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Christmas 2015
Pictures Below taken at Breezy Point in California
CLICK on picture to enlarge
Red artificial roses from ReHome Red milk cap - Beige creamer top -
Blue glass beads in Toker's empty syringe -
4 tops from Glade freshners -
2 tops from Shock Beer
Orange ChipClip
Red trim roll from Creamer tops
White plastic loops from newspaper ties
Ornaments from Recycled material Ornaments from Recycled material
Yellow spray can lid - Toker's empty syringe -
Green lid - 12 clear water bottle tops - Red milk lid top -
wine cork
Toker's syringe with Blue glass beads -
String of Red Creamer tops
Another Toker syringe with water bottle tops
$2 wreath with red ball ornaments Butterflies from cake decorations Side view of tree



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