Knowledge is power but keep your humor about it!
There may be LIGHT at the end of the tunnel
it may be a FAST TRAIN with a BRIGHT LIGHT coming right at you!

Mountain living isn't for everyone that's for sure! Life is lived at a slower pace. Summers are cooler and winters are colder as compared to the Inland Empire and Los Angeles county communities. Snow, fog, the threat of wildland fires, occasional  power outages  and dynamic topography are all part of the adventure. In Cedarpines Park some neighborhoods might have children, some may have mostly older folks, some may have mostly vacation homes. Housing is not expensive but the utilities can be. Taking up residence in a small mountain town such as Cedarpines Park can be challenging if you don't know your way around the amenities that it has to offer. Water is supplied by a mutual water company which means as a home owner you will be required to become a Shareholder of the Cedarpines Park Mutual Water Company and must pay an annual or bi-monthly membership fee whether or not you consume water. We have assembled information for the Shareholders so as to better understand their membership interests. What you are willing to put up with and what you are willing to do regarding your membership can only be gained by the knowledge of that membership.

Maintain an open mind!
Have patience!
Have a sense of humor ------ You are going to need it!

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