13 February 2020:  ATTENTION Victims of the MAHA Swamp Nation:  Some Californians have received "2020 Congressional District Census" questionnaires-but they were actually RNC mailers. Ploys like this increase confusion and distrust, when the census already struggles against disinformation. I called on the Census Director to do something.  Katie Porter!  #VoteBlue2020 and CLEAN the MAHA Swamp. #LockThemUp #VoteRedOut #DumpTrumpCrimeSpree

    13 February 2020:  Finally we can agree with tRump - DRAIN THE SWAMP! We want bad people out of our government! That means get Rid of Ivanka Trump-   she is the SWAMP QUEEN  who is profiting off her job in the White House by getting trademarks from BOTH China and Japan while her father was in talks with both nations on trade. Time Democrats subpoena her!!  Hey Mini Mushroom ---- Just last night you hosted a campaign fundraiser at your own hotel you still own and profit from. You are the swamp.

    13 February 2020:  Mini Mushroom is what Mike should call him next! Bloomberg is growing on me.  Bloomberg tweets back to POTUS!  .@realDonaldTrump - we know many of the same people in NY. Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown. They know you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence. I have the record & the resources to defeat you. And I will.

    12 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  One of your SWAMP slug-eyed creatures is spinning in the cesspool of sludge again....Sarah Sanders gets crushed for her 'painfully blind' attack on Michael Bloomberg- she is an  Obtuse complicit traitor!  OK. Lets try this: "Sarah Sanders says Donald Trump will have serious problems with Women and African Americans. She also says his language is offensive and atrocious". Now THAT's believable.

    12 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  BUSTED: tRump and one of the biggest whoppers in modern American politics:  Here are five ways he's made the swamp even swampier!

    11 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  BUSTED: How SPOOPID is der Leeder tRump? He thinks Larry David wearing a MAGA hat is a supporter! David: the MAGA hat? "It's a great people repellent."  LOL -Dumbsh&t tRump got owned!  Trump busted for twisting 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' episode to make star Larry David look like a MAGA supporter

    11 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Larry David was making fun of you and you're too stupid to realize it. -- This is basically free advertising for Larry David's show Curb Your Enthusiasm where he demonstrates how the Trump MAGA hat is great for soothing angry racist douchebags and keeping people away. What a spectacular self-own.  TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP! --NOT!  #StableGenius-You just played yourself. Self owns are the best.

    11 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  BUSTED: Bloomberg spokesperson pummels Donald Trump Jr with numerous examples of his dad's racism after he attacks former NY mayor.  tRump is a bigger Racist!  Donald Trump Jr. circulated a viral video of Mike Bloomberg praising New York City's controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy - but one of his father's biographers pointed out more than a dozen examples of the president's racism.

    11 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  BUSTED: Here are all the times Trump praised Mike Bloomberg's racist stop-and-frisk policy.  Racist Lyin POTUS!

    11 February 2020:  OH MY...someone poops and runs away......tRump torched for tweeting and deleting attack on billionaire Dem:  Who is more racist - Bloomberg or you?

    11 February 2020:  OH MY...someone is scared......tRump slams 'TOTAL RACIST'  Mike Bloomberg!

    09 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  tRump inherited this economy just like he inherited his wealth. Yet he takes credit for both. We see right through you, Mr. POS.  Nice Try!  It's surprising how many people forget that when Obama took office the US economy was in free fall. MOSCOW-Mitch vowed to make him a one term president and obstructed him in every way. That Obama succeeded in spite of these obstacles is truly remarkable.

    09 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Truth is like gravity. It will fall on you like a hard rain. Or like Jim Jordan at a wrestling tournament.  You decide.

    09 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Trump ridiculed for ALL CAPS freakout on FBI Director Christopher Wray: 'No golf today?' Is whining with all CAPS his own narcissistic form of masturbation? Settle down grandpa!  tRump has the market cornered on dumbassery!  BEST RESPONSE to the idiot-in-chief: bro, your own lawyers and the entire Republican Senate agreed that any president can do anything he wants to in an election, so stop whining about something that Obama might or might not have done to you. what's good for the goose is good for the gander, your ludicrous goober!

    09 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  YOUR "stable genius" does not believe he will be re-elected in 2020 - so WHY don't you believe that too?  Yer der Leeder hath spoken!  Trump bizarrely proclaims leading political scientist is wrong when he says he will remain president.

    09 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  So if Hunter was unqualified to sit on Burisma board, how are Jared and Ivanka qualified to work at the white house?? Ivanka, Jared, Donald, Barr, McConnell, etc. All corrupt. Get them out of our government. #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica -- Donald Trump's Sons Have Sold More Than $100 Million Of His Real Estate Since He Took Office -  Clean up YOUR CESSPOOL first!  In the Dominican Republic, the younger Trumps sold a piece of land in January 2018 for $3.2 million. It was the clearest violation of their father's pledge to do no new foreign deals while in office. (The Trump Organization would not comment for this story.) In other cases, they've done business with wannabe influencers who seemingly recognized an opportunity to line the president's pockets. They sold Trump's mansion in Beverly Hills for $13.5 million to a company tied to Indonesian billionaire (and Trump business partner) Hary Tanoesoedibjo. They off-loaded a Manhattan penthouse to a woman who runs a business selling access to Chinese officials.

    07 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  #AcquittedButNotInnocent - "I'm sure he learned his lesson." stated by  GOP Senator CHUMPS!  Plans to Purge NSC, Fire Alexander Vindman After Acquittal done!!!  So many careers have been ruined because of Trumps petty vindictive dangerous narcissistic behavior. To all of those people who have privately admitted and /or written a book about how bad it really is behind the scenes I only have one thing to say "How dare you not speak up".  Only lesson he learned is he has them under his thumb! How's it feel @SenatorCollins - @lisamurkowski - @SenAlexander - knowing you are helping him become "king". All of you created this monster & unleashed it. You had the power to stop him & didn't, don't cry when he crushes you next.

    06 February 2020:  Lie Lie Lie  Trump was in rare form during his post-acquittal speech.  Come Back, America

    05 February 2020:  R.I.P. Kirk Douglas, a Hollywood icon and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, has died at the ripe old age of 103. Read the Letter Kirk Douglas Wrote Back in 2016 Warning America About the Danger of Trump -   The Road Ahead.  Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch to Russian immigrants in NY in 1916. Kirk Douglas died on trump's impeachment vote day. He was holding on too see if trump got removed or voted out of office. He's was like "nah, you people deal with this piece of shit. I am 103 & lived through 2 world wars, I'm done."

    05 February 2020:  Delusional Trump demands credit for an American comeback that only exists in his addled brain -- Some comeback. Better to rephrase that sentiment, better to implore our nation to  Come Back, America  to return us to a place where we can try to uphold decency and the rule of law, where we can organize and vote, where we can endeavor to restore the values of a democratic republic. Because it's almost too late.

    05 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Even Trump-worshiping right wingers love socialist programs - HENCE  they are SOCIALISTS!  Here are some forms of "socialism" that are wildly popular in the United States.
    1. Social Security
    2. Medicare
    3. The U.S. military
    4. Public parks
    5. Medicaid

    05 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Remember FACTS matter. State of the Union claims are  fact-checked!

    05 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Mike Pompeo mocked Nancy Pelosi's State of the Union response with a 'Simpsons' meme, but it probably doesn't mean what he thinks -- Your idiot sewer-rat SOS Pompeo tweets backfires....the joke is   on him!  The image is from a Simpsons episode titled "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," in which Lisa tears up her prize-winning essay about American values after witnessing a corrupt congressman accepting a bribe, shattering her faith in democracy.  After being disheartened by the blatant disrespect for democracy, Lisa gave an impassioned speech to her school, calling Washington a "swamp" with the "fetid stench of corruption" in the air.

    05 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Trump gets ripped to shreds for congratulating himself for 'wonderful reviews' of SOTU address EXCEPT  It sucked and was full of LIES!

    04 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  I don't want to hear another complaint about athletes peacefully protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem. Here we have Donald Trump, the President, behaving like a complete asshat. They say he sat down & that's why they cut the video.  HYPOCRITE!

    04 February 2020:  Nancy Pelosi spoke volumes at the #SOTU without saying a word.  Reactions!

    04 February 2020:  Speaker Pelosi just ripped up all the LIES of tRump's SOTU address and "triggered" a stupid response from  the White House. Actually? SHE RIPPED UP HATE SPEECH! VIOLENCE INCITING, RACIST, XENOPHOBIC HATE SPEECH. Good Job Nancy!  Trump supporters that are talking about the "shame" Pelosi should feel for ripping up all the lies Trump spewed last night should reflect on the shame that Trump has bought for over 5 years. He has mocked Gold Star families, disabled, service members, kids etc. He has lied about nearly every thing including his numbers on the economy, approval ratings, Obama, Clinton, FBI, healthcare, immigration etc. He is in love with dictators and ignores allies. He has scammed charities and veterans.

    04 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:    Cancer sucks!

    04 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Trump awards bigoted radio host Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom was  Both disgusting and pure right-wing genius!

    04 February 2020:  Rush Limbaugh gets a medal? What a slap in the face to so many Americans. I am sorry that he has cancer -- but his quotes speak for themselves. He is a nasty, divisive, racist bigot, and I think Trump was trying to appeal to his (Limbaugh's) fans and also as a way of thanking them for being a large reason why he was elected.  Cancer sucks!

    04 February 2020:  Trump booed after slamming Obama economy during  SOTU!

    04 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Everyone praising Trump's 'preposterous' SOTU address and it is   Fed by lies!

    04 February 2020:  Tonight, Trump will deliver a #SOTU address. He'll say the State of the Union is strong, but here's what he won't say -   the truth.
    He has extorted a foreign leader to try to win re-election. He alienates our allies and emboldens our adversaries. He demonizes immigrants and calls white supremacists "very fine people."
    The president is trying to kick millions of Americans off of their health care and get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
    He attacks reproductive rights - and disrespects women.
    He pretends climate change doesn't exist - and refuses to take action.
    He bows down to the coal lobby - not to mention the pharmaceutical lobby, the tobacco lobby, and of course, the gun lobby.
    Despite what he says, wages are stagnating. And while unemployment is low, many Americans are working two or three jobs just to put food on the table.
    Let's face it: We have an angry, out of control, lawless president dividing the American people and abusing his office. Other than all of that, the State of the Union is great!

    03 February 2020:  I should have bought shares in pikes, but I was too visibly upset at the time.....Stupid were warned but you acquit the POTUS grifter anyway.  Trump is compiling a post-impeachment enemies list  and Bolton is at the top of it. Trump had told people he wants Bolton criminally prosecuted.

    03 February 2020:  It's insane that this is a tip that needs to be shared. What's even more insane is that this tip would be ignored by the GOP. And their own John McCain. As a matter of fact, I recall some pretty awful statements coming from them involving Nadler and his wife.  don't wish cancer on *anyone*...even on your adversaries.  On this we agree. As we should continue to pray for the wife of Rep. Jerry Nadler. Anything else is evil.

    03 February 2020:  They still wish death daily on RBG. But we will be the better people and wish Rush a speedy recovery. --- 'I would like a medal for smoking': Old radio shows haunt Rush Limbaugh after he reveals advanced lung cancer..SO? maybe give this the same compassion the Right did with RBG dealing with cancer?  Exactly! Be Best?..nah fuckit. Agree.  "There is no conclusive proof that nicotine's addictive... And the same thing with cigarettes causing emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease." --Rush Limbaugh

    03 February 2020:  Here are the hard numbers that show Trump's economy is nothing to brag about -  My spring 2019 analysis of Trump economic performance was a grade of C , average.!

    03 February 2020:  Lindsay Graham will start investigating BIDEN ... Where is the Lindsay Graham of 2015?  Donald Trump is a jackass!

    02 February 2020:  Trump spent $10 million on a commercial for tonight's #SuperBowl -  We fixed it for him!

    02 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Watch a Trumper make a fool of herself....hilarious!  tRump bigot and racist!

    02 February 2020:  The live dick-sucking with Sean Hannity on display! yuk! Fox Sports faces fan backlash after Sean Hannity segment 'ruins' Super Bowl. Nothing but  Vapid propaganda with POS POTUS!

    02 February 2020:  Say Buh-Bye to this GOP Senator in 2020! #VoteOutTrumpHacks -  Joni Ernst!  She is the third-least popular U.S. senator the Morning Consult poll ranked. She has only a 37 percent approval rating among Iowa voters. The survey showed 42 percent of Iowans disapprove of her as a senator.

    02 February 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Your POS POTUS is spending MY tax money on his personal crap! Rich folks living it up on the tax payers dime.  Americans paid $3.4 million for Trump to hold a Florida Super Bowl party!

    02 February 2020:  Now We Know What Trump Really Thinks of Us - As the Trump Impeachment Trial Draws to Its Predetermined Close, It's Clear He's Played Us as a Bunch of Dumb Chumps:  Do we believe in fairness, in truth, in fact?

    02 February 2020:  Trump's Ugly Media Obsessions:  Fat' Meghan McCain, 'Bitch' Katy Tur & More!

    01 February 2020:  Say Buh-Bye to this GOP Senator in 2020! #VoteOutTrumpHacks -  Cory Gardner - Do Your Job!  Can we have these ads run between the segments for Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, and Fox and Friends pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!

    01 February 2020:  Say Buh-Bye to this GOP Senator in 2020! #VoteOutTrumpHacks -  Martha McSally Is A Trump Hack!  Can we have these ads run between the segments for Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, and Fox and Friends pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!

    31 January 2020:  Jimmy Kimmel rips GOP senators for being on 'the wrong side of history' with  #ImpeachmentTrialSham!  "This is what the wrong side of history looks like."

    31 January 2020:  Real Time's Bill Maher urges Dems to make an issue of Trump's mental decline -  and hands them the brutal ad to make the case!

    30 January 2020:  Senator Alexander - Elbows on the table is inappropriate. Wearing a hat in the house is inappropriate. Chewing with your mouth open is inappropriate.  Asking a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent And withholding aid Is a crime.  YES - tRump did it and is guilty but not enough to remove him! The 2020 elections for Senate, House and President are likely going to be the most consequential elections since 1864. Many reasons but GOP cowardice will be because of this -  Lamar Alexander's argument:  a guy is caught cheating on an exam, he isn't sorry for cheating, says he will cheat on next exam, no boundaries are put in place for him to stop cheating, so let's just let him take next exam and see how he does. #coward

    30 January 2020:  #GreatPresidentsNever trends nationwide as the internet reminds Trump of his many mistakes -   #GreatPresidentsNever!

    29 January 2020:  Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump's impeachment trial should hear from witnesses offering  to tell the truth!

    29 January 2020:  Trumpty Dumpty built a great wall -  Trumpty Dumpty had a big fall!

    29 January 2020:  This is why the GOP is dead!!! They are the tRump party who cannot tell the TRUTH!!!  Shameful Rick Scott tRump TOOL!  The tRump party is now a Corrupt, Warmongering, Cultist, Russian Led Party of Racist, Liars, Con Artists, Homophobic, Gerrymandering, Voter Suppressing, Deficit Increasing, Immigrant Hating, Anti Semitic, White Supremacist, Treasonous, No Family Values, False Christian Prophets and Hate.

    28 January 2020:  Maybe Pam Bondi wasn't the ideal lawyer to rail against DC corruption. Former $115K A Month Qatari Lobbyist Is SHOCKED, SHOCKED At Hunter Biden's Sweetheart Deal.  Pam Bondi is REALLY, REALLY bad at this!

    28 January 2020:  This should be the music they play before a trump rally -   The Age Of Impeachment!

    28 January 2020:  me me me me me -- Fox News cut away from Trump's rally immediately after his brain short-circuited --- tRump lyin Wildwood, New Jersey rally -   FACT CHECK!

    28 January 2020:  We still call it NAFTA -- Petulant man-baby! Maybe Nancy should hold a press conference to discuss Impeachment II? House @SpeakerPelosi has not been invited to @realDonaldTrump's planned Wednesday signing of the USMCA trade agreement..  This is some petty shit.

    28 January 2020:  Hey MAHA heads - baby POTUS got his widdle feelings hurt....wah-wah!!! It was too much for the thin-skinned Leader of the Free World.  Trump, a cruel vulgarian who debases everyone.

    28 January 2020:  Replying to @IvankaTrump -Are you, Ivanka, calling other people elites? -- I didn't even know you could get a degree in Complete Cluelessness and Lack of Self-Awareness.  Please sit this one out, Nepotism Barbie.

    27 January 2020:  IMPEACHMENT TRIAL Defense Show: Gotta love Pam Bondi - the former Florida attorney general who took $25,000 from Trump's foundation, just as she was considering an investigation into his sham university, before ultimately blocking the case and hiding the donation -  lecturing us on corruption right now.

    26 January 2020:  Hey POT-ass -- tip the intern who posted this for you an extra twenty bucks this week, they made you sound almost human!  #ripkobe  BTW - @KobeBryant hated you! You don't respect Black athletes. Keep Kobe's name out of your lying, racist, mouth, you vile, disgusting, white nationalist, demagogue.

    26 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Will @SenatorCollins and @lisamurkowski be outraged by this  batshit crazy potus outburst,  or do they reserve their outrage solely for Dems who repeat actual media reports? #SpinelessHipocrits

    26 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  Your POS POTUS is threatening a sitting Congressman?  Adam Schiff...not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!  But that DOES NOT offend you? SHAMEFUL GOP!!! Trump threatening Adam Schiff-wonder if he will try to make him disappear like his BFF Vladimir Putin would do? Not sure but one thing is clear the GOP leaders of Congress will remain silent in the fact of this threat. Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Trump-Both must be CRUSHED!

    24 January 2020:  ATTENTION DEMOCRATS: Trump doesn't like Bill Maher but he still watches his show.  New Rule: Big Show with Crazy Maniac!  Bill warns Democrats to prepare for President Trump's inevitable refusal to relinquish the White House.

    24 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation:  34 soldiers with TBI, in a crisis that looked like it was manufactured by Trump to distract from impeachment reported. And what does POTUS say?  just headaches!  SHAME on all of you who voted for this military hating draft dodging POS!

    24 January 2020:  ATTENTION tRump SWAMP ALERT: Your CROOKED POTUS is threatening Senators....You must be so proud!  #HeadOnAPike

    24 January 2020:  ATTENTION tRump SWAMP ALERT: Fox News' coverage of Trump's impeachment trial has been an embarrassing joke. Fox News has the optics of covering the #ImpeachmentTrial without actually covering it. They've been showing screen-in-screen video of the proceedings without audio. Instead, hosts are providing Trumpian spin. It's propaganda giving the illusion of journalism.  Remarkable!

    23 January 2020:  Here are 7 embarrassing arguments Republicans have tried to use to defend Trump -  LIES!
    With the Senate impeachment trial in full swing, Republicans have launched an aggressive if scattershot campaign to defend President Donald Trump and discredit the Democrats' case.
    It's not going well. Multiple recent polls have found that a majority of the country thinks Trump should be removed from office and many more think he has done something seriously wrong, even if they think he should remain in the White House until the next election.

    22 January 2020:  Have fun, MAHA-cult! and BEND OVER !!-- he does not care about YOU!!!!!! Trump admitted he's coming for your #Medicare and #SocialSecurity at the "end of the year." -   #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare  Trump can't be trusted. Social Security and Medicare are in grave danger if he gets a second term.

    21 January 2020:  The hilarious thing about the GOP destroying their party is that they are doing it for Trump. That's like blowing up your mansion because your toilet is clogged. TRENDING-  #GOPCoverup  We are watching the fall of America in real time. Every single @GOP senator who is complicit with the #GOPCoverup in this #ImpeachmentTrial needs to be voted out of public office. @realDonaldTrump is not above the law.

    21 January 2020:  TRENDING-  #ImpeachmentTrial  I can only hope there are several bar complaints filed against Sekulow and Cipollone for their antics today. Making knowingly false statements in front of the Senate while sitting as a court of impeachment is a gross violation of legal ethics.

    21 January 2020:  Trump's lawyers began the impeachment trial with a  blizzard of lies. 21 January 2020:  Lawyers mock president's attorneys as idiots:  It's impossible to understand what they are even doing  Jay Sekulow stood to speak before the Senate body to combine all of the president's rage-tweets and put them in the context of legal language. There was no defense of the president's actions, only attacks on Democrats.

    21 January 2020:  Donald Trump Should Not Be Tried . He May Not Be Mentally Competent -  Opinion.

    20 January 2020:  Dershowitz, putting on his criminal defense attorney hat for a CNN appearance in 1999, was asked how he would approach defending Bill Clinton in the Senate. His answer? "The first thing I would is say, 'Fire Dershowitz.' We don't want to get involved with people saying, 'O.J.'s lawyer is representing the president.'"  Alan Dershowitz in 1999.

    20 January 2020:  Kellyanne Conway links Trump impeachment to the injustices Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought ---- Makes sense. When I think sacrifice, I think MLK and DJT! When I think DJT, I think KFC. And then vomit, because I've thought about DJT.  Sure Kellyanne, sure.

    20 January 2020:  It is #MLKDay and you tweet shit. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, Mr. Predizent! Looking forward to your profound commemorative speech for the event!  Another day of being a worldwide embarrassment.  The house impeachment trial would have been fair if you would've let your admin officials testify and released appropriate documents. He said doing so would legitimize the process. He refused. Now, he wants to pretend he is some sort of victim.

    20 January 2020:  Less due process than terrorists? I'm trying to make sense of this one. Didn't all the 9/11 terrorists die on 9/11?  Well, you could have testified, but you refused.  Don't mind me. I'm just here to remind republicans that Trump has been offered due process. And the ability to testify in his defense. He has declined. Because that's what guilty people do.  You CHOSE not to get involved in the process.

    20 January 2020:  "Happy New Year." --- 'It's a great people repellent'--  Curb Your Enthusiasm  mocks Trump's MAGA hat-wearing supporters. In the 10th season opener of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, creator and star Larry David mocked Trump and his supporters by using the infamous red "Make America Great Again" hat to repel both frenemies and innocent bystanders alike throughout the episode.

    17 January 2020:  At this point, the goal of impeachment is simply forcing Republican senators to admit the truth.   The McSally Maneuver.

    17 January 2020:  NOT THE "A" TEAM -- Internet Mocks Trump's Choice to Have Pam Bondi, Alan Dershowitz, and Ken Starr Defend Him at Senate Impeachment Trial  Invite clowns, expect a circus.  Ken Starr, the Clinton impeacher and Baylor rape cover up master, Dershowitz, the OJ lawyer and Epstein bff, and Pam Bondi the bribe taker are the Trump impeachment lawyers. Can't say they don't stay on brand.

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Proof that POTUS BROKE THE LAW.....but you don't care do you? Then never bitch again if it happens to someone whose balls you don't lick in the future..  Office of Management and Budget-Withholding of Ukraine Security Assistance

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  'She's on the way to losing' --- GOP Senator McNutless lashed out when asked if she would consider new evidence as part of the Senate trial. Her response:  You're a liberal hack and then walked into a hearing room!

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  GOP Senators have been given a flashcard with suggested phrases  to use to avoid reporters!

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  One of your swamp critters speaks: GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell criticized Democrats for impeachment resolution signing: "Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs." Dem. Sen. Chuck Schumer: "He complains about process and pens...but still does not address the charges."  @senatemajldr  is just pissed he and the @GOP didn't think of souvenirs first and figure out a way to monetize it for personal gain!  Senator McConnell must recuse himself from the upcoming Impeachment Trial or Justice Roberts must remove him for blatant bias. He continues to insult the intelligence of the American people by voicing the outcome of the trial before it even begins!!! WRONG!

    16 January 2020:  OH the irony!! Welp, Trump finally got Ukraine to announce an investigation...Not the investigation he wanted and got IMPEACHED for.  Art of the Deal, baby!  Trump deluged in mockery as Ukraine announces an investigation into his associates.

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Ukraine opens criminal investigation into  possible surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch!

    16 January 2020:  LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!! Trump violated law by withholding Ukraine aid:  Government watchdog!

    16 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Moonez is up to his udders in this scam.   Desperate Devin Nunes suddenly remembers his Parnas contacts!

    15 January 2020:  The House Democrats who have been selected to serve as managers of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial will deliver the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate by foot on Thursday.   WATCH: Democrats walk articles of impeachment to the Senate!

    15 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  She's got to go. Just a cog in the Trumpist machine. 'Uninterested in evidence': Embattled  Susan Collins blasted  for dismissing threats to Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch.

    15 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Here are 10 startling revelations from the new Trump tell-all book  A Very Stable Genius!

    15 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Trump supporter GOP lawmaker Robert F. Hyde implicated in surveillance effort against Yovanovitch was a  'known stalker with mental health issues'!  ANY COMMENTS ON LEV PARNAS and "mental nut case' STALKING A US AMBASSADOR??? tRump ball lickers are usual!

    15 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Another critter ---Lying Pastor Doug!---- from YOUR SWAMP auctions up his LIES and HATE!!!! Bless his heart!  Did auctioneer Doug Collins not see the lev leaks?!!  ANY COMMENTS ON LEV PARNAS STALKING A US AMBASSADOR??? They tried to kill #MarieYovanovitch....  Speaker Pelosi starts her remarks on House flooor by noting she accepts Rep Doug Collins' apology "for his ridiculous remarks" (saying Democrats love terrorists). Doug Collins is a JERK!

    15 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Since Republicans want Hunter Biden to testify,  Democrats should call Ivanka Trump!  If the GOP was truly concerned with rooting out conflicts of interest involving children of the heads of our executive branch, they don't need to look back at events from years ago that occurred thousands of miles away in Ukraine. All they need to do is investigate Ivanka Trump's apparent conflicts of interest that are far more recent and happened right in front of their eyes.  The ethics group alleges that Ivanka's conduct violated 18 U.S.C. Section 208, which prohibits federal employees from participating "personally and substantially" in "matters that have a direct and predictable effect on a financial interest of the employee or their spouse."  The watchdog group also sounded alarms over Ivanka's business receiving approval for three trademarks from the Chinese government in June 2018 on the same date that sanctions were lifted from ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications company. And in November 2018, Reuters reported that Ivanka's company received approval for 16 new trademarks from the government of China for a broad range of goods -- from shoes and jewelry to voting machines.

    13 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  If you can read then check out the FACTS about the Leader of YOUR SWAMP!!!!  Trump claiming to be a defender of preexisting conditions is pretty shameless!  The president's latest health care tweet shows he's either lying or hopelessly confused about his own positions.....NOPE he LIES!!!

    13 January 2020:  LYING conDON strikes again.....He wouldn't know a PRE-EXISTING condition if it sat on his LYING ORANGE FACE!!!!! He LIES and says:  I was the person who saved Pre-Existing Conditions in your Healthcare!  ....and, if Republicans win in court and take back the House of Represenatives, your healthcare, that I have now brought to the best place in many years, will become the best ever, by far. I will always protect your Pre-Existing Conditions, the Dems will not!
    HERE IS THE TRUTH: Trump is the one trying to overturn Obama's protections for patients with pre-existing conditions by using the courts, rather than the legislative process in which he failed miserably, to overturn Obamacare. He has a sneaky judge in Texas named Reed O'Connor doing just that.  ATTENTION MAGA fans: In 2019, Trump's DOJ literally sued to end pre-existing conditions in 17 GOP held states and sued to completely dismantle the ACA.

    13 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Conned again!!! You are supporters of THE your another CORRUPT GOP member going DOWN DOWN DOWN.....BUSTED: Trump activist stole Social Security benefits from her mother with dementia -  and is headed to jail!  Turk is a former Ms. Florida who became a conservative commentator. Her mother was in an assisted living center where she was suffering from dementia, according to The Sun-Sentinel. Turk stole the money and never sent it to the nursing home.

    13 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Conned again!!! You are supporters of THE your latest CORRUPT GOP members going DOWN DOWN DOWN.....  Disgraced Trump-loving congressmen  should get nearly 5 years in jail for insider trading: prosecutors!  The second congressional Republican to endorse Trump, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), has also pleaded guilty to stealing at least $150,000 in campaign funds and using them to make at least 30 illegal transactions.  THAT'S RIGHT: LOCK THEM UP!!!

    13 January 2020:  The majority of Americans agree. We despise him, too. 'I am livid':  Canadian CEO slams Trump  or jetliner shot down during Iran conflict.......And all this was done so he could overshadow his #impeachment! SHAMEFUL!
    Now watch all the tRump toadies and warhawks jump on this company for not being "patriotic". Time to get rid of the GOP forever! They get us into wars and don't care a WIT about killing OTHER PEOPLE'S kids!

    12 January 2020:  WHINY BABY...Trump buried in scorn for self-pitying tweet that he now has  the 'stigma of Impeachment attached' to his name!  Twitter followers were less than sympathetic.

    12 January 2020:  Getting right to the point in his Daily Beast column, Wilson writes, "Eight years of Trump sucks, right? It's terrible, isn't it? I mean, it can't get worse, right? Right? Oh, you cockeyed optimists." Rick Wilson drops the hammer on the Trump kids in a brutal column  warning of a 'Trumpian' political dynasty!  Adding, "If he wins in 2020, we're never getting rid of these dolts," Wilson said the re-election of Trump will guarantee, "the rise of the Imperial Trumps, a family cult built on the remains of the moldering corpse of the GOP, featuring all the warmth of North Korea's Kim dynasty and a kind of Hapsburg-jawed je ne sais dumbf*ck rien."
    "One other factor about the soon-to-be endless presence of Trumps in our lives: They're breeding like rabbits, so if we don't play our cards right now, they'll have enough offspring to get a majority in the U.S. Senate before long," he concluded.

    11 January 2020:  Oh dear....trumppee baby is having another tweeter tantrum: Nancy Pelosi will go down as the absolute worst  Speaker of the House in U.S. history!  Nancy Pelosi is living rent-free in our president's head!!   Trump will go down as the absolute worst President in U.S. history. After all, he's already making the history books for being one of just three presidents to ever be impeached.
    Andrew Jackson has his Trail of Tears and Trump has his children in cages.

    11 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Republicans are using their old Iraq tricks to shutdown critics of Trump's Iran adventure -  but this time nobody's buying!

    11 January 2020:  Is pathological lying a requirement to working in the tRump administration? Trump spokesman Hogan Gidley tries to defend Iran strike by attacking Obama -  and it blows up in his face!

    09 January 2020:  Lock Her Up? womp-womp.....Trump's DOJ quietly ends two-year fishing expedition on the Clintons -   and admits it found nothing!

    09 January 2020:  First look: Anti-Trump Republican video mocks "MAGA Church":  @ProjectLincoln

    09 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  You'll NEVER get the stink of Trump off of you. Trump defender Stefanik buried in scorn for tweeting photo-shopped picture of Pelosi: 'You are a disgrace to women':  Really #TrashyElise? !!

    08 January 2020:  Rick Wilson pens  11 new rules  for Republicans who have decided to worship Donald Trump as their God.

    08 January 2020:  The assertion by Lindsay Graham that today's bizarre performance by Sniffles The Clown was on par with "Tear Down This Wall" is part of the Saddamification of the GOP.  What are the new rules?

    08 January 2020:  Nothing screams out national unity like a cheap shot at your predecessor as president ---- Trump's 'crappy' Iran speech torn to shreds after he spent much of it attacking Obama:  Sniffles Adderall Dotard LIES AGAIN!!!

    08 January 2020:  Just say it:  Trump had Suleimani killed because he was impeached.

    08 January 2020:  "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." -Hillary............#IvotedforHillaryClinton tops Twitter trends!  Hillary was right about everything.

    06 January 2020:  About: noballs little DONNY JR - My daughter has more guts than this guy! He only shoots defenseless, endangered animals. If someone ever pulled the silver spoon out of his ass he wouldn't know how to function.  @VoteOjeda2020

    06 January 2020:  'Blood will be spilled':  Steve Schmidt  explains Trump's plan to get re-elected in 2020!  "This is a political act that has endangered the country," Schmidt charged.  "And the result of this is a more dangerous world where Americans will be killed that otherwise would not have been killed," he predicted.  "And the consequences will be felt for many, many years and so we've moved to the consequences stages having an inept, selfish, boorish, incompetent president of the United States and blood will be spilled, American blood, because of it," he said.

    06 January 2020:  New orders from Moscow no doubt! yet no mainstream media outlet is covering this - why not?  Russian jet from Moscow, lands in Florida, where the president is  for about 24 hours, arrives and leaves in the middle of the night, and doesn't want to be identified on flight trackers. This is definitely something!

    06 January 2020:  Trump has been impeached for extortion and bribery. To distract from his senate trial for his removal he chose to start a war with Iran. He must be removed immediately! Here's a TOADIE TWEET!  Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel.  Oh yeah TOADIE -- I feel much safer now that we've United Iran against us and let them build nukes! VOTE GOP OUT 2020!

    06 January 2020:  Here's some simple ways to get rid of this administration and GOP. Get trump, pence, Graham, McConnell, McCarthy, Nunes, Rubio, tillis, ivanka, Jared, junior, Melanie and Eric's tax returns and release them. And/ or their emails and what's app messages. ----Iranian government official raises eyebrows with tweet listing  locations of Trump's properties.

    06 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Jr is as SICK as his father !!! Apples do not fall far from the tree, just how true is this !!! and----[Absolute silence from GOP leadership, and from business leaders.] ---  Little ballz Donny Jr  posted photos of himself brandishing a modified assault rifle with CRUSADER etched on it, lower receiver modelled after a medieval Crusader hemet & mag printed with Hillary's face. Crusader imagery on weapons & propaganda has been used by Far-Right terrorists since Breivik

    06 January 2020:  DAILY REMINDER: It's now been 1,081 days since the United States of America had a real President. If the president is innocent of high crimes and misdemeanors as he claims - why is he preventing those who could exonerate him from testifying? Why is Donald Trump acting like a guilty man, and why are McConnell and Graham acting like accomplices to a crime?  What is tRump Hiding?

    05 January 2020:  VOTE THE GOP OUT in 2020!!! Daughter of deceased GOP strategist posts files North Carolina Republicans tried to keep sealed.  The Hofteller Files.

    05 January 2020:  There they go again with IT'S OBAMA's FAULT!!! gee golly when will these fukes take responsibility for THEIR ACTIONS????  Pompeo pounded by ex-ambassador  for trying to blame Obama for Trump's Iran assassination mess.  "We have to stop blaming President Obama for the situation we're in as Secretary Pompeo has done several times already this morning," McFaul exclaimed. "He keeps saying we had to restore deterrence. I want to remind everybody, they have been in power now for three years. If they're restoring deterrence, that means they had not achieved that objective over the last three years."  "The deterrence was the Iran nuclear deal when Europe and the United States made a deal with this regime to bring it back to normalcy around the world. They are the ones that pulled out of this deal - this wasn't President Obama that did that."

    05 January 2020:  Trump can threaten actual #WarCrimes against a country or incite domestic mass shootings and that's A-okay?? Shame on the GOP...better yet VOTE THEM OUT! Iranians flood Twitter with photos of favorite cultural sites as Trump threatens them with destruction.  #IranianCulturalSites  #WagTheDog2020 #TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat #TrumpWarCrimes

    05 January 2020:  Hey @EricTrump you are only 35 years old meaning you can still enlist in the military. What do u say?  Will you be the FIRST Trump to ever serve in our military?!

    04 January 2020:  Yes he truly is a whiny little bitch -- now more from the Lazy azzwipe putin puppet....  Trump whines impeachment is a distraction from his job -  after spending Saturday at his golf course.  According to CNN's tally, by the end of 2019, Trump had "spent at least 252 days at a Trump golf club and 333 days at a Trump property as president." Why aren't HIS toadies getting billed for this instead of the American taxpayer?????????

    04 January 2020:  GOOD NEWS!!!!  Trump's Iran attack could blow up in his face  and cost him re-election.

    04 January 2020:  Just last night at his "Evangelicals for Trump" rally in Miami, FL President Trump mocked @PeteButtigieg's name and faith, saying Buttigieg became religious "two weeks ago".........Ah, yes-a sermon from the High Stormy Pulpit by the Rev. Donald J. Trump of the Church of the Righteous Hush Money Payoff....  #FakeChristians  'Evangelicals for Trump' roasted as #FakeChristians for outburst at Florida campaign rally.

    04 January 2020:  ATTENTION MAHA nation-SWAMP ALERT:  Calling all Trumpers! Time to enlist to support your King. No Democrats allowed! -----All the Trump supporters calling for war with Iran: Don't be chickenhawks like the Trumps,  step right up here and take a seat!  #maga is filled with false alpha @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr

    04 January 2020:  A group PHOTO of all the TRUMP SUPPORTERS signing up to fight  HIS WAR WITH IRAN!

    04 January 2020:  It's become a cliché to point out that there's an old "tweet for every occasion" by Donald Trump. But that doesn't capture the degree to which he was obsessed with the idea that Barack Obama would launch a war of choice against Iran in order to bolster his chances of being re-elected in 2012, or to distract the American public from various alleged domestic failures. Trump won't get a boost  by wagging the dog!  If tRump and his toadies want war so badly then SEND THEIR KIDS FIRST to the war zone! Little Donny Jr loves to kill endangered defenseless animals maybe he should go first! New MAGA motto and chant? SEND OUR KIDS FIRST!
    If this inept corrupt administration teaches us anything is that Republicans are only good at starting wars and killing economies. I am so tired of having Democrats clean up their mess!

    03 January 2020:  Four Years Ago, Trump Had No Clue Who Iran's Suleimani Was.  Now He May Have Kicked Off WWIII.
    ....this is a column that allows me to express my ongoing astonishment that Donald Trump is president of the United States; my ongoing bewilderment with a world in which an unhinged, know-nothing former reality TV star and property developer, with zero background in foreign affairs or national security, may have just kicked off World War III. (From his golf course, no less.)

    02 January 2020:  The right's worship of an accused war criminal is a fascist fable about the redemptive power of violence. tRump bootlicker and Navy Seal DISGRACE only a conman POTUS could love...  Eddie Gallagher  isn't a "lifestyle brand" story: It's a story about the rise of American fascism.

    02 January 2020:  The MOST CORRUPT and least TRANSPARENT POTUS in our lifetime! LOCK HIM UP and throw away the keys!  Here are 9 things we still don't know about Trump.

    02 January 2020:  What I've Learned: Mac Stipanovich on Donald Trump, retirement, the 'recount' and real Florida politics. I really don't have a vision of a post-Trump era anymore.  All I know is he's got to go.

    01 January 2020:  Melania Trump is a robot - and she is 'going haywire': best-selling author  Chrissy Teigen tweeted:  that's birthday wishes, dumbass. and calibrate the robot to your left she's going haywire!

    01 January 2020:  This tRump is such a LIAR, yet the Repubes (GOP) still get all "butt-hurt" because Obama said if you want your doctor you can keep your doctor. Actually that was NOT a LIE, at least for ME -- I got to keep my doctor so I have no idea what the GOP are bitching about except that they hate Obama? Got it!  Trump lied to American soldiers  serving overseas during Christmas call.

    01 January 2020:  Trump told this lie at least 56 times in 2019.   He's up to at least 109 times for his presidency.
    tRump has repeatedly lied about a veterans bill that was actually signed by his predecessor.
    tRump claimed credit for giving veterans a new health care option in a New Year's Eve response to a Twitter follower, marking at least the 56th time he repeated that falsehood in 2019 alone

    31 December 2019:  Since he's been in office, Trump has made over 15,000 false or misleading claims, according to The Washington Post. CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale on Tuesday released his choices for the top lies told by Trump in each month of 2019.  Donald Trump's top 12 lies of the year,  one for every month.

    31 December 2019:  According to Trump Golf Count, it was his 236th day at a golf course while in office BUT the LYING Trump denies golfing during his Florida vacation while he had his  Benghazi moment in Iraq.  According to pool reports, Trump arrived at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 10:46 a.m.  The motorcade left the golf course 49 minutes later.  Trump did not explain why he drove to his golf course but did not play a round.

    31 December 2019:  2019 is coming to a merciful end with bad news (Donald Trump is still president - BOO!) and good news (he has been impeached - YAY!) and bad news again (Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are going to do everything they can to let him stay president because nothing really matters anymore - JERKS!) and we are all justifiably frustrated and depressed and mad as hell.  Here are the 10 most punchable faces of 2019.

    29 December 2019:  Look Daddy! I'm governmenting! The ConDon and his toadies are bitching about Hunter Biden yet see nothing SMELLY about his Grifter daughter?  unqualified grifter Ivanka.
    Nepotism Barbie! That this woman pretends for a second that she cares about babies and their mothers being together is a real stretch. She's never spoken up about the evil actions taking place as she spews her babble on Face the Nation. And take a look at her own history as a business owner.
    Ivanka: Hunter Biden only got that job cause his father was VP. But, I'm qualified, right, daddy?
    ConDon: That's right, Princess.

    27 December 2019:  US court upholds ruling on vast marine monument established by Obama.  Victory for our oceans.  #DefendOurOceans and F-trump!

    27 December 2019:  Pelosi: The facts are clear and every witness told the same story, despite the President's attempts to cover it up.  President Trump abused his power for his own personal gain.  #DefendOurDemocracy

    27 December 2019:  Pelosi is doing what no one else had the guts to do:  Making Trump squirm.

    27 December 2019:  Don Imus was a racist and a misogynist.  Shock jock blasted after his death.  Imus's legacy is the rise of anti-vaxxers. May he rot in hell.

    27 December 2019:  What else can trump do? He can't read and he's tired of coloring in his coloring book. Well he can screw up a good economy that he inherited from a DEMOCRAT! What is sadder is those that voted for the CON will do so again even though he is f^^king them over! Federal Reserve study:   Trump's tariffs backfired  - leading to job losses and higher prices.

    26 December 2019:  GOP disinformation on the Steele dossier is calculated to 'wear down' American patriotism:  Conservative professor.
    But in the end, the reality is that the entire Trump circle, including the President, is far too connected to Russia, and imo, compromised by Russian intelligence (mostly through knowledge of Trump's finances.)
    This is a level of Russian infestation that - in a better time in our country - would never have been tolerated. The GOP has used the dumbassery around the Steele file to wear us down and eat what's left of the patriotism of a lot of people. Shame on them - and shame on us.

    25 December 2019:  Good Lawd!!! Another reason to vote these CLOWNS out in 2020! Trump blasted for besmirching Christmas with a  big lie about the economy.

    25 December 2019:  Another reason to vote these CLOWNS out in 2020! Christian value hypocrite: Republican Congressman spends Christmas gleefully remembering  Hillary Clinton nearly being hit by falling light.

    25 December 2019:  The US is holding 4,000 immigrant children separated from their parents this Christmas. Will this Santa deliver them the vaccines they need, the beds they lack, and their families?  May the spirit of Christmas change this nation, starting with the @CBP, in 2020.  Trump border protection agency's 'weird and bad' Christmas joke  massively backfires.
    Holiday-themed fascism is still fascism. Something about this evokes elves in cages and is very disturbing.

    23 December 2019:  Feel the love this holiday season with this Mike Pence Staring at Donald Trump Yule Log:  The Mike Pence Yule Log.

    23 December 2019:  Sean Hannity perfectly explains the entirety of his show in only 6 seconds -- SHEARER:  Now I understand everything.....

    23 December 2019:  It's just a blatant lie, and McCarthy knows it. The Inspector General did not *find* evidence of this during his investigation.  History will not be kind to you.

    23 December 2019:  Trump regularly slurs and mangles words during his speeches:  Trump's Best Words (2019).

    23 December 2019:  Former presidential candidate proposes a sweeping  12-count impeachment  that covers Trump's many crimes. Are we really saying it's OK for a president to kidnap thousands of children from their parents? To lock hundreds of them in cages? To take untold millions of dollars from foreign governments and agents, in violation of the Emoluments Clause? To incite violence against the very people he's sworn to protect? To engage in the kind of racial bigotry that got Andrew Johnson impeached 150 years ago?

    21 December 2019:  Anthony Scaramucci explains how Trump could bring  the death blow to the GOP.

    21 December 2019:  Get ready: After acquittal we'll see  Trump unleashed!   Well, we'd better learn to play hardball and get a pitcher who will throw straight at the batter and knock him out of the box. Playing by gentlemanly rules doesn't work. This isn't about our sacred Constitution, or the almighty rule of law, or the solemn duty of the House of Representatives, and stop with the quotes from Federalist 53. At this point, it's only tangentially about Trump's crimes. This is about power. Trump and his minions will be utterly unbound in their effort to hold onto power, and we will have to be even more driven to take it from them.   On the day after Trump is set free by the Senate, we will face the most important question in our lifetimes, and the choice has never been clearer. Do we want to live in a free country or in Donald Trump's fundamentalist, oligarchical, authoritarian nightmare?

    21 December 2019:  Hey, remember when Candidate Trump promised he'd be too busy "working his ass off" to play any golf at all? DonTheCon may not be taking a salary but he is sure is taking FROM the TAXPAYER!!!! Trump is taking another two week golf vacation -  as the taxpayer bill for his hobby sets records.   "President Donald Trump has pushed his taxpayer-funded golf tab past $118 million on his 26th visit to Mar-a-Lago, his for-profit resort in Palm Beach, Florida, with a Saturday visit to his course in neighboring West Palm Beach," HuffPost reported Saturday. "The new total is the equivalent of 296 years of the $400,000 presidential salary that his supporters often boast that he is not taking."

    20 December 2019:  The Hill can't stop spreading misinformation about Trump's impeachment!  The site's social media strategy sows confusion and spreads lies.

    20 December 2019:  No wonder world leaders laugh at him. 'Stop embarrassing yourself': Trump ridiculed for being 'dumb as a fencepost' for thinking  Pelosi can be impeached!  It's probably because she didn't bribe a foreign government to investigate her political rivals, but thanks for the false equivalency.  AND---There's no such thing as impeaching a member of Congress. Welcome to your first day of class, you ludicrous fucking popinjay.

    20 December 2019:  @SpeakerPelosi invites President Trump to deliver the  State of the Union Feb. 4, 2020.  Wonder what @SpeakerPelosi is serving for her holiday dinner? Quid Pro Quo?

    20 December 2019:  Shame on Democrats for not stopping this Senate CROOK. He rigged the Supreme Court Obama nominee M. Garland too....Time to VOTE OUT MoscowMitch!!!! Amid impeachment furor, GOP 'hijacking' of courts continues as  McConnell rams through 12 more lifetime Trump judges!  "Trump's hijacking of our judiciary will be his most enduring legacy, and it will continue to threaten everything progressives care about long after he leaves office."

    20 December 2019:  So, mocking stuttering would have been okay if Biden didn't stutter? You know, Sarah, I saw you last year at the British Embassy. You were clearly buzzed, and people were clearly avoiding you. Probably because you're not a good person. You do shit like this A LOT.  SHS Mocking Biden stutter apology!  She expected to get away with it and I fully understand why, it's just because it has worked fine for her boss. Looooook, Sarah, keep your eye on the ball... and your other eye on the ceiling.

    20 December 2019:  'You're not a good person': Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets raked over the coals for  mocking Joe Biden's stutter!  So? Is this Deplorable or not? GEEZ! Mocking Biden who overcame a stutter. You can take a woman out of the Trump White House but you can't take the Trump White House out of a woman.
    The people of Arkansas may elect you but God will never a welcome someone as cruel as you Into his kingdom. Have fun looking up with Trump Sarah Sanders.

    20 December 2019:  Poor widdle POTUS got his feelings hurt? SUCK IT UP!!! Trump brutally mocked for blowup over Christianity Today call to impeach:  Eventually everyone will turn on you!

    19 December 2019:  Holy Christ! Some Evangelicals are actually speaking truth? Whatever - it pissed off derLeader and he dissed this group -- Christianity Today:  Trump Should Be Removed from Office!

    19 December 2019:  Don't hold your breath waiting for this "empty barrel" FLOTUS to #BeBest! --- Melania Trump facing calls to condemn her husband after he invokes Barron's name   during rally tirade.  A professional testifying before the House used Barron Trump's name in a joke unrelated to Barron Trump & the media pretended to take the outrage seriously for weeks. Trump just taunted a grieving widow that her dead husband went to hell & nobody will give a shit.

    19 December 2019:  'Bad news dimwit': Donald Trump Jr buried in ridicule over tweet mocking Clinton impeachment:  You know what's deplorable? Being Impeached!!!  Are we to understand that your father is now officially "deplorable?" Which would make you the spawn of the deplorable? Just making sure I have that correct. Have a good night, #failson.

    19 December 2019:  GOPer cannot defend POTUS for disgusting remarks about John Dingell -- but he is "outraged":  Most unfortunate and an apology is due.  No disrespect, but active voice would help, Congressman. As in "I demand that Mr. Trump apologize to the Dingell family and the people of Michigan."

    18 December 2019:  BREAKING:  House votes to impeach Trump.

    18 December 2019:  Adam Schiff expertly lays out the case against Trump -   and crushes all GOP talking points.

    18 December 2019:  Democrats  destroyed 6 GOP 'myths' about impeachment today.

    18 December 2019:  PUTIN's PUPPET is busy before being IMPEACHED!!! Trump administration sent  22-page letter defending Russia.  - on the eve of impeachment vote. The Trump administration is quietly fighting a new package of sanctions on Russia

    18 December 2019:  Another crazed GOP GOMER: Jerry Nadler burns down Louie Gohmert after he  spouts Russian propaganda on the floor of the House.  Gohmert rushed back to the podium without being recognized. He could be heard shouting about "Russian propaganda" but Democrats declined to yield the floor to Gohmert.

    18 December 2019:  FLASHBACK: Trump chided Pelosi in 2008 for not impeaching Bush for telling lies about Iraq:  Check out this exchange I had with then private citizen @realDonaldTrump on Oct. 15, 2008.  We spoke about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and he then offered his thoughts about impeachment.

    18 December 2019:  Oh. My. Gawdddd. More like Rep. Sourmilk, #amirite? Why do all the republicans yell when they take the floor?  His statement is an insult to The Christ!!!!!!  I remember Trump's first miracle when he turned one McCheese into a bountiful meal for hundreds. In his name we get diabetes.   The sheer intellectual dishonesty is pretty breathtaking.  Alright, I'll go with the comparison. Let's nail him up, bury him in a cave, and see if he comes back.

    18 December 2019:  Republicans are mustering so much fake outrage over impeachment. They utter "facts" that are opinions. Rep. Debbie Lesko's performance on the House floor was cringeworthy.   Yelling does not turn lies into truth!

    17 December 2019:  Trump's 6-Page 'Tantrum' To  Nancy Pelosi Gets Torn Apart On Twitter!

    17 December 2019:  update- Rick Gates: jail, 3 yrs probation
    Papadopoulous: jail, 1 year supervision, fined and 200 hours community service
    Cohen: 3 yrs prison
    Manafort: 4 yrs prison
    Flynn: Jan 28 sentencing
    Individual-1: getting his dipshit ass impeached
    Hillary: enjoying a nice walk in the woods, probably 
    me: laughing at all you "lock her up" morons!

    17 December 2019:  GOP's Doug Collins torched for lying about Trump impeachment:  This speech will earn him a spot in hell!

    17 December 2019:  George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson burn Trump and the GOP  to the ground in scathing joint op-ed!

    17 December 2019:  George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson  burn Trump to the ground in scathing joint op-ed!

    16 December 2019:  President Warren Sanders can then start clearing the wreckage left by Trump, and  make America decent again!

    15 December 2019:  WHAT? Another GOP lie? Surprised? NOT!!!! Jim Jordan's lies about the Steele report  completely demolished by Fusion GPS founders!  Asked to respond, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson smiled as he set the record straight for Ohio lawmaker.  "The origin of the research into Donald Trump was started in September of 2015, and it was financed by the Republicans," he recalled. "The first half of our investigation was all paid for by the Republicans. The reason that we hired Christopher Steele was that we did about eight months of research for the Republicans which led us ultimately to become very curious about Donald Trump's connections to the Russians."

    14 December 2019:  Some people are asking: Can we deport FLOTUS? Melania Trump scorched by columnist for standing by president's Thunberg bullying:  Indefensible!

    13 December 2019:  Singing Truth to Absolute Power:  Impeach You Trump Parody Song!

    13 December 2019:  Whiny little bitch POTUS:  It's not fair that I'm being Impeached!  wah-wah!! #BREAKING: Man Who Inherited $400 Million From His Daddy, Went Bankrupt Six Times, Including Casinos (Yes, Casinos), And Yet Still Somehow Became President Despite Losing Popular Vote by 3 Million Complains Life Isn't Fair #ArticlesOfImpeachment #TrumpImpeachment  Poor baby!

    13 December 2019:  Time to look deeper at tRump's "anchor babies" for their corruption? The View urges Dems to go after Ivanka:  The Democrats need to get tough!

    13 December 2019:  This will be fantastic if the GOP shoots themselves in the Senate foot....'Moscow Mitch' blunder means  Donald Trump can never be vindicated!

    12 December 2019:  Trump is a disgusting slimy virus infecting the World. Chris Wallace says Pres Trump is Engaged in Most Direct Assault on  Freedom of the Press in History!

    12 December 2019:  #Barron #BarronTrump-------#Republicans the party of the double standard,   total #Hypocrites!   That's why BeBest is a joke. Melania-UGH has no credibility on the issue.  Melania justifies Trump's bullying of Greta Thunberg: She's 'an activist who travels the globe!

    12 December 2019:  House Judiciary Republicans Tried To Protect Nixon Too,   And Got Crushed For It!

    12 December 2019:  Matt Gaetz probably isn't the best to go after  someone's drug use!

    12 December 2019:  CNN's Jake Tapper does  line-by-line fact check of Jim Jordan's  nonstop misleading statements during impeachment hearing.

    12 December 2019:  Hypocrite Laura I now whining about Greta Thunberg winning Time Person of the Year? Shameful picking on a teen -- go after Barron instead!  Ingraham attacks Greta Thunberg!  Where's the FAKE OUTRAGE from Melania-ugh!! #BeBest my butt!

    12 December 2019:  Trump torched for whining about Greta Thunberg winning Time Person of the Year:   Little man is so jealous!  Hey Melania-ugh!! Too afraid to TWEET against this a-hole for attacking a child? It's alright to CAGE children and to attack Greta but fate outrage when your precious Baron is mocked? #BeBest my butt!

    11 December 2019:  #TrumpCrimeFamily -- Now know why they are distracting us about HUNTER BIDEN! Internet slams 'disgusting' Donald Trump Jr. after he skates  for killing endangered Mongolian sheep!  Because of course the rules of law don't apply to @realDonaldTrump or any of his diseased offspring.  Yet, we should question Hunter Biden, when Junior puts his privilege on full display for all to see.  This is the H/hunter that needs to be investigated

    11 December 2019:  #TrumpCrimeFamily -- Now know why they are distracting us about HUNTER BIDEN! Trump's children must undergo mandatory training  to learn how to avoid defrauding charities!

    11 December 2019:  While the president's motives in seeking Ukrainian investigations are a matter of dispute, his actions are clear from the public record. Trump's Congressional Defenders  Deny Reality!

    10 December 2019:  Lightweight impeachment? Maybe not. Experts say these are the "most serious"  charges ever made against a president!

    10 December 2019:  Trump campaign tries to make a pop culture reference -  and it instantly backfires!  So you're arguing that Trump is Thanos ("The Mad Titan") who wants to kill half of all living things, but in the end winds up defeated and dying, taking all of his sycophantic followers down with him?  Great work, everyone.

    10 December 2019:  #VoteGOP-OUT2020 --- Here are 5 huge lies Republicans are telling about the new report on the Russia probe!  The Lying GOP-TrumpBallSuckers!

    10 December 2019:  #TrumpCrimeFamily -- and people still can't tell the difference??? --- He's a CROOK!!!!  Trump wrote a $2 million check to cover damages from misuse of charity funds!

    10 December 2019:  tRump and his toadies are RIGGING, CHEATING and LYING -- their job numbers are BOGUS -- the economy SUCKS -- and now this crap from the AG toadie that claims that Barack Obama posed the "greatest danger" to democracy in 2016 -  not Russia!

    10 December 2019:  #ImpeachmentDay -- BRUH. you confessed ON LIVE TELEVISION. your Manic Bug-Eyed Butt-Dialing Free TV LawyerT confessed ON LIVE TELEVISION. your unctuous movie-Nazi chief of staff confessed ON LIVE TELEVISION and told us to get over it.  enjoy your impeachment, since you worked so hard to earn it!

    09 December 2019:  The 15 stages of confusion,   starring Steve Castor!

    09 December 2019:  Fox News canceled on James Comey after IG report vindicated the FBI:  They must have read the report!

    09 December 2019:  Time to sue Trump and Fox News for defamation---Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page takes victory lap after  IG report clears her of conspiracy to frame Trump!

    09 December 2019:  Can't even have the stomach to see how Fox is spinning the IG report. Barr is outright lying about this report, he needs to be impeached.  No, the truth will die at Fox (Faux) News!   This debunks Trump's lies about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. It undercuts what Bill Barr is trying to do at this very moment on behalf of Trump. Will this truth rise up and drown out the years of lies spewed by Trump and his enablers?

    08 December 2019:  Epic Sunday:  Trump goes all-in on the tweets!  By midnight, he had fired off 105 tweets and retweets, going for the usual suspects - Democratic rivals, the impeachment inquiry and allegations of fake news by the mainstream media.

    08 December 2019:  Columnist nails Republicans for only caring about Hunter Biden  now that his father is running for president!

    07 December 2019:  Replying to @realDonaldTrump @PeteHegseth ---He said it best!!  MichaelRapaport!

    07 December 2019:  Team Trump wants to steal another election -  and there's only one way to beat them back!  Trump is a cheap, money-grubbing thief who is enriching himself off the presidency, and he's trying to steal another election to keep the grift going. That's why he's being impeached. We can win the 2020 election with that argument.

    06 December 2019:  Hunter BIDEN??? What about putzy ERIC TRUMP!! Eric Trump's Ukrainian ties need to be  investigated by Congress NOW!   Those trademarks for @IvankaTrump was @realDonaldTrump's only successful negotiation with China! #HeilTrump Every member of the @GOP that called for Hunter Biden to be investigated for Ukraine ties but doesn't demand the same for Epsilon Trump here needs to be checked for Kompromat.   "I didn't really know Eric, I mean he's a great guy, but I don't remember meeting him ever"- tRump

    06 December 2019:  HA! Dirty his brand with impeachment! He deserves to be remembered this way in history...among other corrupt things he has done....Listen to Trump in 2014 fantasize about Obama falling apart emotionally if he got impeached:  'He'd be a mess!'  NO--DOTARD you are a mess....Mr. Projection is getting his KARMA in spades!

    05 December 2019:  The hypocritical PARTISAN and DANGEROUS tRump toadies -- When  Jim Jordan was a backer of impeachment!

    05 December 2019:  Devin Nunes' blind allegiance to Trump  is the real danger to the republic!

    05 December 2019:  Biden releases new ad attacking Trump - and it's getting widely praised:  A president the world is laughing at!

    05 December 2019:  #TrumpIsALaughingStock #ThePresidentIsACrybaby --Hey DOTARD? They are laughing at YOU!!! You are the swamp! The swamp is a toilet with Donald Trump floating in the middle.   When will you Americans flush?

    05 December 2019:  Impt note on future: If the Senate doesn't vote to convict Trump, or tries to monkey w his trial, he could of course be retried in the new Senate should he win re-election.   Double jeopardy protections do not apply.  And Senators voting on impeachment in the next months know this.

    04 December 2019:  Andrew Napolitano:  I would vote to impeach Donald Trump!

    04 December 2019:  Trump likes to call his opponents traitors - but if he's looking for treasonous behavior, he should look within his own party. Rick Wilson writes:   The Traitors Among Us.

    04 December 2019:  If their lips are moving they are LYIN GOP!!!! @neal_katyal reacts to House GOP counsel misquoting his book to justify Trump's request for an investigation into the Bidens:   They just ellipsed out all the damning stuff to Trump and his family and everything.

    04 December 2019:  Two points, Melania:
    1) You obviously didn't write a single word of this tweet.
    2) You never gave a damn about any children except your own, and now it's clear you're willing to let the White House use Barron to try to score political points.  You're as self-serving as Donald!

    27 November 2019:  CORRUPT / LYIN DOTARD gets caught again -- DOJ's inspector general report debunks Trump's claims about the  FBI spying on him!

    27 November 2019:  CORRUPT DOTARD gets caught again -- UK syle -- Corbyn says leaked docs show Tory plan to privatize NHS with Trump's help:  Secret agenda today is exposed!

    27 November 2019:  Reddit users rain hell on anonymous White House author in painful Q&A:  Dirtbags. All of you

    26 November 2019:  I miss having a smart President. I know we've significantly lowered the bar, but can't we at least have one that knows  what the word "centennial" means.

    25 November 2019:  The Trump administration redesigned the online Medicare Cost Finder for seniors to compare complex health insurance options. But consumer advocates have identified instances when the tool has malfunctioned and given inaccurate plan and price data. -- The $11 million dollar Medicare tool that gives  seniors the wrong insurance information.

    25 November 2019:  Right-wing NYT columnist does 180 on impeachment and  burns Trump to the ground.

    25 November 2019:  'Disgusted' lifelong GOP voter quits party after  Republicans smear impeachment witnesses.

    25 November 2019:  The "REPUBES" have a problem with Hunter Biden??? @LindseyGrahamSC Giuliani's son as Public Liaison Asst to DJT, Barr's son in law as attorney in the WH counsel's office, daughter as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), making sure DJT's taxes dont get leaked, dont get me started on Ivanka, Jared, Eric and Jr.!  INVESTIGATE IVANKA and other TRUMPS!!!
    And she's made a shitload more money than Hunter did. The money seems to be an issue for Lindsey, except the tens of millions in grift that Ivanka has made. #investigatecomplicitbarbie

    24 November 2019:  Tonight at 9 pm ET, a CNN Special:  All The President's Lies.

    23 November 2019:  Lindsey Graham is   the worst type of politician we have come to expect!

    23 November 2019:  Guy who accuses Ukrainians of meddling in a US election sought Ukrainians to meddle in a US election. If this CNN report is accurate, that would mean that Nunes and his colleagues sat there every day accusing Schiff of meeting with the whistleblower (he didn't) and never disclosed that Nunes met with Shokin to get dirt on Biden.  #NunesResign!

    22 November 2019:  Trump went on an unhinged tirade on 'Fox & Friends' -   here are the 5 craziest moments!

    22 November 2019:  Trump hilariously botches his defense during Fox & Friends interview -   I do want corruption!

    22 November 2019:  GOPer Marsha Blackburn slammed for ugly smear of Lt. Col. Vindman -   Delete your account traitor!
    A US Senator resorts to childish name calling of a Purple Heart recipient in defense of a corrupt, criminal grifter. There is no bottom for the remnants of the Republican Party.

    21 November 2019:  Viewers astonished as Fiona Hill rips apart the falsehoods spread by 'bloody nitwit'   Devin Nunes on live TV!
    The former National Security Council adviser testified that claims pinning blame on Ukraine for 2016 election interference absolves Russia and serves its president Vladimir Putin's interests, and undermines U.S. national security.

    19 November 2019:  Trump Is Using Taxpayer Money  To Smear Lt. Col. Vindman!

    19 November 2019:  Rut-Roh!!! Released TODAY:   A Warning!

    16 November 2019:  BOLO!!! - Will tRump RESIGN for "health" reasons? Never Trump Republican predicts surprise   Walter Reed visit an 'excuse' to resign for 'health reason'!

    16 November 2019:  George Conway maxes out on campaign contribution to Dem opponent of Elise Stefanik after calling GOP lawmaker -   lying trash!

    15 November 2019:  So I started thinking about that stunt she pulled when Nunes tried to yield time to her and then she tweeted a clip of it saying that Schiff wasn't letting her talk. In a transparent stunt, Trump and Republicans claimed today that Rep. Stefanik "wasn't allowed to talk"-  the numbers say different:

    13 November 2019:  Devin Nunes ripped for attacking impeachment witnesses in 'lie-filled opening statement' -   You should be ashamed!

    12 November 2019:  In celebration of @realDonaldTrump's long overdue impeachment, I'd like to share this song that he absolutely hates. I hope you'll pass it on. Next up, prison!!!  The Donald Trump Song!

    12 November 2019:  Would a spineless - corrupt - GOP actually do this? C'mon crooks - surprise us! There's a Surprisingly Plausible Path to   Removing Trump From Office! It would take just three Republican senators to turn the impeachment vote into a secret ballot. It's not hard to imagine what would happen then.

    11 November 2019:  'Traitor': Trump faces 'lock him up' chants as he speaks at  Veterans Day event in New York City!

    11 November 2019:  I heard only 3 or 4 people applauding how many were there!!! From the pool report re: Trump's Veterans Day speech in NYC: "In the windows of one of the glass office towers looming above the park, large letters are taped in the windows spelling out,   one one floor, 'IMPEACH,' and, several floors above, 'CONVICT.'"!   Would be nice if #MSNBC would show what is going on outside on 5th Avenue *Hint: major protests.*
    Good for them!! I had to turn the TV off because it is totally disgusting listening to a draft dodger president give a speech about veterans who were all heroes. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ThankYouVeterans

    11 November 2019:  UGH----'poisonous polarization' is destroying America: 'E Pluribus Unum' has become   Us Against Them!

    11 November 2019:  So, how's Trump doing? Awful. Trade deficits are growing on his watch.   How Trump's trade tariffs are really a tax on his base!

    08 November 2019:  LOCK THEM UP! #TrumpCrimeFamily....Internet ridicules Ivanka Trump for bizarre AP interview:   She may be the dumbest kid!
    Ivanka lies a lot, just like her father, they charge American taxpayers for all of their dalliances trips around the world... & make $$$ for all kinds of business deals that they do DURING AND WHILE HE IS GRIFTING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. and they stole $ from a charity
    So, the Associated Press did an interview with crimestress Ivanka trump. They didn't mention the corruption involved with her Chinese trademarks, her sweatshops or the $82M she made in 2018. What they did was give her room to attack Hunter Biden. Literally learned nothing.

    08 November 2019:  Republicans' incoherent defenses:  From "no quid pro quo" to "he's a moron"!  Exhausted Republicans have given up on the claim that Trump did nothing wrong. All they've got left is "he's dumb".

    07 November 2019:  You used the trump Foundation as a piggy bank. That's why it's closed. STATEMENT FROM PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD: RESIGN:   Buckle up, trumplethinskin. It's going to get worse!
    "The president admitted he had misused funds raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation to promote his campaign and pay business debts."  And your kids have to take training to not cheat charities. Not too best.

    07 November 2019:  Louisiana Senator John Kennedy's 'Dumb' Attack on Nancy Pelosi Is a Reminder  Every Republican Is Trump Now.   It's also a reminder that "I don't mean any disrespect" means "I'm about to disrespect you."
    Kennedy is well aware that if he sticks to talking about the tax cut or gutting Obamacare, it's no longer enough. People want a show-the uglier the better, in order to reinforce who's Us and who's Them.   If you are a Republican in the Year of Our Lord 2019, you are required to bludgeon the Enemies. Whatever you must say to do so, regardless of facts or reason or basic decency, will suffice. As a reward, you get to feel the roar of the crowd.

    05 November 2019:  Impeachment transcripts expose the truth: House Republicans don't give a damn about protecting America -   READ
    Yovanovitch predicted that the damage already done will last for decades and may be irreparable, undoing the influence American won with blood and treasure by defeating its enemies in World War II and then building a global community to replace the war-ravaged past.

    04 November 2019:  Former Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch's Testimony To Congress -   READ

    03 November 2019:  News of Stephen Miller's engagement repulses the internet:   Please don't breed!
    However did she learn to sleep hanging upside down?
    Poor thing. Can you imagine the men she's had in her life up until this point that Stephen Miller seems appealing?

    02 November 2019:  Rick Wilson hilariously drops some terrible news on Trump about impeachment:   Donald, it's bad!
    No one in your orbit will tell you, but you're in the shit, and it's getting deeper and more pungent by the hour."

    24 October 2019:  Deplorables? Human Scum? Good Lord - just despicable - VOTE THEM out in 2020! Remember when the GOP had no problems with  secret hearings?
    Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi--------"The committee's preference for private interviews over public hearings has been questioned," former Rep. Trey Gowdy's Benghazi committee said in its final report. "Interviews are a more efficient and effective means of discovery. Interviews allow witnesses to be questioned in depth by a highly prepared member or staff person. In a hearing, every member of a committee is recognized - usually for five minutes - a procedure which precludes in-depth in-depth focused questioning. Interviews also allow the committee to safeguard the privacy of witnesses who may fear retaliation for cooperating or whose work requires anonymity, such as intelligence community operatives."

    21 October 2019:  Self-Dealing in Ukraine:  The Core of the Impeachment Inquiry.

    14 October 2019:  No one knows a "clear conflict of interest" when they see it better than the president's children. The GRIFTERS -- the BIDEN smears want you to overlook the real stupid KIDS!   How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump  Have Profited Off Their Dad's Presidency.

    13 October 2019:  This POTUS and his supporters make America look like them---- Disgusting, Embarrassing, DANGEROUS! Just when I think it can't get any worse, it always always does. There is no bottom with these people.  Gruesome Video of Fake Trump Killing Media in Mass Shooting Played at One of His Resorts.    Gruesome Video.  A doctored video depicts the president murdering his enemies, including CNN, Sen. John McCain and activist group Black Lives Matter.

    11 October 2019:  Is This the Most Disgusting, Embarrassing, Dishonest   Trump Performance EVER?  Okay, okay. Trying to single out the most disgusting performance by Donald Trump is a job too big for any mortal. There's just too much material that covers too much nauseating ground. It ranges from serious matters like the caging (and deaths) of children, to his loathsome mockery of the disabled, to embarrassing scenes of ignorance like his belief that stealth fighters are actually invisible.

    11 October 2019:  Currupt - Crooked - Ignorant - Vulgar - Embarrassment to the US ---- POTUS trims his STATE TV propaganda staff!  Shepard Smith  Suddenly Signs Off at Fox News the Day After Bill Barr met with Rupert Murdoch.

    08 October 2019:  Here's video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked Erdogan on Twitter for this deal.  TRUMP IS SELLING OUT KURDISH LIVES FOR A FUCKING HOTEL!

    08 October 2019:  Trey Gowdy once said: "The notion that you can withhold information and documents from Congress no matter whether you are the party in power or not in power is wrong.   Respect for the rule of law  must mean something, irrespective of the vicissitudes of political cycles."
    Gowdy railroaded Hillary. When the report was finalized, ol Trey wouldn't release it because it didn't convict HRC.  Trey Gowdy fiasco cost us over 8 M $. And then he hides the report! How can this happen? Just shows you the POLITICIANS ARE ABOVE THE LAW! They can do any damn thing they want ANYTHING and nothings done!  Republican leadership is a joke. The GOP is just a vaudeville show with an aim of greed & power, definitely not truth, justice, & honor!

    08 October 2019:  Wow. This letter is bananas. A barely-lawyered temper tantrum. A middle finger to Congress and its oversight responsibilities.  No Member of Congress should accept it, no matter his or her view on the behavior of Pelosi, Schiff, or Trump.  Things are bad. Things will get worse.

    08 October 2019:  I keep hearing that the Democratic primary is coming down to someone who's "electable" versus someone who has "ideas." This is pure nonsense. Beating Donald Trump requires getting out the vote.   Why 2020 Won't Be Won By Centrists!

    08 October 2019:  What sleazy deal did Trump make with Erdogan? #TrumpTowerIstanbul yup, you read that right. #ImpeachTrumpNow #TrumpCrimeFamily  Unfukkingbelievable!

    07 October 2019:  Silly me for writing an 11,400-word article containing illustrations of @realDonaldTrump's pathological narcissism and sociopathy. I could have just  retweeted this.

    06 October 2019:  I suppose we should all be happy that "McCarthyism" has become such a widely used accusation that it appears in almost every news cycle, and that there is now a consensus that it is a "bad thing."  The New McCarthyism?

    06 October 2019:  The world is mocking us, & with very good reason. Speak up to protect our country from this   Carnival trump.

    05 October 2019:  Here is how to beat Donald Trump  and his racist dog-whistle politics.  This is precisely the role that Trump assigns to progressive critics. Trump has this play that he has in mind, this theater. In this theater he is going to dog whistle, and then we are going to criticize him for being a racist, and then he's going to punch back by saying, "I'm not a racist. You're the racist!" And then we're going to have this enormous brouhaha which is going to consume all the air in the room about who the real racist is. Is it Trump and his supporters, or is it the angry minorities and their liberal supporters? That's the debate that he wants us to have.

    05 October 2019:  Ex-Bush aide brutally trashes Trump kids' corruption:   There are bivalves with more self-awareness.
    "No one has to defend Hunter Biden," added Frum. "I think Hunter Biden should be out there with a statement saying, I made mistakes, and I undertake now - I'm taking a job at - I'm going to go work in Kansas City, do trust in estates work or something that he's not going to in any way embarrass his father.
    But the Trump family is so far and away the most corrupt in American presidential history that you really can't think of who's in second place."

    04 October 2019:  The GOP does not know Right from Wrong anymore. ~~SAD~~ VOTE THEM OUT in 2020!!!! Top 100 Reasons to   Remove Trump.
    Dishonorable Mention: Laziness. Golfing. Hours of "Executive Time" doing nothing more than rage tweeting Fox News // Spreading fake videos to smear Nancy Pelosi and Jim Acosta.

    03 October 2019:  George Conway wrote an epic 11,358 word Trump take-down explaining why his wife's boss is too  mentally ill to serve as president.  At 11,337 words "Unfit for Office" is a massive, deep-dive, example-filled investigation into President Donald Trump's "mental stability and connection with reality" - or lack thereof. That it's written by noted conservative attorney George Conway, husband to White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, should give it even more credibility.

    02 October 2019:  'What about Obama?'   Trump goes on unhinged  Oval Office rant after being asked about Ukraine whistleblower.

    02 October 2019:  Trump lashed out at  @Reuters reporter @jeffmason1,  who asked him what he wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to do when Trump brought up the business ties to Ukraine of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

    29 September 2019:  Speaking of SONS involved in FOREIGN BUSINESS practices, Don Jr. just went to Indonesia to PROMOTE one of his father's businesses ALONGSIDE Indonesian GOVERNMENT officials.   Don Jr. Promoted Trump-brand Resorts   at Event with Indonesian Officials. President Trump has refused to divest from the Trump Organization since taking office and still profits from the company's work. The Trump Organization's overseas business endeavors are a major source of conflicts of interest that could potentially influence U.S. foreign policy or encourage favorable treatment of Trump businesses abroad as a way of currying favor with the administration, while also enriching the president.

    28 September 2019:  Internet brutally schools Lindsey Graham for whining  hearsay  can't be used in Trump impeachment hearings.  Graham, himself an attorney, was promptly decimated by a number of commenters, including federal prosecutors, pointing out that there are in fact many cases in which hearsay evidence is admissible - including, most notably, Linda Tripp's testimony against President Bill Clinton in his own impeachment hearing, which then-Congressman Graham supported at the time.
    Serious question: How crowded is it for you and Rudy living up there in Trump's ass?   Beyond the fact that Graham and the GOP had little trouble impeaching Clinton on Linda Tripp's second-hand info, the allegations now are in the document released by the White House ITSELF. Trump *himself* told us he did this! He said he ordered the Code Red!

    24 September 2019:  Here's the   damning timeline of Trump's blatantly corrupt Ukrainian collusion.   This scandal has been covered far less the Russia investigation, and only recently has it become a leading story, so it's natural that the public may be a bit caught off guard and confused at the series of events. To get caught up, here's a timeline of key events in the scandal - along with links for further information:

    21 September 2019:  Corey Lewandowski, Stephen Miller and the  wages of contempt in TrumpWorld.   One of the worst side effects of the Trump presidency is the unleashing upon the world of these squinty-eyed, shaved-head, pissy little monsters like Corey Lewandowski and Stephen Miller, providing them a platform where they can spread their hatred of and contempt for decency and democracy and all things right and just well beyond their lonely basements and bedrooms where they had heretofore been confined. Guys like them have always been with us. You can probably recall running across one or two of them in a civics class in high school or college, shooting their sweaty palms into the air from the back row, trying to be recognized so they could challenge one liberal shibboleth or another.

    20 September 2019:  Kellyanne Conway's husband scorches Democrats  for not impeaching Trump.   A whistleblower in U.S. intelligence lodged a complaint with the intelligence community's inspector general so alarming that he labeled it of 'urgent concern' and alerted the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Though the details remain secret, apparently this much can be gleaned: The complaint is against the president. It concerns a 'promise' that the president made, in at least one phone call, with a foreign leader. And it involves Ukraine and possible interference with the next presidential election.

    19 September 2019:  The Final Lesson Donald Trump Never Learned From  Roy Cohn.   The unrepentant political hitman who taught a younger Trump how to flout the rules didn't get away with it forever.

    18 September 2019:  RIP GOP! because of your der Leader who can NOT stop LYING! Trump signal boosted dangerous tweet falsely claiming Democratic congresswoman   partied on 9/11 anniversary.   Once again, @realdonaldtrump spreads lies and misinformation that endanger a duly elected Member of Congress. This must stop. Tell Trump to #DeleteTheTweet

    16 September 2019:  A historian of Nazi Germany explains why the divided opposition to Trump  should terrify you.   Trump is not a despot. But neither were Mussolini and Hitler early on. No black or brown shirts march in our streets. President Trump's enablers wear white shirts and black robes. They are unified. Democrats are not.

    16 September 2019:  Shamelessly lying ( AGAIN!! ) about wanting to meet with Iran without preconditions  Trump gets busted.

    16 September 2019:  Hillary Clinton's Zombie Impeachment Memo  That Could Help Fell Trump.

    10 September 2019:  Mandatory stops at Trump resorts are the tip of the iceberg -  this president has been grifting all along.

    07 September 2019:  RUT-ROH?!? Just a wee bit of corruption.  The military spent $11 million feuling planes.   Correction: failing Scottish golf course.

    07 September 2019:  Whenever POTUS is caught and exposed for the fraud that he is then he attacks BIGLY! So guess it is true that he had a BAD SUMMER!  Washington Post - LOST SUMMER aticle.

    06 September 2019:  ALABAMA-gate-ite-is or #Sharpiegate? Bill Maher   Monologue: Weather Vain

    06 September 2019:  Air Force crew made an odd stop on a routine trip:   Trump's Scottish resort.  Now the layover is part of a broader House inquiry into military spending at and around the Trump property.

    05 September 2019:  Storm spat underscores Trump's mindset:  Mr Never Wrong.

    05 September 2019:  Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan.   Is It Evidence of Tax Fraud?

    04 September 2019:  It's dishonest graft. And it's disgusting. The fact that this is still happening-three years in-is so astonishing to me that sometimes I wonder if the reality hasn't sunk in for people. So I'm going to repeat that one more time:  Trump is taking your money and giving it to himself.  Trump's Doonbegdoggle.

    04 September 2019:  For 7 hours, Democratic presidential candidates talked climate crisis ---  and it was great.

    04 September 2019:  ALABAMA-gate-ite-is or #Sharpiegate? Trump on whether he used a sharpie to alter a map of Hurricane Dorian's trajectory to make it look like it was on course to hit Alabama:  I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.  He then moves on to the next question as quickly as possible.

    04 September 2019:  ALABAMA-gate-ite-is or #Sharpiegate? tRump's war on reality takes a bizarre turn into Alabama. He tweets "I accept the Fake News apologies!"  after he tripples down on Alabama claim!  RESPONSE by most twitter users? Media owes you nothing and YOU BROKE THE LAW idiot!!
    This is an "ensemble" of a spaghetti plot. The thin lines do NOT say "storm is going here", they are changes in model variables (pressure/temp) used to determine confidence in the data. In this case "no confidence". You should stay away from forecasting. Media owes you nothing.
    NOTE: You and your sharpie just committed a crime under code 2074 ,Punishable by fines or prison. Falsifying a weather map is reprehensible to the millions of people who are at risk in this devastating hurricane
    Impeached for using a Sharpie! Works for me!

    04 September 2019:  ALABAMA-gate-ite-is or #Sharpiegate? Good Lord - the POTUS is not the sharpest SHARPIE in the the box!!! Meteorologist proves  Trump lied  about 'monitoring' Hurricane Dorian 'every hour'.

    04 September 2019:  ALABAMA-gate-ite-is or #Sharpiegate? POTUS breaks the law - AGAIN? Trump Displays  Altered Map  Of Hurricane Dorian's Path To Include Alabama.

    04 September 2019:  WAIT? WHo's gonna pay for tRump's WALL? NOT MEXICO that's for sure. Here's how the GOP and der leader SHAT on the military for POTUS vanity wall. These Are The  Military Projects  Losing Funding To Trump's Border Wall.

    03 September 2019:  A MUST READ!! - In total, Trump's lies, and the media and political machine that disseminates and sustains them, are antithetical to democracy. This is not a precondition for fascism. It is fascism in action.  You are not crazy.   Donald Trump is altering the fabric of reality.
    You are not crazy. Trump's defenders and other enablers accuse his critics of suffering from "Trump derangement syndrome." Such accusations are acts of projection. In reality, it is Trump and his supporters and enablers who are politically deranged, wallowing in a state of moral inversion, lost to malignant reality and mass political psychosis. They are waging a war on reality and truth, here in America and around the world.

    03 September 2019:  Trump blasted for argument with the National Weather Service about Hurricane Dorian -   He is losing it.
    "Better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt". -America.

    27 August 2019:  How Trump's attempt to profit off the G7 summit just  backfired spectacularly.

    26 August 2019:  Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up.  Rachel Maddow

    25 August 2019:  This topic on Trump is everywhere but Fox -  Brian Stelter

    24 August 2019:  Trump campaign mocked after unveiling new red hats:  Do you have arm bands as well?
    So America wasn't great but now it is because you guys cut taxes for multimillionaires, ripped children away from their parents, and made it legal to kill hibernating animals in their dens?

    21 August 2019:  Trump calls himself 'The Chosen One'! Now the top trending topic is   #25thAmendmentNow
    That's just a sample of all the insanity Trump has created in under 24 hours. So perhaps it's not surprise that #25thAmendmentNow is the top trending topic on Twitter right now, and has been for hours.

    20 August 2019:  Groups sue Trump's EPA in response to 'nauseating' approval of   bee-killing pesticide.   "Pure pro-pesticide politics."

    16 August 2019:  Internet hilariously mocks Trump for failing to sell out his campaign rallies!   #EmptySeatMAGATour   Nobody wants to watch re-runs of a boring, racist reality tv show anymore.

    16 August 2019:  PAY TO a MAGA rally? Say it isn't so?...oh never mind! Actually it was a "NO SCAN, NO PAY" company directive!  Trump's large union crowd at Shell was given the option of not showing up -- and not getting paid.  A spokesperson for Shell described Trump's speech as "a paid training day with a guest speaker who happened to be the President."

    15 August 2019:  The Liar-In-Cheif is at it AGIN!!!!  Here are the six most ridiculous lies  Trump told his supporters at New Hampshire MAGA rally.
    1. Claims that he came from Europe.
    2. Claims that he is already building the border wall.
    3. Says that Democrats support executing babies after they've been born.
    4. Claims that 17 auto manufacturers are moving back to Michigan.
    5. (once again) takes credit for the Veterans Choice program that Obama signed into law in 2014.
    6. (once again) lies about the crowd size at his rallies.

    14 August 2019:  Trump inherited a thriving real estate company from his father and bankrupted it. He inherited a strong economy from Obama and steered it straight to  severe recession.  Judging from approval polls Republican voters insist on riding this version of the titanic all the way to the bottom.

    14 August 2019:  CNN's Avlon shreds the GOP's lies about Trump's tax plan paying for itself   after the deficit nearly doubles.  "Over one year ago, we started 'Reality Check' on 'New Day,'" said Avlon. "The very first topic we hit was GOP hypocrisy over the deficit. It seems their new slogan should be, deficits don't matter unless a Democrat is president. Because the U.S. deficit is exploding during an economic expansion under tax cuts and spending hikes under president Trump. It's getting worse. During the debate over the Trump tax cut we were told this over and over again."

    13 August 2019:  Ken Cuccinelli:   The Statue of Liberty poem  was talking about 'people coming from Europe'.

    13 August 2019:  Trump is driving us toward a big recession:  It will be ghastly - but is it deliberate?  Bottom line: Trump's tweets and pronouncements do, in fact, trigger market movement. The open questions are: Is it intentional, and does he profit from it? Perhaps the House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., should take a look.
    Again, 62 million Americans apparently blanked out on which gang was in power the last time the economy tanked, not to mention which gang is in power now - in other words, which gang rescued the economy, and which gang is driving it into the ground again. Are Trump's tariffs helping American consumers? Nope. We're paying the price. And we'll pay an even heavier price when the economy grinds to a metal-on-metal halt, possibly next year.

    12 August 2019:  When Donald Trump Jr. tells you what people call the dumb brother, believe him. He really knows.  take it from me, -Fredo- isn't the N word for Italians, it just means you're the dumb brother.
    Dear Biff, son of a Klansman,
    Just like Madoff brought shame to his family, daddy brought shame to yours. It'll NEVER go away. So ppl will be wayyyy more upset if they are called Trump Jr. than Fredo. I'll take Fredo any day over your sad existence of a name.  It's the stink of the trump name. #TrumpBodyCount
    Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr  I have a feeling #TraitorTot is going to stick lil donny

    10 August 2019:  Bill Barr says he is 'appalled' to learn of the death of Epstein -.....  and no one on the internet is buying it.
    No one trusts the AG to do the right thing & follow the law. Who in the DOJ will seek the truth & reveal the truth? No gaslighting. No lies. Facts. This WH & Admin are one huge can of decaying worms. America is utterly fractured, beaten down & shattered.

    10 August 2019:  How severe is income inequality in the United States? Enough that the wealthiest family in the country earns $4 million every hour.....  The World's Wealthiest Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour.

    10 August 2019:  How Trump forced reversal on mining project EPA Scientists warn could destroy ecosystem...  Gold over life, literally.  "If that mine gets put in, it would . completely devastate our region. It would not only kill our resources, but it would kill us culturally." -Gayla Hoseth, Curyung Tribal Council/Bristol Bay Native Association.   So Trump meets Alaska's governor in his airplane and agrees to push through a goldmine that had been stopped b/c it will devastate salmon habitat. This at a time that orcas are already starving death. Salmon carry entire ecosystems on their backs.
    Make Ameerika UGLY---indeed.

    09 August 2019:  The president's callousness has reached a new low: smiling, flashing a thumbs-up next to an orphaned infant.   Trump's El Paso Photo Is Obscene.  The photo features a baby whose parents were killed in El Paso a few days ago. The baby survived because his parents shielded him with their bodies. In the photo, he is cradled by Melania Trump. The president is next to her; both are smiling broadly, and the president is offering a thumbs-up. The child is expressionless and wearing a cute plaid bow tie.

    09 August 2019:  This baby was recently orphaned by a terrorist who parroted some of Trump's rhetoric. His parents died trying to shield him. I've don't think I've ever met anyone who would think the appropriate response would be flashing a smile and thumbs up.   Something is wrong with him.  And Melania......Mail order bride turns First Lady.....She also had an anchor baby and chain migrated her parents to America.
    NOTE: Family brings baby with broken hand BACK to hospital AFTER A WHITE RACIST kills his Mom & Dad. Baby has a picture op with 2 WHITE RACISTS, because grown victims refused to see RACIST-Whose HATE RHETORIC was quoted 8X by shooter before killing parents. #BloodOnTrumpsHands

    09 August 2019:  "Why does an ignorant, narcissistic buffoon like Trump trigger such anxiety? Why do so many Americans feel it existentially (not just politically) important to resist our forty-fifth president?" he writes.   Trump is copying Hitler's early rhetoric and policies   in 20 different ways.

    08 August 2019:  Desperate Trump supporters push a false equivalence between inciting terrorism and campaign finance transparency.  Bad faith attacks on Joaquin Castro over publicizing donor list are a weak cover for Trump's guilt.   Once it became irrefutable that Donald Trump had colluded with a criminal Russian conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 (even if there wasn't quite enough evidence to charge conspiracy), Trump and his Republican enablers switched tactics. Unable to deny the Russian collusion, instead they leaned on one of Trump's favorite gambits: Whataboutism, a propaganda technique also heavily favored by Russian president Vladimir Putin. The idea of whataboutism is to throw up a bunch of false equivalences and accuse the "other side" of doing what you do, to make it seem like your critics are hypocrites and that everyone is doing the terrible thing you can no longer pretend you didn't do.

    07 August 2019:  The first rule of Trump world is that everything Trump touches dies. Sorry, MAGAs. It's just natural law. As He Plays President in El Paso and Dayton,   We Know That the Real Donald Trump Is a Bad Man.

    06 August 2019:  The Stock Market is back to January 2018 status?!? Good job DOTARD idiot! Obama gives you a great running economy and you strip the gears! But you do make a GREAT SOCIALIST when it serves YOU--eh?  There are some types of socialism Trump loves.

    06 August 2019:  NEW tRump and helpers new slogan? What-a-bout [ insert ]?   Response to Obama's statement on mass shootings is so terribly flawed.

    05 August 2019:  Analysts spooked as a key sign of a recession 'blares loudest' alarm  since 2007.   He even offered a troubling warning of his own: "Hope I'm wrong, but in retrospect Trump's latest tariffs may look like the world trade equivalent of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand - the event that tripped an uneasy situation into all-out trade war."

    05 August 2019:  Ivanka Aeternum After the White House, she probably can't go back to the city that made her.  So she has cannily devised another exit strategy.

    05 August 2019:  ANOTHER CLUE? Vote BLUE in 2020! Tell the GOP to "GO BACK" to the rocks they slivered from under....MoscowMitch Young supporters pose for a photo strangling a cardboard   cutout of AOC!  i guess mitch is ok with a bunch of his white boys symbolically attacking a cutout of aoc?

    05 August 2019:  HINT? Vote BLUE in 2020! Tell the GOP to "GO BACK" to the rock they slivered from under....MoscowMitch busted for sharing 'troubling'   photo of his opponent on a tombstone!  McGrath responded Monday, drawing attention to the tweet and its timing.  "Hours after the El Paso shooting, Mitch McConnell proudly tweeted this photo," McGrath tweeted. "I find it so troubling that our politics have become so nasty and personal that the Senate Majority Leader thinks it's appropriate to use imagery of the death of a political opponent (me) as messaging."
    He promised to drain the swamp, not restock it.

    05 August 2019:  Tim Ryan: Toledo. Fck me. ---- Trump doused with furious mockery for   mixing up Dayton and Toledo in mass shooting address!
    Trump said Toledo. He didn't even care enough to get the location of the shooting correct. @GOP, y'all continue to enable him.
    - instead of saying Dayton, he said Toledo
    - can't stop sniffing
    If we can't impeach the president, can we at least drug test him?
    trump's speech had a tight camera shot of his head & chest- perhaps to hide his body movements & podium clutching. He slurred as he struggled to read prepared text. Saying Texas instead of El Paso, then closing w/ "Toledo," he's a dementia tragedy still occupying the White House.

    05 August 2019:  Conservative trashes Trump's 'infuriating' mass shooting speech in scathing column:  Abject insincerity!   Trump finally appeared before the public Monday morning to say, 'In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. . Hate has no place in America.'"   "It would be laughable if it were not so infuriating," Rubin says. He blamed a wide swath of issues, including social media, but refused to take responsibility for his own mistakes. "There was no sincere remorse for his own role in fanning racism. As a final insult and indication of abject insincerity, he ended with "and may God bless the people of Toledo."

    04 August 2019:  When a white supremacist manifesto allegedly posted by the El Paso shooting suspect first began making the rounds on Saturday night, it was hard not to feel a sense of familiarity.  Who Said It: The El Paso Shooter or Fox News?!   I could go on. This is not some fringe ideology confined to the dark corners of the web. It's being peddled constantly by some of our highest-profile media figures-oh, and by the president of the United States.

    03 August 2019:  Can't decide if @Liz_Cheney or her venal father is the more comically villainous. I unequivocally support native tribes destroying Liz Cheney's way of life.  Indigenous groups applaud protection of grizzly bear!   On a momentous day for Tribal Nations, Liz Cheney (R-WY) stated the court victory by tribes and environmentalists to return grizzly bears to the Endangered Species list was intended to "destroy our Western way of life," a reference to trophy hunting.

    02 August 2019:  Donald Trump is projecting again. His racist accusations:   As usual, he projects his own sins and crimes onto others!

    30 July 2019:  Trump made  78 false claims last week!

    30 July 2019:  Oh my! Like a canary in the coal mine....even the GOP is worried tRump will lose in 2020? They are trying to get "stuff" done before he loses BIGLY!!!!   GOP senators led by Ted Cruz call on Trump to bypass Congress to give rich Americans yet another tax cut!

    30 July 2019:  YUP-- betcha this POS voted for Hillary?!? C'mon GOP - spin this one.....but Hey tRump, one of your minions needs HELP from her rat infested life? Your silence is deafening.  Woman goes into racist meltdown  when she's busted for leaving baby in running car to drink shots in bar.  When police moved to take her into custody, she grew belligerent and started yelling racial slurs.  "You will not take my child and place her with a f*cking n*gger!" the woman yelled, according to the police affidavit. The affidavit also says that Vaughan "continued to thrash her body around. yell and throw herself about" even after she was finished yelling racial slurs.

    29 July 2019:  If Baltimore is a Sh%tHole then maybe tRump should GO TO JARED for a fix?   The Beleaguered Tenants of 'Kushnerville'   published May 23, 2017 - True then? true now? Maybe POTUS is scared of Cummings oversight. You bet!

    29 July 2019:  HEY AMERICA! Watch #MoscowMitch WHINE on the Senate floor.   Dems are gaslighting me Russian interference - Blame Obama for Russian interference! But FASCIST McConnell is still crying "McCarthyism." BOO-HOO   #MoscowMitch     #LostTrumpHistory

    29 July 2019:  HEY AMERICA! Pay attention!   The United States has passed a point of no return!

    28 July 2019:  HEY AMERICA! The lights are flashing RED! The country is in distress! History professor explains why   Trump is far worse than notorious racist George Wallace!
    "President Trump warned his supporters that they were in danger from Democrats, and at times condoned violence against his critics and 'enemies,'" the MAGA bomber's lawyers claimed.
    "Since the midterms, Mr. Trump's rhetoric and the threats from his supporters have only intensified. In March, a Trump backer in New York was arrested on charges of threatening to 'put a bullet' in Ms. Omar's 'skull,'" wrote Kruse. "In April, a Trump supporter in Florida was arrested on charges of making death threats to Ms. Tlaib and two other Democrats. This month, two police officers in Louisiana were fired over a Facebook post, suggesting that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez should be shot."
    The rhetoric will get worse as the president gets more desperate to win in November. But Kruse explained that it is "long past time" he think about the consequences of his words.

    28 July 2019:  POTUS is a liar, racist and really   sucks at math!
    Let's put this myth to bed once & for all. Black unemployment was 16.8% when Obama took office. When he left office it was 7.8%. When Trump took office it was at 7.8%. It is now at 6.8%. You don't give a damn about Blacks or Black unemployment, LIAR.

    28 July 2019:  Not surprised by this trumpian GOP obstructionist --- Maybe ask Marco Rubio for a copy?  Rick Scott  on 'Meet the Press' admits he hasn't read new Senate report on Russian election hacking.

    28 July 2019:  Rut-Roh! The former GOP deficit-hawks taste like chicken now! Fox News anchor schools Stephen Moore:   GOP started spending like drunken sailors 'when Trump became president'.

    28 July 2019:  Vanquisher of David Duke says Dem candidates who ignore Trump racism are  'bringing spreadsheets to a gun fight'.
    "Trumpism did not gain steam based on policy." "People who voted for Donald Trump didn't sit down and compare policy positions and 10-point plans. They were responding to the rage that Donald Trump was tapping into. He hates who they hate and that is why they've stuck with him - I'm talking about the hardcore base."
    "So, you're not going to win an election against an emotional movement by just talking about your wonderful plan for this or for that," he continued. "Not that we don't need good plans, but I think the entire campaign of any Democrats needs to be focused on the existential threat that Trumpism poses to the America we care about and the values that we believe in."

    28 July 2019:  Mar-a-Lago cited for 78 health violations in the last three years,' um .. yeah. Internet pillories 'Vermin-in-Chief' Trump.  #TrumpIsARat.  As radio personality and political commentator Dean Obeidallah wrote, "Another day and more racist comments by Trump. And keep in mind Trump is supported by 90% of the GOP.  "His people think white people are so racist that the way to get them to vote is be racist," she explained. "These are the people who lost their minds because Hillary Clinton referred to them as deplorable. They voted for a guy who believes they are deplorable and believes they are so bigoted that he can play this role of political opioid."

    27 July 2019:  In case anyone missed it, the president of the United States had some choice words to describe Maryland's 7th congressional district on Saturday morning. Here are the key phrases: "no human being would want to live there," it is a "very dangerous & filthy place," "Worst in the USA" and, our personal favorite: It is a "rat and rodent infested mess."    Baltimore Sun rains holy hell down on Trump in epic editorial. Better to have a few rats than to be one.  Trump bad-mouthed Baltimore in order to make a point that the border camps are "clean, efficient & well run," which, of course, they are not - unless you are fine with all the overcrowding, squalor, cages and deprivation to be found in what the Department of Homeland Security's own inspector-general recently called "a ticking time bomb."
    Finally, while we would not sink to name-calling in the Trumpian manner - or ruefully point out that he failed to spell the congressman's name correctly (it's Cummings, not Cumming) - we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the Oval Office, the mocker of war heroes, the gleeful grabber of women's private parts, the serial bankrupter of businesses, the useful idiot of Vladimir Putin and the guy who insisted there are "good people" among murderous neo-Nazis that he's still not fooling most Americans into believing he's even slightly competent in his current post. Or that he possesses a scintilla of integrity. Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one.

    27 July 2019:  It's time for Democrats to take off the gloves and  destroy Trump now.
    When he's finished putting down your dog, Trump is going to take away your health care, raise your taxes, eliminate your job, take away your right to an abortion, limit your right to vote, turn your air and water brown, cut your Social Security and Medicare, and tell you if you don't like it, you can leave.
    It doesn't matter who's the nominee. This is the message Democrats have to carry to the country in 2020. Is it an exaggeration? A scare tactic? Are you kidding? We already know all this stuff is true, and we don't need "facts" to surmise that if given half a chance Trump and his minions will find some way to make euthanizing shelter animals easier and more profitable. For Donald Trump and the Republican Party he leads, money and cruelty is who they are. It's what they do.
    Now they're floating shit like this: all Democrats are Socialists. That whiny little Trump-pilot-fish Lindsey Graham recently asserted that AOC and the rest of the "Squad" are communists.
    Do you think Republicans care if it's all complete bullshit? Hell no. They're going to run on this crap, and anything else they can think up over the next 15 months, and they're going to laugh all the way to the ballot box. You want to know what else Trump and his lily-livered bunch of chicken hawks are going to do? They're going to sell the idea that Donald Trump, who had five draft deferments, skipped out of Vietnam with his bone spurs, capitulated to Vladimir Putin at Helsinki, writes "love letters" to Kim Jung Un, ripped babies out their mothers arms along the southern border, and has been charged by multiple women with rape as well as sexual assault is a tough guy.
    I'll wait for you to reach down and pick your jaw up from the floor on that one. You okay now? Is your jaw reattached?
    How about this: what if Democrats took a page out of the Republican playbook and simply said, "Don't worry, you can trust us.  What plan do we have for all of this?  Pick a side and stick with it. Take a stand and don't retreat.  Don't get lost in the weeds of plans and white papers, and for crying out loud, stop giving Republicans a leg up by squabbling and nitpicking at each other. You're Democrats, not suicide bombers.
    You want to know what toughness is in this election year? Republicans tell lies and cheat to win. We don't. Republicans stand by a racist president. We stand up to him and call him what he is. Republicans will take your health insurance away. We'll protect it. Republicans are the party of Donald Trump. We're the party of democracy and the American way.  We love this country. We're not going anywhere but the ballot box and we're going to vote, and we're going to beat your sorry, lying ass.

    26 July 2019:  This bad GDP report  is all Trump's fault.

    26 July 2019:  Thank you Judge Andrew Napolitano. Too bad too many other Republicans are too scared to defend the Constitution vs Trump's actions. Where are all of the Tea Baggers who were adamant in defending the Constitution?  WATCH THE VIDEO.

    26 July 2019:  Fox News reporter gets obliterated on-air by House Judiciary Dems for calling Mueller testimony a 'failure'.  READ THE FACTS.

    25 July 2019:  The GOP mistake? Not raising one word of concern about Russian interference in the 2016 election.  The GOP just made a really huge mistake.  All that is needed for the evil of a Kremlin-chosen presidency to continue is for good men and women to do nothing. Don't go gripe on the internet - act. Tell your senators and representative to act. Register to vote. Get others registered. Demonstrate. Exercise your Constitutional right to peacefully raise hell until the Trump Protection Racket is broken up.

    25 July 2019:  GOP chairwoman's cynical stunt targeting Marine Corps vet backfires -   big time.

    24 July 2019:  Just like tRump? Rut-Roh!! 'Your new prime minister is a liar':   Protest message to the Queen projected onto Buckingham Palace.

    22 July 2019:  REMEMBER WHO THE LIARS ARE: Kristian Rouz appears on segments for One America News Network-ironic given he is working for a Russian outlet fingered in the 2016 election attack.  Trump's New Favorite Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist.  If the stories broadcast by the Trump-endorsed One America News Network sometimes look like outtakes from a Kremlin trolling operation, there may be a reason. One of the on-air reporters at the 24-hour network is a Russian national on the payroll of the Kremlin's official propaganda outlet, Sputnik.

    22 July 2019:  Why this 2017 German magazine's cover painting of   Trump as a Nazi  is getting so much attention now.  "His fight! Neo-Nazis, KU-Klux Klan, racism: How Donald Trump is protecting hate in America," is a Facebook-generated translation of the cover story's title.
    If he acts like a Nazi,
    Sounds like a Nazi,
    And Germany's top magazine calls him a Nazi...

    22 July 2019:  Don't let this presidential pickpocket use cruel verbal assaults to  distract you from the truth.

    22 July 2019:  Understanding our bully-in-chief:   tRump's -antisocial personality disorder- fits a pattern.

    21 July 2019:  Why does Donald Trump hate this country so much? tRump is incapable of loving anything or anyone, even himself.  SAD.
    He attacks our system of government as a "Joke" and a "Laughing stock".
    "How stupid are the people of the country".
    "The weak and very stupid country".
    He is the one who hates his country. He wants a dictatorship like Putin and Un. Like Hitler. He needs it to stay out of jail.
    He disrespects the American People by lying all the time!
    Un-American Donald Trump has said:
    The United States is:
    . a laughing stock
    . a stupid country
    . USA is not great
    . ... is going to hell
    . Our military is going to hell
    . The U.S. a third-world country
    . The American Dream is Dead


    19 July 2019:  What I Would Ask Robert Mueller  By James Comey.

    18 July 2019:  YOU are the greatest hypocrite AND sycophant among elected officials in modern history. You have NO lessons to teach.   #ResignLindseyGraham

    18 July 2019:  IT BARELY TOOK THE PRESIDENT ANY TIME before he said this Wednesday evening at his campaign rally in Greenville, N.C.: "I just heard that the United States House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project I've ever been involved in: the resolution -- how stupid is that -- on impeachment.   What Trump might not get about impeachment.

    18 July 2019:  You were a former pastor and you "struggled with" the "send her back" chant? How'd that struggle turn out?   Rep. Mark Walker (R).  "I almost condemned racism, but then I had second thoughts" is a weird thing to announce on the internet.

    18 July 2019:  Graham's glib defense outraged Twitter users who had already thought the conservative senator had hit rock bottom when it came to defending the president.  Lindsey Graham's latest defense of Trump's racist attacks leaves Americans sick to their stomach.
    Speaking with reporters the morning after Trump incited rallygoers to chant "send her back" after he launched an ugly attack on the Democratic lawmakers, Graham said the president couldn't be a racist because he would never encourage the repatriation of a Somali immigrant if they were wearing a MAGA hat.
    "If you think he's a racist, that's up to you. I don't!" -- Lindsey Graham, just now
    "He's a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot." -- Lindsey Graham, 2015

    18 July 2019:  "Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this," ----- "This is the face of evil."  A Fascist Trump Rally In Greenville.
    When the POTUS does not understand the Constitutional right to debate and dissent, there is trouble in paradise. Trump and his chanting crowd are advocating the displacement of Democracy with a Dictatorship. Next chant, "Heil Trump?"

    17 July 2019:  Hillary Clinton was right! They are DEPLORABLE! ---- tRump's N.C. Hate rally maga troll chanting gets responce from   Ilhan Omar.
    BTW? She sponsored support for 9/11 victims. Rand Paul blocked it. Why does Rand Paul hate America?
    Please be safe @IlhanMN .... tRump has riled up his Cult45 followers at his racist #TrumpRally tonight at your expense!! This is dangerous!!! This. Is. Not. Normal!!

    17 July 2019:  'It's so un-American': Internet scorches Trump supporters for racist chants of  'Send her back!'
    This is incitement by the president of the United States and it's fucking disgusting.
    I just saw the "Send her back" chant video from the Trump rally and it's more horrific than I could have imagined. There's a young girl who looks to be 12, chanting zombie-like with the rest of the crowd, taught to hate by the president of the United States
    Trump cult members just chanted "send her back." It's blatant racism. Trump should not be president for countless reasons. Add this to the list. Republicans are spineless cowards. They're to blame for all of this. They're the only reason this lunatic is still in office. Pathetic.
    Trump looking on approvingly as his crowd chants "Send her back!" about a nonwhite American congresswoman is straight out of a Nuremberg rally.
    A GOP that was too cowardly to condemn his tweets, you own this. This is your party now. Overt racism is a feature, not a bug.

    17 July 2019:  Lyin racist tRump is feeding his lemmings again.....AND THEY LICK IT UP AS TRUTH......  Trump falsely accuses Ilhan Omar of praising al Qaeda!

    17 July 2019:  Donny Deutsch goes on epic rant telling white people  'if you vote for Trump - you own it'!

    17 July 2019:  Trump's 'craziness' will drive Mexico to find other sources of soybeans  - permanently hurting US farmers!
    Wonder how many tRump farmer votes he loses over this? Probably not many -- MAGA heads never give up! Will tRump support them after they lose the farm? Hmm...

    17 July 2019:  AG Roy Cohn (a.k.a. Bill Barr) working hard for "INDIVIDUAL ONE"! Feds quietly close investigation into Trump organization's role in  hush money payments!
    Can you smell that smell? Like rotting fish? Oh Nevermind, its only MAGA spilling over the legal system!

    16 July 2019:  WOW...Look who finally Grew a SET!! Bravo!  House Condemns Trump's Attack on Four Congresswomen as Racist!

    16 July 2019:  IRONY MUCH? Republican freaks out after Democrat quotes Trump's racist statement on the floor of Congress!  Swalwell quoted Trump on "shithole countries!  "You might not be a racist, but you're fine with endorsing and supporting a racist president and you have to look yourself in the mirror right now in 2019 and ask yourself is it worth it? Why am I supporting a racist president? What type of country am I creating?".

    16 July 2019:  Kellyanne Conway slammed for defending Trump by questioning reporter's ethnicity by  Going 'full Nazi in public'!   Well folks... here it is. Next come the arm bands! If you don't like this country kellyanne, then YOU should leave!

    15 July 2019:  Is this tRump's douchy kids?  Couple kiss in photo with lion moments after shooting it dead!  Yes. More idiots that get their rocks off by pointing a boomstick at a beautiful animal.

    15 July 2019:  Donald Trump's long history of racism,  from the 1970s to 2019!

    15 July 2019:  CNN's Jake Tapper reveals   Rep. Ilhan Omar has been a citizen longer than Melania Trump has!

    14 July 2019:  Indeed, if Republicans are searching for a way to set themselves apart from the far-right, this would be an excellent opportunity.  Here's how endangered Republicans in key 2020 Senate races responded to Trump's racist 'go back' tweet ???  SILENCE!

    14 July 2019:  'Melania was born where?':   Ana Navarro unleashes on Trump hypocrisy of 'go back' to where you're from tweet.

    14 July 2019:  @MattWolking -- Dude. You're fucking *terrible* at this!!!!! BUSTED: Trump campaign attempts to gaslight America -   by blatantly lying about what the president said in racist tweetstorm.  I admire the utter lack of shame needed to lie and gaslight for Trump. The mental gymnastics and utter lack of decency required to launder and whitewash his clear racism.  Trump campaign flack is telling us we don't see a quote from the president that he screenshots for us right here. If you're going to try to gaslight people at least do it well

    14 July 2019:  Instead of tweeting about Trump, @SpeakerPelosi, censure him for being a racist --   and then impeach him for being a criminal.  Yes-sir-ree...Democrats need to put up or SHUT UP! Time to #ImpeachTMF

    14 July 2019:  How about tRump tells wife#1 and wife#3 to "go back to where you came from"? Actually not a bad idea....and take your 4 anchor babies with them too? NICE!  Ted Lieu calls Trump a 'racist ass' on live TV.

    14 July 2019:  Fox & Friends hosts inspire racist Trump tweet -   and then laugh as they read it aloud.

    14 July 2019:  You know who says "go back to where you came from"? Racists! Internet scorches Trump over his 'breathtakingly racist' tweets  attacking foreign-born Democratic lawmakers.

    13 July 2019:  Mike Pence labeled a 'fake Christian' for defending inhumane conditions at Trump's concentration camps  #FakeChristian.  Pence was subjected to an overwhelming stench of urine during his visit to a Customs and Border Patrol facility in McAllen, Texas.
    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis (1935)

    13 July 2019:  Liberals hilariously Twitter-troll hypocritical rightwing 'Christians' with   #ThingsJesusNeverSaid.  People pointed out hypocrisy by the religious right on health care, race and President Donald Trump.
    "Love thy neighbor...unless they're a queer, pro-choice, Obama-loving non-white person who kneels before cloth with stars and stripes on it." #ThingsJesusNeverSaid
    --Thou shalt procure a hot pool boy to frolic naked with you & the wife.
    --Thou shalt use me to make riches to withhold from the poor.
    --Thou shalt pimp an adulterer who preys on women/children and bears false witness with regularity Satan would find exhausting.

    13 July 2019:  Internet destroys Pence for whining about coverage of his immigrant camp photo-op tour:  Burn in hell, liar.

    10 July 2019:  tRump Disinformation ReElection 2020 Campaign BEGINS!! A stinky brew of trolls slinking thru the WH Rose Garden! What could go wrong?  Trump's Social Media Summit Will Star Far-Right Propagandists.

    07 July 2019:  Had enough debate about Donald Trump? Me too. He's a tyrant and a killer:   He must be stopped.

    07 July 2019:  Rut Roh!! Sports bar patrons ruin Fox News segment by loudly chanting  'Fuck Trump' after US wins World Cup.

    06 July 2019:  Nurse! Nurse! He's forgotten who he is again! Only a malignant narcissist sociopath thanks himself.  Internet ridicules Trump for pathetic tweet thanking himself: 'Happy ME-DAY!'
    Still can't believe a POTUS sent out this tweet, praising himself in the third person. I feel like I live in a never ending joke with no punchline. Nice to see you thanking Obama for handing you a strong economy.   Trump Laughed At By World Leaders At UN!

    04 July 2019:  Lol the webcams seem to be turned off...... wonder why?   Mother Nature tells Donald Trump to go to Hell!
    With his presidency falling apart and his reelection prospects in the gutter, Donald Trump decided that the best way to "fix" things would be to hijack the nation's Fourth of July celebration in Washington DC and turn it into a military-fueled authoritarian homage to himself. The whole thing was going to be a debacle no matter what, because Trump is simply too much of a weakling to pull off the dictator pose.  Oh... and guess who's NOT at the DC TrumpClusterF.... Ivanka, Jared and Donny Jr.

    04 July 2019:  C-SPAN provokes backlash after announcing they will air Trump's 4th of July rally  Why are you legitimizing this?
    The cable network created a graphic to promote viewership, featuring a picture of Trump in front of a flag hung horizontally, in violation of Flag Code.  C-SPAN received swift backlash for broadcasting the controversial event.  Here is some of what people were saying:
    No tanks....Phuck Gno.... I prefer a celebration that honors democracy...There is no way in hell I will watch the ego parade!
    No thanks! I've decided to undergo a colonoscopy and double root canal without sedation or pain medication....I find this will be much more enjoyable than watching Comrade Trump play my army's bigger than your army...especially, since he dodged real service in Vietnam.

    04 July 2019:  #BoycottTheTrumpOfJuly!!! TO: @MSNBC @abcnews @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS I would like to thank you all for NOT televising the upcoming 4th of July Trumpfest. Whether it be a parade, a display or a political campaign strategy, it is ridiculous and is NOT who we are in America.  If it doesn't rain then PLEASE SHOW #Trump your INDEPENDENCE and #BoycottDC4th #BoycottTrumpJuly4 #BoycottTrumps4th #boycottthecircus #BoycottThe4thInDC #BoycottTheTrumpOfJuly #BoycottTrumpParade #BoycottTheMallOnJuly4th #BoycottJuly4thDC

    Pass. I'll be celebrating our Independence Day with family and my community.
    Will Air Force One get back with Kim and Putin in time for the show?
    Dictator Donny is gonna tell everyone what a great American he is. Swell
    I'll be shaving my pet spider's legs at that time so I'll be busy. After all, that's 8 legs. Enjoy your ego show that will leave you full for 2 seconds and empty all night. Wish your parents actually loved you. Sad to be you!
    Oooooh! #AircraftOne will fly over us? Sir, what did we do to deserve such an honor? #trumpstinypenisparade
    Watch THE APPRENTICE DICTATOR stand up surrounded by military equipment and personnel to get his ego stroked by the adoring sheep and show off for the BIG DICS!

    04 July 2019:  Lou Dobbs scorched for attacking 'snowflake generals' staying away from   Trump's military-themed parade.
    Lou Dobbs, a rabid cheerleader of the president on cable news, who took to social media to denounce "Snowflake Generals" and suggesting that they are not loyal enough to win wars:  The internet quickly dogpiled on Dobbs for his partisan attack on the military:
    Military are snowflakes? WTF have you ever done except bloviate on TV? Fuck you Dobbs.
    Someone that didn't serve insulting men and women that have seen combat on the 4th of july in order to be a sycophant to a draft dodger is the most GOP thing I think I've ever seen. This is the modern @GOP in a nutshell, right here. Thanks @foxnewsalert
    You were 21 in 1966. How did you dodge Vietnam, Lou? Why did you not serve when so many of your generation were maimed and killed? #TellUsLou

    04 July 2019:  He demanded a military parade for his inauguration and he didn't get it, until NOW. #BoycottTrump4thOfJuly trending!!! We will celebrate our Independence Day on November 3, 2020 when we destroy Trump and begin to eradicate Trumpism from America.  If the White House, and indeed tRump, truly wants to honor veterans and American soldiers, here is a list of 9 options we could give them other than tRump's VANITY military parade!!!
    1. Homes for homeless veterans - taxpayers could buy a nice tiny home at $10,000 each, for 14,500 of the 150,000 homeless veterans. However, there are even more affordable tiny homes available at $3,000 to 4,000, which means we could easily give homes to 39,189 homeless vets.
    2. Feed homeless veterans - he could feed every single homeless veteran in the U.S. three meals a day for a year. If he wanted to.
    3. Buy a nice job interview suit - from the Men's Warehouse for every single homeless veteran in the U.S. so they could go on job interviews.
    4. Buy a pair of jeans - If a suit isn't what is needed, we could also buy a pair of Levi's 501 jeans for every single homeless veteran, every year, for 20 years.
    5. Add in shoes - we could also buy a jeans and a new pair of Converse sneakers every year for 10 years for every homeless veteran.
    6. We could give mental health services - and pay for a therapy session every other week for 60,000 veterans for a year.
    7. Education for a new career - we could pay for 15,000 homeless veterans to get a certification to be an electrician or a wind power technician, which could help them earn enough to be in the middle class.
    8. We could send care packages for soldiers fighting the war on terror - we could send a care package to all soldiers stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria every week for 106 years. Seriously.
    9. We could also send a box to every soldier over seas - If we didn't want to isolate the ones fighting above and focus on all soldiers, we could send a care package to every single one of the 1.3 million members of the military stationed abroad every week for 2 years (and 1 month), all for the same cost of Trump's military parade.
    If tRump and his supporters want to pretend that the soldiers and our veterans are the ones who deserve honor and respect, we should probably begin by funding things that are actually needed, not grad displays of so-called patriotism. Over 150,000 veterans sleep on the streets. Some are homeless while it's in the single-digit-cold with brutal wind chills. Some are desperately trying to fight post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and other health problems. Others spent so much time fighting for the country the hardly have the energy left to fight for themselves. Americans could be doing that. If we wanted to.

    GOP is silent as trump Spends millions of our tax dollars to salute himself on July 4th. They are more than complicit. The GOP are co-conspirators. ---- VOTE this POS and all his lackys out in 2020! That will Make America MUCH BETTER!

    "You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics ..." - Erma Bombeck

    And here we are in the year 2019, as a dictatorial president is politicizing Independence Day and rolling out tanks and military jets, and citizens are urging all true patriots to boycott the event. #BoycottTrump4thOfJuly

    03 July 2019:  DANG - They could no longer compete with REALITY! More proof that everything Trump touches dies. #RIPMAD --- Mad Magazine to Effectively Shutter  After 67 Years.
    The beloved satire publication will no longer be sold on newsstands after the August issue, and future editions will shift to previously published material with new covers.

    03 July 2019:  A new poll shows only 45% of men and women in the U.S. are 'extremely proud' to be American. That is the lowest amount ever recorded by this poll.   What do you think is causing the decline?
    Where do I f#@king begin?

    02 July 2019:  Trump Is Packing the July 4 Fireworks Because  He's Afraid of Getting Booed.  Trump has spent his presidency representing his supporters, without even bothering with the pretense of representing the majority that voted against him. He is attempting to conscript patriotic rituals into this effort. He deserves the reception he fears: loud, merciless boos.

    01 July 2019:  "Our president has no fear" .. wrong !! He's truly terrified of Robert Mueller ! And he should be.  Fox News vs. North Korean State TV.

    01 July 2019:  There is double standards. And then, beyond double standards, there is Fox News.  Fox News Attacked Obama On North Korea, Praised Trump For Same Plan.

    01 July 2019:  IVANKA EMAILS? Yes-Lock Her Up! House Democrats demand   Ivanka Trump's government emails sent by her personal server.  Paybacks are difficult when it comes to politics. After a non-stop war against former Secretary Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email server, tRump's "little princess" and top aide seemed to think the rules were different for her. Coming into the new White House, Ivanka Trump used an off-site, personal email server to do communications for official government purposes.  It's unclear how many emails Ivanka Trump has deleted or "bleached," as her father would say.

    30 June 2019:  Here comes the DIRTY tRumpper TRICKS!!! 'Dumbest of all Trump children' Don Jr.  clobbered for trying to lie about his birther attack on Kamala Harris.  "Donald Trump Jr. is Fredo, " Martin replied referencing the weak and ineffective son of Don Corleone in The Godfather. "And he clearly can't read a bio. He is probably the dumbest of all the Trump children."

    29 June 2019:  FAKE NEWS? Why is it always somebody associated with tRump! SAD!  Trump consultant is running a fake Joe Biden campaign website  designed to mock him and divide the left.

    29 June 2019:  DEMOCRATS! DO YOUR JOB or get voted out in 2020!!! Impeach the MF!   This is the week it became accurate to compare Trump to Hitler.  The presidency of Donald Trump has been one horror after another - the endless lying, the coddling and worship of dictators, the rank incompetence and corruption of the people he has chosen to run government departments, the saber-rattling and about-facing with various enemies, the repeated attacks on voting rights and free speech and a free press, the countenancing of rank racism and white supremacy in Charlottesville and elsewhere, the personal corruption and grifting at his resorts and golf clubs, the reverence for a celebration of ignorance, the disdain for science and expertise, the constant tweeting and spewing of hate and stupidity and racism and misogyny and xenophobia - the list goes on. Add your own outrages at will.  There is a word for this: Kapo. It's the German word for a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp picked by guards to watch over other prisoners. Kapos were spared from hard labor and given extra food and blankets and privileges, but if they failed to supervise their fellow concentration camp victims to the guards' satisfaction, they were reprimanded and returned to the regular camp population.
    I have been skeptical until now of people who have compared Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler. I've scoffed at speculation that Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses the election in November of 2020.  No longer. This was the week that we crossed the line. It should scare the shit out of us. It can happen here. It is happening.

    28 June 2019:  Propaganda DonCon rhetoric sorta works? Trumpers are so gullible!! WATCH: Trump fan has a 'fake news' meltdown after being told   president boasted he could shoot someone.  In a video created by the Young Turks, an unidentified woman blew up at the mention that President Donald Trump once said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his fans - like her -wouldn't care.

    28 June 2019:  Buh-Bye!! Internet gets in last shots at Sarah Sanders as she tweets   she's leaving the White House today with her 'head held high'.  Good riddance. Your time in the role has been a stain on the Executive Branch that will be hard to remove. History will not be kind to you. You should be leaving in handcuffs.

    27 June 2019:  CHARGE and LOCK HIM UP - again and again and again.... That Manafort perp walk you've all been waiting for? --- NICE!  Paul Manafort arrives at Manhattan court ahead of arraignment.  tRump's one-time campaign manager was dressed in navy blue scrubs and white sneakers and handcuffed as he was led into Manhattan Supreme Court through the District Attorney's Office entrance.

    27 June 2019:  ONLY THE BEST? Who is Stephanie Grisham?   Sarah Sanders' replacement has an extensive history of lying.  "There don't seem to be any consequences for Trump advisers who tell lies or break the law," Hasan writes, stressing that dishonesty is considered a virtue - not a liability - in the Trump Administration. And considering that dishonesty is encouraged rather than discouraged in the Trump Administration, Hasan writes, Grisham will be the ideal successor to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

    27 June 2019:  Rut-ROH! The TRUMPEES are having a tantrum - AGAIN!!!   Republicans are going ballistic over Supreme Court blocking citizenship question from 2020 Census.  On Twitter, Matt Schlapp posted, "I'm for impeaching the Chief Justice for lying to all of us about his support of the Constitution. He is responsible for Robertscare, and now, he is angling for vast numbers of illegal residents to help Dems hold Congress. Enough deception from GOP judges on the Constitution."

    26 June 2019:  Fox Host finally speaks truth about tRump and Sarah HuckaLIE Sanders!!   It's hard being 'mouthpiece for a racist, traitorous Nazi president'.  Fox News host Jesse Watters on Wednesday joked that President Donald Trump is a "racist, traitorous Nazi president." Watters marked the last day of Sarah Sanders' tenure as White House press secretary by recalling that she had been a favorite target of activists.  ........."remember, she is the mouthpiece for the racist, traitorous Nazi president. He cages kids, sexually assaults people, he is a madman."

    26 June 2019:  Timeline of Deceit:   From Trump's Draft to Rosenstein's Cover Story.  That the FBI's inquiry was the president's main complaint in the original four-page May 2017 draft provides new and previously unreported evidence that Trump's primary motivation in firing Comey may have been to impede the Russia investigation, a potential obstruction of justice. Although the existence of the draft was first disclosed by The New York Times in the fall of 2017, and it was discussed at some length in the Mueller Report, the text of the letter itself has remained secret; also previously undisclosed is the fact that President Trump so directly linked the firing of Comey to the FBI's Russia investigation.

    21 June 2019:  For the CULT45 crowd -- put on your RED HATS and sing along and honor your der leadass...I mean leader....   Spike Jones Der Fuehrer's Face!  To commemorate Trump's cruel threat of ICE raids to rip children from parents and deport 'millions' becomes reality Sunday - June 23, 2019.  You Trumpees must be so proud!
    now please stand for the national anthem... or else.   Donald Duck - Der Fuehrer's face!

    21 June 2019:  #CrookedHannity #CrookedManafort #CrookedTrump --File this as Trump Conspirators 101!! No Surprise -- a Trump-Hannity-Manafort conspiracy to pardon Manafort (obstruction).   A guy who goes on TV *every single night*   accusing law enforcement of being part of a conspiracy involving POTUS has just put himself at the center of...  ...a conspiracy involving POTUS.
    Geeze the fact that these indicted criminals get more freedom than an illegal immigrant hoping for a better life is beyond me!!
    So what type of BS reason is hannity going to use when he refuses to answer questions? Can't use executive privilege. Pleads the 5th?

    21 June 2019:  Another DOTARD "only the best" implodes and shames himself......GOOD RIDDANCE to this Fat F**K!!!!   Trump's 2016 communications chief quits Twitter  after profanity-laden meltdown at Democrat Jerry Nadler.  "You're gross, you fat f*ck," Miller reportedly tweeted about Nadler. "Fat f*cks gonna fat f*ck."  Miller had been appointed White House communications director, but quit before the inauguration, to "spend time with family."  It turned out that Miller, who was married at the time, had fathered a love child with fellow Trump campaign adviser AJ Delgado.  Miller has also been accused of giving a stripper a smoothie with an abortion pill after realizing he had impregnated her.

    19 June 2019:  The horrifying truth about the most corrupt party in living memory!  Trump's Corrupt State.  Not since Warren G. Harding's sordid administration have as many grifters, crooks and cronies occupied high positions in Washington.  Trump has installed a Star Wars Cantina of former lobbyists and con artists, including several whose exploits have already forced them to resign, such as Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Tom Price, and Michael Flynn. Many others remain.

    18 June 2019:  RUT ROH!! Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020:   Not Donald Trump.  Some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election, and before knowing the identity of his opponent. Because there's no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump.  After 2½ years we've seen enough. Enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, the self-aggrandizement, the corruption, and especially the lies.  The nation must endure another 1½ years of Trump. But it needn't suffer another four beyond that. We can do better. We have to do better.

    14 June 2019:  STOP. MOLESTING.. THE. FLAG.!!!! White House sparks outrage with 'disturbing' photo of   Trump 'molesting' US flag to celebrate Flag Day.  Shameful and disturbing --- That flag just used the hashtag #MeToo --- Celebrating the desecration of the flag on an official government account? This administration really has no shame. Sad! ---

    14 June 2019:  Tony Schwartz offered advice on how to respond to Trump as his behavior becomes even more erratic.  As we all know, Trump is shameless and compulsive liar. Here's the solution: ignore everything he says - everything.  "Don't waste any energy in outrage," he continued. "Just know nothing he says is ever true," Schwartz said. "That's all you need to know."
    Also, when he's mad and lying his voice entirely changes to a snakelike hiss. I can't be the only one who hears it. Maybe the hissing is mean Adderall abuse??

    13 June 2019:  Buh Bye!...Good Riddance to LYIN TRASH!!! She sold her soul. She will always be remembered as the Queen of Spin. Baghdad Betty is finally giving up the cover up.  Sarah Sanders' career has been a disastrous mess - Here are 7 of her biggest lies and worst moments.  Sarah Sanders is exiting the White House by the end of June, leaving her role as the combative and deceptive press secretary.  Her legacy may best be remembered for destroying the daily White House press briefing, events that she so thoroughly rendered useless with her lies and obfuscations that it almost seemed an act of mercy when she finally stopped holding them at all.  But her tenure is marked by many other disgraceful and outrageous moments. Here are just seven:

    12 June 2019:  The president says he'd do it all again.  Trump's Astonishing Confession.  This confession carries heavy implications, starting with the question of whether Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress when he denied telling his father in advance about the famous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, in which he believed a representative of the Russian government would be offering dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The Mueller report found that the Trump campaign desperately wished to collude with Russian intelligence-but concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone at the campaign actually had done so. But after three years and the special counsel's investigation? Trump acknowledges that he would do it all again, if given a chance.

    12 June 2019:  America's check engine light is on..........IT IS TIME - Let the impeachment begin!!! If Democrats do not start an inquiry then they are for the Republicans? Idiots all of them -- VOTE THEM OUT!  One word describes Trump... Traitor.  #ImpeachTheMF.......He willingly will deal with the scums of the earth and take their disinformation, lies or whatever in order to smear others and try to win. It's not surprising but also not normal. A true patriot would go to the FBI or proper authorities. It ain't that hard.

    12 June 2019:  HE FINALLY ADMITTED HE DID COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA and would do it again!!!!!!! And at the same time CORRUPT DIRTY DONALD just cleared Hillary Clinton for using the "Russian Dossier" as fair game!!! Good Job DOTARD for admitting you did COLLUDE with the Russians to rig an American election!   Trump's 2020 campaign is open for business' for more foreign election meddling.  "Two years of the Mueller report and now we have the president's motive," Matthews said. "There is nong wrong with taking dirt from the Russians. It's a shocking statement from a president who won with help from Moscow in 2016 and signals to foreign governments around the world that his 2020 campaign is open for business."

    11 June 2019:  SHAMEFUL ----- FREEDOM CAU-cult HYPOCRITE!!!! Republican Jim Jordan skips 9/11 responders hearing a day   after accusing Democrats of having no priorities.  On Monday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wanted to make perfectly clear that he thought the House Judiciary Committee's hearing with Richard Nixon's former White House Counsel John Dean was a complete waste of time.  So it was a notable when just a day later, when his committee held an emotional hearing about getting health care for 9/11 first responders sickened by their exposure to toxic dust and chemicals at Ground Zero, Jordan was nowhere to be found:

    8 June 2019:  He called people names and disrespected the dead for Fox News at Normandy, just like we knew he would -- Nobody told Trump that the   D in D-Day doesn't stand for Donald.  I was struck dumb watching Ingraham interview Trump at Normandy on Fox News. Eisenhower had prayed in the same spot that the people lying in those graves had "bought time for us, so that we can do better than we have before." And this is the result of the time they bought us: Donald Trump bragging about himself and calling people names.

    6 June 2019:  THE RATS KEEP JUMPING SHIP! Sort-of?   Rudy Giuliani does about face after saying he'll leave Team Trump.  Rudy Giuliani suggested Thursday that he would leave Team Trump after finishing "cleanup" from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe - only to reverse course later in the day.  But later, he took to Twitter to deny that he was abandoning ship.

    6 June 2019:  An impeachment inquiry 'bypassing the Senate' could be  Democrats' best option.  LAWRENCE TRIBE: The point would not be to take old-school House impeachment leading to possible Senate removal off the table at the outset. Instead, the idea would be to build into the very design of this particular inquiry an offramp that would make bypassing the Senate an option while also nourishing the hope that a public fully educated about what this president did would make even a Senate beholden to this president and manifestly lacking in political courage willing to bite the bullet and remove him.

    4 June 2019:  10 Downing Street's Larry the Cat Disrupts President Trump's U.K. Visit   by Sitting Under His Limo.  "Chief Mouser" Larry the Cat briefly stole the show during President Donald Trump's visit to the U.K. Tuesday, after deciding to rest under the President's limo.

    4 June 2019:  Little Dirty Donald Jr grifting the UK!   Buckingham Palace... an incredible experience.  Who's on diaper duty? Time to get that tux back to Men's Wearhouse!

    3 June 2019:  'Why does Ivanka have a maxi pad stuck to her head?' and other hilarious quips about the   Trumps' UK visit.  But it was observers on both sides of "the pond" that couldn't help but mock the first family's desperate attempt to avoid protocol mistakes like the ones Trump made during his previous trip.

    30 May 2019:  Former Republican Federal Prosecutors Speak Out Against President Trump's   Obstruction of Justice.  Former Republican federal prosecutors discuss how if President Trump were anyone else, he would have been charged with obstruction of justice based off the information released in the Mueller Report.

    30 May 2019:  There he LIES again~  Here's the reality.  "For starters, the latest estimated cost of the Mueller report and Russia investigation is $25 million, not $40 million. And as for the president's claim that Mueller was conflicted, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told investigators that assertion was ridiculous. The president also said Mueller wanted the position of FBI director, but that's not true either, according to White House aides who said Mueller did not come in looking for the position, a job he had during the Bush and Obama administrations."  "Still earlier in the day, the president appeared to make a startling admission tweeting, 'Russia, Russia, Russia, that's all you heard at the beginning of this witch hunt hoax and now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected.'" said Acosta. "The president later tried to clear that part up."

    30 May 2019:  The stench of the MAGA cesspool is strong the "day after". Fox News stars claim Mueller is "compromised" in wake of first public remarks: "He took it personal"  Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the cast of "Fox & Friends" had   negative reactions to Mueller's press conference.  Sean Hannity, anchor of the Fox News show "Hannity," argued this marked the beginning of the next phase in the ongoing Trump-Russia scandal.

    30 May 2019:  MAGA Heads explode after Mueller's first public statement on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Confused about what Mueller meant? Right-wing media - and Donald Trump -   heard him loud and clear.  But while many in the mainstream press are reacting to Mueller's not-really-mysterious statement with a collective "shrug" emoji, Trump and his allies at Fox News do not seem remotely confused about how to interpret Mueller's comments. While they continue to push the Orwellian "no obstruction/no collusion" line, their more authentic - and angry - reactions make it clear that they most certainly grasp that Mueller was suggesting that Trump is guilty of obstructing justice and was inviting Congress to do something about it. Something, in this case, being an impeachment inquiry.
    Any fool who listened to Mueller's statement could glean that the one thing that he did not say was there was a lack of evidence of crimes. That would be because he plainly stated, "If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so."
    We can also eliminate "Mueller cleared Trump" as a conclusion due to the novel-sized Mueller report, a cornucopia of evidence of Trump's obstruction of justice..
    Sean Hannity, during his daytime radio show, declared that Mueller was "full of crap." He then went into full Pravda mode on his prime-time Fox News show, ranting that Mueller was motivated by "partisan hackery" -
    Laura Ingraham, whose personality is entirely comprised of interlocking forms of right-wing bigotry, resorted to accusing Mueller of the worst thing she can imagine someone being, which is a girl.
    Fox News's Dan Bongino straight up said, "Bob Mueller just lied to the American people," because, as ever, the favorite conservative rhetorical strategy is to project their own sins onto their opponents.
    There's a staggering amount of this kind of rhetoric on Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets, and it all points to one single strategy: Discredit Mueller, and therefore discredit his extensive findings. Which would be deeply bizarre if, as Trump and his allies keep claiming, Mueller had "exonerated" Trump.
    Still, the one benefit of this propaganda push is that it serves as a Rosetta Stone for those in the mainstream press who are pretending not to understand what Mueller meant. He made a point of saying that Trump had not been exonerated, and that the Constitution has a clearly defined process for dealing with criminal accusations against a sitting president. As far as Trump and the right-wing press is concerned, that was perfectly clear: Mueller thinks Trump committed crimes and he would like Congress to take him down. If the president and his allies are freaking out, that's because they are starting to believe it really might happen.

    29 May 2019:  Special Counsel Robert Mueller's first public statement on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.  Mueller Statement: Full Transcript.  That is also a reason we investigated efforts to obstruct the investigation. The matters we investigated were of paramount importance. It was critical for us to obtain full and accurate information from every person we questioned. When a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government's effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.

    28 May 2019:  LOCK THEM UP!! VOTE THEM OUT!!! Turtle-Man admits he frauded the American voters!  Mitch McConnell's new admission confirms he pulled a historic fraud on the American people.  Now, of course, he's admitting that the appeal to principle and the will of the voters was an entire fraud. Indeed, it was a fraud on a historic scale, because it allowed the GOP to thwart a Democrat's nominee to the court that would have finally put it in the control of liberal-leaning justices. This would have been in the realm of normal politics if McConnell had let Garland come up for a vote and the Republicans had voted him down. But it's not guaranteed this would have happened, and McConnell was able to protect vulnerable Republican senators from having to take a tough vote on - all on the basis of a fraudulent principle.

    28 May 2019:  RUT-ROH!!! Low life Trump - lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator!  A new nickname for the commander-in-CHEAT.  "Trump is an embarrassing unAmerican traitor! How dare he denounce and belittle VP [Joe] Biden on foreign soil on Memorial Day," Waters posted on Twitter. "How can these spineless Republicans look their spouses and children in the face and claim to teach them patriotism?"

    28 May 2019:  RUT-ROH!!! U.S. service members seen wearing MAGA-inspired patches at Trump speech   may have violated DOD rules.  The group of service members aboard the USS Wasp in Yokosuka, Japan, were photographed by Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama. The airmen posing for the photo all donned matching patches showing what appears to be the president, along with the text, "Make Aircrew Great Again." Wire services photographers also captured images of the same military members.  Navy spokesman Samuel Boyle said in a statement to CBS News, "Navy leadership is currently reviewing this instance to ensure that the wearing of the patch does not violate DoD policy or regulations."

    27 May 2019:  MAKE TRUMP CROOKS GREAT AGAIN!!!! Brazilian firm draws scrutiny on  Trump farm aid.  The Trump administration is under fire for granting millions in trade-related farm aid to a company owned by two Brazilian brothers under investigation for violating U.S. anti-corruption laws.

    26 May 2019:  Cadet BoneSpurs LIES again! SO MANY lies besides taking credit for Veterans healthcare, this article addresses SOME of the MANY lies this POS tells Amerika! He is Making America SUCK!   AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit for Obama's gains for vets.  Trump said he passed a private-sector health care program, Veterans Choice, after failed attempts by past presidents for the last "45 years." That's not true. The Choice program, which allows veterans to see doctors outside the government-run VA system at taxpayer expense, was first passed in 2014 under President Barack Obama.
    TRUMP: "We passed VA Choice and VA Accountability to give our veterans the care that they deserve and they have been trying to pass these things for 45 years." - Montoursville, Pennsylvania, rally on May 20.

    THE FACTS: Wrong. Trump is not the first president in 45 years to get Congress to pass Veterans Choice; Obama did it in the wake of a scandal at VA's medical center in Phoenix, where some veterans died while waiting months for appointments. The program currently allows veterans to see doctors outside the VA system if they must wait more than 30 days for an appointment or drive more than 40 miles (65 kilometers) to a VA facility.

    24 May 2019:  The WHITE HOUSE SEWER SWAMP RATS are at it again! #DisinfectWhiteHouse2020!   Team Trump turns to doctored videos after Pelosi questions the president's mental fitness.  Democratic congressional leader Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump is angry that her party is not rushing to impeach him, as the relationship between the rivals reaches new lows.  The president later tweeted a Fox News video of Pelosi that had been edited to focus on sections of a speech in which she stuttered and mispronounced certain words, with the caption "Pelosi stammers through news conference."  Another video of Pelosi shared by Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in which her speech was slowed down to give the impression she was drunkenly slurring her words had been viewed 2.3 million times.

    23 May 2019:  SEWER RAT BARBIE -- Seeling out America One Lie at a time!! Kellyanne #DerangedDonald #SmellyAnne #VoteThemAllOut2020.  Kellyanne Conway blasted for whining about Pelosi treating her 'like a maid'.  Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway whined to Fox News Thursday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn't nice to her while at the White House. Conway went on to make it about feminism and women, but Pelosi said that she was at the White House as the Speaker of the House talking to the president of the United States. Other peripheral conversations were of no concern to her.
    This must be what Kellyanne thinks pro-woman looks like. Dear Eva Braun Hooked on Meth, nobody elected you to shit. You are not on the same footing as the speaker of the house.
    @SpeakerPelosi is second in line to the presidency. Honestly, KellyAnne needs to take a step back and check herself.
    Dear Kellyanne: You work for a serial adulterer and misogynist extraordinaire. How very "Pro-Woman" of you.

    22 May 2019:  The American republic could die, just like Rome. MAGA Trumpites are killing the USA!  Thom Hartmann: This is How Republics Die.  Republics die when the price of losing political struggles becomes higher than individual politicians are willing to pay, so they just roll over in favor of the interests of whoever is most powerful. Republics die when compromise is seen as betrayal, and a single principled vote, position or statement is enough to cause donors and party to turn their back and end a political career, or even end a person's ability to earn a living.
    These are the signs of a dying republic.
    Into this moment in history comes Donald Trump, going after the walls and floors of our political house with a sledgehammer. Institutions that were treated with respect and even reverence are ridiculed as "weak" or "useless" by Trump; the hard-right billionaires cheer him on and keep writing checks to the GOP.

    These are the symptoms of a republic in crisis.
    --Calling the press "the enemy of the people."
    --Refusing to interact with Congress as the Constitution dictates.
    --Packing the courts with demonstrably unqualified ideologues.
    --Lying to the people on a daily basis.
    --Embracing autocrats while trashing traditional allies.
    --Breaking the law and flaunting a Nixon-era "guideline" from the DOJ saying that the president can't be prosecuted, while he runs out the clock on the statute of limitations.
    --Bragging that he's making money on the presidency and daring anybody to stop him.
    --Putting lobbyists in charge of public lands, our banking system, and our environment.
    --Embracing violent and hateful people and movements, both at home and abroad.

    If Republicans in the Senate are too cowardly to repudiate the petro-billionaires who threaten to fund their primary opponents, we will continue on the rapid downward slide Rome experienced in the first century BCE.

    And if Democrats don't take strong, immediate, and decisive action to curb GOP excesses, we may well never again have a chance to return to our democratic-republican roots.

    Democrats "getting a spine" isn't just good politics; it may be the last hope to salvage our republic and preserve our constitutional form of government.

    22 May 2019:  The WITCH is costing taxpayers more than the HUNT! Time to LOCK THIS SNAKE UP!   Trump's ever-rising golf tab is three times the cost of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation - so far.  A new report reveals that President Donald Trump has stuck American taxpayers with a $102 million tab as he tees off on his various golf courses.  Trump has also stuck taxpayers with a $17 million tab for his trips to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey; at least $3 million for his two days in Scotland last summer, $1.3 million of which was for rental cars for his entourage; and $1 million so he could visit his Trump club in Los Angeles.

    18 May 2019:  'Eric the Slack-jawed and Princess Ivanka': Rick Wilson hilariously pummels the entire Trump family -and the GOPers who worship them.   Trump Is on the Iron Throne, and American Democracy Is Dead.  In a brutally funny and sarcastic column for the Daily Beast, GOP consultant Rick Wilson called upon Republicans to give up even trying to appear to be anything other than Trump yes-men and, while he was at it, Wilson also mocked the faux-royal family of the president.

    18 May 2019:  BOOM! The tides are turning!! May this candor become contagious... Justin Amash's Twitter thread, which argues that Trump's conduct is impeachable and that Barr is behaving like a misleading hack for Trump rather than a principled AG, is like jumping into a time machine and seeing something you thought was extinct: A REPUBLICAN WITH A SPINE.  Michigan GOP congressman says Trump's conduct impeachable.  Amash claimed that most members of Congress haven't even read Mueller's report, and he slammed those lawmakers whose minds were made up "within hours" of the release of the redacted version of Mueller's report.  "America's institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personally inconvenient or yields a politically unfavorable outcome. Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it," he concluded.

    18 May 2019:  The Balance Has Shifted:   The Data on Impeachment Favor Moving Ahead.  This is why we must have public hearings. With the testimony of witnesses who can be evaluated by all Americans, I fully anticipate Trump's support will further erode. Public hearings made a difference in the case of Nixon. As Blumenthal says, "the more the public knew of Nixon's crimes through public televised hearings, the more rapidly Nixon's poll numbers crumbled." And, I'd add, the more bipartisan support for impeachment grew.
    Not only will impeachment of Trump not hurt Democrats in 2020, it is essential to preserving Congress as a co-equal branch of government as our Founders intended and is essential to Congress fulfilling its constitutional and moral obligations.

    17 May 2019:  NeedToImpeach   VIDEOS.  Better yet LOCK UP THE TRUMP CRIME FAMILY and their enablers!

    17 May 2019:  Impeachment would probably fail -   but here are 6 reasons why Democrats should do it anyway.
    1. Impeachment makes clear that Trump's behavior is unacceptable.
    2. Impeachment would provide a high-profile venue for airing Trump's dirty laundry.
    3. It would give Congress more leverage in fights with the administration.
    4. Republicans would be forced to align with Trump's misdeeds.
    5. Democrats could show that they're willing to fight.
    6. It would lay the groundwork to remove Trump should the opportunity arise.

    16 May 2019:  #LindseyTheLapdog -- Does anyone care what Mr. Lapdog says or does!!!!!!  Lindsay Graham introduced a Senate Resolution designating July 17, 2019 as Glioblastoma Awareness Day.  McCain would be ashamed of you. McCain would hate what you have become. #worstfriendever Go kiss Donald's butt while he continues to insult your "friend". You are horrible.  Also: Just introduced a Senate Resolution designating July 18, 2019 as TrumpCult SuckUp Awareness Day. #TrumpCult #DefeatTrumpAndLindsey.  What a douche! You have a lot of nerve, considering you and the rest of your GOP scumbags have been doing everything you can do reduce access to affordable healthcare.  Wow, Lindsey. DONNY Jr. Just liked your tweet. I guess he still likes you after your saying he's Not above the law. Curious.....  It appears to me that you sold out your dearest friend John McCain for a few rounds of golf with a lying, cheating, traitor of a POTUS. John McCain would be rolling over in his grave hearing you call him his dearest friend. You stabbed John in the back. You got a lot of gall

    14 May 2019:  PATRIOT FARMERS! Hilarious? NOT! tRump is going to actively campaign as the candidate against "socialism"?!? The farmers are taking the biggest hit, and now tRump is trying to use taxpayer dollars to bail them out.  According to the Republican playbook, this is Socialism.  THIS Five-Year Plan will be the BEST Five-Year Plan for the Motherland! We will tax the consumers and give the money to the farmers to spite the foreigners! Also, let's keep saying that the Democrats are "socialists."  tRump is the Guy who fear mongers about socialism then introduces socialism to fix problem he unilaterally created. It's great to see the Mad King slip into the rhetorical style of Mao.  #Brokahontas your tweets sound more and more like Russian propaganda from the 1950s. "Our great Patriot Farmers," as if you care what happens to them.

    13 May 2019:  Political prophet Allan Lichtman:   Would impeaching Trump help him or hurt him in 2020?  A political historian who teaches at American University, Lichtman published a highly relevant book last year, "The Case for Impeachment," long before the results of Robert Mueller's investigation were known. Lichtman is perhaps best known for his earlier book "The Keys to the White House," which lays out 13 variables that he says determine whether the party that controls the White House will win a given presidential election. Each key is a statement that, if true, makes it more likely that the incumbent party will win the popular vote; if eight or more are true, the incumbent party can be expected to triumph.

    12 May 2019:  Devoted to preserving human liberty, Orwell probed democracy's vulnerabilities. In Animal Farm he depicted naïve disbelief in the face of step-by-step descents into despotism; in a 1940 review of Mein Kampf, he showed how ordinary people surrender freedom willingly; in 1984 he depicted how authoritarian control can be strengthened by technologies of mass communication and surveillance.  George Orwell and Why the Time to Stop Trump is Now.  Orwell did not live to witness the liberal complacency that set in following defeat of the 20th century's totalitarian movements. Nor could Orwell have imagined the new dangers posed by the cyberage. The treasonous implications of presidential indifference to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 would have been obvious to all. Our "cyber-Pearl Harbor," by contrast, inflicted grave damage invisibly and non-violently, enabling its perpetrator and chief beneficiary-Putin and Trump-to deny its occurrence. Demagogic big lies can now metastasize through the body politic with lightning speed.  The test we face is to stop "shirking" in the face of "obvious and inalterable" facts, to focus fearlessly on the danger rather than allow a parade of doubts and distractions to displace what is "in front of one's nose." From 1776 to the fall of the Berlin Wall, believers in human freedom and democratic self-governance have known when to shrug off setbacks and summon their will. That time is now.

    12 May 2019:  Someone took too much adderall today??  Brokeahontas is a Muther!  While the majority of the country is celebrating mothers, President Donald Trump couldn't stop tweeting his tired war against special counsel Robert Mueller and Democrats. Instead of wishing his wife and daughter a happy Mother's Day, Trump spent the day airing grievances and demanding people look at him instead.

    09 May 2019:  Republicans are closely tied to Russia and the Kremlin  #PutinsGOP.  Right now on Twitter #PutinsGOP is among the top trending topics. Its goal, apparently, is to expose and highlight the close ties some top Republicans have with the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    09 May 2019:  A video has surfaced of Sen. Marco Rubio, in 2012, asserting that then-Attorney General Eric Holder should resign for being in contempt of Congress.  HYPOCRITE RUBIO.  "No one can be above the law, not even the attorney general," Rubio declares in the 2012 clip." And the Florida Republican adds, "I think an attorney general held in contempt of Congress is someone who should resign."  Seven years later, Rubio is still in the U.S. Senate and Bill Barr & Trump can do no harm.

    08 May 2019:  Meghan McCain's Husband Ben Domenech Goes on Unhinged Homophobic Rant Against  'Cuck' Seth Meyers.  The conservative writer and founder of The Federalist later deleted the tweets in which he called the 'Late Night' host a 'piece of sh*t' for grilling his wife.

    06 May 2019:  YES-- DON the CON did OBSTRUCT and would be indicted if he was not protected by his failed presidency!!!  STATEMENT BY FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTORS.  We are former federal prosecutors. We served under both Republican and Democratic administrations at different levels of the federal system: as line attorneys, supervisors, special prosecutors, United States Attorneys, and senior officials at the Department of Justice. The offices in which we served were small, medium, and large; urban, suburban, and rural; and located in all parts of our country.
    Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report would, in the case of any other person not covered by the Office of Legal Counsel policy against indicting a sitting President, result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.

    04 May 2019:  Trump is a uniquely diseased man, it's true. But what kind of political party nominates, celebrates, venerates, and takes political bullets for a uniquely diseased man?  Democrats must impeach Donald Trump  or 'guarantee defeat in the 2020 election'. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything," as an old piece of political folk wisdom holds. The Democratic Party has apparently not learned this lesson. This is why (among other reasons) Donald Trump will likely defeat the Democratic nominee - whoever that may be - and win the 2020 presidential election.  The Democrats have made several claims about Donald Trump's regime. They have repeatedly and correctly asserted that Trump is an authoritarian who has no respect for the rule of law. They have correctly explained that Trump is a racist, nativist, misogynist and bigot who wants to overturn America's multiracial democracy. The damning findings of the Mueller report aside and how it depicts an out of control and dangerous president, Democrats have also been correct in explaining how Trump's public and private behavior show a pattern of high crimes and misdemeanors, including obstruction of justice, apparent financial crimes, and other corrupt behavior.

    03 May 2019:  Interestingly, when Republicans in the House impeached President Bill Clinton in 1998, he was more popular in polls than Donald Trump is now. The Republican controlled Senate, however, failed to get the two-thirds vote needed to remove President Clinton from office. Clinton's offenses - lying under oath and obstruction of justice pale in comparison to the many mega offenses of Trump. however   Trump is the most impeachable president in American history.  Our lying, lawless President is about to face the laws of the land, backed by our Constitution. It is time for Republicans to start looking at themselves in the mirror of history. And it is time for all Americans to challenge their elected officials to stand tall and uphold the rule of law.

    03 May 2019:  #EndCorruptionNow --- John Kelly "THE EMPTY BULLET" is a disgrace and the GOP swamp is silent as usual about one of their own!   Corruption at it's absolute worst.  John Kelly drove Trump's child separation policy that inflicted trauma on thousands of children. Now he'll get paid to increase profits for Caliburn - the for-profit prison reaping mega-millions locking up migrant children.

    03 May 2019:  MORE TRUMP TOADIES profit from their time in the WHITE HOUSE SWAMP!!!  Disgrace and Liar KELLY.  John Kelly Will Now Directly Profit From the Horrific Policy He Initiated. The former Trump administration official who first proposed separating migrant children from their parents with the specific intent to deter others from trying to come to the U.S. has a new job.

    02 May 2019:  Focusing on the Mueller report alone risks leaving out the obvious.  All of the Impeachable Offenses.  Meanwhile, the president announced on Twitter, "Only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. There were no crimes by me (No Collusion, No Obstruction), so you can't impeach."  Unsurprisingly, Trump is wrong-and Democrats reluctant to impeach on the basis of the Mueller report alone should consider that the report only added to a preexisting pile of potential "high crimes and misdemeanors."

    01 May 2019:  YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D! Trump Retweets Apparent Supporter, Username Then Changes to  'Fuck Donald Trump'.  Trump went on a wild retweet frenzy Wednesday morning, sharing 60 apparently supportive messages from firefighters after a prominent union announced its endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden. The retweet rampage was unusual in itself, but the twist came when one of his supposed supporters changed their username to "Fuck Donald Trump." The username was then still proudly displayed on Trump's Twitter page.

    29 April 2019:  Trump supporters believe   these 10 incredibly fake facts are true.  Here are 10 incredibly fake facts that Trump supporters believe are true.
    01. Trump is a devoted Christian.
    02. The economy is improving because of Trump.
    03. 'Millions voted illegally' (without a single shred of proof).
    04. Immigration is off the rails and illegal immigrants are all violent criminals.
    05. Trump should have the power to overturn judicial rulings.
    06. Trumpcare is great while Obamacare is awful.
    07. Barack Obama was not born in the United States.
    08. There's a war on gun owners.
    09. All the investigations into Trump's ties to Russia are bogus.
    10. Trump is honest and trustworthy.   This may be the greatest fake fact of fake facts: Trump is honest and trustworthy. Despite the fact that nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a brazen lie that can be disproved in a New York minute, his supporters think he's honest.
    In short, it may just take Trump throwing puppies into a firepit for a majority of his supporters to recognize him for the lying con man that he is. Let's certainly hope not, as that may not be out of the realm of possibility.

    28 April 2019:  It's bad enough that he lost the election by 3,000,000 popular votes.  How bad does Trump have to get before he's forced from office?  We could go on. And on. And on. And on. But as bad as all of this is, the real question is, "When does it get so bad that we will no longer tolerate this scum running the country, dividing us against each other, desecrating our values, degrading our civic spaces, and destroying our institutions?"

    23 April 2019:  George Conway and top GOP lawyers say Founding Fathers would have held   impeachment trial for Trump.  "We believe the framers of the Constitution would have viewed the totality of this conduct as evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors," they conclude. "Accordingly, Congress, which carries its own constitutional oversight responsibilities, should conduct further investigation."

    21 April 2019:  Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller Report:   A Heat Map.  The below heat map is an effort to simplify Mueller's analysis of the evidence in relation to the three common elements of the obstruction statutes.

    20 April 2019:  14 current republican senators who voted to impeach Bill Clinton.
    Mitch McConnell --Chuck Grassley --Lindsey Graham --Pat Roberts --Mike Crapo --Mike Enzi --James Inhofe --Richard Shelby --Roy Blunt --Richard Burr --Jerry Moran --Rob Portman --Roger Wicker --John Thune.
    "He doesn't have to say, 'Go lie for me,' to be a crime. You don't have to say, 'Let's obstruct justice' for it to be a crime. You judge people on their conduct, not on magic phrases." - Senator @LindseyGrahamSC. You can't make this stuff up.

    20 April 2019:  No More Bullshit:   Prepare for Trump Unleashed.  Read the Mueller Report and weep as it dawns on you that the president is now really home alone.  Trump, convinced he alone outwitted the deep state, is now unleashed to be a purer version of himself. He will listen even less to his aides, except the most servile, like the recently appointed Attorney General William Barr who followed directions perfectly with his No Collusion, No Collusion Summary of the Mueller Report, stopping just short of his boss declaring it "bullshit." To all those who thought Trump would have brought in a lawyer who hadn't passed his Roy Cohn test for abject loyalty, think again.  With "Trump Clean" and 2020 looming, we're finally going to see the president unbound. This is the start of his presidency and, as he said when he thought Mueller meant the end of it, we're fucked.

    19 April 2019:  BUSTED: Lawrence O'Donnell unearthed visual proof that 'pathological liar'   Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'lied about her lie'.  "It is not news that Sarah Sanders is a pathological liar who works for a pathological liar, that is why as a general rule I do not use video of Sarah Sanders speaking at White House press briefings," O'Donnell noted. "I don't let this program become a delivery system for Trumpian propaganda, which is the only thing that Sarah Sanders traffics in whenever she speaks, wherever she speaks."

    18 April 2019:  "Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I'm fucked." -- Donald J trump, hearing Special Prosecutor Mueller was hired.
    NOBODY who knows they're 100% innocent reacts like that.
    YOU are the most humiliating thing to happen to America. #ImpeachTrump

    18 April 2019:  7 times the Mueller report caught  Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders lying to press.  Trump lies all the time, and his administration officials often end up lying on this behalf.     Breaking wind from Huckabee #LyingLiar daughter!!!!     Watch UH==UH HuckaSand!!!!

    18 April 2019:  So much for 'complete and total exoneration' --This is worse than WATERGATE except done by MORONS!!!  Robert Mueller's redacted report.   HA!! Special Counsel literally concluded @DonaldJTrumpJr was too dumb to prosecute.

    12 April 2019:  I think they call this ILLEGAL? ABUSE OF POWER? But the GOP still supports this POS!!! Shameful....but R.I.P. GOP in 2020!!!  Trump promised pardon to head of Customs and Border Protection  if he broke the law by blocking asylum seekers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The President offered a pardon to a federal employee if the employee would violate the law to further the President's political goals. Really (GOPs in) Congress, what more do you need to see?

    12 April 2019:  Echoes of history:   Trump's 'movement' now has a uniform and membership cards.  Trump is not the president of all Americans. He only cares about himself, his voters and other sycophants. Public service is anathema to him. Patriotism is inconceivable to him as well. Democracy and the common good are antithetical to his personal values, morals and beliefs. In total, Trump believes he is above the rule of law and, like a king or queen, is the literal embodiment of the state.  Trump does not represent a political party so much as a social and cultural movement which seeks to destroy America's multiracial democracy and fully reinstate American apartheid.  Given his politics it is no coincidence then that Trump refers to his "movement" rather than the Republican Party when speaking to his supporters: this emphasis on "movement" above party was used by the Nazis and the Third Reich to mobilize their base and its destructive energies.  In the near future, children and grandchildren will find their parents and grandparents' MAGA hats, T-shirts, and other paraphernalia. Such a moment of discovery will be akin to finding Nazi dinner plates or Ku Klux Klan robes hidden away in the closet. The moment of discovery will be shocking and embarrassing for many families. Now Trump's "executive membership cards" will also be added to that cardboard box of shame.

    12 April 2019:  Unite the whites:   Trump now leads a unified party of anti-immigrant racism.  We've seen WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested, President Trump's sister resigning from the federal judiciary to avoid investigation into the family's longstanding tax evasion schemes, the burning of black churches in Louisiana and a proposal in Texas to subject women who have abortions to the death penalty. Oh, and the president's for-profit country club turns out to be "a counterintelligence nightmare."  In other words, hostility to immigrants is the glue that's holding his coalition of white voters together. Those without college educations, conservative evangelicals and the like, will stick with him. But those white college-educated types who don't care for his antics are still with him on this issue and he can't afford to lose them.

    11 April 2019:  Seth Meyers flattens the 'dumbest' Republicans in Congress   for humiliating themselves by sucking up to Trump.  Meyers explained the importance of having "aggressive oversight" after Attorney General Bill Barr suggested that Trump's campaign was spied on during his Congressional hearing.  Meyers then played a clip a Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calling Richard Neal, Chairman of the House Ways Committee "dumb" for requesting Trump's tax returns.  "It doesn't suck to be that dumb, it sucks for your boss to be that dumb. That's the guy you answer to. Think about where your life is at. You are a United States senator and you take marching orders from a guy who once got on Air Force 1 with toilet paper on his shoes," Meyers said.

    09 April 2019:  Fox News's Shep Smith fact-checks  Trump saying Obama separated children from families at the border.  "We're going to need a backup generator for the fact check machine for part of what the president said there, including his bit about blaming the Democrats," King said to his panel on "Inside Politics."

    30 March 2019:  Paul Krugman drops a bomb on Trump's base -   he just saddled you with $2 trillion more in debt.  It's unsurprising, Krugman concluded, that "the investment boom Trump economists promised has never materialized."  "But think of all the other things we could have done with $2 trillion - all the infrastructure we could have built and repaired, all the people who could have been given essential health care," Krugman wrote. "What a colossal, corrupt waste."

    30 March 2019:  HBO's Bill Maher crushes Trump for lunatic  'I got away with treason' rally following Barr cover-up.  Maher mocked the AG's conclusion that there was no obstruction, saying, an "apesh*t" Trump used it "to say it exonerated him.  "Yes, the pregnancy test came back negative, but that doesn't mean you're a virgin," Maher quipped.  Maher then went on the attack over Trump's over-the-top Michigan rally, remarking, " So, he immediately went on an 'I got away with treason' tour. He was in Michigan last night; they were chanting 'four more years.'"  "Then he launched into this thing; 'I'm the elite one. I have a better education. I'm smarter. I went to better schools'" the HBO host continued. "This is the president of the United States. That's when I started chanting, 'Four-year-old, four-year-old.'"

    29 March 2019:  #YouMightThinkItsOk I don't think it's okay!   This blistering attack is on everything Trump, including all the bad acts his administration is perpetrating.  Many are cheering House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff's response to Republicans on his Committee calling for his resignation Thursday. Chastising his colleagues, Schiff delivered a powerful four-minute takedown of the GOP's defense of what he called the President's and his team's "immoral," "unethical," "unpatriotic," and "corrupt" behavior.
    #YouMightThinkItsOK for Trump appointee Seema Verma to use government money meant for Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA to pay off millions of dollars to her Republican buddies while she demands work requirements for poor people on Medicaid, but I don't
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to take billions of dollars from the military to build your unwanted border wall. This veteran don't think so and I'm sure, I'm not alone...
    #YouMightThinkItsOK that children at the border die while waiting to get into our country to get away from horrendous conditions, but I don't...
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to abandon assistance to the beautiful Island PR but #IDontThinkItsOkay
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to rip babies from their parents at the border, to rip healthcare away from millions of Americans, to rip the budget away from the Special Olympics, to rip off taxpayers to fund a useless wall, countless golf excursions and obscene "rallies", but I do not.
    #YouMightThinkItsOK @GOP to lie about this #TaxScam being good for the middle class but had my taxes done. No refund this uear. We owe $1000's more than Amazon & Google. Now it's ok to lie about healthcare again? Take from us to give to the rich & corporations. I call BS
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to profit off the Presidency, but I don't. And the constitution says it's not okay. #Emoluments
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to insult, degrade, attack, judge, dismiss, and make fun of minorities, women, people with disabilities, migrants, and democracy, but I sure as hell don't.
    #YouMightThinkItsOK That POTUS has rallies where he insults, ridicules, lies & spreads propaganda, in his attempt to further divide our nation.
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to say journalist are the enemy of the people but I dont!
    #YouMightThinkItsOK to attack our free press and call them fake news, but I call that fascism !

    29 March 2019:  The hypocrisy! Republicans did impeach Clinton for lying about a bj, while Trump has lied at least 9,000 times in 2 years. This entire Circus of a Presidency is absurd.  Lindsey G - does he spit or swallow?  "while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." @LindseyGrahamSC would've impeached Clinton with even less than that

    29 March 2019:  'Old Bone Spurs is back at it':  Draft-dodging Trump mocked for paying tribute to Vietnam vets.  On this Vietnam War Veterans Day, we celebrate the brave Vietnam Veterans and all of America's Veterans. Thank you for your service to our great Nation!
    While this sort of tribute would normally not be controversial, Trump's actions during the height of the Vietnam War opened him up for ridicule. In particular, Trump received multiple medical deferments from serving in Vietnam due to what one doctor described as "bone spurs" in his foot.
    mister president sir, I have a question: will you be visiting the final resting place of the soldier who took your place? mister president, sir, I have a followup question: what's your tee time for today?
    You missed the part where you apologize to John McCain's family who was a true hero who served this nation!
    Thank You Veterans without Bone Spurs and Rich Parents

    28 March 2019:  Can someone change his diapers? POTUS whining to his Fox Hannity binkey!  Trump manically launches a barrage of unhinged attacks in all directions over the past 12 hours.  Over the past 12 hours - from 9 PM Wednesday through 9 AM Thursday - the President has attacked the press as having "ZERO credibility or respect," while promising he has a "secret" on them.

    27 March 2019:  RUT-Roh!?! Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano reveals Mueller report is '700 pages' and contains  'evidence of conspiracy'.  "In the 700-page summary of the two million pages of raw evidence, there is undoubtedly some evidence of a conspiracy and some evidence of obstruction of justice, just not enough evidence - I'm thinking the way I believe Congressman [Adam] Schiff is thinking - according to Attorney General Barr, not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the standard," Napolitano said.

    27 March 2019:  Russia, If you are listening: CAN YOU GET A COPY OF THE MUELLER REPORT?  The Republican Party will become "The Party of Healthcare!"  George Conway writes in Opinions: "Trump is guilty - of being unfit for office"
    "Mueller said his 'report does not conclude that the President committed a crime' but that 'it also does not exonerate him.' The report does not exonerate the president? That's a stunning thing for a prosecutor to say. Mueller didn't have to say that."
    It's amazing that you can lie under oath in a private civil lawsuit and get impeached. But call on a hostile foreign power to attack a political opponent, give classified information to that hostile foreign power, and likely NOT get impeached. Damn.

    26 March 2019:  OH GOODIE! POTUS gives another 2020 gift to the Democrats!!! But consider this: "What if Republicans had started with 'how can we help people?' instead of 'how can we repeal our enemy's legacy?'"  The Republican Party will become "The Party of Healthcare!"  For the record the GOP has voted for a total repeal of ACA including preexisting conditions --Over 54 TIMES!  AND celebrating the potential loss of healthcare for millions of people! GOOD JOB DOTARD!!!  So No- The Republicans are definitely not the party of healthcare. The Party of Lies, Perhaps!

    26 March 2019:  OH GOODIE! POTUS and his Repube clowns are pissing in their drinking water - AGAIN!! YES-this will be a great 2020 campaign issue...Thank you GOP for giving this gift to the Democrats!!!  Now that Mueller's conclusions are in, Senate Republicans are ready to turn back to Hillary Clinton.  They aren't moving on after Mueller. House Democrats aren't the only ones eager for more investigations, it turns out.

    25 March 2019:  The stunning history of William Barr's crusade   to bury evidence to protect Republican presidents.  Back in 1992, the last time Bill Barr was U.S. attorney general, iconic New York Times writer William Safire referred to him as "Coverup-General Barr" because of his role in burying evidence of then-President George H.W. Bush's involvement in "Iraqgate" and "Iran-Contra."

    25 March 2019:  #ReleaseTheReport -- Internet burns Mitch McConnell for barring Americans from seeing Mueller report:   'He just told us Trump is guilty'.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has decided that Americans should not see the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

    25 March 2019:  #ReleaseTheReport -- Mitch McConnell obstructing justice now. More evidence that the fix was in from Day One with AG Barr shutting down Robert Mueller.  Walter Shaub TWEET.  Yesterday, Trump claimed Mueller's report exonerated him totally and completely, found no wrongdoing whatsoever, held him and his team entirely blameless.
    Today, Trump and McConnell are doing all they can to hide that report from you.

    25 March 2019:  If Trump's border wall becomes reality,   here's how he could easily get private land for it.  A law is supposed to protect property owners from lowball offers by the government when it takes land through eminent domain. But a letter shows how simple it is for officials to eviscerate what is already a pretty toothless law.

    25 March 2019:  DON'T IMPEACH -- VOTE the CROOK out in 2020!!!!! Good Riddance to bad garbage.  This is why an obstruction of justice case against Trump was so difficult.  Impeachment is a very political process, and appears unlikely because Trump's Republican party controls the Senate. Some Democratic lawmakers had hoped Mueller's investigation would lay a groundwork for impeachment, but that hope has now largely faded.

    25 March 2019:  SMOKEY EYES of LIES is back!!!!  Sarah Sanders squirms and lies  Guthrie told Huckabee Sanders that the Special Counsel's report specifically states it "does not exonerate" President Trump on questions of obstruction of justice.  "It is a complete and total exoneration," Huckabee Sanders falsely claimed.  The White House press secretary is not an attorney and has no legal background (she holds a BA from Arkansas' Ouachita Baptist University), yet felt comfortable cloaking her arguments through a supposed legal lens.

    25 March 2019:  Remember HIM saying....I only hire the BEST PEOPLE?!? Good Lord!  Trump's Federal Reserve nominee doesn't know how the Fed works.  Stephen Moore, who does not have doctorate in economics even though he regularly opines on economics in media appearances, told Bloomberg TV that he still isn't sure what he'll be doing in at the Federal Reserve, and he needs to educate himself about what America's central bank actually does.

    24 March 2019:  VOTE THEM OUT and LOCK UP the tRump Crime Family!!!!!  Trump proclaims 'complete and total exoneration' -  Trump took to Twitter after Attorney General Bill Barr announced his findings within the report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

    24 March 2019:  Mueller mystery: Does "no indictments" mean "no collusion"?  Absolutely not.  We already knew there was next to no possibility that Trump himself would be indicted while he's in office. That has long been his get-out-of-jail-free card. But none of that means that the information gleaned from the counterintelligence investigation won't implicate Trump and his cronies in a Russian plot to disrupt the election. It may be, for instance, that it wasn't a criminal conspiracy, just a monumental lack of basic ethics and a case of massive stupidity.  After all, there is evidence of collusion already in the public domain. We've watched it unfold in real time and virtually the entire Republican Party thinks that's perfectly fine.  We also know that Donald Trump was compromised. Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, working on a potentially hugely profitable deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. This was an outrageous thing to be doing at all while running for president, but he made it much worse by lying about it in public for many months well into his presidency.  Public hearings are essential.

    24 March 2019:  Attorney General Bill Barr:   Mueller report 'does not exonerate' Trump.  "The Special Counsel states that 'while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him,'" one line the Mueller report is said to state, according to House Oversight Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

    20 March 2019:  What a douchebag @realDonaldTrump truly believes "He gave #McCain the kind of funeral he wanted" GTFOH and then expected accolades  Evan McMurry TWEET.  Pres. Trump on the late Sen. John McCain: "I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted-which as president I had to approve. I don't care about this. I didn't get a thank you. That's okay."
    He's upset cause he didn't get a thank you. What a total ... I don't have the word. A word to accurately describe this sorry excuse for a human being hasn't been invented yet. When will our nightmare end?
    What an embarrassing human. His family and the @GOP should do something. #25thAmendment

    18 March 2019:  Trump's continuing attacks on John McCain reveal a worrisome state of mind.  A Damaged Soul and a Disordered Personality.  Donald Trump is not well. Over the weekend, he continued his weird obsession with a dead war hero. This time, his attacks on John McCain came two days after the anniversary of McCain's release from a North Vietnamese prison camp. He tweeted this:.........
    Donald Trump is not well, and as long as he is president, our nation is not safe.

    17 March 2019:  Trump 2020: a huge war chest, a million volunteers and a   revamped digital campaign.  Laurence Tribe: We can't afford to minimize the threat that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. This essay explains why that's far from implausible. And it doesn't even include the illegal help Trump may well get from Russia, the Saudis, and other dangerous foreign powers.

    16 March 2019:  Wow, what an asshole. Ladies and gentlemen, our president...  Trump slammed as 'a vile human being'  for launching attack on deceased Sen John McCain!  Trump complained about McCain passing along the Steele Dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey and not voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  The president's attacks on a deceased Republican senator were harshly criticized on Twitter, here are some of the responses:  NOTE:: As the president repeatedly attacks an American hero, Lindsey Graham could not be reached for comment as he has climbed all the way inside trump's ass.

    16 March 2019:  'Coward' GOP senators pummeled for gutless vote agreeing with   Trump's emergency border money grab.  According to Stephens. they are the "41 cowards."  "But special mentions must be made of Nebraska's Ben Sasse and North Carolina's Thom Tillis," he charged. "Both of them previously opposed the emergency declaration. Both are up for renomination and re-election next year. And both found ways to vote something other than their consciences."  "Trump suggests Ted Cruz's wife is ugly. The senator from Texas bends the knee<" he wrote. " Trump reads out Lindsey Graham's cell number at a campaign event. The senator from South Carolina bends the knee.  The Republican Party is burying the legacy of Ronald Reagan in ways Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders could only dream of."

    15 March 2019:  Pelosi Is Wrong.   Trump Is More Impeachable Than Ever.  In 2018, in 'To End a Presidency,' the authors argued that four possible impeachable offense warranted investigation. In a new epilogue to the paperback edition, they double down."  We concluded that four alleged impeachable offenses merited further investigation: (1) improper dealings with Russia surrounding the 2016 presidential election; (2) obstruction of justice in Russia-related investigations; (3) abuse of the pardon power; and (4) implementing kleptocracy.  In light of events since May 2018, we now believe that two more potential "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" warrant investigation. But we also believe that both of them involve a number of under-appreciated complexities that require further reflection.

    11 March 2019:  Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?  The Making of the Fox News White House.  The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, another conservative Never Trumper, used to appear on the network, but wouldn't do so now. "Fox was begun as a good-faith effort to counter bias, but it's morphed into something that is not even news," she says. "It's simply a mouthpiece for the President, repeating what the President says, no matter how false or contradictory."

    08 March 2019:  Here is how Trump's latest attack on Michael Cohen could   blow up in his face.  If I were @RepCummings, and I'd promised to "nail Cohen to the cross" if he lied then I would take this accusation very seriously and ask that, before making a formal referral, that the president to please come repeat this statement under oath before Congress."

    5 March 2019:  Trump's "presidential harassment" is just starting -  and Republicans brought this on themselves.  Republicans lied about Hillary Clinton and covered up for Trump for two years. Now they will reap the whirlwind.  I mention all this ancient history just to put in context all the absurd whining and caterwauling by the president and his minions over what he has taken to calling "presidential harassment." They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it. I'm afraid they are going to have to buckle up, because their turn in hell has finally come.

    2 March 2019:  Internet mocks length of Trump's 'grievance-fest' CPAC rant:  'Longer than his first two marriages'.
    Biff's about to hit 2 hours for this coke rant. I'm guessing Adderall suppository.
    Um, how long has Trump been speaking? This speech is Castro-esque in length.
    Trump is now way over 2 hours into his rambling speech at CPAC. Maybe he should have tried this tactic in Hanoi. Kim Jung Un would have given up his nukes just to get him to stop blathering.

    2 March 2019:  Rest in peace -  The Republican Party is dead.  "It's interesting about CPAC," Tyler began. "It used to be the confab of conservatives who would get together once a year but it's not CPAC anymore - it hasn't been since 2016. It's now Trump-pac and should be TPAC."  "When Trump passes on, one way or the other, the party will no longer exist and the Republican party will have - it has no fundamental belief. You have to believe in something, and I don't know what the Republican Party believes in or what its message is anymore."

    2 March 2019:  Lawrence O'Donnell claims the Dems can beat Trump using just this one  'West Wing' strategy.  The clip was from the season seven episode "The Debate" where Jimmy Smits portrays Matt Santos in a presidential debate against Arnold Vinick, played by Alan Alda.  "The Democratic candidate is going to have to be brave enough to honestly talk about socialism to that national TV audience and tell them that there is good socialism - like Social Security and Medicare - and there is very, very bad socialism," he said.  "And the worst socialism in America is Trump-golf socialism - Donald Trump's socialism," he concluded.

    28 February 2019:  Repubes wouldn't know what TRUTH is even if it sat on their face!! Pro-Trump House Republicans ask attorney general to investigate Michael Cohen -   claim he 'committed perjury'.  Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Government Operations Subcommittee Ranking Member Mark Meadows claim Cohen's testimony "was a spectacular and brazen attempt to knowingly and willfully testify falsely and fictitiously to numerous material facts."

    26 February 2019:  For Those Who Hate Trump: What is the goal?  FORUM.  I don't expect to see Trump impeached unless someone digs up video of him roasting and eating a baby while simultaneously getting a blowjob from Ivanka. And even then his supporters would argue that the baby deserved it.

    15 February 2019:  HE SAID WHAT??  NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  "I could do the wall over a longer period of time. I didn't need to do this, but I'd rather do it much faster," President Trump to @PeterAlexander on national emergency declaration to secure funding for border wall.

    13 February 2019:  HE SAID WHAT??  I never said anything bad about Andrew McCabe's wife  other than she (they) should not have taken large amounts of campaign money from a Crooked Hillary source when Clinton was under investigation by the FBI. I never called his wife a loser to him (another McCabe made up lie)!
    Eugene Gu, MD: I never called Trump's wife an undocumented immigrant who violated her tourist visa by illegally working in violation of US immigration law. And whose parents came here on a "chain migration" visa. Oh wait, maybe I did. But I really don't care, do U?

    12 February 2019:  Scandal double standard:   Dems pay the price for every misdeed, while the GOP skates!  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a Native American heritage scandal of his own. A company called Vortex Construction, owned by the Republican leader's in-laws, received $7.6 million in government contracts through a program designed to assist "disadvantaged minorities."  It turns out that McCarthy's brother-in-law, William Wages (who looks more Caucasian than Warren, by the way), told the Small Business Administration that he's one-eighth Cherokee. But the group to which he claims membership, the Northern Cherokee Nation, "has no federal or state recognition as a legitimate tribe." According to the article, "It is considered a fraud by leaders of tribes that have federal recognition."

    6 February 2019:  Trump Jr's attack on Democratic congresswomen hilariously backfires:  'One of the greatest self-owns of the year'  After Donald Trump Jr. criticized Democratic congresswomen who wore white at his father's State of the Union, one journalist took him to task - and utterly humiliated him.

    6 February 2019:  A Donny sycophant gets taken down -- tit-for-tat!!  Keith Boykin Twitter
    If you're going to criticize Virginia Democrats for blackface, it might help if you had criticized Trump for the Central Park 5, lying about Obama's birth certificate, vilifying Mexicans and Muslims, defending Nazis in Charlottesville, or endorsing racists Steve King & Roy Moore.

    6 February 2019:  A Donny sycophant gets taken down -- tit-for-tat!!  Dan Bongino Twitter
    Democrat Dictionary:
    1) Blackface = Dark Makeup
    2) Believe Women = Only Believe Women Accusing Republicans
    3) American Indian = White
    4) Infanticide = Keeping Babies Comfortable
    5) Border Walls = An Immorality
    6) Illegal Immigrants = Dreamers
    7) Americans = Deplorables

    TWIITER responds:

    Republican dictionary:
    01) Black = "low IQ"
    02) Misogyny = "locker room talk"
    03) Racism = nationalism
    04) Honoring and respecting women = paying them less, and taking away their reproductive rights and healthcare
    05) Africa = "shithole countries"
    06) Border Security = caging kids
    07) Tax breaks = tax breaks for millionaires
    08) Protecting pre-existing conditions = taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions or letting insurers charge a fortune to cover them
    09) "America First" = Russia First
    10) Family Values = divorces, affairs, child predators
    11) Porno modeling = classy
    12) Kidney problems = breast implants
    13) Successful business = bankruptcies, lawsuits, and unpaid bills
    14) Very fine people = Nazis

    26 January 2019:  Still think the GOP isn't complicit? They are protecting a crooked family! Enough is Enough! VOTE THEM OUT in 2020!!  Dithering GOP Stalls House's New Trump-Russia Probe.  The House Republican leadership has yet to name the intelligence committee's Republican membership for the new Congress, with the exception of retaining Devin Nunes as ranking Republican.

    25 January 2019:  It was funny, watching Trump trying to persuade America that this wasn't a colossal failure for which he alone was responsible. But it wasn't fun. SAD!  Trump's Zombies Applaud as He Lights Himself on Fire.  What a joke. What a fraud. As Bugs Bunny used to say, what a maroon. Art of the deal? Deal?!  Trump looked so terrible at that Rose Garden. well, it wasn't a press conference. It wasn't exactly a speech, either. Event. Of course he had his goons around, so that when he said right off the bat that there was a deal to end the shutdown, we heard applause. Applause! Can you imagine?

    21 January 2019:  FAKE SKINNY POTUS?!? Trump is trying to make himself look thinner with altered Facebook photos:   REPORT.  Specifically, Gizmodo claims that "Trump's official Facebook and Instagram accounts have published photos of the president that have been manipulated to make him look thinner." In total, the website found at least three different photos that have been changed in a way to shave some size off the president's figure.

    15 January 2019:  ATTENTION MAHA Swamp Supporter Nation:  WHY DO YOU HATE MILITARY VETERANS????? The hateful lying TRUMP-GOP swamp creatures are bad for America. Trump's Under-the-Radar Push to   Dismantle Veterans Health Care!

    11 January 2019:  For decades, Trump repeatedly didn't pay those who worked for him, and now that he's in the White House, little has changed.  Trump Got Rich by Screwing Over Workers-  Of Course He's Doing It Again as President!  As a bankruptcy-prone business mogul, Trump has always financed his lavish lifestyle at the expense of the workers and contractors he screwed over. Now he is doing the same thing as president, having engineered a government shutdown that on Friday denied 800,000 federal employees their paychecks.  Trump promised during the 2016 campaign that "the American worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them." That was a lie.

    08 January 2019:  What was that bullshit Dotard said about "this CARNAGE ends here and now"?? blah--blah--blah!   Joshua Tree National Park To Close For Cleanup, Repairs To Vandalism, Illegal Roads !  Vandals cut down this Joshua tree in Joshua Tree National Park/NPS during the TRUMP-Shutdown.  SHAMELESS Trump voters! You condone this violence and destruction? trump's stupidity seems to be contagious.

    08 January 2019:  WEST WING STINKER - Donald Trump Delivers a   Wet Fart Oval Office Address!  Donald Trump has been a political escape artist since the beginnings of his shady, scummy, shiftless life. From his spurious (see what I did there?) evasion of the Vietnam War draft to his serial bankruptcies and business failures, his wrecked marriages, and his current reign of misrule, Donald Trump's ability to detonate a media IED to distract from his troubles has always served him well. Whenever there's trouble from some Trump outrage, he never apologizes, never corrects his behavior and never, ever goes forth and sins no more. Instead, he deliberately creates some larger outrage, tossing red meat to a media always eager to chase it.  Trump looked exhausted, squinty, and bored, reading in a near-monotone from the Teleprompter. It went over like a wet fart.  The hysterical Know-Nothing show that flooded America's airwaves on Tuesday evening was Trumpian boilerplate: Scary immigrants are coming to kill you! Drugs are coming over the border!

    08 January 2019:  "There Is No Endgame": White House Aides Fear Trump Has Turned the   Border Wall into His Alamo!  "The president put himself in a box" as Trump tries to fight his way out, his new chief of staff already eyes the exits, and Giuliani worries about Mueller's possibly "horrific" report.  Right now the White House is at a seven on the panic scale. If this thing goes on past the State of the Union they're going to be at an 11.  Trump's handling of the shutdown is "total fucking chaos." "You're already hearing people speculate Trump could do a deal and resign."

    07 January 2019:  Networks giving Trump free airtime on Tuesday refused to air Obama's 2014 immigration speech!   Trump's address is supposed to be about the government shutdown he initiated.  The question of whether, or how, to treat Trump differently from other presidents in light of his relentless dishonesty is an interesting one. But it's noteworthy that just a few years ago, the networks were comfortable refusing to air a primetime Barack Obama speech about immigration on the grounds that the topic was "overtly political."

    07 January 2019:  Here's the real reason Trump is addressing the nation about the border wall!  Trump wants to have a primetime address to talk about his border wall.  Admitting that he was "just speculating," Eric Columbus wrote that Trump may announce a national emergency "thus unlocking statutes that some argue allow some wall-building."   The move would kick the fights to federal courts, "allowing him to reopen government while saving face."   "If he later loses in court he'll have a new scapegoat," the former DOJ appointee noted.

    05 January 2019:  Two Years America held hostage by the most corrupt administration in history!   Here is why Trump has to lose the dumbest government shutdown ever.  Raw Story's roundup of news items that might have become controversies under another regime, but got buried - or were at least under-appreciated - due to the daily firehose of political pratfalls, unhinged tweet storms and other sundry embarrassments coming out of the current White House.

    01 January 2019:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!    My message to the AMERICAN Congress..... DO NOT IMPEACH DONALD J. TRUMP !!! Do not give him the easy way OUT. Best if AMERICAN VOTERS vote him out in 2020. The best gift would be watching the OLD (dotard) PRESIDENT tRump at the 2021 Inauguartion Address and then watching him and his sneaky eyed wife being dragged onto Marine 1 for the last time! Plus, seeing an inauguration crowd that would outnumber the OBAMA inauguration(s). will be a glorious day when tRump is removed from office.

    28 December 2018:  Laura Ingraham's radio show has ended.   The world will be a better place without it.  Unfortunately, Ingraham's cruelty and racism will still have a home on her Fox News show and her new podcast beginning next month. But for now, we can bid a happy farewell to a truly awful program by remembering some of its most repulsive moments.

    26 December 2018:  'Inspiring a gay bunny novel':  Here are the top awkward moments from Mike Pence in 2018.  Vice President Mike Pence has managed to stay out of the limelight and drama plaguing the West Wing. However, even with his quiet demeanor, he has managed to be perceived as Trump's lackey.

    24 December 2018:  Donald Trump has berserk   Christmas Eve meltdown.  It's Christmas Eve, and all through the White House, the traitor is stirring. and he's going even more berserk than usual. Trump is clearly panicked about his own ouster, worried about the continued stock market collapse, freaked out that the military is turning against him, and just plain agitated in general. His rants and raves today were anything but festive. Then to top it all off, Donald Trump screamed "AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN" before blaming his own Federal Reserve Chair for the collapse of the stock market. After Trump did this, the Dow Jones quickly dropped even further. It's Christmas Eve, but Trump seems to think it's still Festivus and the airing of the grievances.

    18 November 2018:  Trump is the most inept Commander-in-Chief in US history —   and it matters.  We’ll leave you with some good news this week: As more late races from last week’s Blue Wave have been called, Republicans have been decimated in California, and according to The LA Times, some GOP strategists have come to the conclusion that they need to burn their party down and rebuild from scratch.

    18 November 2018:  DOTARD is a certifiable douchBag....he disrespects the veterans in so many ways. Can't get off his FAT ASS on Veteran Day to place a wreath at Arlington.... He is KILLING / STARVING the Veterans Administration -- forcing Vets to use Private Medical Care --- SHAMEFUL POS is the POTUS!!!!!  ‘You threaten the Constitution’: Adm. McRaven replies directly to Trump’s smear of Navy SEALS.  Retired 3-star General Mark Hertling criticized President Donald Trump’s “unprofessional” comments against retired Navy Admiral William H. McRaven during a Sunday appearance on CNN.  “What I would say in terms of my reaction is we can never become immune to this kind of narrative, to this kind of jackassery,” Hertling declared.

    16 November 2018:  Haha, fuck you @PressSec . You lied, and the judge just confirmed it.......If you are a WH journalist, always  remember this smirk Sarah Sanders had on her face  as she waited for the WH intern to try to provoke your colleague @Acosta. Always remember she shared a *doctored* InfoWars video to try to smear him. Do not waste ONE word humanizing her.  Sanders is completely vested in the WH program of lying and obfuscation. She is every bit as culpable as anyone else in this evil administration.
    .@PressSec Will the White House's proposed new rules for decorum say anything about sharing videos of "questionable accuracy?" Asking for a country, thanks.  "There must be decorum at the White House"??? Decorum? In this White House? LMAO!! If there must be decorum in the White House we're gonna need a new president.
    Reminder Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a fake, doctored video falsely showing @Acosta of touching an intern. It never happened. They know it didnt happen. Still released it to lie and sow confusion, like dictatorships. Kellyanne Conway doubled down on it. Don't forget.

    15 November 2018:  Trump Administration Plots Costly Private-Care Expansion for Veterans. The plan sets up a clash with Democrats, who say the administration is thwarting congressional intent and   will starve the VA health system to pay for private care.  

    14 November 2018:  On today's episode of the twilight zone... A Slovenian immigrant with a questionable status and sketchy past makes decisions about US national security and nobody bats an eye!  This is Melanija Knavs:
    Dropped out of college
    Came to the US in 1996 on a B1-B2 visitor visa
    Per AP, illegally took 20K for "modeling work"...
    Allegedly woked as a high paid escort
    Married a crusty LYIN old man 23 yrs her senior for money
    Lied about having a degree from University of Slovenia
    Alledgedly speaks 5 languages but there is no video evidence of her speaking anything but broken English
    tRump wants a merit based immigration system, but his own wife wouldn't qualify for a visa under his system!

    12 November 2018:  It's #VeteransDay18. Let's remind the 45cult:
    Said STD's was his personal Vietnam
    Made fun of gold star families and POW's
    Dodged draft, but wanted a purple heart
    Pledged to donate 1 million to veterans (he hasn't)
    Has never visited the troops overseas
    Doesn't want military absentee votes counted. Cutting VA benefits.
    No visit to Arlington cemetery as rain is expected!
    The rain was "tremendously" too wet for the 'stable genius'.
    ...and just like Vietnam you stayed home. #UnfitForOffice
    You are a national embarrassment, #AssClown! You made a fool of yourself in Paris and you will NOT be reelected. We need a REAL Leader and we'll finally have one in 2020. #DumpDotardDon #AmericaDeservesBetter @IvankaTrump @SeanHannity @SarahHuckabee #ExGOP #FuckTrump  

    12 November 2018:  White House confirms Trump will not visit Arlington cemetery on Veterans Day as rain is expected!  France’s army appears to mock Trump for not wanting to go out in the rain to pay tribute to vets.  Whaat?? -- The rain might cause a Bad Hair Day for his orangeness? Meanwhile U.S. troops are sitting on our southern border for Dotard's boogey-man caravan until Dec15?... and missing Thanksgiving with their families? SHAME on the silence of the GOP who supports this DOTARD animal!

    11 November 2018:  70 world leaders walked up the Champs-Élysées in Paris in a display of unity to commemorate the end of WWI, and the 10 million soldiers, and countless millions of civilians, that died in the Great War.   President Trump was not among them.  

    10 November 2018:  Cadet Bone-Spurs cancels visit to U.S. military cemetery outside Paris!  ‘Real low energy’  Dotard & FLOTUS flew 3,800 miles to Paris for ceremonies to honor the military sacrifice in World War I, hoping to take part in the kind of powerful ode to the bravery of the armed forces that he was unable to hold in Washington. But on his first full day here, it rained on his substitute parade weekend.  The cemetery is 50 miles from Paris. The cemetery has 2,288 gravesites honoring those who died, including many Americans. The names of 1,060 more Americans who went missing and whose bodies were not recovered are engraved on the walls of the site. The Paris weather forecast shows more rain for Sunday.

    10 November 2018:  Prosecutors won’t likely charge a sitting president, yet have implicated him in a criminal scheme to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. What to do then? Go to Congress.  Feds Now Have Evidence Trump Broke the Law to Become President. Will Whitaker Bury It?  

    09 November 2018:  HBO’s Bill Maher cracks up mocking   the nation’s most ridiculous ballot measures   on Real Time.

    07 November 2018:  OWN IT Republicans! You are the party of NATIONALISTS -- white-wise!!!  A White Nationalist Leader Just Posted Pics From His White House Visit.  Patrick Casey, who heads the group Identity Evropa --- a white nationalist group whose members marched in the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville proudly posted pictures on Wednesday from a visit to the White House.
    SHAME ON THIS White House --- SHAME on the GOP -- America is in deep trouble -- SOS !!!!!

    07 November 2018:  10 notable Republicans who were defeated 11/6/2018.  These 10 notorious Republican villains were defeated on Tuesday.
      1. Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV)
      2. Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)
      3. Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL)
      4. Kris Kobach (R-KS)
      5. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
      6. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
      7. Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA)
      8. Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN)
      9. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY)
     10. Kim Davis

    07 November 2018:  Trump just gave a weapons-grade crazy press conference —   here are the 6 most unhinged moments.
     1.) calls CNN’s Jim Acosta a “rude, terrible person.
     2.) tells reporter April Ryan to “sit down.”
     3.) attacks Republican lawmakers who lost elections.
     4.) accuses a reporter of being “racist” for questioning his embrace of “nationalism.”
     5.) offers nonsensical responses to questions of what he can do to unite the country.
     6.) shouts down questions about his standing among women voters.

    05 November 2018:  Why the GOP Is Truly Terrified of 'Medicare for All' —  It Could Destroy the Republican Party as We Know It.  If the national ID system were the key to getting your health care and medications, there’d be no need for “voter registration” and no ability for the GOP to purge voters.

    05 November 2018:  Mere weeks after President Trump suggested China is meddling in the midterm elections.  Ivanka Trump’s shuttered business wins Chinese trademarks to voting machines.  In June,the first daughter’s company won approval for three Chinese trademarks on the same day her father agreed to lift sanctions on ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications company described as a national security threat by a Trump adviser. A month earlier, days before President Trump promised on Twitter to help save ZTE, Ivanka Trump’s business secured five valuable trademarks from China.

    04 November 2018:  Did Trump make a Freudian slip and   admit Russia helped ‘steal’ the 2016 election?  Trump, in a tweet designed to smear Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly over his re-election bid, seemed to reveal the truth about the Russia-based influence campaign that got him into office.

    01 November 2018:  Democrats may soon be handed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix America’s ailing democratic institutions. Here’s what they should do with it.  Eight simple steps to fix American democracy.
     1) Abolish the electoral college
     2) Pass a new Voting Rights Act
     3) Ban gerrymandering
     4) End the filibuster
     5) Get ‘dark money’ out of politics
     6) Introduce term limits for the Supreme Court
     7) Grant statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico
     8) Lower the voting age to 16

    01 November 2018:  So Trump is importing swamp creatures from Florida, what a surprise. Bottom line? They are screwing the Veterans!  The VA Shadow Rulers’ Signature Program Is “Trending Towards Red”  A $10 billion technology upgrade championed by Jared Kushner and the Mar-a-Lago trio is at risk of failing the VA’s 7 million patients.

    01 November 2018:  Jewish woman hands emotional note to airline passenger in MAGA cap:  ‘Your hat sanctions our death, our murder’.  “A lot of people were upset, angry & scared on the plane when they saw your hat,” she continued. “For you, I want to assume it’s about politics, economics and the support of a charismatic man.” “I hope your good America doesn’t include flushing me and my people out,” she concluded.
    ~~ The perception is becoming the reality. When we see the red hat it symbolizes all of his worst abuses and for some is approaching swastika level of fear and terror.

    01 November 2018:  ‘So much worse than Willie Horton’: Historian explains why   Trump’s latest ad might be the most racist ever.  Princeton historian Kevin Kruse, in a lengthy Twitter thread, breaks down the reasons why the new Trump ad may be the most racist TV ad he’s seen — even worse than the infamous Willie Horton ad that aired in 1988.

    29 October 2018:  Just eight days before the election, the Trump family is getting hit with some bad news!  Donald Trump and his kids hit with civil RICO suit.  The most negative possible result for the Trump family in this suit is a loss of money. However, the suit could serve to expose criminal fraud on the part of Donald Trump and his kids, which could in turn make it easier for federal or state prosecutors to bring related criminal charges.

    28 October 2018:  Donald Trump is falsely accusing the media of being responsible for violence, in the hope that his crazed supporters will commit violence against the media. Arrest this motherfucker now!  Donald Trump tries to play the victim and fails miserably.  Trump can’t stop complaining about how the media is focusing on these very real and very important developments, instead of focusing on the phony controversies he’s been pushing.

    26 October 2018:  Trump-loving #MAGAbomber suspect Cesar Sayoc filled his   Facebook and Twitter accounts with attacks on Soros and Democrat Gillum.  Sayoc’s white van was plastered with pictures of Trump and right-wing propaganda, including a “CNN sucks” sticker and a graphic of a swamp showing several of his alleged targets.  Turns out the #MAGABomber is a registered Republican and a devoted Trump fan. YOU are 100% responsible for this political terrorism. YOU encourage violence. And YOU and the #CorruptAuthoritarianGOP have got to go.

    20 October 2018:  Fox News says   Immigrants will drug, rape, and kill you  – then help Democrats overthrow America. And just to be clear, it’s not true. Democrats are not – repeat, not – plotting a coup. Republicans, on the other hand, effectively are – since they are doing everything in their power to take away the right to vote.  Sorry, Tucker, Laura, Lou, Newt, Sean, and all the other propagandists at Fox News. You’re wrong, and America is going to prove it to you on November 6.

    19 October 2018:  The LYIN POTUS on the road -- spending OUR tax $$'s to promote his hatred --- and they love it and eat it up! nom-nom!   45 most bizarre lines from Dotard's Montana rally!

    18 October 2018:  #DropMarALago - The charity circuit is tiptoeing its way back to Mar-a-Lago.  Here is why.

    15 October 2018:  Last week’s stock sell-off was merely the beginning of what’s to come.  Three Colliding Problems Leading to a New Economic Disaster!  You don’t have to be a financial expert to see the irreconcilability of these three problems:  1. Fed tightening - 2. Trump’s tax cuts depend on monster growth - 3. Trump’s tariffs  As we’ve seen in recent decades, even smart people are fully capable of driving the American economy off a cliff. What happens when the dumbest administration in history gets a turn at the wheel? Maybe last week wasn’t the time to start panicking. But that moment can’t be far.

    14 October 2018:  More LIES and BULLSHIT from the Swamp Master! Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s brother scored millions from government contract based on  Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview goes off the rails!  Counting the days when this NIGHTMARE will end. Make America BETTER and Save The Democracy from this DOTARD!!!

    14 October 2018:  What's that smell? More stench from the GOP SWAMP! Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s brother scored millions from government contract based on  false claim of Native American ancestry!  It’s prompting questions about whether Wages benefited from McCarthy’s powerful position in Congress or if the claims constitute fraud.  Here's a suggestion! VOTE HIM OUT! LOCK THEM ALL UP!

    12 October 2018:  Republican voters don’t care about Trump’s corruption —  and here’s why.  Republicans have convinced themselves that Democrats are dirty, so they feel entitled to be even dirtier.  ..the likeliest reason for this willingness of Republican voters to indulge all sorts of wicked behavior in pursuit of power is that they've convinced themselves that the "other side" does it just as much. It's an attitude called "what-about-ism," and it allows Republican voters to tell themselves that their side can be as shady and corrupt as they want to be, because Democrats do it, too.

    12 October 2018:  Trump’s USA Today op-ed:  The real point was to threaten his enemies with violence.  A national newspaper publishes an astonishing litany of lies from the president — and that’s not the scary part.

    11 October 2018:  EXCLUSIVE: First lady Melania Trump says her “Be Best” policy platform targeting online bullies is personal.  “I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,”  She could say that but she would be wrong. Let's ask Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Wah. Like her life is so tough!? Has she visited /inspected any of the detention camps where over 12,000+ refugee immigrant children are being held by her husbands administration?? She’s just as entitled and self absorbed as Trump  I don’t care , do you?....NO Melaniac, we don't care about YOU either! Time for you to go back home to the Russian lowloands.... take your folks with you too!!!

    10 October 2018:  Trump criticized Obama’s reaction to hurricanes —  and now he is boasting about himself during Hurricane Michael.  In 2012, Trump tweeted that Barack Obama, “campaigned with JayZ & Springsteen while Hurricane Sandy victims across NY & NJ are still decimated by Sandy. Wrong!”  Ahead of his rally, Trump talked to reporters saying that he could not cancel the rally because it would be “unfair” to the “thousands” of people who waited to see him.

    10 October 2018:  So its really the SUPREME COURT that will investigate the new guy? Shame on Repubes & Dems for not making this an issue!!!  Chief Justice John Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.  Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, a George H.W. Bush nominee, forwarded more than a dozen misconduct complaints to the chief justice after determining they were substantive enough that they needed to be investigated by judges outside the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, where Kavanaugh was serving as a judge.

    10 October 2018:  MSNBC’s Morning Joe calls out GOP hypocrisy on Trump’s ‘lock her up’ threats:  ‘That’s an angry mob, right?’  He singled out McConnell as a hypocrite. “Mitch McConnell must be shocked at the angry mobs,” Scarborough said. “I mean, the poor guy, he was a snowflake just a couple days ago, just melting on national television because of all the angry mobs. I wonder what Mitch thinks, again, about people talking about locking up one of his colleagues, sending one of his colleagues to jail because they disagree with her politically. That’s an angry mob, right?”

    10 October 2018:  The GOP is getting desperate and rabid trying to convince their base that the Democrats are violent and are MOB RULE! Ironically they forget their TEA PARTY GOP antics and tRump's violence! Thankfully, some are being reminded online.  ‘Her name was Heather Heyer’: Rand Paul walloped after whining that political rhetoric will get someone killed.  U.S. Senator Rand Paul is under fire after a report in a right wing news site quoted him warning that rhetoric in the current political climate is going to lead to someone being killed.  Many on social media responded to the article in The Hill with remarks like, “Her name was Heather Heyer,” and “Heather Heyer was literally killed by pro-Trump Nazis.”

    09 October 2018:  This ASSHOLE says Innocent before proven Guilty????? Due Process?  ’Lock her up!’  Trump leads Iowa rally in a chant against California senator after saying he didn’t want to ‘slander’ her.

    09 October 2018:  The GOP mask has slipped off — and Republicans have been exposed for who they really are.  Silver lining on Kavanaugh?  Right-wing misogyny is now laid bare for all to see. The Kavanaugh confirmation exposed the pretense that “everyone” opposes sexual abuse. Maybe some will remember.

    08 October 2018:  We all know what MAGA is really code for:!  ‘It’s not even a secret’  The time couldn’t be more perfect for Rebecca Traister’s book, “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger.” In it, the New York magazine journalist explores the history and continuing power that women’s anger can have to cause change — which is why men are so afraid of it.

    whereby the perp plays victim himself claims he's target of his victim's crimes which are the very crimes he's committing against them.  That way when victims protest, it "appears" that they're "equally" guilty.
    "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty." ~~ Joseph Gobbels, NAZI Propaganda Minister  

    06 October 2018:  As the former dean of Yale Law School, I’m shocked by the judge’s partisan turn!  Brett Kavanaugh Cannot Have It Both Ways!  With calculation and skill, Kavanaugh stoked the fires of partisan rage and male entitlement. He had apparently concluded that the only way he could rally Republican support was by painting himself as the victim of a political hit job. He therefore offered a witches’ brew of vicious unfounded charges, alleging that Democratic members of the Senate Judicial Committee were pursuing a vendetta on behalf of the Clintons. If we expect judges to reach conclusions based solely on reliable evidence, Kavanaugh’s savage and bitter attack demonstrated exactly the opposite sensibility.

    06 October 2018:  Brett Kavanaugh’s high school gets scorched after tweeting tone-deaf congratulations!  Rapetown Prep!  Many mocked the post as tonedeaf. The school linked to a press release in which it fawns over Kavanaugh, omitting any mention of his drunken antics and alleged assaults while attending the school. Among those not pleased were other alums who said Kavanaugh should have withdrawn.    TWITTER!

    06 October 2018:  Trump’s not alone in destroying our democracy —  he has enablers.  Unfortunately there’s more than just the rhetoric and actions that have made Trump’s presidency a real possibility. There’s the astonishing lack of any serious criticism of him by members of his own party.  Where is the Republicans’ outrage, the disgust, at his racism, his misogyny, his attacks on the free press? Where are their demands to see his tax returns and reveal the corruption of his policies and his business relations? Where is their outrage over the fact that a hostile power intervened in our democratic process to help get Donald Trump elected?

    02 October 2018:  I Know Brett Kavanaugh,   but I Wouldn’t Confirm Him.  This is an article I never imagined myself writing, that I never wanted to write, that I wish I could not write.

    30 September 2018:  he GOP claim that there's no corroboration of Dr. Ford's allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her is a lie. Corroborating evidence—evidence that tends to support a proposition—already exists. I'll detail as much of it as I can. I hope you'll read on and  RETWEET!  

    30 September 2018:  SNL’s Michael Che destroys GOP over Kavanaugh debacle:  ‘Pick another dude from your Illuminati lizard meetings’!  “I just want to remind everybody that all that yelling and crying happened at a job interview,” Che said about the Thursday hearing....  “I mean, typically when you’re asked about a sexual assault and your drinking problem at a job interview, you don’t get the damn job.”

    29 September 2018:  I love beer! I drink beer! We drank beer in high school! So there!  Kavanaugh treats us to the Full Monty!  Well, what did we expect? Privileged prep-monster Brett Kavanaugh showed up at the Senate Judiciary Committee, he sat down at the witness table, he took out his New Revised Post-Fox News Interview Handwritten Statement, and he delivered a petulant, enraged, screaming, tearful alcoholic blast at Democrats, Clintonites, The Left, and anyone else who would deny him his rightful seat on the Supreme Court. Swinging wildly from self-aggrandizement and anger to self-pity and tears, he turned a Capitol Hill hearing room into a Trump rally, even going so far as to tell liberals how he’ll rule against them when he gets on the court. “What goes around, comes around,” said a defiant, red-faced Kavanaugh, alternately sniffling and sipping from a water bottle like he was nursing a hangover the likes of which the world has never seen.  

    29 September 2018:  Welcome to another edition of What Fresh Hell?  Trump, Kavanaugh and the sleazification of the conservative elite!  As I watched Sen. Lindsey Graham give up his ‘oh, shucks’ persona to rant and rave about the left’s conspiracy to destroy conservatives with what he sees as baseless charges of sexual abuse. “This only happens to Republicans,” he said, which would no doubt come as news to John Conyers, Eric Schneiderman, Al Franken, Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner. But it was really the sneering tone, dripping in naked hostility for his colleagues, that stood out from a guy who’s spent his entire career posing as a happy goofball who was willing to work across the aisle.  

    29 September 2018:  Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh:   Welcome to the smoldering ruins of American democracy!  Lindsey Graham is a massive hypocrite. But his outburst during the Kavanaugh hearings point hinted at deeper truth.  As others have noted, it’s pretty rich to get a high-minded lecture about unethical or despicable conduct in politics from the guy who served as House manager of Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, and whose party over the last 20 years or so has pursued no clear agenda beyond obstruction, negation and outright nihilism. (Cough, cough, Justice Merrick Garland.)  

    28 September 2018:  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse vows to complete Kavanaugh rape investigations:  ‘Coverups never last’  Whitehouse pointed to a calendar Kavanaugh kept as a teenager, which lists a party on July 1, 1982, that matches up with Ford’s testimony about who was present the night she was assaulted.  “We have done a botch of the investigation, over time I expect the facts to come out,” he said. “They have a way of doing that. Coverups never last. The sand is running through Kavanaugh’s hourglass, and I pledge whatever I can do to make sure that the truth of his conduct is ultimately determined.” 

    28 September 2018:  This is the most powerful video you will likely ever watch. Please RETWEET so that when @JeffFlake votes to confirm Kavanaugh, everyone knows how insensitive and disgusting this man is:  Prove us wrong Jeff Flake!  To @JeffFlake a new hashtag and movement #youtoo?   

    28 September 2018:  Lindsey Graham and GOP for Kavanaugh antics are repugnant.  This is how democracy dies!  “Lindsey Graham has emerged as one of the most repugnant men in America,”   

    27 September 2018:  Twitter Users School Brett Kavanaugh On  Real Meanings Of ‘Boof’ And ‘Devil’s Triangle’!  The Supreme Court nominee’s definitions in his Senate hearing of “flatulence” and a game similar to “quarters” draw some snickers on Twitter.  ...Is it perjury if you lie about the meanings of #Boof and #DevilsTriangle under oath? Asking for a Supreme Court nominee. 

    25 September 2018:  GOOD JOB DOTARD!!   America is now the LAUGHINGSTOCK OF THE WORLD.  On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed the UN General Assembly. The President started off touting his achievements on the world stage, claiming that his White House has accomplished far more than previous administrations.  Trump has long attacked Obama by claiming that the world was laughing at his leadership. While speaking at the UN boasting about his imaginary accomplishments the UN broke out into laughter. He might be able to bullshit his base but the rest of the world knows he is a joke. A dangerous joke. The world is laughing at the USA because of Trump.  The next time Trump claims "We're respected again," remember that on this date there was laughter from world leaders assembled at the UN when he said he'd achieved more than any US president in history.   That second wave of laughter? When the translators finished translating exactly what Trump said.  Trump is laughed at by the world

    24 September 2018:  Another Kavanaugh endorser regrets the swarmy snake!!!  Louisa Garry,  one of the former Kavanaugh classmates who asked the New Yorker to remove her name from a statement of support for Kavanaugh, seems to be the same Louisa Garry who appears in a Judicial Crisis Network ad supporting Kavanaugh.  How many of the 65 women now regret signing the letter of support?  

    23 September 2018:  tRump's Kavanaugh snake associate resigns....YES, DRAIN THAT SWAMP and take Kav-a-hole with you!!!  Kavanaugh Champion Who Advanced “Mistaken-Identity” Theory of Innocence Takes Leave From Ethics Job.  Ed Whelan acknowledged his “appalling and inexcusable” error.   

    22 September 2018:  MORE TALES FROM THE tRump SWAMP: CNN guest ties Kavanaugh pal’s   absurd doppelgänger smear of classmate to Orrin Hatch’s office.  “The minute that I saw this series of tweets, I thought of Orrin Hatch, who told a CNN colleague of mine that maybe this was a case of mistaken identity, after he’d spoken to Judge Kavanaugh, makes me wonder, was this supposed to be some kind of ace in the hole by the pro-Kavanaugh forces?” Smerconish asked.  “It’s not at all a crazy theory,” Beauchamp explained. “And Orrin Hatch’s spokesperson tweeted out earlier this week that people needed to watch Ed Whelin’s tweets in the coming days.”  “But I can tell you, based on someone who knows the way things work in D.C., this stinks,” he added.

    22 September 2018:  MORE TALES FROM THE tRump SWAMP: Grooming Brett Kavanaugh: From prep school to the Supreme Court was a straight line —   and crooked as hell!  Isn’t that something? The idea that this little hothouse flower known as Brett Kavanaugh needed “grooming?”   

    21 September 2018:  Hey, @realDonaldTrump, Listen the fuck up.  #WhyIDidntReport Stories.     

    21 September 2018:  Arizona's Gosar family asks voters  NOT to re-elect their brother to Congress!  Suck it tRump swamp lovers!   

    13 September 2018:  ‘My father died alone, without power’: Internet explodes in fury as   Trump denies 2975 Puerto Rico deaths!  He has made many vile and offensive statements. Ask anyone in America what they think is the worst thing he’s said and there’s probably a good chance they’ll be able to come up with one.  But denying the hurricane-related deaths of 2975 Americans may be the most inhuman remark President Trump has ever uttered. And the fact he did it the morning before a major deadly hurricane is about to hit the Eastern United States makes it all the worse.

    10 September 2018:  These two charts disprove White House claim Trump improved the economy —  he actually slowed it!  On Twitter, John Aravosis, digital strategist fact-check the president with graphs of his own.  “Here’s what Trump is now calling “an economic turnaround” — an economy and stock market that had been growing for 7 years before Trump got there. It’s simply amazing how much Trump Republicans lie to their voters,” he tweeted. 

    09 September 2018:  Donald Trump doesn't like to be criticized. But now Team Trump apparently has a new demand: Enthusiastically cheer Trump or be banished.  'Plaid shirt guy' dared to question Trump!  Had Linfesty been booing? No. Did he heckle Trump? Negative. Did he hold up a sign that mocked Trump? Once again, that's a no. Though he was never given a formal reason, Linfesty believes his "misconduct" that merited ejection was his lack of fanatical devotion to Trump, the beloved headliner.  

    06 September 2018:  A guy standing behind Trump at a campaign rally in Montana stole the show for several minutes  before he was moved off camera.  Standing behind Trump, the unidentified man made several animated facial expressions as the president spoke on a list of topics as varied as healthcare policy and the 2016 presidential election.  Eventually the Trump goon staff replaced this 17yro high school senior with their own RUBE.   Trump can't say "Anonymous"

    06 September 2018:  Look Up, Not Down:   A Message to Young Trump Supporters.  If you're a Trump supporter struggling to keep up with your rent, pay for your medicine, feed your kids, and maybe buy a small pick-up truck on long-term credit, then there's a good chance you're directing your anger, resentment, and disdain at exactly the wrong people. You have bought into myths designed to protect the rich and feed their greed. You have been duped.

    05 September 2018:  HYPOCRITICAL Pro-Lifers! MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough dared “pro-life” conservatives to defend  Brett Kavanaugh’s snub of grieving Parkland father Fred Guttenberg.  The Florida parent, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was killed Feb. 14 in a school shooting, introduced himself Tuesday to the Supreme Court nominee during a break in confirmation hearings — and Kavanaugh turned away and refused to shake his hand.

    01 September 2018:  RIP JOHN MCCAIN --- Meghan McCain delivers emotional eulogy for father  With "not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the the opportunistic appropriations of those who lived lives of comfort & privilege while he suffered and served," @MeghanMcCain just gave Donald Trump the verbal ???? he deserved.

    31 August 2018:  HYPOCRITICAL LINDSAY....not a friend to McCain at all. SHAME.....Washington Post columnist eulogizes Lindsey Graham after he caves to Trumpism:  ‘We lost two mavericks within a week’.   “We lost two mavericks within a week. On Saturday, we lost the legendary John McCain. On Tuesday, we lost his loyal sidekick, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham,” Milbank writes, as the South Carolina senator, “buried whatever remained of his own reputation for iconoclasm even before his partner’s funeral.

    27 August 2018:  LOCK HIM UP!! DRAIN THE tRUMPY SWAMP!!! CROOKED CON DON AND HIS LYING ADMIN MUST GO!!! to hell!  Trump was involved in scuttling FBI building across from Trump’s DC Hotel.    Inspector General report.

    27 August 2018:  Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at  McCain service in Phoenix.    THE VIEW: Joe Biden Speaks With Meghan McCain

    27 August 2018:  SHAME on this POTUS - a petty little man!!!!!  for the President.  In normal circumstances, a President could be expected to issue a fulsome written statement to mark the passing of such an important political figure. Trump simply wrote a tweet, and while members of his immediate family praised McCain's character and contribution, he did not. AND today the WHITE HOUSE elected to NOT FLY THE FLAG half-staff to honor McCain. SHAME ON TRUMP. SHAME ON THE REPUBLICAN SPINELESS congress swamp creatins roamin gthe government halls. AND SHAME ON LINDSAY GRAHAM... supposedly the "best friend" of McCain. VOTE THEM OUT!!! They shame the nation!!!

    27 August 2018:  John McCain's final message  for the President.  In Washington, even death is political -- a fact McCain well understood as a sought-after eulogizer himself, and by planning his funeral rites to exclude the President, he will be making an unmistakable posthumous statement directed at the White House.

    25 August 2018:  John McCain, Legendary Republican Senator,  Dead at 81.  Ironically, he dies on the same day as Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy (February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009). Rest In Peace!

    24 August 2018:  Don’t Just Impeach Trump.  Annul His Presidency.  As I’ve said, my betting is Trump remains president at least through 2020 – absent compelling and indisputable evidence he rigged the 2016 election. But if such evidence comes forth, impeachment isn’t an adequate remedy because Trump’s presidency would be constitutionally illegitimate. It should be annulled.

    22 August 2018:  “For the first time since Watergate, the president is now an alleged co-conspirator in the commission of a federal crime,” Max Boot said.  ‘Trump is now an illegitimate president’  “In short, there is growing evidence that the president is, to use the word favored by Richard Nixon, ‘a crook.’ Even buying the silence of his reputed playmates could by itself have been enough to swing an exceedingly close election decided by fewer than 80,000 votes in three states,”

    22 August 2018:  Graham’s old call to   impeach Clinton resurfaces  on social media. After two former aides to President Donald Trump either pleaded or were found guilty of federal crimes on Tuesday, a clip of then-Rep. Lindsey Graham arguing for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton was posted to Twitter by liberal MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell.  “Every reporter must now ask @LindseyGrahamSC if he still believes in the standard he set for removing a president in the impeachment of Bill Clinton,” O’Donnell wrote.  In 1999, Graham was one of the prosecutors in the House of Representatives’ case for removing Clinton from office after he was impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair. Graham was elected to the U.S. Senate from South Carolina in 2002.  “Because impeachment is not about punishment,” he said. “Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

    21 August 2018:  First Michael Cohen and now Paul Manafort. Is today the turning point we have all been waiting for? Is today the day we finally get Donald J. Trump impeached? Trump's ex-attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to violating campaign finance laws, saying he acted "in coordination and at the direction" of a federal candidate --------- Cohen under oath says Trump ordered him to commit a felony. Trump violated election campaign laws. ---------- August 21 2018 is a day that will stand out in US history. A sitting president is an unnamed co-conspirator in a felony. So the dance begins today between Mueller and Trump, with Mueller laying down a marker today. There are more to come from Cohen and Trump can't stop it. With Cohen pleading guilty and the jury finding Manafort guilty, I feel like I should stay up all night to watch the 4 AM trump twitter meltdown in real time. Despite what happened to Cohen and Manafort today, thousands of MAGA hats will still scream “lock her up” at tonight’s rally in Charleston, WV because the Trump cult has been programmed not to believe anything they are reading or seeing. Fox Newa should be held accountable for their actions and indicted as co-conspirators in the Trump Administration.

    15 August 2018:  Rudy Giuliani Claims Facts Are 'In the Eye of the Beholder,' Calls   Trump the Most 'Honest' President in History.  The statement came after the two discussed Paul Manafort's trial and the accusations being made by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman. Her most recent claim is that President Trump knew about the hacked Democratic emails obtained by Wikileaks before they were released during the 2016 election. 

    03 August 2018:  Kurt Bardella: Sarah Sanders' dishonest defense of  Trump and his assault on the free press reaches a new low.  You know things are deteriorating when you are regurgitating conspiracy theories to justify your boss’s obsession with weakening the First Amendment. 

    02 August 2018:  Ivanka Trump said she "vehemently" opposed Donald Trump's family separation policy but added that her own mother "came here legally." But what if that isn't totally true? Lawrence explains the questions raised over   Ivanka Trump's mother's immigration history!  SPOILER ALERT: Both wife #1 and wife #3 came to the U.S. illegally, but managed to have "anchor babies" with a rich American guy. Within 10 years each wife were able to gain U.S. citzenship compared to the Hispanic community that he hates which takes almost 20 yrs or maybe never. MAGA? #Shameful #Hypocritical 

    25 July 2018:  I WUV YOU Donald -- How does Hannity talk and suck Trump at the same time?  Americans “have a right to know before we elect somebody” president if he had an affair.  Oh wait that was 2008......what say you now hypocrite 10 years later? Shamity! 

    21 July 2018:  NO COLLUSION? What a joke! LOCK UP THIS crooked - lying administration -- such a DISGRACE!  The Deleted Video Clip That The White House and Kremlin Don’t Want You To See.  Last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow pointed out the fact that the White House, as well as the Kremlin, have removed a very important part of this month’s Helsinki meeting between Trump and Putin, from their transcripts and live video feeds. 

    21 July 2018:  How the Trump administration's stance on Russian election interference has evolved since the  controversial summit with Putin  The Trump administration has had quite a week on an array of issues, but especially the topic of Russian election interference. 

    20 July 2018:  Russian operatives blasted 18,000 tweets ahead of a huge news day during the 2016 presidential campaign.  Did they know what was coming?

    01 July 2018:  FUCK TRUMP! FUCK THE GOP!! HA CIVILITY?!? When the Trumpees and the GOP are lecturing us about civility then ya-know the world is nearing an end!  Mike Huckabee claims Donald Trump never encouraged violence — and Democrats are the violent ones  Yet, when it came to Huckabee, his memory may have failed him. Here is a video of  all of the times President Donald Trump called for violence.

    27 June 2018:  N. Korea Makes A Sucker Out Of Trump By Breaking Nuclear Deal In Less Than 2 Weeks!  According to 38 North:  Trump got played, just as experts expected that he would and the end result is that N. Korea is still a nuclear threat while Donald Trump is crowing about an imaginary win that may never happen.

    26 June 2018:  That’s the card you’re pulling now, Trump supporters?  So, Now You Want Civility?  What we are going to do, is clearly, repeatedly, and unapologetically oppose it all with everything we have.

    26 June 2018:  Why do conservatives support Trump? Neil Gorsuch, the gift that keeps on giving.............‘This fascist govt is not valid’:  The internet erupts in rage after ‘stolen’ court upholds Muslim ban.  The theft of Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court seat is legitimately the greatest heist in world history......perfect example of how DC Etiquette Police didn't give a shit when GOP stole a SCOTUS seat. so no, we don't care abt your belated lectures now.

    26 June 2018:  In a post on Facebook,  Rather argued  that “President Trump and the GOP bemoaning a lack of civility is a hypocritical farce.” “It spurs an almost uncontrollable bout of forehead slapping in disbelief,” he wrote. But let’s be clear about what incivility really looks like.” Rather went on to list over a dozen ways that the Republican Party has fostered “incivility.”

    26 June 2018:  SHUT UP -- Poor Widdle Lyin' Sarah Huckabee Sanders!!! Remember when a baker turned away Joe Biden  and received praise from conservatives??  The owner of a cookie shop turned down the opportunity to serve Vice President Joe Biden in 2012 — and the right embraced him as their small business hero.

    26 June 2018:  WOMP! WOMP! Poor Widdle Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ complaints over being denied service at the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia were put to the test.  “I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so,” Sanders claimed.  “I just want  to play a few little clips from the press briefing room,”  Jansing noted, playing clips of Sanders belittling the press corps.  Donald Jim Crow Trump calls for an end of "civil morality", oops I mean, "political correctness" and now they complain??

    20 June 2018:  Trump aide Stephen Miller, meet your great-grandfather,  who flunked his naturalization test  “Unless your ancestors came on a slave ship or you’re Native American,” you came here as an immigrant, says Jennifer Mendelsohn, who created the #resistancegenealogy hashtag last summer after Republican congressman Steve King or Iowa was quoted as saying “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

    19 June 2018:  These 21 facts explain exactly why Trump aide   Stephen Miller is so horrible  Though the internet, and some of his family members, were quick to compare him to Joseph Goebbels, this reporter saw a resemblance to Roy Cohn—a Trump mentor—down to the sartorial details.   Listen to the  Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds.

    17 June 2018:  Here are eight rules for the press   on how to report on Trump.  now that America has suffered through 18 months of him.
    --Stop treating Trump tweets as news.
    --DO NOT believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.
    --DO NOT fall for the reality-TV spectacles he creates.
    --DO NOT let his churlish thin-skinned vindictive narcissistic rants divert attention from what he is really doing.
    --DO Focus on what he is really doing, and put the day's stories into this larger context.
    --DO Keep track of what his Cabinet is doing.
    --DO NOT try to balance your coverage of the truth with quotes and arguments from Trump enablers and followers.
    --DO NOT let him rattle you. Maintain your dignity, confidence, and courage.

    16 June 2018:  Internet rips tone-deaf jackass   Paul Ryan for Fathers Day tweet about his kids  while immigrant families are torn apart.   "You really are a spineless, tone-deaf jackass. How dare you boast about your fatherhood, while supporting a policy and an administration that is tearing families apart"

    14 June 2018:  THE DEATH OF DEMOCRACY   How Did the Nazis Gain Power in Germany?  The conclusions for conservatives of today emerge clearly: Do not break the rules that hold a republic together, because one day you will need order. And do not destroy the opponents who respect those rules, because one day you will miss them.

    13 June 2018:  HECKUVA JOB, DONNIE!   Trump's Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron  Even by this blowhard's YUGE standards, it's been an exceptionally bad and destructive week of terrifying our allies and legitimizing our enemies.  Ever wonder what the consequences of legitimizing a nuclear-armed madman who has used chemical weapons on his own family, starved his people, and engaged in systematic mass murder to retain power might be? Congratulations! You're about to find out. Us too.  Well done, Mr. President. You got your on-camera handshake with a man who orders the deaths of children.  Good job, Mr. President. You've terrified our allies with your cavalier and sloppy art-of-the-moron negotiating style.  Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us that Kim Jong Un is talented.  Heckuva job, Mr. President. No matter what a weapons-grade dumpster fire this week created, you're safe from congressional oversight, but you know that by now. Nothing you do matters to this Congress.  So congratulations, Mr. President. You spent the week deliberately wrecking American alliances and leadership, allied yourself with one of the most egregious enemies of freedom in the world, and abandoned the shared values of our friends like Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.  You must be so proud.

    13 June 2018:  Trump love Jong-Un long time! or Echoes of the Adolf Hitler meeting in 1938?   Singapore summit echoes Hitler-Chamberlain meeting in 1938  , but offering 'lots of great condos' in our time. d-oh!! A number of analysts said on Tuesday that Mr Trump was miscalculating by agreeing to a number of steps, such as ending joint military exercises with South Korea, without significant concessions from Mr Kim. Even Mr Trump, however, knows that his bold action may end up in failure, just as Chamberlain's agreement with Hitler blew up in Europe's face 80 years ago. "I may be wrong," Mr Trump said during the news conference. "I may stand before you in six months and say, 'Hey, I was wrong'. "I don't know that I'll ever admit that," he said with a smile, "but I'll find some kind of an excuse." He may like to brush up on his World War II history. Chamberlain, as Britain headed into war with Germany, told the House of Commons: "Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have hoped for, everything that I have believed in during my public life has crashed into ruins."   der leader Dotard has Hitler envy? Hang tuff Trumpee, someday you will be greater than the Hitsler! MAGA!   The deal with Hitler that buried Neville Chamberlain

    12 June 2018:  The Sensational Idiocy of Donald Trump's    Propaganda Video for Kim Jong Un  The clip, a four-minute overture from Trump to Kim, is styled as a movie preview. A golden production logo announces this as a presentation of Destiny Pictures, and frequent stock footage finds the sun shining like a dime beyond the curve of a turning world. Is Trump inviting Kim to take command of Universal Pictures? Or join him in playing God? Does either of them know the difference?   Watch Amerika's Propaganda! SAD!

    10 June 2018:  Robert de Niro issued an expletive-laden denunciation of POTUS during the live television broadcast of the 72nd Tony Awards.   Robert De Niro uses F-bomb against Trump on live TV  and he got a standing ovation...........and the Trumpee's are all butthurt and claiming Trump will be reelected in 2020 because the "libtards" called their supreme leader a bad word.   Watch the UNCENSORED Video!

    03 June 2018:  Jon Stewart Defends Samantha Bee:   Trump Doesn't 'Give a Sh*t About the Word C*nt'   'To some extent, that is what will make America great again,' Stewart said. 'What we'll see is the transformative power that the fear that a leader like Trump puts into regular people, that they begin to take matters into their own hands at a local level. That will be the change.'

    02 June 2018:  DOTARD is sooooooooooooo guilty for lawyers to publish this!! Con the LYIN' Don is going down....... TIME TO LOCK HIM UP!!!!   Trump lawyers claim president cant be charged   with obstructing justice in memo given to Robert Mueller: report

    31 May 2018:  SEE YOU NEXT, TRUMP!!!   Forget Samantha Bee 'Donald Trump Has Called Women C*nt for 30 Years

    31 May 2018:  Right-wing conservatives are losing their damn minds!!!   Let Samantha Bee! Ivanka Trump comments were 'locker room talk.'  So yeah, given the opportunity to show you that your tired, outdated sticks ’n’ stones can’t hurt me, I’m going to use c--- often and out loud.When we live in a world where the POTUS can grab women by the p----y, brag about it, and have multiple accusers of sexual assault, yet still retain his office, I think feckless c--- is one of the tamer outcomes of this new reality. Should it be used as an insult to tear down another woman? If that woman is complicit in the subjugation and oppression of women and then goes on television to admit that she doesnt know what complicit means, then yeah, have at it. We cool, Sam Bee. We cool.

    27 May 2018:  LieGATE...Let's call it that!!   Here are 10 Incredibly fake facts Trump supporters believe are true.  In short, it may just take Trump throwing puppies into a firepit for a majority of his supporters to recognize him for the lying con man that he is. Let’s certainly hope not, as that may not be out of the realm of possibility.

    24 May 2018:  Does President Donald Trump fit the profile of an authoritarian dictator? Wellllll DUH?!? George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ provides the perfect guide to   authoritarianism in the Trump era.  In the mid 1940s the author George Orwell was alarmed by the possibility that, in a society aspiring to be free and fair, an authoritarian figure might ascend to power and erode the sovereignties cherished by the people....Both Napoleon and Trump cultivate loyalty from their constituents and then mercilessly exploit them.

    23 May 2018:  We need to END this National CON-DON Show Embarassment NOW!!!!!!  'Spygate’ is a typical ‘con’ from ‘a longtime con artist!  Reality is not on his side....he’s a longtime con artist... Con artists need two types of people to keep the con going. They need the enablers who know what’s going on but are benefiting in some way by the con. And then they also need people they target, their marks.

    21 May 2018:  MAKA? Make America KILL Animals??? Trump administration wants to reinstate cruel hunting practices in Alaska,  like killing hibernating bears, shooting wolf pups in dens!  Trumppy -- is such a despicable rotting maggot!

    19 May 2018:  Trump is a laughing stock of the world!  BBC trolls Trump over crowd size  in royal wedding tweet.

    19 May 2018:  What Fresh Hell?  The Trump crime family’s grifts  are right in front of our noses. TIME TO LOCK THEM UP!!

    19 May 2018:  Trump is ‘going down’ —   and here are all the reasons why.   I’m sick and tired of stacking up the details of his treachery day after day, week after week. What more do you need to know? He’s a lying, thieving, incompetent, ignorant traitor who conspired with the Russian government to steal the election of 2016 and illegally defeat a candidate who won the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots. His presidency is illegitimate, and his occupation of the White House is a stain on our nation’s honor and a threat to our democracy. History will cast him into the same sewer in which float the putrid remains of Benedict Arnold, Jefferson Davis and Richard Nixon. Impeachment would be too kind an end for him. He belongs behind bars, broken, bankrupt and disgraced................. You can lie at rallies, you can lie to the media, you can lie to voters, but lies don’t work when they come up against laws. That’s where Trump finds himself today. He’s a lying, thieving traitor who conspired with a hostile nation to steal the presidential election of 2016 and he got caught. Not even his bone spurs will get him a deferment this time. He’s going to be drafted for the farm team at Leavenworth. He’s going down.

    17 May 2018:  Constitutional law expert maps out  Trump impeachment over Russian spy  — but warns ‘it’s not a silver bullet’   Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe said Congress has plenty of evidence to use in an impeachment case against President Donald Trump — but he laid out two specific examples that could be grounds for removal.  The Witch Hunt is 1 year old!   yet... still the crooked orange witch lives and continues to cheat America!

    16 May 2018:  Crossfire Hurricane!!  Here’s Your Unclassified Briefing on Secret Government Code Names.   FBI agents started a secret investigation into Russian election interference and President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign called "Crossfire Hurricane" just 100 days before Election Day.   The term is borrowed from the Rolling Stones song  Jumpin’ Jack Flash  I was born in a crossfire hurricane.

    15 May 2018:  What's that stench? It's the Humpian Bromance Saga!  Sean Hannity Failed to Tell His Viewers the Truth   The Fox News host should have shared much more about his relationships with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.
     .....Meet Media SWAMP PIMP: Sean Hannity----me, love me donald long time! seany, me wuv you longer time----muah!!!........mulania make us sandwich!

    14 May 2018:  What's that smell? It's the Trumpian Sycophant I'm a Victim No-Apology Tour!  THE VIEW Hits Schlapps For Hypocrisy:   Bemoaning WHCD While Defending McCain Joke is ‘Disgusting’
     .....Meet CPAC SWAMP PIMP: Matt Schlapp----defending poor widdle Sadler!
    Sadler little bit of a victim in McCain flap

    13 May 2018:  What's that smell? It's Xenophobic Rage Barbie!  Genealogist digs up Tomi Lahren’s family tree   after she attacks immigrants — and the results are hilarious.
     .....Meet FOX NEWS SWAMP PIMP: Tomi Lahren----25-year old ultra-conservative commentator who managed to make a name for herself quickly by spewing racist rhetoric. Lives in Los Angeles, has a lucrative Fox News contract, and is worth an estimated $3 million!
    Walter Shaub:  I’d trade Xenophobic Rage Barbie for a hard working immigrant any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Contributing less than nothing to this country, she exists only to make lazy white supremacists “with low skills, low education, [barely] understanding the language” feel nice.

    12 May 2018:  What's that smell? The stench of the White House SWAMP!  White House staff   rallying behind woman who joked about ‘dying’ McCain — Twitter sees bitter irony.
     .....Meet SWAMP DWELLER: Mercedes Schlapp----was infuriated when Michelle Wolf discussed Huckabee -Sanders's "perfect smokey eye," but Sadler's " joke" about a dying war hero is okay? Fuck those hypocrites!

    12 May 2018:  What Fresh Hell?  Trump’s kleptocracy comes into sharper focus
     .....The Original Sin that led to all of the grift and corruption we’re seeing from this regime occurred when the media and political establishments allowed Trump to run for the presidency without releasing his tax returns and take office without divesting his business interests. Of course they were busy obsessing over Hillary Clinton’s emails. But not only did that signal to Trump and his minions that they could get away with just about anything, it also resulted in a degree of opacity that only law enforcement can penetrate.

    12 May 2018:  Jim Carrey Taunts  'Psycho' Mike Pence With Biting New Portrait
     .....The actor-turned-artist depicted Pence staring intensely at a fly on the back of his hand in the picture — captioned “Psycho Mike-O”

    11 May 2018:  What's that smell? The stench of the White House SWAMP!  White House Declines To Apologize For Aide’s Reported Senator John McCain Comment
     .....Meet SWAMP DWELLER: Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders {smoky lyin eyes made by the truth burned in ashes}

    11 May 2018:  A real Republican Hero: Ana Navarro!! WH aide should be fired over McCain joke
     .....CNN analyst Ana Navarro slams White House aide Kelly Sadler for joking that John McCain was "dying anyway" in response to his opposition to President Trump's pick for CIA director.

    11 May 2018:  A real Republican Hero: Steve Schmidt!! Kelly Sadler, WH Staffers The 'Exact Opposite Of John McCain’
     .....GOP strategist Steve Schmidt weighs in on offensive remarks made by White House staffer Kelly Sadler about Sen. John McCain

    11 May 2018:  What's that smell? The stench of the White House SWAMP! What is wrong with these people?
     .....In short, not all of Trump’s followers and enablers are bad people, but in the Trump universe, bad people sure do flourish.

    10 May 2018:  WELCOME TO THE TRUMP SWAMP and still WINNING! At being the most Corrupt SWAPPY administration EVER! Who Is Kelly Sadler?  Cindy McCain Hits Back at White House Aide Who Reportedly Mocked John McCain’s Cancer
     .....Meet SWAMP DWELLER: Kelly Sadler, a "special" assistant to the POTUS {gag}
     .....It's 8 am in D.C.......Why does Kelly Sadler still have a job?

    06 May 2018:  Michelle Wolf was right: NYT writer trashes colleagues for creating and profiting off the: ‘Trump monster’  Columnist Dowd concurs, writing, “Michelle Wolf was right when she turned a gimlet eye on the media.”"

    03 May 2018:  Cavuto to Trump: 'How Can You Drain the Swamp If You Keep Muddying the Waters?'  "That's your stink," Cavuto said. "That's your swamp."

    29 April 2018:  He has gone just as low, but she’s a comedian, not president, so she does deserve a bit more leeway when it comes to making jokes. Don’t Be Mad at Wolf’s Sanders Jokes if You’ve Never Been Mad at Trump.  Were Wolf’s jokes mean? Absolutely they were. But this was supposed to be a roast, and roasts aren’t supposed to be nice.
     ...Waaahhh! The comedian was mean!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!.....Yea, Potus spent the night attacking the press, spreading conspiracy theories about Russia and other nutty things but let’s get outraged by the comedienne at the dinner he’s too afraid to attend.

    27 April 2018:  Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World! Trump is bombarding us with scandals  — but his impact on a crucial economic institution could last for decades.
     .....Major mountains of disinfectant will be needed to cleanse this SWAMPY White House after the SWAMP is really drained!

    22 April 2018:  HAPPY EARTH DAY.... but in the TRUMP SWAMP the planet LOSES in the most Corrupt SWAPPY administration EVER! Trump Celebrates Earth Day  By Praising Rollback Of Environmental Protections. The president’s dubious logic on conservation is being called out on Twitter.
     .....Meet SWAMP KING: Donald "John Barron" "Conjob" Trump.

    22 April 2018:  WELCOME TO THE TRUMP SWAMP and still WINNING! At being the most Corrupt SWAPPY administration EVER! Kellyanne Conway Flips Out  When Asked About Her Husband’s Trump-Trolling Tweets. The White House counselor doesn’t take kindly to the questioning from CNN’s Dana Bash.
     .....Meet SWAMP QUEEN: Kellyanne Conway!
      Replying to @KellyannePolls @CNNSotu @DanaBashCNN
      @realDonaldTrump and yourself have mentioned Hillary's husband against her, McCabe's wife against him, Comey's family against him, Cruz's father against him, Jeb's family against him. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    19 April 2018:  Here are the 7 dumbest excuses Republicans have given for Trump’s Stormy Daniels affair.

    19 April 2018:  Republicans Aren't Ready to Back Trump's 2020 Bid CNN New Day April 19 2018 | Cuomo DESTR0YS Ron Johnson

    19 April 2018:  Ted Cruz’s slavish praise of Trump is a valiant attempt to throw us off the scent! Trump for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People  is one of the most humiliating things ever written.
    I just remembered that the “beans” Trump ended up personally spilling on Cruz’s wife was that he thought she was ugly. #LyinTedHasNoBallsOrSpine

    16 April 2018:  What ethics or credibility? This guy is nothing more than a Trump shill. If Hannity is a journalist Stormy Daniels is Betty Crocker. Hannity’s ethics under fire  Fox News host’s failure to disclose his relationship with Trump attorney Michael Cohen puts his credibility on the line.
    SPANKY didn't come to Washington to "drain the swamp"....he is the swamp!

    13 April 2018:  The 11 most eye-opening lines in James Comey's 'A Higher Loyalty,' ranked.  "This President is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values. His leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty."
    Anyone who is paying attention should gasp. The very same day he accuses James Comey of being a liar and leaker, @realdonaldtrump pardons Scooter Libby - who lied and leaked. Incredible. Mr. President - you are not above the law.

    13 April 2018:  As Trump rages at Comey, a new poll shows his lies are failing!  Hmmmmmm....I Love the smell of impeachment in the morning!

    11 April 2018:  The Spineless GOP are tough...anonymously!! Republican congressman unloads on ‘motherf**ker’ Trump  in furious over-the-top message to conservative pundit.

    11 April 2018:  First as Tragedy, Then as Trump. Donald Trump Takes Out Paul Ryan, and ‘It’s Going to Be a Civil War’  Everything Trump touches dies, and the speaker’s legacy is no exception. BY RICK WILSON!

    11 April 2018:  House Speaker Paul Ryan  was the biggest fraud in American politics. Good riddance.

    11 April 2018:  THE RATS ARE LEAVING THE SHIP! Buh Bye!
    Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced this morning that he will retire from congress after 20 years.
    After 20 years of gainful employment, Ryan, who never held a full-time job outside politics, rides into the sunset where he will live out the rest of his days back on the dole after receiving his federal pension at age 50. Despite working to cut social security, Ryan was raised and educated on the taxpayer’s dime after his father dropped dead at age 55.
    I'm not sure why having children in their teens requires your time when you had so little to give them earlier? I'm sure they will be just as mocked and reviled whether you're in or out of office? It would be nice if you had the spine to resign without using them as an excuse?
    TRANSLATION: It has been my great honor to RAPE America, and receive tons of $$ for doing so. #GOPTaxBillScam is something I am proud of, but more... I am happy to have received $500,000 from the Koch Bros for selling out the Country.
    Hypocrisy or Spineless num nut?

    09 April 2018:  The BUT HILLARY defense? Trump rips Cohen raid:  'It's a disgraceful situation, it’s a total witch hunt'.

    07 April 2018:  WELCOME TO THE TRUMP SWAMP and still WINNING! At being the most Corrupt SWAPPY administration EVER! Rep. Ted Lieu Urges Trump To Keep Pruitt As Symbol Of Administration’s Corruption  That should help the surging “Dem wave,” the California Democrat quipped.
     .....Meet SWAMP DWELLER: EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt

    30 March 2018:  The Bigot-In-Chief! Trump’s record of racism  comes back to bite him in federal court

    19 March 2018:  Jim Carrey brilliantly skewers; Trump and his ‘soulless’ right-wing allies   in political artwork

    13 March 2018:  Chicken Sh!t Trump Fires Rex Tillerson via TWEET.  Quickest way to get fired by @realDonaldTrump isn’t misuse of taxpayer funds, domestic violence or lying. It’s standing up to Putin. 6:16 AM - 13 Mar 2018 Rep. Joe Kennedy III @RepJoeKennedy Retweeted NBC News

    12 March 2018:  DOTARD's bootlicking sycophants making Amerika GAG again.....Hannity Does Another Huge Flip Flop on Trump and Obama.   The standard foreign policy position, among Republicans, has long been that OBAMA having a meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea is a very bad idea because it would elevate them him on the world stage and make him seem like our equals, and it would be used for propaganda purposes within North Korea... but when Trump suggests he will meet? Hannity can't lick the balls quick enough!

    06 March 2018:  Stormy Daniels filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump   and Republicans had their "hair on fire" with Clinton's blue dress? Hilarious!

    26 February 2018:  Trump’s Real Scandal Is Hiding in Plain Sight   The emphasis placed on whether the Trump team colluded with Russia to interfere in the election threatens to overshadow the scandal in plain sight.

    22 February 2018:  I'm A Republican. But I’ll Vote Democratic And Support Impeachment   Better yet? LOCK HIM UP and all his cabinet swamp creatures.

    19 February 2018:   9 totally unpresidential things Donald Trump  tweeted over Presidents Day weekend 

    19 February 2018:   Happy Presidents' Day! Hey Donny? Tired of WINNING Yet?  Trump Was Named the Worst President Ever in a Survey of Political Scientists    .... Congratulations!!!

    14 February 2018:   Happy Valentine's Day! The GOP give  thoughts and prayers’  for the families of the 17 STUDENTS & TEACHERS killed in Wednesday’s deadly shooting at a high school outside Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   ....but do you know how much money they took from the NRA? Enough is Enough.... time to STUFF your "thoughts and prayers’" up the piehole trumpsters!!!!

    01 February 2018:   Photographer Simon Edelman was fired by Trump administration  for leaking a photo!   This is Trump's America.

    31 January 2018:  THE RATS ARE LEAVING THE SHIP! Buh Bye!
    Trey Gowdy announces retirement from Congress announcing that he will not run for reelection.
    Gowdy previously led the House Select Committee on Benghazi and spent most of his time in Congress trying to pin crimes on Hillary Clinton. He failed....and remains silent and ineffective to lead the charge against the crimes of tRump. HE sees NOTHING!
    Hypocrisy or Spineless num nut?

    29 January 2018:   Looking forward to tomorrow’s State of the  Union   ---------- Betsy Devos probably designed the tickets! D'oh!

    22 January 2018:  STORMY  WEATHER hits the White House!! Trump and Melania's  13th wedding anniversary  passes with no mention, no tweets of acknowledgment and no celebratory dinner scheduled.  ----------  HEY AMERICA??? DO YOU NEED A SIGN?? Think about it --- If Melania doesn't LIKE / LOVE him then why should America?  [ head slap ] HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!!!  for stupid people.

    21 January 2018:  FACT CHECK: Did Trump Criticize Obama for a Lack of Leadership During the 2013 Government Shutdown?   YES - VERY TRUE  “A shutdown falls on the President’s lack of leadership. He can’t even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak.  |  Yes, America agrees with Trump on this one! #TrumpShutdown

    20 January 2018:  HAPPY DOTARD's 1st YEAR in office....#TrumpShutdown, plus here's Year2 of the Women's March just for him.   Trump tweets support of Women's March that's also protesting...him  Nancy Sinatra, who sang the 1966 hit "These Boots are Made for Walkin'," succinctly replied to Trump with her own tweet.   @realDonaldTrump Shut up. Just shut up.  |  Some of the Trump  Protest Signs From Around The World

    20 January 2018:  Senator Tammy Duckworth slams Trump:   I won't be lectured on military needs by a 'five-deferment draft dodger.  slamming him for his comments toward North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.   and I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger.   And I have a message for cadet bone spurs: If you cared about our military, you'd stop baiting Kim Jong Un into a war that could put 85,000 American troops, and millions of innocent civilians, in danger.   ARTICLE

    19 January 2018:  Did President Trump Decry Babies Being 'Born in the Ninth Month'?  YES HE DID!!! when the DOTARD-in-chief proclaimed that   Right now, a number of state laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.

    19 January 2018:  FROM THE WHORE HOUSE TO THE WHITE HOUSE:  THE TRUE STORY OF MELANIA TRUMP by Adam Schlecter  |  Stephen Colbert: How many Donald Trumps does it take to screw in a light bulb? We’ll never know since after he screws something he gives it $130,000 not to tell anyone.  |  ARTICLE

    18 January 2018:  WELCOME TO THE TRUMP SWAMP and still WINNING! At being the most Corrupt SWAPPY administration EVER! Photographer Says He Lost His Job After Leaking Pictures Of Rick Perry And Coal CEO  .....Meet SWAMP DWELLER: Energy Secretary Rick Perry

    17 January 2018:  Jeff Flake destroys Trump from the Senate floor for ‘battering’ the truth.   Watch the Video

    17 January 2018:  Historian Allan Lichtman is more certain than ever that Trump will be impeached this spring.   History professor predicts Mueller will reveal Trump crimes that will ‘shock the nation’

    13 January 2018:  "Shithole" projected on Trump hotel   and since Trump wants to MAWA (Make America White Again) he can still keep his MAGA legacy in tact with MAKE ANAGRAMS GREAT AGAIN #Shithole HIS HOTEL = SHITHOLE   Genius Dotard turd master branding!

    12 January 2018:  Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room  ‘I ended up with Donald in his hotel room. Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities,’ Stormy Daniels told fellow porn star Alana Evans.    On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Cohen, the longtime lawyer for President Donald J. Trump, arranged a $130,000 hush payment to porn star Stormy Daniels one month prior to the 2016 presidential election.

    11 January 2018:  Trump criticized immigration from 'shithole' countries: report.  Reportedly referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries.....He reportedly suggested that the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries "like Norway."  | so what is new?? Dotard prefers "white" meat vs "dark" meat? doG bless aMurica!

    11 January 2018:  Trump's FISA tweets throw Washington into chaos  Phones at the White House began ringing almost immediately after Trump wrote at 7:33 a.m. ET that the FISA program up for reauthorization in the House on Thursday may have been used to "badly surveil" his campaign. The headline was punctuated by a direct-to-camera appeal by the conservative judge Andrew Napolitano against re-upping the surveillance program.  | Dotard getting his "Fox & Friends" briefly. Dumb Donny!

    06 January 2018:  Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo   But unlike the Godfather character, the president of the United States is backed by powerful people enabling him.  “I can handle things. I’m smart! Not like everybody says, like dumb. I’m smart and I want respect!” | Trump may imagine that he’s Michael Corleone, the tough and canny rightful heir—or even Sonny Corleone, the terrifyingly violent but at least powerful heir apparent—but after today he is Fredo forever.  | What we need to do now is widen the camera angle beyond Fredo Trump to the hard-faced men and women over his shoulders. Those are the people who put Trump where he is, and keep him there, corrupting the institutions of American democracy and troubling the peace and security of the world.

    06 January 2018:  Trump: I'm a very stable genius   | Our so-called "smart" president uses smart words toooooo.......Trump's Best Words  | Good Job Donny!

    03 January 2018:  Trump totally torches Bannon: “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.” Full statement:   | This statement, by the way, was sent by @presssec to White House press. (Already seeing Trump supporters claiming the statement is fake.) :o

    02 January 2018 ---ALSO SEE 16 July 2019:  Officially for the historical textbooks - Hail to the Recist-In-Chief --- Here Are 13 Examples Of   Donald Trump Being Racist!  Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may have failed to disavow the Ku Klux Klan in late February, but he'll have you know he is not racist. In fact, he claims to be "the least racist person that you have ever met," and last summer he pulled out the old standby about not having a racist bone in his body.

    29 December 2017: Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed: Trump’s New York Times interview is a scary read   | The president of the United States is not well. That is an uncomfortable thing to say, but it is an even worse thing to ignore.

    28 December 2017: Dotard Tweeted 4:01 PM - 28 Dec 2017 his ignorance on CLIMATE CHANGE  In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!   | Replying to @realDonaldTrump....THAT’S NOT HOW CLIMATE CHANGE WORKS YOU DICK.  Trump thinks climate change isn't real because it's cold out.  This map proves him wrong.

    22 December 2017:  Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands just got caught lying about the Dutch  Pete Hoekstra called it "fake news".... Then the reporter showed him a video clip  ..Remember Donny Dotard only picks "the best" ?!?

    22 December 2017: Trump pulled it off, the greatest scam in history! Congratulations!  #GOPTaxScam #BlueWave2018

    21 December 2017: Papa John's controversial CEO steps down  after facing backlash for his criticism of NFL anthem protests.  The Daily Stormer, a white-supremacist website, even posted an article asking whether Papa John's was the "official pizza of the alt-right".

    20 December 2017: All 11 over-the-top speeches praising Donald Trump at Wednesday's tax celebration, ranked  WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! #1 Orrin Hatch.......Then came the coup de grace, in which Hatch suggested that if things kept on like this, Trump's presidency might go down as the greatest of all time. Paging Abraham Lincoln.   This spectacle of GOP sucking the president was good for a laugh... and a necessary shower afterwards. Geez...everyone... #GetA-Room !!

    20 December 2017: Trump just admitted the GOP’s tax cuts were deceptively sold  Trump basically admitted that the GOP's talking points on the bill weren't exactly honest in two major ways.   HA - So much for this tax plan being a tax cut for the middle class.... Trump's 1st admission: GOP tax plan will lower tax on businesses: “That’s probably the biggest factor in this plan.”    His 2nd admission: the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate being repealed in the bill.  HA --- Senator Susan Collins of Maine got suckered!!! Her YES vote was bought on GOP promise to fix ACA....HA-HA   and people in Maine are pissed: #votecollinsoutMaine   The problem? Republicans have been selling this legislation as a middle-class tax cut, first and foremost. IT WASN'T!!! CON JOB DOTARD GOP strikes bigly!! SUCKERS!!!   Republicans got everything they ever wanted! TRUMP, The House, & The Senate! AKA the least popular US government in history, forever and ever.   Trump donors get filet mignon, the middle class a box of cracker jacks, with the surprise being higher healthcare premiums.  #GOPTaxScam #BlueWave2018

    18 December 2017: The Hall of Presidents Trump is uncanny   |   Disney gave the job of Trump to Jon Voight...and I can’t stop laughing.

    16 December 2017:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has 7 terms that can't appear in official documents.   |   #VoteThemOut    The Trump Administration has banned the CDC from using these 7 words: “vulnerable” “entitlement” “diversity” “transgender” “fetus” “evidence-based” “science-based.” Keep this in mind next time the Administration uses “free speech” as an excuse to defend Nazis. #CDC7words

    15 December 2017:  The GOP gift to Democrats for 2018! The full GOP tax bill   Better known as the "Lump of Coal" for the middle class! #MTRA - Making Trumps Rich Again -- Dotard suckered you again! #SAD

    14 December 2017: MUST WATCH:   Republican @SenJohnKennedy asks one of @realDonaldTrump’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.  5:44 PM - 14 Dec 2017 Sheldon Whitehouse @SenWhitehouse

    05 December 2017: So lemme get this straight: @PressSec invokes the Hatch Act to say she can't explain the conversations.....   @realDonaldTrump had with the RNC regarding his endorsement of Roy Moore but @KellyannePolls can go on national TV and say, "don't vote for Doug Jones"? 12:39 PM - 5 Dec 2017 Jonathan Weisman @jonathanweisman

    04 December 2017: Trump endorses PEDOPHILE for U.S. Senate  Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama........

    03 December 2017: Billy Bush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That  He said it. “Grab ’em by the pussy.”

    02 December 2017: Trump Welcomed Back To NYC By Hundreds Of Protesters Chanting ‘Lock Him Up’  If Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation continues to unfold the way it currently is, the "lock him up" chants could become a reality. Donald Trump was greeted by a large crowd of protesters on Saturday as his motorcade took to the streets of New York City ahead of three fundraisers the president is scheduled to attend today. Video footage posted on social media shows the gathering of people shouting “lock him up” and “New York hates you!”

    02 December 2017: BREAKING NEWS: Trump admits OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE regarding Mike Flynn  THIS IS OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. @POTUS now admits he KNEW Michael Flynn lied to the FBI. Yet Trump tried to influence or stop the FBI investigation on #Flynn.   @realDonaldTrump 9:14 AM - 2 Dec 2017: "I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!"

    01 December 2017: BREAKING NEWS: Mike Flynn will plead guilty this morning of lying to the FBI  This means he is indeed cooperating with Mueller as Mueller climbs up the food chain. :-)) LOCK HIM UP ?!?! -- Indeed!
    Early holiday gifts are always lovely. But we do need to pace ourselves! LOL

    30 November 2017: Scarborough Calls for Trump Removal:  Saying that "people close to him during the campaign told me had early stages of dementia," Joe Scarborough calls for the removal from office of President Trump under the 25th Amendment.

    29 November 2017: Debunked: Donald Trump’s Claim Barack Obama Didn’t Say Merry Christmas  Donald Trump claims he brought "Merry Christmas" back to the White House. We found plenty of evidence proving him wrong.

    27 November 2017: Trump calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' while honoring Native American code talkers  Here's the video: "You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas."

    03 November 2017: Alt-Right White Supremacists Claim Papa John's as Official Pizza  Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have always been distasteful, but now it turns out their taste in pizza is terrible, too.

    26 January 2017:  From xenophobia to conspiracy theories, the Know Nothing party launched a nativist movement whose effects are still felt today. How the 19th-Century Know Nothing Party Reshaped American Politics.  "Immigrants, Conspiracies, and the Secret Society Know Nothing Party That Launched American Nativism"

    23 January 2017:  The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet  Donald Trump is now president and not just a private citizen, but that doesn’t mean he’s free of the controversies that dogged him in his former life.

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